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My Little Neighbor

  • desipapa
  • October 1, 2015

Hello Desi fans. This is an aunty of all of you. My name is SHAMIM from Pakistan. I am 38 years old married woman and have three kids at the age of 17/14and the last one is 10 years. Let me describe myself to you. As I told you that I am 38 years old but I am still very sexy figure. My body shape is very good, God has given to me a unique boobs and hip. My fiscal figures are 38d 36and 40. My breast is too heavy and they are still stood straight in this age. My ass is round and so soft. Today I am going to share one of my life best experiences to al of you and if you appreciate it, then I have some more. I am writing this one after lot worries. As there is some clue of my recognition.

I was living with my family in a big city of Pakistan. My husband is businessman and having a lot of business tour all over the country. We are no any other members of family except my children and husband, so my husband arranged a flat for our living as it is safer then separated accommodation. My husband has not interesting in sex as he always thinking about his business or he often on tour. I think that I have extra sexual desires rather then woman or may be I am not right and all women have equal. Anyhow I was thinking all time about sex and as I have told my husband doesn’t take interest as I needed or as I wants. So I am always looking for sex and I often use candle or some thing other for my satisfaction. There was a young boy of 18/ 19 years in our neighbor, he had very good-looking cute boy and had great physique and good health. I often thinking about him and I tried to seduce him. But I want to tell you this truth that he was too simpleminded and very fair. Thus when I thought about him, then I felt guilty, but I couldn’t ignore him as I thought that only he could satisfy me. When I need some thing from market I used to call him as I have very close friendship with her mother and all his family. So they never mined it. And when he came to our home I always hugged him and was kissed him on her checks. I pressed my breast to him to seduce him but never done it. He took it my motherly love to him. I tried very much but I didn’t seduce him Ion indirectly. So once I decided to fuck him on any cast. Fondling and caressing

One day when my husband was on his usual tour. And my both children have gone to their grand mother. I call him and asked him to help me as I am doing some re setting my bedroom. And when he came I hugged him and kissed him both on his cheeks, I pressed him very tightly to my breast. I asked him for tea and he took it, as this was ready. After taking the tea I asked him to help me in my bedroom setting. He came in bed and we simply re set it. I have made plane this time too seduce him in any way. So I didn’t wore my bra and my breast were seen clear, even my nipple were be seen too clear. When we finished I asked him to sit there for a while to take rest. He sat on my bed and I also sat with him very close on the same bed. I asked him about his study, his college and in the last his friends. I asked him that have he any girl friend? He told me that he has no friend girls and that he had all male friends. Then I asked him that if he wish to watch a movie, which I knew that he love much. He said me yes if you have. I went to TV and start VCR. I have pre planed program. On the screen now there was an English move and it was xx. The movie was playing and now there was a very romantic scene on the screen, a half-naked couple was kissing and the man was rubbing woman tits. I was watching the TV but was staring him secretly. He was looking very shy and his face had changed red. I moved my hand very care fully to his thighs and put my hand softly on his thigh. He didn’t show any response, so I started moving my hand on his thigh very gently. There was now a scene that the man was moving his hand on woman waist and they have pressed their lips to each other. He was very keen to watching the movie and then I wrapped my hands around him and pushed him towards me and hugged very close to me. He looked me strange but didn’t say any words and this was green signal from him. So I put my lips on his and he became very excited by this and he responded me taking my lips in his mouth and inserted his tongue in my mouth .his hands were now on my breast which he caressing and rubbing gently. I whispered I n his ears you are very lovely. I like you very much. He was rubbing my breast and my breast became too hard and my nipples erected too hard. I moved my hand to his thighs and placed on it. My hand was moving on his thighs and reached to his penis. I opened his pajama string and slid it little down, as his cock was now free from cloths. I slide my hand on his cock and I touched his cock, I became wonder to fell his manhood as he had a perfect man not a kid. He had enough big cock which was semi erected by this time, and I started thinking that how will it be large and thick becoming after full erection. I took his cock in my hand and moving my hand down and up, and his cock becoming in full erection. I was still holding his cock in my hand and was rubbing it. Suddenly he moved rear in the back and said to me, aunty I am sorry. For what, I asked him. Which I done. You have did nothing I have done all this. I said him not to take an anxiety. And with this I bent down and started kissing his cock softly. I was kissing, licking and sucking his cock he was moaning and saying you are too nice fahmeda aunty. I was so happy that I seduce him at last. Then he put her hand on my waist. He was trying to remove my qamiz to see my tits, which I did my self for him and as I have no bra so my breast were now swinging on my chest. He caught my tits in his hand and rubbed them for a while and then he put his mouth on my one tit and kissed, licked it and the last sucked my tit and squeezed the other with his hand. He then interchanged the process. I was moaning SHAMIM…. ooo..yess. Then I caught his hand and led it to my pussy and placed it on it. He started squeezing my pussy. As I was sucking his dick which now became in its full erection and was not less than 8’’. I was very happy I my heart that I selected the correct one. I asked him that have you ever seen an woman tits and pussy, he said that I am seeing in my life first time all these. So I said him you sucked my nipples now see my pussy, cunt. And I open my shilwar and pulled it out now I had only in my qamiz. We were sat in the bed and he bent to see my cunt. He put his mouth on my cunt to kiss it . I pressed down his head in between my thighs. But his mouth was not reached to it. So I asked him let we lay on bed and I laid on the bed on my back. I spread my legs little wide for him and he places his mouth on my pussy lips. He licked it and I was moaning in pleasure . Then he tried to put his tongue in pussy hole. He inserted his tongue in my pussy and started his tongue in and out of my cunt hole. I stopped him by saying that I need your dick in my pussy please enter your cock in to me. He sat between in my thighs and I hold his cock rubbed it with my clitoris for a while and guided it in my cunt hole. I asked him to push his cock towheads my pussy hole and he did as I directed . But he failed to inserting his cock in my hole as he had no experience and that this was his first time. He became little nervous I smiled and once again I hold his dick and put on my hole of pussy and asked him to push I did not left it by this time till his dick went in wet hole. he carefully put it in. he was now full in me and I was felling his cock like a hot steel rod in my pussy. I asked him to moving in and out his cock half from me and then push it in he was doing as I told him and now he started pushing me hard. He had bigger than 8″. So I was moaning very frequently. When he increased his speed out and in his cock in my pussy . now I became too excited and started using abusive language due the lot of excitement. I was crying now and saying that you have got big dick than my that bastard Take your fahmeda aunty legs on your shoulder. He took my legs on his shoulders and I receiving by this his cock more deep in my pussy. Every muscle of my body was jerking and twitching. I locked his cock so hard on my pussy so he couldn’t get it out and asked him to suck my tits. He bent over my chest and started sucking my tits so hardly that I screamed and asked him you bastard do it slowly. You want to hurt my breasts. But he was not in mood to listen me as he had never fucked cunt before this and he was flying in sky by now. I was jumping now toward him up because I wanted his dick more in my cunt. I was moaning and crying with pleasure. I was saying where were you bastard? You are fucking me in real in my life. My husband had never gave me pleasure in 20 years like this. Fuck me hard more hard. I started gasping and moaning very loudly, and even the bed started shaking and swaying due to the violence of his stroking. and that was the and that was naturally when a young of 19 fucks a thirsty woman elder more then half of his age. I caught his hips from behind pushing him towards me and also squeezed them. I was now jumping up with every stroke he giving me to get his dick more deep in my thirsty cunt. We became very exhausted and we felt that we can not control long it more. He asked me, I am coming fahmeda aunty. I can not control it more. I said him that I may also wanted to come. he asked me what to do I said him come inside in my pussy. I now pressed him as tight as possible, squeezing his hips. he plunged as deep as possible into my cunt and felled my pussy hole after a hard wildly, 35 minuets long fuck. he fell on me after releasing his load in my cunt.

