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My Little Sexy Cousin

  • desipapa
  • September 22, 2015

Dear Friends,this is my true confusing love story with out overstating or understating any thing and as you ppl will find out that i need ur advice,that is why i’m writing this all stuff for u.Now let me start. Kids normally attract me.I like to play with them so do kids like to play with me.I’ve my uncles’ family living in islamabad.i’m like their family member and since my childhood i used to spent my weekends at their house.

Their daughter was at that time of 8 years when i was of 14 and i always considered her as my younger sister.One day we were playing with each other.I teased her like i did normally.It was mid summer,and after playing in sunshine,When we became tired of play,we sat together,Her face was looking like a red tomatoe and i kissed her.I felt some real strange feelings as i kissed her hot face and then i carried on kissing her reddish face,and we both felt some thing thrilling,some thing that has made us excite but i couldn’t understood that feelings. After that day,we both got changed a little and it was all unintentially.I found that when ever i went to their house,she came,jumped in my ‘jholie’and used to kiss on my face,and i always felt that nice.One day her father dropped her to my home,at that time my mother was busy in cooking.

We started our normal play with each other,she climbed on me,kissed my face and said’Bhai aap buhut peyaare lag rahay hain’.After listening that i started kissing her,and unintentially,i was making little “dhakkay” and suddenly she asked me ‘Bhai ap ko aisay dhakkay laganay men maza ata hay na’ In those moments,for the first time,many things flushed straight away in my mind and not getting exactly whats going on i replied ‘haan’.then we both fell down on the bed and I was kissing on her cheeks with joy n delight and our story started at a slow but constant pace. She went back after few hours but all time instead of playing,we were watching each other and in every minute that passed,we kissed each other.Believe me or not i didn’t knew that was a boy-girl relation at that time.She was kid and i was her friend not more than a big kid.i never knew about sex,nor we were adults but she made every thing change since then.When ever i found her,i used to kiss her and she liked to jump on me for some”halkay halkay dhakkay’ as her favourite game.If i ever tried to avoid that,she became angry on me and forced me to do what she like.and i found myself in no position without her.Soon the winter with blankets came,and now we were under the blankets that wasn’t unusual but unsual was that what i still din’t remember how and when i started playing with her little body as otherwise she didn’t came near to me,my hands were visitng different parts of her body,normally legs and thighs and besides we were kissing on the faces.

One year passed by and we moved to the next stage.We never talked about that but we both knew our jobs whenever we were alone,in silence. Now my time started and now i was placing my hand on her hips,if we were on dining,i rub pieces of bread over her legs and then eat them.She became more pleased.Now as she came staight away she was riding on my ‘jholi’ pushing her head close to my chest and rubing that like cats and in reply, I held her tightly in my arms to kiss her hair,then neck,getting closer to her cute face and my try was always to kiss on her juicy lips but every time she dodged me and i ended up only when i was about to reach that destiny as she didn’t allowed to meet her lips to my lips as she knew how to avoid that.can u believe ,friends,2 years more went,and I was stuck in her neck,her cheeks and little dhakkays.she approached to 10,i was 16,and now i was fully aware that she was no more a kid,but a girl and now she couldn’t play one sidedly her favourite ‘games’only,now by force i took her qameez or shirt off from upper part of her body,when i was tired of her neck and face and i’ve started kissing her chest and after few avoidances,she held her nipples in her thumb and middle finger,by pressing the area around her nipples and i used to eat her tiny nipples in my day while playing with her thighs and legs,i unzipped her pent,put my finger inside her probing for the pee hole.

When i tried to put that in,she cried a little,with her famous stare saying that it hurts.As her that voice made me mad so i never did that again.She asked me to let her go to the toilet and i carried her in my arms to the toilet,she was shying atfirst but then she showed her prohibited area to me and i remember she was laughing on my questions about the two holes..and she said that i was watching her like idiots.That was her first full sight,a real memorable sight to me. Unfortuantely my mother had a fight with her mother on some their matters and the time came,when we were separated with each other,I missed her like an addict one and she became sick too.but we coudln’t find each other.There came a marriage after months and we were excited to meet.Her hair was long than ever and her body was showing some signs of change.Those few days were great for us.We started talking openly and I freely proposed her.Her reply were smiles and since it was not the time to carry her in jholies.We ,move further,where i kissed my favourite area passionately in the whole week.Ifound her mouth too,I kissed her pink lips and her chest was great to without the aid of her fingers,i could eat the whole area,and the wild smell of her body remained in my memoried for the next couple of years as we lost each other completely after that marriage. When mother became very sick and we went to their place after around 2/3 years and i was glad that there will be reunion of families.My heart was beating fast as i was standing at their gate.i was grown up then,all the time wishing to see her,guessing about her.She opened the door and it was amazing to see her because i was watching a dangerously grown up girl.A complete girl,our age difference was minimised to the maximum,her height was like that of mine,and her body was looking heavy and little fat and her breasts that once she used to held tightly in her fingers to show some signs some years back were more than what a boy could ever dream for(approx 38)long shining hair,salty color giving the taste of crispy..

