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  • October 6, 2015

Hi! Everybody there! After reading so many erotic stories in this zabardast site it gave me encouragement to pen-down my own true incident with my cousin & saali Aasima, who is very younger to me. Purposely, I changed the character’s names for safe side.

First of all let me introduce myself, I am Mansoor 36 years old, married, my star is Libra, height 5’-8″ tall. My relatives, especially girls say that I am a good looking, smart, having good sense of humors and having good habits too which attracts other sex. My hobbies are watching cricket matches, good movies (love stories), good music, surfing internet, reading, writing letters & good stories, sharing good jokes, Basically I am a very romantic person, I love winter season and I really enjoy it too.

Let me brief you about Aasima. She is not very tall, 5’-2″ height, 18 years old, her star is Cancer, wheatish colour, round face, good eyes, her figure 32-24-34 is very attractive and sexy especially her fast growing boobs (not big at all but……) which especially attracted me very much. Whenever I go to their home I used to stare to her & her growing tight boobs and I noticed that she gives a good response of my look. Time-to-time I was sharing good jokes with her (which is my habit too). Initially I was little bit reserved too that may be she will mind or tell to her family and it will be very embarrassing, that’s why I was bit conscious and not trying anything “serious” which let me down. But this was very much sure that she was waiting for me. Whenever I go to her home her eyes become on, blinking and responding my looks positively.

One day, I was sitting in their room passing time to watch TV programs, other members of family were busy in the other rooms, suddenly she entered in the room to find something in the room. I decided to “try” and check her reaction. I asked “what are you finding”? “nothing”. I said, “could you give me some accompany” as I am feeling bore? She was bit hesitant but after a while she said ok I am coming back after in a minute or two. She came back as per promise and sat beside me. I asked her “how your studies is going”? She replied “fine”. We talked about some non-sense just to start the subject then I put my hand on her back to check reaction. It was ok then I slowly lowered my hand towards her tits to start fondling and to my surprise she kept quite which meant she was having no objection. I started to squeeze her tits politely, which were very hard like tennis ball. Besides that I was talking to her about general topics and time was passing very fast. That day I just tried only up to squeezing her boobs as someone might have come in so I let her go. I was very happy about achieving such a nice attempt.

After few weeks when I came again to Aasima’s home I tried her little bit freely and found that there is no hurdle from her end. I stayed two three days and I tried fondling with her boobs during these days and even I placed some kisses on her cheeks, neck and lips also. I asked her that if I want to take her to my home? She readily accepted my invitation then I convinced my aunt to take Aasima with me at my place, as there were summer holidays in schools. I was living in Lahore and it was four hour’s distance by-road from her home. Purposely I booked the seats of coach after mid-night time, which leaves at about 02:00 hours so we may reach at our place early in the morning. Everything was settled down and we were ready to go. I took a white bed sheet to take it over so the other passengers should not bother us. We started the journey at 02:00 hours. She was sitting just besides me, in my “reach” and no one was there to disturb. Situation was very calm and quite for some times then I started “are you feeling nervous”? She said “no” but she was. Air-condition of coach was running on its full speed and it was really bit chill in side. I asked her “where is the white bed sheet”? She gave me in a minute and I covered ourselves with it. Slowly I put my hand on her back and started lowering towards her boobs. Initially, she was not ready for this in the coach but after sometimes she did not stop me doing the same. My hand touched her beautiful boobs from her back and I pumped each of them very gently. Then I put my hand inside her kameez, first time I touched her tits from inside the kameez. I was feeling great, squeezing them nicely and rubbing her nipples slightly. My seven and half inch gun with all the bullets was also in full alert position. Once I took her hand and brought nearby my shaft she did not touch it. I said let her gain little more time, in the meantime I was busy with her boobs. Then I lowered my hands towards her belly and slightly rub her thigh one by one and near to her cunt through her shalwar. Slowly I tried to touch her cunt with my finger to see her reaction. She allowed me to go ahead, so I reached her juicy cunt, which was already wet and dripping. I touched the cunt nicely, cunt’s lips and around. I pulled her little bit more closer to me for easy access to arouse her and started fingering her pussy. I was doing quite patiently as I did not want to disturb the whole story. I kept finger fucking from outside shalwar and then I untight her shalwar’s string to make easy access and put my hand inside.

