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My Land Owner Sexy Wife

  • desipapa
  • August 16, 2015

I would like to tell me exp with my House owners wife Dolly . I don’t know why I love to tell about my erotic journey to all.May be she is not my wife and my lover.Its alway feel nice and I become hot when I talk about her.She is sexy and hot and I get what I want from her.

Dolly is very much attarctive and good looking lady and she could able to maiantain her figure eventhough she is 32yrs old and having 2daughters. She is damn sexy and fuckable.She always want more and more. Sometimes we get crazy. I used to crept into her house as soon as her hubby leaves for office And no one would be at home.She also use to await for me.If time permits We fuck for a long time or have a quicky.In a week I used to visit 3times to fuck her.I use to behave nicely to her family and her hubby was very much happy with me.Last Summer my wife was away to my parents place for a month. It so happens that Mr Shanker her hubby had to go to his native place that is Kerala for a week as his close relative was serious condition.He was very worried how to leave the family and go.When he told me I was very pleased to hear this and advised him not to worry.I am your neighbour and can look after the family.Its my duty to help.Mr Shanker left as schedule for one week leaving Dolly and his kids .The kids use to go School early that is by 8am, they are away.As soon as they left that day I was waitting for the oppurtunity to be with her till 2PM as no one would disturb us. I took leave from office for 3days to be able to fuck her. I went to the House and switch the calling bell and here my Dolly.She was in loose maxie and I immediately grab her and put my hands in her tresure to feel and to my luck she is naked and nothing inside.My hands are in her boobs, buttocks, belly, pussy.Each and every inch of her body seems belonging to me.Like a hungry tiger I was exploring her luscious body.I pulled her clothes to see her in full naked condition and to admire her tresure.

Here she is naked and her boobs round and well developed and the pussy is covered with thick pubic hair.The Hip is broad.I love her the way she looks. Her eyes are lust and she also want me to be near her and enjoy as much as we can.We are both mature and know the situation.Hence we agree to keep this dalliance as far safe and enjoy as much we could. Dolly is on pills and she is safe hence I donot use condoms as I like to feel her pussy and I like to fuck without rubber.I am lucky that without condom I am able to fuck all my girls and till now no such complications have come.Well, Now my dalliance with Dolly,I took her near the Mirror and I am at the back cupping her breasts and my other hand moved towards her pussy.I kissed her back and put my lips in her neck than chins.My hands are cupping her breasts firmly and I was lovingly moving my fingers on her pussy.I was praising her while doing this.I was telling Dolly how great she is, She is my queen ,My princess, My love, My lovely pussy, etc.She was getting hot and horny.I put my finger on her pussy and slid my finger in her cunt.It is wet and I put one finger and I fingered her lovingly while kissing her from the back and enjoying her by seeing the mirror.My cock was hard and erect and I pressed in between her buttocks and started rocking.I was keen to make her wet and swollen so that we can enjoy. Dolly could not wait any longer she moved and grabbed my cock.She pleded me to come top bed as she cannot wait any longer.I took her to the bed and made her sit.I rubbed my cock in her face and told her to suck before entering her.She told me to clean in Bath room which I did and than she took my cock and sucked like a sweet lolipop.She was a good sucker and oh I get such fatatstic sensation when she sucks my cock. She encirlcled her tounge on the tip and made me die in pleasure.I pushed her head and started fucking her mouth.It was nice here, Dolly someones wife sucking my cock in her house.I was also mad and feel so horny may be the interest to fuck the house owners wife in her House and that also min the absence of her hubby, was more erotic than any other things.

