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  • October 5, 2015

Dear Friends I am entering in the world of Desi Real Stories with this my “real” story It had happened with me before three months As this incident is real I m sharing with U all My name is Rahul and I m a resident of New Delhi.

This had happened with me and my real mother, my dad expired when I was 3 year now me and mom stays together, I seen my dad in photos only. My mama did not marry again instead of force from my grand parents. Mom loves me very much as I m the only child of her. She use to awake me in the morning and she also brings bed tea and we drink it together, then I leave for college daily. That day too she brought the tea and sat near to me as I was in the sleep she moved me and suddenly I turned and my hand touched her breast but she did not noticed or ignored it but in the half sleep also I felt the hot skin touch of her breast as she was in the nighty. ( I m watching xxx movies so I m very much known to sex). I suddenly moved my hands and get back. “You are going to late for a College” she shouted at me and told me to go to bathroom. When I passing near to her I was unknowingly watching her breasts which were slightly looking from her thin nighty and that she caught my eyes and asked me wht are u watching, wht happened to you, I said nothing and entered in to the bathroom…. Suddenly I felt that something is wrong with me as I was totally blank and contineously thinking about the hot touch of moms breasts… then suddenly I thought that it is a sin, what I am thinking, then slowly I went near the latrin and while peeing I was surprise to see that my panis is completely erect and I was feeling pain while peeing.

After washing face when I came out mom was searching something inside the bad her position was such that immediately my panis get irected again and I was shocked to see that. Mom’s whole backside was clearly seen as she was searching or watching the down side of the bad. I didn’t know wht happened to me I came near to her and suddenly she turned around and asked me what ? I saw her face there was nothing like to read. She was not know what was going on in my mind. Then she gave me a tea and was talking about a routine problems and I was totally blank and saying yes and no….she caught me and asked wht happened to you Rahul…. And suddenly she caught my hand for cheking the fever but I don’t know what was written on my face that she suddenly leave my hand. Her face was all red and she was in anger. She Shouted me What happened to you Rahul… what are you watching… I said nothing.. as I was scared that time…. Then she took the cup and went out of the room.

I sat there for sometime and get cool myself then I dressed and while passing through near mom’s bed room I saw bedroom door was closed…. I went slowly near to the door and saw from the left side that she was changing her dress. I was watching her backside which was completely nacked. I think she came to know that I was watching her important parts that’s why she was covering all those parts in to the Saaree. She suddely shout as she watched me from the Cupboard mirror and that time I was in trouble. I m thinking to move from there but before that she turned around and asked me what are you doing here. She was still thinking that I am a little boy. She came near to me and slaped me on my face and suddenly I don’t know what happened to me I caught her hand and pulled her near to me. That was the devil inside me which was forcing me to do the sin with my own mother. She was still screaming and then I caught her both the hands and put my lips on her lips. She moved her head but my force on her was too much that she was unable to moved her face. I took the long kiss which was first of my life. She now became blank and went back near the wall and was shivering. Her face moved towards the open door after that I came near to her and caught her as men catches a women. She was crying and correctly thinking that what will happen next. She was resisting with her full force but my inside devil was forcing me not to leave her. I pulled her near my room. She starts weeping now. Suddenly she caught my hand and told me Rahul please don’t do this to me, I m your mother. I came close to her and she thought that I will leave her and she took my face in her both the hands and slowly I took a kiss again. She resisted like a hell and pushed me back. And that was the only mistake she did. That anger makes me mad and I came running towards her and took her in both the hands as a baby and slowly put her on my bad. She was crying loudly and pushing me behind but I tored her saari and with that I removed my shirt. She again tried to push me ahead and that was the climax I caught her both the hands and completely sleep on her body. My breathing was very fast that time. She was fully covered under my body. But still the bra and panty was between us. I put my tounge on her neck and with one hand I removed her bra as it was all open because of our fighting.

