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My Life

  • desipapa
  • September 4, 2015

Hello friends, I am here to tell you my real life experience. First of my entire introduction. My name is Javaria Farah my friends use to call me JV (during student life). I am 28 years of age right now. I am quite tall 5.9 in height, I am very fair in complexion, and long hairs lower than my waist. My figure measures 36 28 36.

I am masters in human resource management doing job in multinational organization. I was married when I am 23 years of age. When I was married I have just finished my masters and doing job. After my marriage I left the job and went to Australia with my husband. My married life was going excellent; my life was full of happiness having a very loving husband and cute daughter. But after three years of my marriage the whole things changed. My husband died in road side accident. Our car was hit by a truck and he died at the spot where as I was seriously injured and it’s just like a miracle that my two years old daughter is safe and sound just gets minor injuries. I remain in hospital for about two months. During this time my mother and my brother come to Australia. When I was fully recovered from my injuries I get in deep depration due to the death of my loving husband and I keep on weeping whole day and sitting alone and talking with no one. I am in such a deep depration that I even don’t care of my daughter. Thanks to GOD that my mother is with me, she takes care of my daughter and helps me a lot to get out of the shock of my husband’s death.

After about six months my mother insisted me that I should go back to Pakistan with her and get settled over there. So I sell my whole property in Australia and come back to Pakistan after 4 years. After coming to Pakistan my parents insisted me that I should live with them but I refused and get my own house.

When I properly settled in Pakistan I again tried to get a job, where as I have no financial problems I have enough money that I and my daughter can live a very comfortable life. But I want to do job to pass my time. It’s my luck that I get the job in the same organization in which I was doing job before marriage, so I start doing job and with the passage of time I settled down and my life was getting very smooth and clam I joined my job, my daughter start going to day care center / school. In the start of year 2010 I was offered transfer from Lahore to Islamabad by my organization. I accepted this option because due to this transfer I get promotion plus fully furnished accommodation and official car for personal use.

One day when I am doing shopping in Supper Market, I saw a familiar face. First I am not able to recognize him, but when the person look at me he smiled and say, “Hello JV, how are you”. I get a shock after hearing JV from his mouth because no one called me JV after my marriage. I was called JV in college and university days. I inquired him who are you and how u knows my nick name? He smiled and says,” That you are not able to recognize me I am Ali, Muhammad Asad Ali your class fellow in school days”. I am just surprised on his elephant like memory that he recognizes me after 12 years. Now I recognize him that he uses to be my class fellow and a very good friend of mine in school days. We start talking with each other when he suddenly says, “JV its better that we should sit somewhere and then talk, its look quite odd that we keep on talking standing in a shop”.

I agreed to him I drop my shopping items in my car and we moved towards a restaurant which is on walking distance of 5 minutes. While walking towards restaurant he picked my daughter from me and amazingly my daughter remains clam when he picked her up and starts walking with me. After reaching in the restaurant we sat in a corner table and order for the lunch. During lunch we talk and when I am telling about my husband’s death I get emotional and tears come out of eyes, and my daughter seeing me weeping also start to cry. Asad quickly picks up my daughter and hug her and say don’t cry baby and he also console me. Asad shows lot of love to my daughter and my daughter also likes him. When I ask about him he tells that he has everything in his life except children that’s why he loves children too much. He told me that he is PhD in computer sciences and running his own software house. His software houses have three branches in Pakistan, Lahore, Islamabad and Multan. His monthly income is more than 5 millions. When I ask about him that why he don’t have children he keeps quite but when I insist him he tells me that his wife don’t want to be mother. I am just surprised to hear that he further tells that his wife says by becoming mother his figure gets disfigured. He further tells me that his mother is insisting him that he give divorce to his wife and remarry but he don’t like to do that as at the same time he loves his wife too much.

After spending two hours we exchange our cell numbers, telephone numbers and depart. While departing I ask him “Asad you know that you are my best friend in school days” he smiles and say,” Yes I remember it.” I also ask will you like to meet me again, he says. “JV if you wish I will meet you again and specially I want to meet your cute little daughter” and he again hugs my daughter and also kisses her. So I said ok, me and my daughter wait for your visit.