I thanked almighty for giving me such a lovely oppurtunity ,while Dolly was sucking my cock. I could not wait any longer and fucked Dolly in standing pose her legs were on my shoulders and my cock deep in her pussy and she is raised by pillows sitting at the edge of the Bed.I am ramming her pussy as if I donot have any future.My hands are on her breasts, kneding, folding, while fucking, her again and again.After some time. I put her on four and entered her in doggy pose.Her buttocks are well developed and potruding out to me,and my hands are on her hips, fucking her.I also moved my hand and cupped her dangling breasts. It feels so good in doggy and my cock feel tight in her pussy.I was fucking her in that pose and she was also pushing her hips to meet mine and we were in heaven and enjoying the sex.I continue to fuck Dolly in that pose, while my hands are on her buttocks kneading it. After some time we reversed and face each other.We thought to wait.We wiped each other in towel.Than she lay down and I enter her in missionary pose.I was deep insside and my body weight over her.While fucking I also kiss her boobs and my hands will be in her hips.Than I put a pillow and made her to raise so that I can plough her better and my cock would go deep inside her pussy.We fucked long time.That we changed,she on top of me and she fucked me while I look at her enjoying her body her boobs belly thighs, which is creamy and milky.She was on top of me and moving up and down.Her pussy is exposed and my cock is moving like a piston.I told her to sit in her feet and fuck me in that pose.After a long fuck we are ready to come.We are sometime too noisy and talk to each other and praise each other.I used to say Dolly u are so good and ur pussy is so good.

I am dying with plesure.She used to say Anil ur cock is so fat and long and suits my pussy.I say this cock is urs and the pussy is mine and we talk dirty till we come.She is drained and tired and sleep on top of mine, still my cock buried deep in her pussy.We took rest and woke up and dried ourselves.Its only one hour and still we have lot of time. Dolly washed and went to kitchen and I thought to stay in her house and took bath as I donot want to leave the oppurtunity to leave her.Since I was on leave and I donot have anything to do.She made some food for lunch and we also had some refreshments.I told her to be in loose dress and nothing to wear inside so that I can be accessible to her when ever I want. I just rememebered that we were behaving like teenagers or newly wed couple who are in Honey moon.I allowed her to finish her house work so that we could continue again.She finished her work and I was watching TV.But my mind was on her and after sometime I again went near to her.It was Only 11 clock and the summer tempt is rising and hot and inside I am with my love Dolly in her AC Room.All the Doors and windows were closed as it was Summer and the inside was cool and seems like an oasis.Further the atmosphere was good as Dolly was with me. I told Dolly to move naked in House without any clothes as I want to see her in that situation and I can drink her beauty without any hinderence. She was hesitant but I forced her to do and made her convince that we are lovers and should enjoy and the oppurtunity would not come again.Both became naked and moved around the house.I became fully erect and ready to fuck her again.I pulled her and she sat on my lap while my hand are busy on her lovely breasts and my hand went down to caress her thighs and I cupped her pussy.When both are fully ready she changed position and she guided my cock to her pussy and we made love in sitting position.Since I was down I was quite dolly moved up and down and rocked.We slowly fucked, while we are engagaed in deep kissing.My tounge was deep in her mouth while my cock buried deep in her pussy and my hand are all over her body admiring her and enjoying tresure she had. While we were fucking a phone came and she was about to get up,I didnot want to leave her.Rather I handed over the cordless phone while she was talking, still linked with me.It was a phone of her friend and she was asking about her and they were talking sweetly.I became little imaptience and I started jerking from down and fucked her.I want to enjoy and I felt more erotic and want to feel how to fuck when she was on telephone line.She could not able to continue as I was started fucking her fast.She excused herself and put the phone and started yelling at me.

What would happen if her freinds would able to know.I told her that I could able to control myself and wanted to feel her.She told me Anil u are so sexy and mad man.I just told her that Yes I am and I am for u only.We were again crazy to fuck.I found she was also wet and I laid her on Bed and entered her in missionary pose.I was fucking her hard and she was wide open and telling me to fuck fuck hard.I was also impatient and want to ramming her pussy again and again.After sometime I changed the position and I entered her from the below by raising her one leg and one of my leg on top.In that pose I felt the tightness of her pussy, though our body could not be able to touch each other but my hands were in her boobs kneding and folding her while I was fucking her well and going deep inside her pussy.I found that in that pose we could able to fuck for a long time and could really prolong our ejaculation. Finally Dolly came on top of me and she started taking intiative and fucked me.Her hips move up and down and my hard and long cock going in and out of her lovely pussy.We put the mirror in such a position that we can see our love making through the mirror.I love to watch when my cock go in her pussy.She also liked to watch how we make love.She did not had a good sex for a long time and she wanted to enjoy to the miximum. Thats may be reason of her co-operation.I also found that she was ever ready for me,which I like the most about her. Dolly was rocking hard still linked with me.In between we stop fucking and I pulled her to me she just attached to my body her boobs are pinioned to my breast and my hands are slowly moving on her back and than moved down to her buttocks.I lovingly appreciate her body by kissing her cheeks and kneading her twin buttocks which were smooth and silky. After some gap we again continue to fuck.She was moving up and down while I was pushing from down to meet her pussy and go as deep as I can.

