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  • desipapa
  • September 17, 2015

Hello friends, I am very happy to read the real stories especially the story section of on the net. I get bored for typing but I am writing this story due to u all. I am encouraged by u all for writing this story. First of all my introduction I am ALI 22, male from KARACHI (PAKISTAN). This is A real incident happened to me when I was of 21yrs.

I was in last year of my college. I actually like to be alone all time, by that reason I cannot make friends early. Till anyone approach me. I used to sit alone in one corner of the class. Our class consists of 12 girls and rest boys. Shehnaz was one of them she was marvelous. At a small age she was a class with a marvelous figure at around 34-26-34. I was always get attracted with her. From first day of my class I admire her. You can find me somewhere near her in the whole college. I had masturbated viewing her many times. We first talked at a tuition class when she was absent for two days and want my copy to complete the notes. After that we had a little hi bye. Till some days and one-day I decided to say her that I love her. I was waiting for a chance. She was again absent for two days from college and tuition class. I decided to note my love letter my tuition notebook. And it worked, she accepted and we started our daily bunking and hotelling.

One day we met at the park and we were alone in one corner of the park. We were sitting side by side of each other in the park. I putted my hands from back to her shoulders. She didn’t resisted and I got courage I slowly putted my hands on her boobs, as if it has come there accidentally. She saw me direct in my eyes. I felt ashamed, but in a moment she reflected positively and kissed me on cheeks. I was in seventh heaven. First kiss of my life. I holded her head from back and started lip kissing her. We kissed for 10 minutes, at the same time I was also pressing her boobs “they were marvelous”. We heard someone coming to our side and we departed. We decided to go to movie “ that also to such a movie in which not too many peoples were coming”. It was a low budget “B” grade picture totally bored and by our luck no one was in box. As soon as picture started we started kissing each other badly again a long kiss. Shehnaz was wearing a silk salwar-kurta of light brown color. I started pressing her boobs and she was totally hot. I while kissing made way to her salwar’s rope and loosened it and slipped my hand in her unshaven pussy she was wet when I touched her pussy.

She widened her legs as I was moving my fingers in her choot. And my second hand moved below her kurta and unhooked her bra and was pumping her breasts. She was totally hot and was moaning. She found my 8inch (dick) Lund from over the pants and started stroking it. I decided and slipped her salwar down with her panties as she cooperated this, as she also wanted the same. I got up and sat down on the floor to get a close view of her cunt. I first smelled it, it was making me mad. I slowly inserted one finger and started licking the lips of cunt. She started moaning, her voices were not to loud but easily hearable to me AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH………… UUUUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM……….. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM…YYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS………… I became crazy hearing these sounds and started stroking her harder. She got climaxed in 15 minutes. All the cream was in my hand and she cleaned it with her handkerchief. Then it was her turn to give me a blowjob. She got her breath and sat down in front of me and opened my pant and lowered it. She then lowered my underwear and took my erected Lund in her hand and started stroking it with her hands. I held her head and pressed her mouth on my Lund. She hesitated then I said that I had also taken yours then she agreed and cleared my wet Lund with her kurta and started sucking my dick. In the starting she just took my Lund’s “supada” in her mouth but soon she was enjoying it and started taking all of it in her mouth. She Frenched me giving the most pleasure I had ever had. After 15-20 minutes I also cummed in her mouth. She dranked it all. I was in a mood to fuck her in the same theatre but at interval I saw the gatekeeper seeing me with a different eyes so we left from there.

We went to a Restaurant and took hard meals with shake. Suddenly I remembered that my friend had an empty flat in a locality 2kms away from the restaurant he had given me the keys coz he was not in the city and by my luck I had the keys with me at that time. After meals I asked her to accompany me to my flat she said that it’s already late and she can come tomorrow. We made the program for next day that after evening class she will accompany me to my flat and tell her parents that she had to go to a friend’s birthday party. We met next day in college then in tuition and after that we moved to my friends flat. On reaching the flat we saw the old furniture’s, and his room, it was having his bed till now. I opened the cupboard and found one old bedsheet. I placed it above his bed and looked at Shehnaz and suddenly grabbed her and hugged her as we have met after a long time I hurried opening her clothes. First I took off her kurta and caressed her boobs (breast) from above the bra. Two magic balls in the bra were looking gorgeous and were eager to come out of her bra. I unhooked her bra and throw away the bra at one side. She was half-naked and looking cute. I started hard pressing her boobs and pinching her nipples, they got erected and boobs hardened.

She found my Lund and started playing by slipping my pants zip with my 8inch Lund. I then also opened her salwar and panties. She was full naked in front of me and the she started undressing me soon we both were naked in front of each other. She sat on her knees and started sucking my Lund she was today doing better than the day before. Soon she gave me a great blowjob and I cummed in her mouth in 30 Minutes. She again dranked my cumm. Then she sat on the bed widening her legs and said “ Chaat kutte chaat”, I was little bit amazed but got horny by those word and pushed her fully on bed and started sucking her and licking her. She again moaned harder this time and louder “aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh. Oooooooooohhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaa. Iiiiiiiiissssssssssssssssssssssss. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh.” And in 20 minutes she cummed in my mouth and I licked her pussy clean and we rested for 5 minutes. And after five minutes I stood and came in between her legs and tried to insert my huge Lund in her choot but it was in vain as she was virgin. We were having no lubricants. I was worried what to do. I suddenly remembered the story of one of my favorite writer “MASTRAM” in which one young couple was in same circumstances and the boy apply his spit on both the Lund and the choot. I thanked MASTRAM and spitted on her choot and some on my Lund and I tried to insert my Lund in her choot this time I succeeded a little bit I was inserting head part of My Lund and a lil bit more she was feeling the pain and I was too feeling the pain. Shehnaz was weeping a little bit due to pain and then I stroked once with full force and she screamed due to extreme pain. I started massaging her boobs as I had read in the books “that at these moments stretching the boobs from down to up opens the cunt and make girls relieved”. She got little bit relieve and pleaded to leave her as she was in extreme pain and cannot bear any more. But I continued massaging and slowly started my motion in her choot. Slowly she started enjoying it. She started rising her butts from bed. Seeing this I did my final stroke and my whole Lund was inside her and she again screamed and scratched my back with her nails but slowly she enjoyed and in 10 minutes she was over and after 5minutes I also came inside her. After that we took rest and due to shortage of time we did a small round and departed to our home. From that day for an year till I met other girl we met several times playing the same games with different styles.

In my next mail I will write bout the other girl and my latest girlfriends. Any girls wanted to get fucked by me in any corner of karachi please mail me I will try my level best to reach to your place. Mail me at

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