While reaching home I think of Asad and my daughter also talking about him that uncle is so nice and gentle. After about three weak I received a call from Asad, on receiving his call I ask him that “I think that you forget us” He says no I not forget you both. He says, “JV if you like then we have cup of tea together this evening”. I said, “Sure come to my home then we have cup of tea together”. Then we fix the time of 5.30pm. I leave office early and come home. After reaching home I think that tea is not enough I also cook some nice food for dinner. During preparing food I forget about time. When I notice it’s about 5.25. Suddenly door bell ring maid told me that some Asad sahib is there. I said take him to drawing room I will be there in 15 minutes. So I quickly go in my bed room to take shower and change clothes. When I come back to drawing room I am surprised to see that Asad was not there. I asked the maid where is the guest she also surprised and told that, “bibi jee I left him there and say wait bibi jee will be there is few minutes.” At the same time I heard some laughing from my daughter’s room I quickly goes to my daughter’s room and saw that Asad was sitting on the carpet and playing monopoly with my daughter.

My daughter face is bright with excitement and joy and says loudly that, “see mama that uncle is playing with me and after saying this she cling to Asad and says uncle I love you”. Asad kisses on her forehead and says I also love you my daughter. To cut short Asad stay in my home till 11.00 pm night. During this we have tea, dinner chat and he also plays with my daughter. At 11.00 pm when Asad is about to leave he brings very beautiful and very expensive two gold chains with diamonds in them. He puts one chain in my daughter’s neck and says, “This is for my daughter” and he presented the other chain to me and says, “This chain is for my daughter’s beautiful mom”. I refuse to take the chains from Asad and says that this is not fair Asad we will not accept this and after saying this I tries to pull the chain out from my daughters’ neck, Asad hold my hand strongly and says don’t do that and further says, “JV if you have a little place in your heart for me then accept this”. I just stop and say it’s too much Asad, but he says no it’s my happiness. Then I say it’s for the first and last time that I accept gift from you. Asad laugh loudly and says, “Ok ok for you it’s first and last time but not for my daughter”

Then Asad leaves and the whole night I keep on thinking about him and its feel so good that someone except my mom and brother cares about me and my daughter.

This routine goes on whenever Asad comes to Islamabad he must comes to my home and have dinner with me and my daughter in my home or we three go out spend evening together and have our dinner outside.

Now my daughter is too much attached to Asad and she eagerly waits for him and Asad also loves my daughter and respect me. I also develop some sort of love and attachment for him. As he never ever tries to take undue advantage from me and really respect me. Sometimes I feel that Asad want to say something to me but he refrain himself.

After about four months I go to Lahore for a week to meet my family (mom, dad, brother sister in law). Everybody is very happy to see me. My mom saw a change in me. She said to me, “Javaria it seems that weather of Islamabad have good effect on you looking fresh and lively.”I replied my mom no it’s not the weather of Islamabad and tells her whole about Asad.

On hearing about Asad my mom says nothing to me. After three days I call Asad and told him that I am in Lahore. Asad seems to be very happy on this and he says to me lets meet and my reply is positive. On the very next day Asad comes to pick me from my parent’s home (as I rented out my house in Lahore).

Asad takes me to his home; I am bit reluctant to go there that what his wife think but he told me that his wife is not at home she gone to her parent’s home. In Asads home I met his mom and dad. Both of them are very nice particularly his mom. I have lunch over there and when I am about to leave Asad mom stops me for a moment she kisses my forehead and presented me a beautiful and very expensive gold set to me. I am quite reluctant to accept this. On this his mom says, “Jab beti phely bar ghar aay to usay khali hath nahi bajtay.” She presented me gold set and give very nice barby doll house to my daughter.