We laid there for a long time and I was feeling a lot of love for him as he had gave me the really pleasure in my life first time. I asked him to lay there and went to washroom and after that to kitchen and brought a glass of milk for him. He drunk it and I lay with him. I was busy to fondle and kiss him. He was also playing my teat, and searching in my pussy to touch my clitoris. Now he was too ready to another fuck as his cock was became like a hard rock like a pole. This time I asked him to lay on his back that I want to ride on him as he rode me. And he laid on his back and I climbed on top of him, held his hard dick and rubbed the tip on my cunt lips and then pushed my pussy to his cock and took it in my cunt very expertly as this is my favorite style of fucking. He was laid straight and was having a lot of pleasure as he was saying you are fahmeda aunty, you are really sweet. I took all of his cock in my pussy and started jumping up and down. we were looking to each other eyes with great love as he was a young and was giving the ultimate pleasure to an woman whom had really needed. And for him this the first pleasure from an expert woman having 20 years experience of fucking . My breasts were bouncing which I asked him to catch, and he caught them both of his hands and squeezing them. I was jumping up and down to take his dick very passionately style in my pussy. I was fucking him very skillfully. While riding him I was moaning and grunting. After few minutes I asked him now we should change the position. He said fahmeda aunty as you like I don’t know the positions. And by this I felt a lot of love for him and I bent on him and kissed him very long on his cheeks. Then I got up and made a doggy style bending on my knees knelt and made my wide soft ass up. I asked him too inert his cock in my pussy. He insert his cock in my pussy and start forth and back, forth and back to fuck me. I was in great pleasure and was moaning, h ufff huuu huumm. He caught my dropping tits. He was fucking me very hard and lustily. her stroke now became more forceful. He grabbed both my shoulders and was giving me full stroke. He was trying to reach in my full depth, but it was reaching me very deep as it was too enough for me. After some time I was again near to coming for third time and I shouted fuck me fast, give me pump fast, faster. Your fahmeda aunty is coming. And you should join me at the same time. And he started pumping faster and faster. We both came together. He fell on me.

We loved on that day four time and he fucked me each time not less than 30 minuets. And after that he became crazy to fuck me as he was a young gay and a was the only one to satisfy his desires. I never disappointed him and whenever he demanded I provide a chance. Now some time I think that I was wrong to introduce a simple minded gay like him, who can not stay with out my cunt and me for a whole week. Once he compelled me to fuck even my husband was at home. He fucked me in store while my husband was sleeping in other room.

Any gay living is Karachi can contact with me only on email, and after the email I will contact them myself, but those gay please who has not less than 8’’. My add as bellow.

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