Oh my God! her cunt was very hot, wet and very tight. I rubbed my hand on her cunt and inserted my index finger into her love hole, started pushing it back & forth then I inserted my middle finger too. Because of mid-night time, every passenger of coach was sleeping. After two hour’s journey, coach stopped at a hotel for some refreshment. We both went inside the restaurant and had a cup of tea, during tea session she was calm and just taking tea. Coach stopped there for twenty minutes and again started the journey. After some time, I again started playing with her tits and clitory. Now she was more freely permitted me to carry on my wish. I really enjoyed each bit of journey fondling with her boobs and choot. Finally, coach reached at our destination (Lahore). I took rickshaw to reach at my home, time was about 05:30 in the morning. Weather was very pleasant, cool breeze was blowing and really it was giving very nice feeling around moreover, she was more freely talking to me. I was telling her about the famous places like a Guide. Rickshaw was going on a normal speed, once my hand accidentally touched her boobs during showing famous places and she really enjoyed my touch with her boobs . She was smiling and responding more freely than before 5 hours time. We reached at our residence early in the morning when my whole family was sleeping.

Everyday at 07:55 hours I use to go to the office which was hardly walking distance of 5 minutes, that’s why I took my lunch at home. Whenever, I got a chance that Aasima is free and nobody is around I must tried to place kiss on her lips, press her tits and arouse her to build-up love relations. By the passage of time she becomes much friendly with me and now I was giving French kisses to her several times in a day. Because of my good spoken English, she asked me for English tuition also, which I accepted with open heart and this way we become much closer to each other’s. One day after my duty when I came to my home, I rang the door bell; Aasima appeared to open the door. Upon asking she replied that everybody has gone to doctor and she is all alone. I jumped in the air and said “hurray” and in the same action I warmly placed French kiss on her lips, I explored her tongue with mine and kissed her on each part of sexy body, we both came in the room. It was very hot that day, room-air-cooler and ceiling fan were running in full speed. I took off my shirt to get some relief from hot and sat on the bed along with Aasima. We were all alone in the room and no interruption was there. Soon after, I took off my pant and thrown away, only underwear left and my stud was in full action, she was standing beside me and was looking nervous. After a while, I took off my underwear too and I was completely naked before Aasima. She was looking on the floor; I asked her that look at this cock. She was blushing and with shy put her hands on the eyes. I came closer and asked that this is the thing for which every girl wants to have and you are just blushing. Please open your eyes, look at it and touch it with your hand but she was still shy and far from me. I came more closer, my prick was in full swing, I took her hand in my hand and touched my cock and said “issay dekho aur haath main lay kar pakro to sahi yar? Then she touched my cock with shivering hands. She was thinking that there might be an electric shock in my prick and when she will touch it she will be no more in this world. Slowly she become bit normal and I was still nude kissing her lips, cheeks, neck, I brought her more closer to me, hugged her warmly and pressed her tits politely, squeezed them.