After that Asad takes us (me and my daughter) to Jaloo Park we spend half day over there and at 7.00 pm in night he drops me back to my parent’s home

On fifth day off my stay Asad again calls me and ask that, “when you are going back to Islamabad”. I reply the day after tomorrow and he again asks, “Going by air” I replied, “no I am going throw Daweoo Bus Service.” On hearing this Asad asks me, “Why don’t you go back to Islamabad with me as I am also going to Islamabad on the same day in evening?” I agreed to go back to Islamabad with him.

On the seventh day at about 5.00 pm we start our journey back to Islamabad. Asad driver was driving his brand new Mercedes Benz while I and Aasd are sitting on the back seat while my daughter is sitting on the front seat. During our journey Asad smiles and says,”JV it seems to be a perfect family except one baby boy”. I am stunned to hear this comment from Asad. I replied, “no way Asad what you are thinking or saying is not possible, you are married and where as I am widow.” On this Asad says, “JV I don’t care about that you are widow and I am married I want you to be my life partner, and you have every right to start a new life with me. Don’t care that I am married I will keep you happy. He further tells that this proposal is given to him by his mom. I reply, “Asad I am mother of daughter” He says,” Javaria I will accept your daughter as mine and I will give her my name she will become Sadia Ali from Sadia Rehman.” I again asked, “what about your first wife”. He says,” Two options either I give divorce to her according to my mother wish as she is not ready to give birth a baby or she will remain my wife but you JV will be my priority wife as you give me my waris and keep my family life alive even after me”. On hearing all this I said, “Asad please give me some time I will think over it and even talked to my family.” Asad says take your time.

While rest of the journey I keep quiet and thinking on Asads proposal. In fact in hearts of heart I am happy and at the same time I am afraid, that what will happen if my parents don’t agree or either Asad give me and my daughter our proper rights, love and protection. And what will happen if I am not able to give birth to a baby boy will Asad leave me and I left alone with my daughter again?

To cut short we reach Islamabad at about We take our dinner in between our journey so we directly go to my home. Asad drops me and my daughter at my home and turns back to return when I said, “stop for a cup to tea”. When I try to open the main door of my home I suddenly realize that I forget my keys in Lahore. When Asad saw that I am not able to un lock my home he asked, “What happen”. I told him the problem and I looked very worried that where I stay whole night with my daughter. On hearing this Asad said to me, “Don’t worry if you trust me you will spend this night at my home and I will send my driver back to Lahore to get your keys or tomorrow we will get some key maker.” Then I call back to Lahore to check either I left my keys over there. My brother picks up the phone and said, “Your keys are here but don’t worry I will sending your keys through TCS and you will get them in morning at about 11.00 am” I said ok fine I will spend this night at my friends home which lives near to my house. I don’t tell my brother that I am going to spend night with Asad and in his home.

So within 15 minutes we reached at Asad home. Aasd house is very beautiful and nicely decorated. When we reached there Sadia (my daughter) was already sleeping. Asad picks her up and get inside his house and laid her in one bedroom and cover her with blanket. Then Asad said to me, “Javaria feel yourself comfortable and be at home, if you need anything tell me, Good night we met at breakfast table. Asad then goes out of bed room.

I lie down beside Sadia and I am in bad need of a steaming cup of tea or coffee. I think that I will go to kitchen and tries to make it myself instead of disturbing Asad. I hope that I will find tea bags, milk and other things in kitchen. If not able then ask Asad.

While going towards kitchen I saw light in the common room I am surprised that who is there in common room when I look I saw that Asad was sitting there watching T,V. He saw me and smiled and asked what happen. I replied that I am in bad need of a cup of tea or coffee. He said, “Sit there and watch T.V I will make a cup of tea for you as maid was off now at this time”. I said no I will make tell me where are things? Asad said all the things are in kitchen in first cabinet. I asked him, “Do you need coffee”? He replies in positive. I made two cups of coffee and sit near Asad and start sipping coffee. Suddenly Asad asks, “JV what you think of my evening proposal”. I remain quite he asks again. Then I replied,” Asad I like you from the very first day I saw you and during the last six months in the way you take care of me and my daughter I really fell in love with you, but I have my some fears, that if I am not able to give you a son you will leave me and secondly what was the reaction of my parents.” On listening this Asad embarrassed me tight in his arms and kisses on my forehead and said, “Javaria jano don’t worry that I will ever leave you no matter you give me a son or daughter. At-least you will make me father and as now I am already a father of a daughter and from tomorrow ask Sadia to call me papa instead of uncle.