We fucked like this than I pulled her buttocks and my hand are on her boobs and I was shouting Oh dolly u are great u fuck so well your pussy so good oh……..I am commimgggggg……I came violently deep in her pussy……. and realeased all in her pussy…… We were tired and the time to leave and I dressed up and gave a Parting kiss to Dolly and left and reminded her to meet tomorrow at 9am sharp and be ready.I took rest and imagined how I fucked Dolly in the morning.After a rest again I was thinking about her and feel like to meet her but could not.I donot know how I passed the night.I was waitting when the dawn will arrive so that I can meet her again and I think how nice it would be if I would have met her like this always. Next day again visited on the dot 9am.I had asked her to bolt the front Door so that she would be cautious and any one knock the Door she would know it.I went from the back door which was just closed and a slow push was enogh to open it.This was our understanding and I need not have to wait for her to open when I want to meet her in the morning hour.If some one would be there she would inform me from the outset.So I always remained cautious.Dolly was in the Guest Room lying on the Bed.As soon as I saw her I pulled her near me and gave a passionate kiss.I told Dolly whole night I was thinking about you and I was waitting to meet u in the morning.How did u spent the night?Did u miss me?She also told me the same story.I could not wait I took her in my arms and feel her morning odour which was very pleasant.She always reamin clean and take morning Bath. She maintains Hygiene and cautious on cleanliness.Its is rather good for me to have any type of sex with her. I moved down and suck her boobs and slowly I move down to kiss her Lovely pussy.That day we indulge in 69 pose.I was liking her pussy and giving her pleasure while she reversed and suck my cock.Both were enjoying the oral sex and she tastes nice over there.I was praising her lovely pussy while sucking her.I make her come while leaking and she had a strong orgasm.Than I reveresed and she continued to suck my cock.I laid down on bed and told her to apply pressure while sucking and I was enjopying the oral delight as my wife is not keen on oral sex.

Hence I was vey much tempted to have this with Dolly. She is good sucker and know how to please me while sucking.I could not wait and the sucking was too much nas I came in her mouth and she liked to eat all.I asked her how she did not feel bad.she replied one of her friend advised her that semen is good health tonic and it would keep the woman healthy.I was very much pleased to have Dolly with me who is giving me so much pleasure. We separated and took rest and walk around the house fully naked and my hands will be busy while she will do her house work.Whenever I find her my hand would be busy in her boobs,pussy and buttocks.While she was in kitchen I would rub my cock in her ass and my hands are in her boobs.I gave soft kiss in her cheeks.After some time again she invited me to come near her as my naughty behaviour made her wet.She spread her leg and told me to come and fuck her.I as ever willing lover jump into her and started ramming her pussy.I reveresed and took her in doggy and fucked her well in doggy. We were enjoying and as if we are mad for each other and inseparable. The whole week was so hot and horny and i was fucking her in all pose and in places around the House without any botheration.We bathed togeather we eat fuck and sleep fuck and again fuck and whole 7days just passed away and we could not able to know.It was one of the finest days of my life and I would not get this golden days again. Mr Shanker came back and thanked me for the care I took on his family in his absence.I was thrilled and told not to worry , you can plan such visit again and again.Dolly was blushed when I told him this.I was also feeling great and hot as I am fucking my house owners wife in his absence.Dolly is now my mistress and I can have her when ever I want that also in his house. Well I stayed in Mr Shankers house for a period of 3years and fucked His wife Dolly like my own mistress and I lost count how many times we made love. Each and every encounter was memorable one.We did in all pose and in all places around the house.We just forget to count how many times and where we fucked.

