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My Lovely Hot Sexy Mom Had Fun With His Own Son

  • desipapa
  • October 25, 2015

I’m Ronit from Mumbai and I’m presenting a story of me and my hot mom.

So let me first introduce myself i’m sporty guy my age is 19 and I have a good size body and my dick is almost 7’3 inch. So now not wasting the time let’s come to story

We are 3 members in family me my mom rita and my elder sis. My dad passed away when I was only age of 9. As my dad was well educated he was working in a company as he was c.A(charted accountant) he left so much for us like all properties and all his savings which was in was in 6 digits. And as we are rich we can afford every luxury. And also my mom is well educated she works in a bank as a manager.

Now describing my mom she has great body she has 36-34-34 figure size. She wears modern type bra’s and panties like the bikini models as she wears modern type dresses and shirts and sexy clothes. She regularly goes to office at 10 in morning and comes back at 6 in evening. I go to college at 8 and get back at 2 or 2:30 as my sis also comes at same time.

Now its the day when I had sex encounter. It was saturday morning and it was holiday for her as usual my sis went to school but of some issue in college I didn’t went. After breakfast mom went to her room and I went to my room and started playing movie but when I found that the movie cd is missing, I thought mom has taken and I went to her room she was in bathroom so I myself started searching for cd but while searching the cd I was shocked to see 3-4 different types of dildo in her drawers. I thought as she has been lonely since 10-12 years she would be using it for fun. I took my cd and again went to my room.

After some hours after I finished the movie I was bored and went to hall and switched tv. I think it was 11:00 and while I was watching tv suddenly mom came and told that we are going to mall I was bored and I also wanted some fresh air I said ok and asked why mall now? She replied that buying some groceries and some her other household things. After reaching mall she was buying groceries and I was busy looking at hot aunties and girls. As I was busy my mom noticed me that i’m looking at hot girls and blushed. I was feeling a little bit shy but still I don’t care. I wasn’t able to take my eyes of hot girls. After buying groceries we went to undergarments stall and mom asked for bikinis and I was shocked that she’s asking in front of me. I don’t know what to do but still I was standing there with my head down.

Finally after checking out we were on the way to home we were in our car and mom was driving it and I was sitting aside her. As she was wearing seat belt her left boob was visible to me but I reacted that i’ve not noticed it. Finally we reached our home at 1:00 and it was also a hour left for my sister to come home. Mom went to kitchen and to prepare lunch. After preparing lunch she went to her room.

But after sometime a call came on my mom’s phone it was in kitchen so I went to kitchen and took the phone it was of my sis she told that she directly from school went to her friend house for project and will come home at8 8 or 9. I was bored and had nothing to do, so I went to mom’s room to inform about my sis and also to gi e her cell phone I saw that the door is opened so I peeped that what she is doing but I was shocked that was half nude and was fingering her pussy I was just shocked but than I knocked the door and called my mom that sis will come home at night and also told that take your phone , silently and quickly she dressed up and came out of her room she was looking little upset and nervous , I thought its because of I interrupted so but it was something different than that.

I asked what happens mom she replied that she is getting more and more depressed of work and tired of it. I asked what’s wrong she said: that she’s has been lonely since your dad passed away I told: everything will be alright she said: nothing is going to be like first it was I asked in confusing voice : that what she actually mean she replied in crying voice that she is not satisfied for years means she is lusty for sex she told: that she has everything but not the person to satisfy he personal needs and hugged me, her boobs were touching my chest and I can completely feel it but as she was my mom I had no wrong thoughts for her.

She asked me that I can help her to satisfy her, omg I was completely shocked I was like a statue and completely unmovabale .

She kissed on my cheek and asked me plz toni don’t say no to your mom satisfy me plz I think she was so lusty of sex as she has be not had since years I than said its wrong I can’t its a sin she replied: I’m giving permission to do and helping me for sex with my permission its not sin as you know I’m hungry since years so please help me I than told that if someone comes to know that what will happen mom: no one will know its only between us. And saying that without wasting time she collapsed my lips with her. We passionately kissed for 15 minutes I was sitting in the position facing my legs backside of her in her lap and we kept on kissing for 16 minutes

After that she carried me in her room and thrown me in her bed as the bed was bouncy I enjoyed the throw she than unhooked her clothes and she was in her bikini with huge size boobs and laid upon me she was kissing and biting it, I was in heaven I was licking her boobs over the bra and it was too soft and juicy I then rolled her and laid her below me and kept sucking her boobs she was wet she released her load , she was so horny and shouting please now fuck me i’m waiting for it since years please roni fuck your mom rita I immediately unhooked her bra and put my dick in between her boobs and fucked her boobs than she sucked it I also came in her mouth it was in huge amount that her mouth was full of it of cum she drank the full and my dick was hanging she started kissing me we kissed each other for 5 mins and than my dick was ready to fuck her (mom).

Wasting no time I inserted my dick as she was using dildo it was not too tight I can easily insert my tool it was half in after second push I successfully inserted fully she was moaning aaaahh ohh fuck me fuck me ohh ahhh I fucked her for 15 minutes and released inside her we had 3 sessions of fuck and than we went to bathroom and had hot shower together we hugged each other for 10 mins and hot water was flowing on us it was so good feeling for both of us than my mom.Cleaned everything and dressed up and I also dressed up before leaving the room she hugged me and gave a kiss on forehead and told you’re the best son and told that plz satisfy me every time like this and winked at me and I leaved the room as it was 8:30 and still mom has not prepared dinner so I ordered pizza from outside. Mom was so happy with me.

We than waited for sis to arrive till there we watched movie together sitting like a married romantic couple.

Now she’s very happy and whenever she wants to have fun I satisfy her , also whenever I want I use to have fun and now we 3 live very happily

Hope you all liked the story it was a real incident happened with me . Please send feedback.

My Lovely Hot Sexy Mom Had Fun With His Own Son

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