Secondly what your parents think my parents will talk to you parents and all the matters will settle down. Let begin your new life with me. I am also in deep love of you not only physically but I love you emotionally”

Asad embarrassed me more tightly, I feel that electric current running throughout my body and Asad start kissing me on my lips and forehead and I am melting down in his arms and pressed my head in his chest slowly moan and said, “oh Asad I love jano please don’t leave me, I will not again bear the departing of person who loves me and whom I love him please please”. Aasd raises my head look deep in my eyes and says, “my love I will not ever leave you, you are now mine and I am yours” and again start me kissing me on my forehead , eyes cheeks. Then we slowly open his mouth and give me a short kiss on my lips, I responded him and also kisses on his lips. Then our lips glued together we start exploring the mouths of each other Asad slowly moves down and start kissing on my neck. At the same time he was hugging me very tight and moving his hands on my back. I was totally lost and getting mad by his kisses as touched my man after a gap of more than 2 years.

Slowly I remove the shirt of Asad“oh my God lot of hairs on his chest and I love these hairs”. I start licking these hairs and Asad start moaning oh J.V you are making me mad and start unbuttoning my shirt. He opens three buttons of my shirt he put his hand on my breast and starts fondling them over the bra.

I am getting mad and whisper in his ear “jano remove my bra and lick my nipples”. On hearing this Asad removes my shirt and bra and start kissing my nipples. My nipples were big and hard. My boobs were very smooth, soft and round. Asad caught the underside of both my boobs tugged them and pulled them towards him. Asad nay maray mummon ko niche se apne haathon mein cup kar rakha tha or apni taraf khinch raha tha. Ab Asad meray mummay thori our zor se dabane laga. ‘Aahhh…’ came out of my mouth. ‘J.V tumhary mummay jaise mummay maine kahin our nahin dekhe hain.’ he complemented me while pressing my mummay harder. We were standing very close and he started pressing and squeezing my mummay harder. They felt good and hot in his hands. He was still holding my boobs from below and squeezing and shaking them. My boobs were hot and jiggling in his hands while he pressed them harder. I cupped his hands and started pressing real hard, indicating that I wanted my boobs to be pressed even harder. He got his hands over my mummay and zor zor is press karne laga. My boobs were turning red. ‘Ohhhh…mat rukna…inko your dabao.’ I said. ‘Main inko bahut zor se dabaunga…itna zor se ki tumko bahut acha lagega.’ Asad said and started to press my boobs very hard. Then he shifted his hands to the sides of my mummay and squeezed them hard towards each other.

He was rubbing both my boobs with each other very hard. ‘Ugghhhh…’ I moaned softly and put my arms around his neck while he was pressing the sides of my mummay. MY nipples were totally erect and hard now and he got them between his thumb and finger and started pressing them. ‘Ooohhhhh…’ I moaned ‘Mere nipples ko our press karo.’ I said. Asad increased his pace of squeezing my nipples and also started to pull them towards him. My nipples had grown bigger and harder and he was squeezing them very hard now. I was enjoying that. He was squeezing my nipples and at the same time tugging them towards him. ‘Mere mummay dabao…’ I said. He released my nipples and started pressing my boobs again…this time very hard…harder and harder. He had cupped my mummay and was squeezing them hard while I was moaning. ‘Mein tunhare kapre utarna chahta hun.’. HE said. ‘Tumhari nangi body dehkna chahta hun our ek ek inch ko kiss our suck karna chahta hun.’ I said in his ear Asad janum I m now yours do whatever you like and he started removing my shalwar with one hand while pressing my boob very hard with the other. He started kissing me on the lips and I responded with equal excitement. Asad was sucking my lower lip and I was sucking his upper lip. He had my shalwar off. Then he pulled the string of my shalwar and it dropped on the ground. While doing all this we were kissing passionately…now with our tongues inside each other’s mouth and he was pressing my hot and sexy boob. I was in my panty and my legs were very shapely and long.