It was just a memorable experience in our life to make mature love. Both are married and mature.We know the responsibility. We love sex and when we make love it always was good.After staying a long time, finally I have to move to my satff quaters.It was really sad thing to part. Dolly bade me farewell in moist eyes, so I am.It would be really difficult to meet again.But we promised to meet again when we get oppurtunity.Dolly told me that she will call me whenever she is free and when her hubby is away on tour.I thanked her and told her that I will love to come if she invites me, with her thighs wide open.I would be availabel whenever she calls me. I moved out of Mr Shankers house in the month of May and after that I was very much busy in my work and could not be able to contact her.Suddenly one fine day Dolly called me to my office at around 10 clock. It was a rainy Day and raining like cats and dogs.In Hyderabd the rainy season is pleasamt as the temperture suddenly goes down and the weather feel cold.That day it was raining heavily.Dolly told me to come immediately as she is missing me. She is free as Shanker has gone on tour and will be back after next day. The wether is cold and she needs my company.She is feeling lonely and also missing me a lot now a days.She pleaded me to come now as she cannot wait any more.I told Dolly I am in office and busy in my work.How I can go leaving my work and we will meet some other time.Dolly did not listen me and told me to come soon.She begged me to come ,as she cannot wait any longer.She started telling me in sexy tone,” Anil I miss you, I miss your cock.Please, Honey come and fuck me.I am wet and my pussy need your cock. I am waitting with my thighs wide open.Pleaseeeeee come and fuck me.” She pleaded me in such a way that I could not be able to control my self.I told her ok I would come within next 20 minutes.I also insructed her that she should wait for me near the back door without any clothes, fully nacked. I want to see her fully naked as I also missed her a lot.I want to see how see look now and this also be a token of love to me. I left the office and instructed my colegues that one of my relative is not well and I have to take half day leave to see him.I took my bike and put on my rain coat and drove to her house.Still it was raining heavily.I parked the bike in a remote street as I donot want any one should notice.I walked down to her house and very much carefull not to be seen.The streets are deserted and may be due to rains no one was there.I opened the main gate without any noise and moved down to the rear portion of the House and tapped the door.I pushed a little and door got open.I enter inside and saw Dolly, my love standing in the room fully nacked, waitting for me.

By seeing her,fully preapared for me I got a hard on and as if 1000volt current charged within me. I ran towards her and took her in my arms,before that Dolly took off my Rainy coat.I was mad to feel her,feel her body and the warmth.The mad rush to meet was making me carzy.I kissed her and felt her tresure in my hands. She was also hungry for me.I moved my hands in her boobs,belly, thighs and buttocks and finally to the black thatched cunt.I bent down and kiss her pussy as a of welcome kiss. Dolly pulled my clothes and made me nacked.Her hand grabed my cock.She started feeling it.I was erect and want her pussy now.We moved to the bed. Both are fully naked and want sex badly after a long gap of 3months. I lay her down,she knelt in between my legs and took my cock in her hand and caressed. She pouted her lips and kissed my cock.Slowly she took inside and began sucking my dick.I lovingly caressed her head and praised her for the nice thing she is doing.I than reversed and moved towards her pussy and parted, her pussy.I bent down and begin to lick her pussy.I praised Dolly,while licking her pussy.I said,”Darlin ur pussy seems so different, like your face and body which always make me crazy.The face of woman is different so also the pussy.Honey ur pussy is so good “I was praising her while licking her pussy.Her pussy is covered with thick black hair its thick and wide.Her pussy gets wet immediately and to me it seems she is everready for me. I like this Quality of hers and which is so damn rare in a woman.I am lucky man to have such a sexy woman. We remained in 69 pose and loved to suck each other.After some time we dried ourselves and sit face to face.