One can easily die on such girl.I was stunned when she was walking,standing still and silent,my breath was stopped to see her beautiful walk.Bahir ki taraf niklay huay gosht se bharay patt.ooper neechay ooper neechay.ooper se us ki choti jo donon patton par hit kar rahi theee.and ofcourse bahir ki taraf niklay mammay. BUT she was avoiding me making me upset,until when her mother became well,then they both came to our house and lived for a night.meanwhile i went there many times,but she was not in a mood to recognize me.Even till night,when all the time i was watching her but she was neglecting me.when she was about to sleep,i thought to do or die and by chance my mother sent me to their room to give her a glass of milk.I entered there when her mother went to the washroom and i knew she would not be coming before 10-15 minutes,I came straight away to her,touching her face gently,she didnt’ looked at me.then i asked her to drind that milk,she asked me to drink that milk and i said’tumharay hotay main kisi aur ka doodh nahin pee sakta’. and i took her soft big breasts to my both hands.uuffffffffff.Those were great creation.she smiled without any pretending and in the next moment my hand was creeping inside her qameez where my lost treasure was present. After that day we were there from where we left,and the very next night i was in their house.when every body went to sleep,i reached into her bed.she was sleeping,i dint said any thing,instead i rolled my fingers in her long hair and i kissed her hair ,i was feeling her breath around me,i held her firmly in my arms and kissed face,her neck.We were same but we were new to each other now.This was the time when a i was in the arms of a full seductive girl.and we were firmly wrapped in each other arms.I found her lips and tongue and her big boobs.She held her nipples in her fingers like before and presented me to eat them,and i literally ate them.i was biting her like a savage and she was tightning her arms around me in desire.the more i bit,the more firm her grip to me became.

She was avoiding kisses but when i loosened my grip,she opened her mouth and presented her tongue to my tongue.I sucked her soft tongue ,she put her whole tongue into my mouth and it was a strange feelings,when i was puffing her tongue into my mouth like a lollypop.girls used blow job but it was a blow job of a tongue.i was sucking her tongue,it was the most delicious thing i ever had tasted in my was 1:00 midnight when we started that,and in no time i came out of her bed when we listened AZAAN.(a winter morning) i couln’t believe kay men nay us kay mammay,aur zuban choosnay men 4 ghantay laga diyay baghayer pani nikaly.. and the next chance came after two months,when she came to our house to spend eid.and we found a chance in the chand raat.She arrived so late at our house,when my mother was sleeping and i was out,and she slept in my room and when i came back after shopping,i found her sleeping in my room.I was mad with joy.and in the next moment,i was in her bed.She was sleeping as usual,and in the meantime i unbuttoned her gown,her big boobs with front part of the body were free from clothes.suddenly she waked up and whispered’bhai.ap aa gaya’.i replied’han meri jaan’ bhai na kaho,but she said bhai bhai bahi and i became out of control.I started kissing her.and this time,she held my neck and put her big boobs to my mouth.I asked her which one belongs to me and she said 2non aap ka liye hain .I started eating her boobs and nipples,and her grip was hard and tight.saying kha lo.Inhain kha jao.and i was becoming mad listening her voice and finding her lovely body,then again her tongue was into my mouth and she was spiting in my mouth,and i was drinking her spit.Then i reminded my previous attempt and i suddenly put my hand in her shalwar.

Oh my goodness…..It was great to rub her cleanshaved pussy with my finger but she didnt’ allowed me to put inside her cunt.nahin naaa..abhi nahin…then i asked her to let me lick her pussy,and she didn’t allowed that too.I asked that i’m going for a pee.she becaem relaxed.then suddenly i put her both legs in my hands and now her thighs were in my control.she resisted but i was not to leave.charrrrrrrrr,oh yes,i had torn her shalwar to pieces and i wished i can torn her pussy with my dick too and she turned back.not willing for a fuck.i asked her to be relax but she didn’t ,then i opened her legs a little,she again jumped in the bed like a fish.I started kissing her thighs and ass,in few seconds she became relaxed but she was showing her ass to me,I thought for a while,then i opened her legs forcefully and put my cock into her legs from the back side,she jerked her ass and said.Yar peechay se kar lo…agay se nahin karwana abhi..

I put a stamp on her wish by putting my cock into her slippery ass and then haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa .my thuk thuk is sounding like a jerks have made her cry.but she was asking me kay phar do isay…and i was there kay phaaar doon isay.when i was about to cum,i told her she put my cock in her hands and started sucking a moment she was eating my cum.the first fuck was finished. It took 6 years but dosto sabar ka phal buhut meetha thaa……. Now many years are gone by,and we are still enjoying each other,though she still call me Bhai! and when i tried to punish her,her tongue appeared always and i forgot my self even.Now friends we have done so many times with so many styles but we still find that passion as that of first night and now her family is planning to merry her(they even wish to merry her to me BUT she is not willing to merry she didn’t want to spoil ‘friend ship’with me.and she demanded not to propose her if i wished to carry on with her As I couldn’t understand that so i wrote my whole story and i need ur advices as i don’t know the boundary between friendship and love.if u know that plz mail me at Usay kaisay samjhaon?help me plz.

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