He got his other hand to my boob and started pressing it hard and tugging it towards him. We were kissing wildly and were very hot. I started licking her cheeks and lips with my wet tongue. Then he focused on my neck and started licking it…getting all wet with his tongue. Asad was still pressing my boobs very hard and they had turned red…, which excited him even more. Mein uski gardan apni garam tongue se chaat rahi thi our tickle kar rahi thi. Meray mummay Uska dabane se lal ho gaye the our woh unko zor zor se squeeze kar raha tha. Uski tongue ab meray mummon ko lick kar rahi thi our uske haath meray mummay daba rahe the. Meray mummay ekdum wet the our Asad un wet mummon ko daba raha tha. While pressing my boobs his mouth started traveling towards my stomach. He was licking all of my stomach and especially my navel. His hands were still pressing my boobs and I was moaning louder with excitement. After doing this for 15-20 minutes he sat down between my legs and said ‘Apni tangon ko kholo…main tumhari choot bhi aise hi masalna chahata hun jaise maine tumhare mummay masle.’ I opened my legs wider and he now could smell the sweet aroma of my choot. He got up a little and caught the elastic of my panty in his teeth and started pulling it down. He was rubbing my legs and thighs while pulling my panty down with his teeth. Panty fell on the floor.

I was totally naked and was very desirable and fuckable at this time. Asad gently cupped my choot with his palm and started pressing it. Meari choot bahut gili thi our uska pura palm meari choot juices se gila ho gaya tha. He cupped my choot harder and started rubbing it. Mane apne legs our wide kar diye. Ab whho meari choot bahut tez and zur se mal raha tha. I was also moving my pelvis and rubbing my choot against his palm. He opened my choot lips with his fingers and started rubbing the inside of my choot. ‘bed par chalte hain.’ ‘Mmmmmm…ahhhh.’ I was moaning as he pressed my mummay harder. While pressing them he was also sucking on my big and hard nipples. He held my left mumma and put it in his mouth. He was sucking my nipple like a baby…but very hard. I was thrusting more and more of my mumma in his mouth and saying ‘Your chooso…zor se please…your zor se…mera doodh piyo.’ He was pressing my right mumma hard and sucking on my left nipple even harder. My right mumma was again turning red. He was pressing my left boob while thrusting it deeper in his mouth. Asad mouth was full of mine mumma and he was sucking my mumma hard…very hard and licking the nipple…nibbling it with his teeth. ‘Mere boobs your zor se dabao.’ I said. He started pressing my boob very hard. He did the sucking and pressing for the next 15 minutes and then got up and cupped my choot with palm again. My choot was dripping with juices and he started licking it with his tongue. He wanted to lick every drop of my choot juices. Ma nay apni choot apni fingers se our khol di our Asad apni tongue se meri choot lick karne laga. I opened my choot lips even more and said ‘Apni tongue meri choot mein dalo…jaldi…I wasn’t you to tongue fuck me.’ He could see my cunt hole and dipped his whole tongue right inside it. My cunt was very wet and hot…Asad liked it. His head was going up and down…