Dolly laid down and I moved my legs in between.One at down and one on top.I moved me cock at the entrance of her pussy and rubbed her, to make her more wet and swollen.Than I entered her through the side and fucked her.My hands are in her boobs but I am unable to kiss her as in this pose whole body will not touch others body.While fucking,I started kneading her two boobs in both of my hands and fucking her hard.I was going deep in her pussy and want to go more to DEEP DEEPER and DEEPEST level of her flushy pussy.We loved to fuck in this pose for a long time. We get up and this time I told Dolly that I would like to do anal sex. She was surprised.I told her this a common sex and we can enjoy.I showed her some sex clips which I usually carry to show Dolly whenever I visit her so that she can learn variety in sex and we can engagage in all possible pose.She was hesitant and did not know how it will feel taking in her ass hole.I told her how she felt when Shanker fucked her first time and she must have fear.Now she is an expert and fucking two man and enjoying sex and you can over come this initial fear.After long persuation she finally agreed to indulge in anal sex with me I rubbed baby oil in her anus and finger her anus to make it loose.Than I drop oil in my cock.Dolly in her doggy pose her milky buttock is exposed and I rubbed my cock in her anus and slowly enter her.She was telling me to move slow as she is getting pain. I was cautious and I enter her slowly and when she can not take more I stop, than I proceed.I removed my cock from her hole and again apply oil to have more lubrication.I enter her again.This time it was much better and the anal sex was painless to her.While I was fucking her, I was kneading her dangling breasts.I told her to finger her cunt while I was fucking her from the back.Fucking the anus was good and it was feeling so tight comparison to the normal sex.Dolly was finger fucking her juicy pussy while my cock remained buried in her anus.I was enjoying fucking her anus.I could not able to control myself and I came in her ass.I took out and my spern spilled in her buttocks and I applied it like a lotion.We went to Bath room and washed and dried ourself. It was still raining.I guess that the weather was cyclonic one and the rain was not stopping at all.It only one hour since I came and I have got another one hour to remain with Dolly.We were nacked and move around the House.Dolly went to kitchen to get some hot food stuff.She came back.We faced each other and had a bite

.I took her to my lap.We ate than I caressed her boobs and body appreciating the tresure she possessed.I began kissing her lips and and again make her Hot.Dolly told me Honey you know how to handle a woman and being with you always make me hot and wet. I also reciprocated in the same way as I am hot for you,only for my Dolly etc. I kissed Dolly again passionately and we became again hot for each other.We could not able to wait.I told her to start again.This time I lay down and she guided my cock in her pussy and came on top of me.It always feel much better when ever I am inside her.It seems that her pussy and my cock are made for each other and madly in love with each other.Her body also responds to my desire.Each and every inch of Dollys body responds to me while I fuck her.My hunger to her always increase many fold,the more I fuck her the need for her increases many fold. Dolly is on top of me and she is moving up and down.After some time I told her to reverse and take my cock in reverse pose which means she is facing to other side and her buttocks are towards me.She moved up and this pose her pussy felt very tight.She bent down and my legs felt her boobs pinioned to my feet.I love this pose for a change and she came back to normal pose.I swung her to below without taking out,I came on top.I started rammimg my cock while my mouth is busy sucking her boobs and in beween I kiss her lips.I was fucking her hard and yelling loudly, “Dolly u are so good and I love to fuck you always.Pl keep your thighs and pussy wide open for me to fuck you again and again.I want you always and want to fuck u always.Pl give me your pussy.I want ur pussy, Boobs,your Body every time.Pl give me.Pl say yes Honey.Say Anil all my tresure is yours.Its yours and you do whatever you want.” Dolly also yelled while she was pushing from the down to meet me.She shouted,”Anil I love your cock.You fuck me so well I want your cock in my pyssy always. Every time day and night.Pleases fuck me,fuck me,fuck me hard.Make me your Mistress.Yes I am yours only yours.Please fuck me.Donot leave me.I cannot stay without you.I want you.Pl fuck me Anil” The fucking was intense.We were made for each other.The out side temperature was cool and inside we are hot with so much sex and our bodies are sweating due to so much sex.We are yelling and making love and making the room so hot. We could not able to susatain any longer.I put my mouth in her and gave her a deep mouth to mouth kiss while I was fucking her. Both came at a time. It was so good to come and I release all my sperm in her lovely pussy. I was damn tired after so much fucking and want to go back.It was only 12.30.I washed and took rest and had a nap.Dolly got her self in her house work and I donot want to disturb her.I was feeling sleepy and thought to sleep little before going away.I took rest.I trook a quick nap and Dolly gave me something to chew.Its time to leave. I called Dolly and said Honey its time to leave and I cannot stay long though I am keen to stay.But I have other responsibilty.I kissed her.While kissing her again my cock stirred up.I asked Dolly to give me a blow job before I leave.I took out my cock and rubbed in her chick and in her lips.