She was crying loudly and begging me to leave her. But that time my inside devil was so powerful that I didn’t listen to her. I sat on her stomach and removed the pant slowly she was hidding her face. Then I came down to her legs and now my eyes was watching her blue panty. Her figure was like a model as she was of only 38 . I slowly removed her panty and put my one hand on her pussy which was all red and clean. Till that time she gave up. But suddenly I turned her and I saw her white butts. I moved my hand on her butt and sat near to her butts. As this was my first time I tried to insert my penis inside the butts but it gets turned slightly as her ass was tight. I forced once again and she moved her legs near her stomach and suddenly my penis slightly went in. then I canught her shoulders and put the force. She screamed loudly ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ….hhhhhhh. then within 2 minutes my penis went completely inside.Oh it was so hot and tight. I was feeling that this will break my penis completely. then I moved slowly, front and back, front and back and her whole body was following my this action. I caught the rhythem and start doing it faster and faster, she was maoning slowly slowly. ahhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhahhhhh, like that and this her voice was giving me a kind of pleasure, suddenly i felt that my interest in moving is increasing and caught her nipples very tight and start moving fast, her moan also giving me a kind of music, ahhhh ahhhh ahhhhhhhhhh and suddenly I felt that I m cumming, that was the climax, and I felt in her completely keeping my penis inside only I sleep on her. After 5 minutes when my breath came down and she also turned towards me I saw her face, It was wet due to contineous cry. I kissed her again. That timeI was not feeling that I m with my own mother but with the beautiful women.

After 10 minutes I felt that again my penis is getting strong then I turned her towards me and came between her legs. She closed her eyes. I kissed once again, as this was my first time for fucking any women, that time I realised that she is my mother who gave me birth who take care of me always…. but my feelings were like a man who can’t stop near sea when he is thirsty I slowly caught her legs and by one hand I put my first finger in her pussy. She moved immediately and that movement gave my more pleasure and I removed my finger and put my 7 inch Penis on her wet pussy she was again shivering. then I sleep on her completely put my both the legs on her legs and covered her. and slowly forced my penis inside her pussy. Its mouth went in and with that touch she moaned loudly… ahhhhhhaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh……….. I stopped and removed it back, and again insert it with some pressure she moved like a hell, I m getting pleasure and a kind of relaxation so I again removed it and slowly slowly rubbed it due to this it became straight like a stick. and then again I tried and then I found it went 65 % inside I put more pressure I felt hottness of her pussy My penis was fully covered with the pussy meat. While removing it out I was feeling pain as it is turning in between. I removed my penis again and I took her both the legs on my shoulder and again I insert my penis in and this time I found my penis was lost in her pussy. She was maoning slowly slowly …. I start pumping her slowly and gradually and I think she was also enjoying that. I suddenly slept on her and put the pressure on her pussy and I got more pleasure in this as this time my penis was completely going inside I caught her both the nipples by two hands and pressing it she was moaning more louder and louder and I think after 3 to 4 minutes she suddely caught my buttcks and start moving fast her movement was so rash that I was moving like a horse man. She screamed as ahhh ahhh ahhh ahhhh and suddenly ouchchchc…. ahhhhhhh and she get relaxed and gave up that time I also stopped and make my position more comfortable.

I took her more closed to me and caught her from waist and again starts fucking her my movements was very normal and slow slow. 5 minutes passed and again I felt that I m cumming. so I start fucking her fast and fast and she was also start moaning. In this time I cum first and she was still moaning I continued it and after 2 minutes she raised her speed of moving with me and suddenly I stopped she also got shocked.

And at that movement she shouted U rascle what for u waiting fuck me now wht remains, I smiled and removed my penis and as soon as I stood up to leave the bed she caught my nacked leg and and put her another hand on my penis and her eye was begging me. I again lay her on the my bed and kissed her and slowly inserted my penis in her tight pussy and start pushing hard and this time she was responding as a women. as a eager women and we enjoyed it together she cummed twice and I came once. After that till afternoon we sleep together naked.

In the same night when I was sleeping she again came in my room and sleep with me. we kissed each other passionately and in the next morning when she was sleeping on the next side of the bed I woke up early and removed her nighty and panty and again fucked her she resist little and enjoyed. From that day we love each other daily early in the morning as we both were in fresh mood. Friends as this is real and I forget to tell U the name of my Mother cum lover Her name is Sumedha. Any Desi Friend if like to respond to my this story email me on Bye Rahul.

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