He hardened his tongue and was thrusting it deep in my cunt. ‘Meri clit rub karo.’ I said and guided his hand to my clit. He started rubbing my clit with his finger while fucking me with his tongue. My legs were wide open and his face was all wet with my tasty choot juices. Then he got his tongue out of my choot hole and started licking my choot lips. My clit was swollen and pink. I opened my choot with my hands and guided his tongue to my clit. His hands were again pressing my boobs hard while his tongue was licking my clit and pink choot. While he was pressing and sucking, I got up and almost tore his pant and took it off also. Now he was standing in front of me in just his underwear. I tugged it in one motion and he was totally nanga. His Lund sprang out and was totally erect. I put Asad’s Lund against my stomach and started licking the back while pumping it with my hand. ‘Mera Lund apni tongue se pura geela kar do…aaahhhhh…’ He said moaning. He could see me fingering choot as I licked his Lund. This was getting him even more excited. His 7-inch Lund was in heaven. Then I got up and started pressing my mummay against his chest and started pressing my stomach against his Lund. He started kissing me and squeezing my mummay again. We were feeling each other’s heat and were getting hotter. While he was pressing my boobs, I was still finger fucking myself. He released one mumma and started getting it to my choot. He put in a finger while my finger was in and we started to finger fuck me together. Then he released my other mumma and go to his hand on my round and sexy ass. We were still pumping my choot with our fingers.

He got to my side and started rubbing his other hand inside my ass crack. He rubbed some choot juice from my choot on my ass and slowly started probing my asshole with his finger. It was tight and Asad started rubbing it with my choot juices to get it to relax. Our fingers were still pumping my choot. I moaned between thrusts of our fingers in my choot. He was standing on my side and started licking the side of my mummay. ‘Aahhhhh…. mere mummay chuso.’ I moaned. Now his finger was totally inside my asshole and he started fucking my ass with his finger. Asad was finger fucking my choot as well as ass. My choot was very very wet and my choot juices were flowing on my thighs. I was holding his Lund with other hand and pumping it hard. He finger fucked my ass for 10-15 minutes and then rubbed more choot juice on it. Then he inserted the second finger in my asshole. ‘Aarrrgggghhhh…’ I moaned and my asshole accommodated his second finger. Our choot and asshole pumping was on full throttle and my boobs were jumping up and down with each thrust. ‘I am going to cum.’ I said. ‘Wait, I want to drink your cum.’ Asad said and kneeled between my wide-open legs and started sucking my choot…licking my clit…nibbling my choot lips wildly. Asad quickly thrust one finger back in my asshole started pumping it while sucking my choot. ‘Ooohhhh…. I am Cumming…’ I shrieked and started to wet his mouth and face with my cum. He was desperately licking and drinking my cum and I was Cumming harder.

I shuddered as I came and pulled his head towards my choot. While he was licking off my cum from my choot, he was still pumping my choot .I sat down on the bed and spread my legs wide. Then I opened my choot with both of my hands and asked ‘Want this?’ ‘Ohhh…yesssssssssssssssss he said. I held my choot open with one hand and and held his lund with the other. Then I pumped his lund a little and guided it into my choot. With one big thrust Asad put his lund right the the end in my choot. ‘Ohhhh…fill my choot with your lund.’ I cried with pleasure. He started pumping fast as he wanted to fuck me real bad. Asad lund could feel my hot and wet choot. He started pumping hard and fast. My boobs were bouncing with each thrust. While fucking my choot, he caught my mummay and started pressing as hard as he was chodoing me. ‘Aur zor is dhakka do.’ I wanted him to pump my choot harder with his lund. Asad started pumping even harder and faster while pressing my mummay and making them red again. We were fucking wildly. ‘Aaaarrrggggghhhh….’ both of us were moaning. We fucked for 10 minutes and then he took his lund out of my choot. ‘I want to ass fuck you.’ Asad said. I got up and turned my ass towards him

Asad rubbed my asshole again with my choot juices and slowly put a finger in to probe if he could put his lund inside easily. My asshole accomodated his finger easily. Then He wet his second finger and put it inside.I was enjoying the finger fuck. He quickly took his fingers out of my asshole and gently started probing my asshole with his cock head. Asad spread my ass cheeks wider and started to put his lund inside my asshole. ‘Aahhhhhh….dhire se….your lund is thick for my asshole.’ I said. He stopped thrusting lund inside my asshole and wanted to get it out.