Dolly was hesitant than I told her that she should do if she really love me. She felt bad and with moist eyes told me “Anil donot be so harsh on me.I want you and I cannot think a life without you.Please domot leave and visit me when ever u are free.”I felt tempted and pleased with her loving words and took her in my arms and gave her a passionate kiss.Dolly took hold of my cock.She fondle it and than went down and started sucking my cock.This time I found that she was doing very much lovingly with her eyes focussed in sucking to please me.She caress my tips with her toungue than move down to the base and again move to tips.She sometimes lovingly chew my cock to give me extra pleasure.After sometime, I told her to kiss my ball and make me more horny.I was enjoying the sucking.I could not able to withstand and came in her mouth.Dolly didnot mind to take my sperm and licked me dry.I kissed her lovingly and bade a goodbye to her.I put my hand in all her tresure and bent down to kiss her pussy once again and said Dolly your pussy is so loving and always tells me” Anil I love you”.Dolly blushed with shy. Dolly requested me to visit next week as Mr Shanker is going to Bombay for 5days.Pl donot forget come Darling.I said yes I will but please call me gain.I love to hear when you call me over Phone to fuck.I left her. During the month of October ie during Dussehera, my wife had been to Chennai for a week and it so happens that Mr Shanker have to go out for a tour for 5 days to Bombay on his business work.He telephoned me and requested me to look after his family as I am the must reliable person around. I told him that how I can leave my present house and come all the way.He told me That you can come and stay in their house at night time which will be Convanient for you and Dolly will feel safe with the children.What I was Expecting is happeniong again.I thanked God gor giving me all good things in my life. This is a blessing in disguise for me. What a great pleasure and blessing for me to have Dolly for 5 nights without any fear,ie having the cake and eat it too.Frankly I was waitting for this oppurtunity to come.I took leave in the plea that I am not feeling well.One can understand that how crazy I am to fuck Dolly,I took leave to fuck her.I cannot tell whether it was really my crazyness or I am crazy for her cunt I donot know,but I alawys feel that my cock get hard when I think about her even now when I am writting this story.I always want to be near her want to fuck her whenever I want.

I bade farewell to Mr Shanker in the station and I went to his place to meet his wife Dolly.It was really Ball and Horny thing to do as I see off Mr Shanker and coming back to meet his wife Dolly.But its time for me to start having some real fun with Dolly.I approached her,she was also ever willing for this.I pulled her towards me and she is mine.We kissed passionately feeling each other and talked how to spend next 5days in each other company.I told Dolly that I would come around 8Pm for early Dinner so that the her daughter will go to sleep soon and we can fuck whole night. As scheduled I came and She was waitting for me.Her daughter knew that I will stay in thier House as Mr Shanker told them.They went to their room and had their study.Dolly and me had Dinner.At around 9PM She put them in bed and say good night.I slept in the near by room which has a inter connect Door to their master Bed Room and Dolly deliberately gave me that room so that she can have access to my room.All rooms have attach bath room and well furnished.I was watching TV and waitting for Dolly with a raging hard on. I was consoling my cock to stay calm as we have whole night to celebrate. At around 10 O”clock Dolly came after finishing her work.Her daughters also gone to sleep.She closed her Bed room Door and enter through the connecting Door to my room which I kept deliberately open.She came to my arms and we kissed and felt each other.Our hands move to each other body.We could not wait any longer. We became naked as child and to start this erotic journey which we both think should never end. This time I had enough time and want to have new erotic play with Dolly.My hands moved down to her breasts and started playing with them in. I encircle each breast and gradually move to the areola and then to the nipple. These had both been swollen for at and stiff. I moved over to her side so that I put some ice cubes which I had kept near the Bed.It was then that I decided to see just how hard I could get her nipples. I got a couple of pieces and put them on her nipples.Her eyes were closed when I did this.They flew open and she said that I would have to do something to warm them up.This was not a hard task.I put my mouth over one of the nipples and started sucking,then gave it some tongue flicks before moving to the other side.As I would use my mouth on one breast I put my hand in the ice to get it cold and start playing with the other breast. After a few minutes of warm and cold breast work I decided to put an ice cube in her navel and go after it.As soon as I did this Dolly said, Darlin, it looks like I’m going to get my pussy eaten to night.” My answer was, “Only if your are a good woman.” I moved down from her tits to her navel and did some tongue work there before moving any lower. When I got to her pussy I teased her for about five minutes. First, I’d circle the shaved pussy area with my tongue, then go down the inside of one leg and come back up the other.

