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My Lovely Mom

  • desipapa
  • August 30, 2015

Hi all readers and I’m from Tamil Nadu and going to share my real life experience with you all and let me introduce about myself am presently working in a Mnc and this happened when I was doing my second year college. My family consist of my father, mother, myself. This story s about how I become a lucky son to make love with my real own mom and I don’t want to share name for privacy reasons.

Let me tell you about my mom she was just 38 years at the time this incident happened and I was 20 years, am mom sizes are may be 34 30 36 and she s fair in colour with black eyes and good length hair she looks very young for her age and she always wears saree all the time and maintains her very clean and beautiful and she care for me very much from my child wood days and I loved her too.

My thoughts towards her changed after I saw some incest movies and read stories after I completed my school final exams and I eagerly waited for a chance to get my mom and I got a great chance when we had a message that my grandfather moms dad) was not well and he needs a person to help him and so my mom decided to move to my native for some 15 days to take care of her father and she asked dad to take her to my native, but since he was very busy with his work.

He asked me to accompany her and since I was in my semester holidays and I was very happy to hear this that I may get a chance to have her and I readily accepted the offer and asked her to pack the things for moving. The very next day me and my mom moved to my native place which s 400 kms from my town and reached there at 7 pm in evening and there we have a big house which has more than 10 rooms and good garden area.

At the back home and front and nice trees and plants flowers al around surrounded by a 10 feet wall and my grandfather was staying alone with a servant and tat servant left his job due to his health issues since we both were very tired due to travel I told mom to prepare something and I went to take bath and she prepared nice food and she also took bath and later she gave food and medicines to her father and we ate together and we are ready to sleep.

I told my mom to sleep in d big bed room and I slept on d sofa itself but she told that she’s afraid of sleeping alone and she slept on d floor next to me and due to tiredness I slept early later in night I woke up to urinate and I went to it and when I came back my devil rise up I saw my mom sleeping with her saree pallu moved a little showing her beautiful boobs.

I just fell near her and took a deep breath and put my arms around her touched her, initially there was no reaction from her since it was I winter the climate was very chill and I loved d warmth of her body and slept that day. The next day I woke up lately and when I wake up no one was near me and I went to d toilet I washed my face and I came back to search my mom and I found light glowing in a room I went there am opened the door.

I was shocked to see my mom was changing her dress and she was topless, wow it was very great to see her very beautiful boobs, and naval area. I said sorry and moved out of that room and waited in the hall after sometime she came with a cup of coffee and I once again said sorry mom, she said it’s ok and asked what you want for lunch and I told my menu and went to take bath and while bathing the view of my beautiful mom came in my mind.

I decided to seduce he and came out of the room with a towel and showed and body to her and asked her to get dress for me and when she came back with my dresses and I intentionally made my towel to fell down and showed my 6inch tool to her and she was struck at the moment and gave the dress and went in hurry, later in night once again we both took bath and I told her that today I am going to sleep in the master bed.

I asked her plan she told that she will also sleep in d same room at 10 pm in night we moved to the room and I told her to sleep over d bed and I can sleep on a spare bed on floor but mom told d reverse and finally I told both can sleep on d bed itself and we switched off al d lights and started to sleep and I did not like to waste my time and I was 12 in night my mom was sleeping nicely and I could not sleep so slowly.

I moved towards her and placed my hand on her stomach and no reaction from her and I moved a little up and touched boobs slowly and found her heartbeat increasing and when I pressed it harder she woke up and asked what you are doing? I do not want to do and I suddenly jumped over her and kissed her lips hardly and she pushed me away and started to shout at me and cry. I said sorry for what I did and try to console her and after a long silence she began to speak.

This s highly sin my son you are my son and you are not supported to do this and I said am really sorry mom I was unable to control my feelings after seeing to semi naked, I pleased her to help me to overcome this. She said what I can do? I told her if I see her fully naked I will satisfy my sex desire now with tat itself and I pleased her very much and later she accepted to do it for me and asked me to go far from her and switched d night light on and told that.

I am only doing this because you are my lovely and caring son and this should not go beyond us and this and she removed her saree fully first and saw what am doing I just smiled at her and said wow to it, she then felt very shy to remove her blouse so I asked her and mom can I do it? She thought for a moment and said ok, I moved near her and touched her shoulders by now she closed eyes.

I removed all the hooks within seconds and moved her near d mirror and make her stand there and I unhooked her bra and told her to hold it in front and I moved to her back to see how she looks in mirror my god I was very lucky to see those nice pair of milky boobs and hard nipples and amazed by its shape then switched on a better light to see her and she felt very shy and I cupped her breast from back and kissed her neck and back area.

Now, I moved to her petticoat and unzipped the rope and make it fell down and it was glorious to see her in mirror, I told mom you are looking like a angel and I want to feel you, she was silent and I took that as a advantage and turned her around and kissed on her lips deeply and pressed her melons softly and moved to her pussy area and massaged there and she liked the act very much and she s impressed and her sex devil started to overcome her.

She began to hug me tightly and moaned my name, I then lifted her put her on the master bed and fell over her and began to lick her full body from toe to head and I smooched her nicely more than half an hour and she liked it and sucked her boobs like anything and pressed it nicely then I moved to her nice navel and licked it for a long time and moved to her toes and I went to switch on all the lights to see her full shaped body totally, it’s was d best moment in my life and when.

I see her without a single piece me cloth on her then I took her toes in my both hands divided them wide and saw my glorious birth place and it was with little hairs over it and I smelled its blossoms and began to lick it and I would have tasted her cum twice because of my lick she came twice and I drank all d pussy juices and I moved her to d bed corner and went deep inside her pussy and now its turn to taste her asshole.

I inserted my tongue deep inside her ass and at d same time rubbed her clit and licked from ass to clit for more than 1and half hours, she could not resist more she cried by enjoyment and told me to divide her pussy and please it with my tool in a hurry removed my dresses and my 6 inches man was like a hard rock, my mom told that your cock s good and its head is very fat, she came near it and kissed it and I then made her legs wide and put a pillow under her ass and pointed my tool head.

I lubricated my mom’s pussy with my saliva and her juices and slowly inserted my rod and fell on her and smooched her and pressed her boobs at d same time and she is shouting like anything to fuck her harder, her pussy was very tight and I asked her about it and she said that she s not fucked by dad for more than three years and I inserted my tool fully and we enjoy in that position for 25min of hard fucking and I was about it cum I told her and she told me to fill her with my juices and I cum a huge load on tat soft pussy and later I fucked her 4 more times till 6 am in morning and will tell you more later after your comments on

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