‘Nahin…apne lund ko andar dalo…I am licking it…thora dard hoga phir maza ayga.’ I said between my heavy breathing. Asad
again started getting his lund deeper in my asshole.’Ohhhhh…ummmmmm…han aur andar dalo…par dhere se…be careful in the first few thrusts.’ I said. Now his cock was totally inside my asshole and Asad started pumping slowly and gently.’Ab dard nahin ho raha hai…maza aa raha hai…thora zor se karo.’ I said. He started pumping my asshole a little harder. My asshole was squeeziing his cock harder than my choot and he knew he would not last for very long at this rate. He started pumping harder and leaned on my back to press my bobbing mummay. While pumping my asshole with his lund, He cupped both my mummay and started pressing them real hard. I was moaning with pleasure and meeting his each thrust with the same force. ‘Zor se chodo mujhe…’ I said wildly ‘Mere mummay aur zor se dabao…’ We started fucking wildly. All this time I was also finger fucking myself and I wished that we came together. ‘Aaaahhhhh….mein jharne wali hun….meri choot bahut gili hai.’ I said. ‘Ruko…mujhe bhi tunhare saath jharna hai.’ He said and started pumping his lund harder in my choot now while pressing my mummay vert hard. ‘Ueeeee main jahrne wali hun…ab nahin ruk sakti…’ I cried. Asad was also about to cum…but wanted to cum on my big and hot mummay and on my face. So he let her cum while fiercely pumping her choot. I started shuddering and cumming.

‘Ohhh mein jharrahe hun…aur zor se dhakka do…’ I said. Asad knew that he was also going to cum soon and started pumping my choot with big thrusts. I was still fingerfuckingn myself and said ‘I wasnt to cum once again…this time with you.’ He tool his lund out of my choot and we started pumping each other. Asad fingers were playing fiercely with my swollen pink clit and choot while I was busy pimping his cock with my hand. ‘Cum with me baby…’ I moaned as I started to cum again. These words really got him off and he quickly stood up in front of me. I was finger fucking myself with one hand and pumping his hard cock with the other. ‘Aaaaaaahhhhhhh….’ both of us yelled in extacy. We were cumming together.

I was fingering my choot and pumping asad cock simultaneously. Asad started to cum and he started pumping my choot and lund harder. His lund started throwing threads of cum on my face. I held my both boobs with my hands and started getting my cum on them. I was now pumping Asad cock and moaning as he came. Spurts of his cum were landing on my mummay and face. ‘Mere mummon koo apne cum se geela kar do.’ I said and took his cock in my hand and pumped it even more. Asad could only manage a couple of more squirts of cum. I looked at him and rubbed his cum all over my hot mummay…over my big and erect nipples. Then I took Asad lund in my hand and put it in my mouth and licked it dry. Asad sat on the floor facing my wide open legs and started sucking my wet choot again. He wanted to reciprocate to me in the same way that I gave the thrill of cumming. ‘Nahin aur nahin…I am totally exhausted.’ I protested…but feebly. He pretended not to hear me and continued to lick and suck my choot.

‘JV I want you to cum once again…cum for me please.’ Asad said. By this time I was hot again and started moaning while he sucked, kissed, licked, and nibbled my choot. Meri choot phir se bahut gili ho gaye thi aur MAI Kah rahi thi ‘Suck me harder…make me cum once more…I want to cum again on in mouth…on your face…ohhhh…..please mujhe jharna hai…tumhare munh mein…meri choot aur zor se chato… ungli se chudai karo…dono unglian dalo…. han… aur zorse…chooso…. uuggghhhhh…. aahhhhh…..’ I was crying out loud. Doing all this his lund was hard again and he was stroking it with one hand while eating my wet and tasty choot. Asad tongue was working fast and hard in my choot. I was rubbing my clit very hard and thrusting my choot further in his mouth. Asad had my clit between my thumb and finger and was squeezing it hard and fast. Asad was licking my choot and fucking my choot hole with his tongue and fingers while pumping chis cock with the other hand. ‘Ohhhh I am going to cum.’ I moaned and said. He got up and quickly thrust his hard and erect lund in my choot and started pumping me fast. with the other hand he started rubbing my clit and started squeezing it hard…vert hard…as hard as Asad thrusts in my choot. ‘Yes…yess….yesss….aahhhhh….fuck me harder…I am cumming.’ I yelled and started cumming and thrusting my choot to his lund harder and harder. I was in ecstasy and shuddering while cumming. I was holding him tightly with my hands and cumming. |Asad could feel my hot choot juices on his cock head…he could feel the juices flowing all over his lund. He wanted me to cum more and started rubbing my clit harder and I shuddered with pleasure once again. Asad was pumping my choot with his lund while I was cumming and shuddering. I continued to cum and shudder and moan. He was going to cum too and took his lund out of my choot. I took his lund in my hand and started pumping it hard.’Aaarrgggg….mein jharne wala hun.’ he groaned and started to cum once again.

