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  • desipapa
  • August 30, 2015

I am going to share my real life experience when I fucked my computer teacher and then she became whore for me.Let me tell you about myself, I am from Kerala but lives in Maharashtra Pune, doing my engg. am 5’6″ fair, 6pac abs, 6inch cock, great eyes age 18. This occurred just 6months before I was doing mechanical Eng at that time.So we had to study computer programming to give exposure to other branches of Eng. A teacher named Suma used to handle our subject. She was very strict teacher and students were scared of her at that she was around 28 years of age. She was beautiful not so fair but had nice assets.

She had moderate color and had curly hairs. She used to wear saree.She didn’t have a flat belly she had nice and small tummy and she had nice pairs of breast and butts. So from first day itself I had sexual feeling in my heart for her and when she used to teach I used to sit in first bench and used look at her assets as her tummy saree couldn’t cover her belly properly,so sometimes I got a glance of her navel. I used sit and try to see which color bra she was wearing.I used to look at her armpits and could see her armpit hairs as most of time she sweat around armpit and that made her blouse transparent. This used to arouse me a lot. One day I forgot to keep my mobile in silent mode and in her class it rung. She scolded and seized my mobile and sent me out.After the class she stared while going to her chamber and I followed her saying sorry but she pretended to be not noticing me.

When I reached her chamber she made me stand over there for half an hour and then she called me and asked that didn’t I know that you are supposed to keep mobile in silent mode and I told her that I forgot to put it in silent mode. She told that since its first time she is giving it back, next time if this same happens then she will hand it over to principal. Then she gave me back my mobile phone.

I was happy then she asked that whether I was from Kerala. I told yes and she asked about my hometown, place of study etc. then she told even she is from Kerala but settled here from 20 years then she asked me whether I was able to understand what she was teaching in class I replied yes. She then told me to ask doubt if I have any after that I went class after that sometimes we used talk to each other and I we became little close in computer internals I scored out of out this made her real happy and we came closer. Then one day she came to college with her daughter.

I met her daughter and gave her chocolate. Later I came to know that she married a guy who divorced her and now she is staying with her parents and daughter then I needed a laptop so I asked my parents for money and they transferred the money to my account. I then asked for her help in purchasing a laptop. She told that she would be going to dell showroom to get her laptop repaired.I could come with her. I was more than happy I would get some time. I used to live in room alone. So to go to showroom she would have had to come to a junction near my house and then board another bus.

So on a Saturday and I told her wait for me at junction and I reached at junction. Damn she was looking very hot in her blue saree. Then I stopped my bike in front of her and asked her to get on it.She got on bike I could smell sweet smell of her perfume. Then she told me not to ride fast I said ok in was I did some sudden braking this pressed her body on to mine. Then we reached showroom and purchased laptop. Then I invited her for lunch she said it isn’t required I told her since came with for help it my duty to at least invite for lunch. Then we went to nearest hotel and had lunch.

Then we went back I asked her to come to my room. She told that she will get down at junction. I told her that since you have come till here come with me and I will show her my room. She agreed actually my intention was try luck on fucking her. In this 5 minute ride to my room I was thinking all possible way of seducing her. Then I came up with an idea. I reached home it was a single room with a bathroom and small kitchen.I brought some water in glass and intentionally spilled it on her. I told sorry and she smiled and told that she knows my intention. She told she could make out from and I was staring at her in class and sudden breaking my intention. I was real scared. I asked her to forgive me. She told that she would do that only on one condition. I asked what is that she told that I will have to fuck her and I could believe my ears.She also asked to keep it as secret. I did not think twice I pulled her towards me and started kissing all on her face. She was also responding with kisses.

Since she was very short in height I lifted her and started smooch her. Then I kissed her neck she then bit my ear lobes hard. I was about scream she covered my mouth with hers and then I laid her on bed and then I removed my tops and laid over her.I pinned her hands to bed and kept smooching her in fact I was licking her mouth. It was awesome. I could now smell sweat fragrance of her sweat. I licked and swallowed sweat rolling down her neck. I then remover her saree and kissed her on neck and top her breast and put my tongue in her partially visible cleavages. I then started kissing her belly and putting my tongue into her navel in mean time.

I was squeezing her breast hard. She was moaning and I then removed her blouse and unhooked her bra with my mouth and started sucking her breast and gave bite on her nipples in between. She was fondling my head. She then got up and pushed me on to bed and removed my pants and underwear together. She then touched my dick with her hand a shock passed through my body.She then started licking my dick from balls to top and then started sucking my dick. It was such pleasurable moment. I then interrupted her asked her to lay on me on her tummy and suck my dick. She did that then I started with smelling her hairy pussy it was awesome. I then stared licking her pussy and she was sucking my dick in between I kissed her on thighs and was squeezing her ass spanked in between.She was enjoying the act. Then she cum on my face I drank a little it was salty and hot. Then I asked her lay down on bed. She did that and stood on her knees between her legs.

She told not to cum inside her. She told that to tell before discharging she will suck my dick and will eat it. I said ok. I then inserted my dick inside pussy she moaned. I kept it inside her pussy for some time,Her pussy was tight as it was not used from some years. Then I started slowly stroking my dick inside her pussy. She was moaning and holding blanket. I then laid her and kept stroking my dick inside her pussy. She hugged me and kissing me after continuing in this position for some time I got up and asked for doggy style. She agreed then I inserted my dick inside her pussy and started fucking her and after that I pulled her towards me by her hair and squeezed her breast and fucking along with that. Then I smooch her from behind and bit her on her neck and cheek. She was thoroughly enjoying and after stroking for some I was about reach climax. I told her that I then removed my dick from her pussy.

She then put my dick her mouth and I started fucking her mouth. I then cum inside her mouth and she swallowed it and then we lay beside each other panting then I hugged her and squeezing her breast. She then told she was dying for sex since she hadn’t had sex after her husband left her 3 years back and she wanted to be fucked by me because of well maintained body that is why she stayed with even after guessing my intention and she then smooched.

She then called her parents and told that she won’t be coming back home that night after that call she asked me do I have objection if I stay with her that night. I told her that it would be my pleasure then we both went to bathroom and took a shower and fucked each other. I fucked her 5 times that day. In morning we had 4 more inter course before she left. For next my Eng life I fucked her many times and she also helped me in fucking another virgin teacher that I tell in next story.

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