While kissing all over her body my full-erected lund was touching her thighs and buttocks which was giving me pleasure of heaven but she was feeling nervous. In the same time suddenly, she freed herself from my hands and ran through the stairs and went to her friend’s house, which was situated just opposite our home. She stayed there for about 5-10 minutes and came back, I asked her “why you left at once and why you came back so early” she replied “aisay hi” laykin wahan bhee mujay chain nahin aa raha tha is liyay main wapas aa gayee. We took a cup of tea together and started talking on different topics. These days she was taking tuition in English subject from me and during tuition we use to sit very closely so we may do fondling on her boobs, thighs and fingering on and in the pussy during the tuition. Moreover, I was discussing on love, sex, moods, music, films, and jokes during tuition so that she may also share some jokes, stories etc. and she was doing so. In the night, we were sleeping on the top roof of our home because of hot weather, I was trying to put my bed near to her and when everybody were in deep sleep I was use to touch, squeeze her boobs, finger fucking her cunt and some times I was trying to say her to hold my penis in your hand and play with it. Still I was not getting chance to see her naked cunt. One day again everybody was away from home I asked her that have you ever shaved your pussy? She replied “never” because I don’t know how to do? I brought hair remover and told her that please try to read instructions on the label and shave your pussy then I would like to see it. After long argument she agreed to go to bathroom. Bathroom’s door was closed and after 15-20 minutes time, I asked from outside that did you finish or not? If you finished yo ur job then please open the door, I may see your naked shaven pussy for which I waited long time but she did not. Actually bathroom was locked with a simple hook and it was quite possible to open from outside with a knife, I tried to open. When she knew that door is already opened and she is naked, she immediately tried to wear kameez to hide her naked body. Moreover she was really scared, stood in corner of a small bathroom. I said very politely that no need to scare from me I will not harm you “just I want to see your shaven pussy”. Later she told me that she thought you might try to fuck her (by force) in bathroom. Thanks God! She did not scream loudly in fear. After normal condition, I pulled up her kameez to visualize her sexy pussy ooohhhh oohhhhh! It was very small, very tight half shaved pussy, it was really amazing for me to see such a nice vagina. I asked, “why you did not shave it properly”? She replied “I don’t know how to apply this cream and how long I should wait to clean it” her voice was coming very far from, as she was still very nervous. I gave her some courage and said “no problem, don’t worry”, next time when you will shave your pussy try to do it nicely. I came out of bathroom that if she wants to take more baths, she may take it. I was very happy that today I achieved a bit more, it was really a big achievement for me because I did not know that it would be possible easily. She came out of bathroom with wet hair, blushing eyes, reddish cheeks with shyness, I welcomed her nicely, and after some time she was comfortable and relaxed.

She stayed at our place for about 45 days or so and we were now very close to each other, she was not shy girl, talking to me freely in jolly mood. We went to gardens, picnic spots and each park of Lahore for enjoyment to become more and more closer to each other. Now she was sharing jokes and even kissing me whenever she got time.

I had to go to Islamabad for an official trip by my own car, I asked Aasima that instead I go alone to Islamabad why not you accompany me. She agreed with open heart to go along. It was about 6 O’clock in the evening and we both were prepared to start our journey from Lahore, we said goodbye to our family members and left home. At the time of departure she sat on the back seat of the car and soon after crossing the corner of our home she jumped like a kite and sat on front seat beside me, coz she does not want to show to her sister (my wife) that she is sitting on the front seat. We were really very happy and were celebrating this event with good songs of the cassette recorder. It was a very pleasant, cloudy and very romantic weather. First of all, we thanked to God for a successful plan of our journey, which provided us a very beautiful chance of a very long drive. During this long drive we might discuss each and every aspects of life, we may deep kiss to each other, hug around and enjoy at our own mood. I was driving my car on a very nominal speed, as we do not have any hurry to reach at our destination. There was a big positive difference of her attitude, now she was relaxed, comfortable, smiling face and very happy mood too. I asked her “how was the plan of going together to Islamabad”. She replied “excellent” as I wanted to share lot of things with you and it’s a golden chance, I am really very happy to be with you all alone and definitely I will never forget this journey in my whole life this in your accompany. These are the beautiful moments of my life and I want to memorize them. We were talking to each other’s and during this my hand was moving to her boobs which were now completely under my reach and I was squeezing them at my own choice, I pressed her small brown nipples and she was moaning with joy. I pulled her kameez bit up to see clearly her tits and really that made me crazy, my lund was on red-alert position. I asked her that look at this bumboo, her hand was on my shaft and she was rubbing my cock without hesitation. Then I asked her that show me your naked pussy so that today I can fully, clearly watch it. She did not hesitate & on my request immediately pulled down her shalwar and wow wooahh ahh… her completely shaven small vagina was at my reach. I touched her pussy gently, rubbed my hand on her beautiful thighs. Besides driving one of my hand was fully in action with her pussy, lips of her cunt were very tight, my finger was touching her sexy clitori she was really in action “mast mast”. Then I inserted my index finger in her pussy and took it in her wet, juicy cunt, she moaned groaned & screamed rhythmically, she was moving her thighs with pleasure. I never thought it would be possible for me to motivate Aasima for such a big thing. Her breasts and shaven pussy were completely naked and she was sitting very close to my seat, reachable and touchable. Near Gujranwala, the weather was now become very stormy and windy too but our journey was on the right track, we were enjoying every moment of the journey. On the way we stopped in a restaurant at Kharian to have some food and cold drinks. We sat in a corner table of the restaurant and placed order and kept talking each other’s on different topics. During food were sharing each others cold drink’s just to make fun. After finishing the dinner we walked to our car in a very pleasant weather and jolly mood.