This time I wanted his cum inside my mouth and took his lund in my mouth. Asad started cumming in my mouth and I drank all my cum happily.

After this heavy fucking session we both are totally exhausted and tired. We lay down next to each other and soon very are in deep sleep while naked. In morning at about 5.00 clocks Asad wake up and also wake me up by his warm kissing. When I wake up and saw Asad I smile by looking into his eyes. Asad wore his pant goes of the bedroom and after 10 minutes bring two hot steaming cups of coffee for me and for himself. While sipping coffee I put my head on Asad’s shoulder and whisper and said, “ Asad what we have done last night is not correct and I feel ashamed of myself that I also become wild and behave like a slut. We have done very wrong thing and by saying this I again look in the eyes of Asad’. On hearing this Asad replied. “jano what we have don e is not wrong, because what I do to you I did to my wife and what you did you do it with your husband, so don’t feel yourself ashamed’. On hearing this I feel myself so much relaxed that Asad really wants me as his wife. What he said previous day is not only his sexual desire to get me but he also wants me to be his wife. After that I and Asad took Shower together and by rubbing soap to each other. After taking shower Asad opens one cupboard and when I saw in this wardroom it is full clothes and cosmetics but all the items are those females used. And all the dresses seem to be new. I asked Asad, “is these things belong to your wife” He smiled and said, “Yes all these things belong to my newlywed wife.” I am totally confused then he takes me to another bed room this bed room is beautifully decorated with paintings of cartoons on the wall. I again inquired, “Asad I am totally confused please tell me”. He smiles and says. “My darling this room is for my daughter and then the females items which you saw are for you and I buy these things in different times for you as I know that one My loving JV will become Mrs. Asad’. On hearing this I feel myself flying on air.

In next two hours we go for long morning walk while Asad’s maid savant remains with Sadia because she is still sleeping. During walk Asad asked me “javaria will you ready to get married me today.” I am totally wonderstruck on hearing this I give no answer. When he insisted then I say, “how come ‘? Asad says that, “he calls his mom and dad and also my parents and gets married in the evening.” I just replied, “Asad I am so lucky that I get you in my life”. On coming home Asad call his parents come immediately to Islamabad. His parents come to Islamabad in evening at 5.00 pm when they come I am immediately send to beauty parlor to get ready as a new bride. Asad’s parents bring new bridal dress and heavy jeweler of gold with. I return at 8.00 pm. That times few friends of Asad with their families are there, Asad also call few collogues of mine. At 8.00 I get in nikkah of Asad and become Mrs. Javaria Asad from Javaria.

All the things are settle down with the passage of time. Now days I am pregnant and scan shows that I am going to be a mom of baby boy. Asad is too happy to hear this. He and his parents love me and my daughter too much. I am so lucky to get a husband like Asad and at the same time very loving in laws

Bt the Grace of GOD I get all the things which a female needs in her life except one thing that my parents are annoyed with me that why I remarry with Asad Only from my side my brother and my sister in law takes my side while rest of all the relatives of mine including my Parents are very annoyed from me and not even talk to me

Dear readers you decide either I did a wrong thing to remarry Asad or I spend my whole life as a widow and my daughter as without father. Whereas Asad loves my daughters so much that a real father cannot do.

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