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My Lovely Cousin Sowmya

  • desipapa
  • September 24, 2015

Well thats not her real name of course, but its pretty close. This happened over 12 yrs back. I was 19 and she was 21. Sowmya is my cousin, fathers elder-brother’s daughter. How can I describe her, she used to look so angelic . 5’4″, about 55 kgs, extremely fair, 34.24.38. Yeah, a nice lovely bigg round buttocks that would give any man an erection. What I loved the most was her smooth soft skin, they were really creamy.. her long silky hair was just a little above her waist.. it wasnt straight.. a kind of wavy.. that swayed in synchrony with her buttcks when she used to walk.

Sowmya and I were very close, always sharing our secrets, our little flirtations with the members of the opposite sex. I was extremely attracted to her, she was too but had never shown it. I was afterall a little brother to her so I never tried to give her any indication, but this soon changed.

My parents were in Delhi back then, I was in a hostel somewhere down south. I was doing my second year of engineering. We had a break in december for a couple of weeks and I had come back to delhi. Sowmya used to live in bombay and knowing that I was going to be in Delhi came to visit me. Myself and sowmya used to sleep in my room on the same bed. One thing that she told me once was that she likes her palm and hands caressed. Since we were very close we used to sleep while tlaking late into the night, the lights off and under the warm cozy quilt. I started caressing her palms and hands.. they were so soft… and slowly moved her upper arm, she adjusted so I could caress them comfortably.. as I moved up.. I had started to caress her shoulders and neck.. wow.. she was so smooth and silky.. i just loved the touch of her skin.
This little game went on for a few days leaving me very horny. One day while caressing her neck my hands moved down and her nighty zip just opened.. this was sudden and I hadnt planned it. I could feel her breathing gorw heavier.. she moved her legs to caress my legs. I moved my hands a little more down and starting to feel jsut below the neck.. just the place where the breasts begin.. my heart was pounding.. and taking some more courage i moved it futher on her breasts.. i could feel her heart beating too.. and she had goose bumps. Just when I was wondering if I should go down futher.. her hands came up and held my hands.she turned her face.. opened her lovely beautiful eyes.. i could just make out the glimmer in her eyes in the low light.. and i saw her lips parting and she gave me a lovely smile.. i smiled back and she said. ‘I love you’. I said, I love you too sowmya… I have loved you for a long time. It was like a lifetime of silence and then she said, “dont stop what you are doing ” and gave me an erotic smile.

I moved closer to her and my hands enveloped her breasts, my lips caressing her sweet lips. She parted her lips, and I slid my tongue insider her mouth… rolling on her tongue, sucking feeling. I made her roll on top of me still kissing her hands her were caressing her soft long silky hair. She slowly went down on me, her lips around my thick cock, and gave me the most gentle erotic and passionate suck I have ever had. It was myturn, i made her lie down and lifted her nighty.. and removed her panties and licked her deep inside, coming up I sucked her breasts wildly and passioately, she was moaning slowly so now to wake up my parents. It was my luck that her periods had finished just a couple of days before that so she urged me to come in. As i placed my penis between her thighs and she guided me into the gates of heaven. We made passionate love that night we both came at least 2-3 times each. Thus far been my most memorable experience since was the first one. We had sex many times after that while she was there. A year later she left for the US, I followed her to the US 3 years later.
My cousin is in the east coast now, married too with two kids. We sometimes talk about those days the days we shared so much love and passion that one winter in Delhi.

I am now in California, married for a coupld of years now, but I still sometimes dream of reliving that incestual experience. I am 5’9″, about 165Lbs (65kgs), quite fair for a south indian, thin metal frame glasses and clean shaven. If any ladies are interested in contacting me please feel free to email me at . Please do let me know if you liked this story… Thanks.. Raj.

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