We started again on the same lovely mood, spirit and joy. I was driving car on an average speed as we wanted to enjoy each moments of this beautiful journey at its peak. It was about 11:00 p.m. and we were going without any fear of anybody. She requested me that “if I want to keep my head on your lap to be relaxed”? I said certainly you might do this. So she laid her head on my lap and closed her eyes. I started kissing her eyes, lips, cheeks and every part of her face. She said with closed eyes that it was my dream that I will keep my head in your lap with closed eyes and today that dream comes true. She was in a very good mood moreover good music was on, very lovely atmosphere was around and we were fully enjoying each bit of it. I asked her “I have also a request”? she said please say to me I will try my best to fulfill your request. “I want you to suck my cock”. Can you do it? She replied “what a difficult request you have made”. I said it is not so difficult but if you will do it I will feel it as my dream comes true. Then I tried to convince her for a blowjob and told her that nothing will happen. Of course you will do it first time and it will take some time to convince you. Finally, she agreed upon, my lund was in her shivering hands and palm of her hands my penis was really in full swing. After getting some courage and appreciation from me she gave a kiss on the cap of my cock hesitantly. After kissing and touching with her tongue she took my penis head in her mouth wooooooooooooo ahh ….. touch of her tongue on my shaft …….. I was feeling in heaven because it was first time when a girl was sucking my lund, which I wanted very badly, it gave me lot of pleasure. Her tongue encircled each part of it and touch of her tongue was making me in deep sensation. She made an “O” of her lips when she took bit by bit my cock in her mouth and after some time she took complete lund in her mouth. and took whole penis in her mouth. Her head was jerking back and forth to take maximum of my shaft. After t wo three minutes I told her that I am cumming ……..she said ok I am ready to take it in my mouth and I unloaded the whole of my come like a jet spray in her mouth. She swallowed lot of cumm and some of it was on her cheeks then she asked a tissue paper to clean her face. I asked her how was the taste of it???. She said “great”. You cannot imagine that I was so relaxed, so happy and thinking of my dream came true such a nice way. Aasima was looking at my relaxed face and she too was very pleased and happy after fulfilling my long pending dream. I appreciated with a long French kiss and fondling on her whole sexy body for such a good blowjob.

Now we were talking about sex and she was listening with great interest. I was telling her about the role of cock and cunt in baby-process etc. We talked about our first meeting of touch and I was very glad to know that she was interested to have my friendship, as I was her ideal in our family. Moreover, we were discussing about the future planning that how to keep-in-touch with each other as there was no telephone facility available at their home. We suggested letter writing is the best way to build-up this lovely relationship. We agreed that whenever I will come to her home I will try to write a detailed letter for her and she will also try to keep writing for me. If it is convenient for her she may drop it to the post office. When her home was left about half an hour she said to me with love that Kaash! Time may stop now and my home never come….. so we may continue this beautiful journey for ever. Finally, after about six-seven hours lasting beautiful love-journey come to an end in which we really talked and discussed each and every aspects of our life. We reached at her home at 1:00 am and she was unhappily walking towards her home but I was giving assurance of her better future with a gentle promise that we both will receive each other’s letter and we shall keep-in-touch definitely. I stayed in Islamabad three to four days and I came back to Lahore.

In my office there were two weekends and it was my normal practice that whenever any public holiday comes I take few extra leave and straight away go to Aasima’s place to clinch my thirst of love. In the same way after ten – fifteen……… long days an occasion came across and I left to my love place……… where she was fully prepared for my arrival and she welcomed me like a prince and upon getting chance she whispered that “yaar! Waqt hi nahin guzar raha tha aap bin aur khaas tor par badi hi mushqil say yeh raat guzarti thi…. Aik aik lamha sadiyon jaisa lag raha tha shuker kiya kay aap aaye aur har taraf bahar ka mausam aa gaya….. I thanked her for these beautiful compliments for me……

One zabardast day……. Everybody was out for bazaar and few kids were at home……. I asked her that if we may avail this golden chance…… she said I did not understand what you are talking about…..? I said that if you and your sexy choot allow me and my lund to avail this beautiful chance……… first she said if anyone come ……… I said if you show your willingness then I might arrange a plan……… after some time she was convinced for a fuck……. I sent all the kids to the roof and said that they just play over there. After that I told him that come-on now…….. I told him that no need to take off all of your clothes as if someone came we shall make some excuse……. When she gave me green signal with nodding her head…… I went near to her and started with a passionate kiss on her cheeks, chin, eyes, lips and one of my hand was busy in squeezing her breasts. After some time I started French kisses, my tongue was exploring each part of her mouth and my hand was exploring down side of her sexy body her thighs and finally her love hole. Her cunt was started dripping with love juices and I was finger fucking. Her breath was becoming heavy and her eyes were closed with pleasure……… she was moaning with oooh……oh….aah… uff…….. and my hands were stripping off her shalwar, she was not wearing any panty so it was more easy to find her juicy pussy. My lund was catching erection and when she caught my lund with her hands it became impossible for me because it was in full length. I told her that I am going to put my lund in her choot so be ready….. she said would there be any pain? I said little bit but you would feel too much pleasure……..too…. one of my hand was on her medium sized apples and with other hand I guided my lund and placed on her love hole’s lips……and gave a small thrust…..oooooooooo……..aaah aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa….. main mer gayee……uffffffffff….. aaah….. oooooh my manhood’s cap was disappeared in her choot and I gave her some time ….to recover ….. from initial pain…… after some time gave another big thrust and my comp lete lund was touching the last wall of her choot….. she was moaning very loudly……….in the mean time I placed my lips on her lips and with one hand I kept fondling her breast so that she got some relief from pain. After some time she started enjoying and moving her buttocks ups and down….rythematically along with my thrust …… her doing this was making me more horny and I really liked this beautiful action of Aasima. I increased the pace of jerks……..after 4 to 5 minute’s time I told her that I am cumming…….. you want in your pussy…….. but before her reply I took it out for safe side……….she laid on the bed for quite some time and then I told her that before someone come back dress up yourself……. She was smiling now and was blushing too….. she told me that it was really a big moment for her for which she was dreaming of and asked me…… why not we did this earlier………….. then went on the roof to check that whether kids are ok and enjoying ….. after that ….. she become very very close to me ………

That’s it for today….. it is 110% true sexual story. Please do comments on it…….. as I am not a storywriter. Still she is around and we make love, French kissing, hugging, letter writing and phone calls to each other’s on regular intervals.

Any girl around Rawalpindi or Islamabad can contact me for chatting n phone, friendship, safe sex ………please do write to me on my e-mail….Love to all gals ……bye, bye and have a very nice time ……..My e-mail is:

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