This whole time she was begging, “Oh Anil, I want your tongue in my pussy, suck my, eat my cunt.” She had been moaning on the bed for some time, but it got to the point that I was having trouble maintaining contact. It was then that I finally let my tongue make contact with her clit. Her pussy had a clean taste but there was the unmistakable taste of cunt. Her clit was swollen and protruding from its base.I lapped it a couple of times with my tongue and then took it and the base between my lips and gave it a couple of sucks, holding it in on the last. Then my tongue circled the clit and then the base.Dolly was moaning and saying “Yes, yes, yes, YES, do it, do it, do it now.” over and over. As soon as my tongue first touched her clit Dolly’s pelvis had started slowly thrusting and the thrusts were gradually gaining in intensity. I let go of the clit and let my tongue trace between the inner and outer lips on each side of the love canal before plunging as far into it as I could go. There was the nice clean, salty taste of a well lubricated pussy. I did some thrusting and exploring with my tongue while I let my nose play with her clit. It only took a minute or so for Dolly to give off a “Now, now, now, I’m coming.” Dolly’s legs enclosed me in their grip and her pussy was thrusting all over the place.I couldn’t hear all that much because of her legs covering my ears; but I had the impression that she was doing a lot of moaning and screaming.After what seemed like achiving nirvana, but was only a couple of minutes, her grip on my head started to gradually relax.I gave a couple more thrusts into her cunt with my tongue.She told me that she was very sensitive now and that she just wanted to cuddle for a while.I kissed her high on the inside of each thigh and lay down at the head of the bed.Dolly came and lay in my arms and we cuddled, rested and kissed for a while. When she had regained her sleep, somewhat, she told me that this had been the most sensuous experience she had ever had and that she wanted to give me back. Dolly rolled over on top of me and used her legs to spread mine. She then slightly spread her legs and used her arms to get into a push-up position lowering herself until just the nipples of her breast were touching me. Dolly came forward enough so that her breasts were in reach of my mouth. I took first the left breast and then the right. Her nipples and areola were again erect, having softened somewhat while we were resting. After letting me have her breasts for a couple of minutes she moved them away from my mouth and started rubbing the nipples over the rest of my face, while still maintaining the push-up position. When my face had been well covered by her nipples, she moved down to my chest and gave it a good going over and then on to my stomach.

As she moved she used her mouth and tongue over that part of my anatomy that was within reach at the time. Dolly kissed my forehead, eyes, nose, gave me some tongue when she got to my mouth, kissed my neck and sucked my nipples when she got there.I felt as though I was being taken care of by two separate women.There was no sense that the two parts were connected to the same lady.I’ll have to say one thing, ‘Dolly sure isn’t some dumb lady that can’t have cake and eat it the same time.’ By the time her nipples were caressing my dick, which by now was at its maximum erection and standing straight up, Dolly was using her mouth and tongue on my stomach, paying a lot of attention to my navel.She kept moving south and I could feel her hair brush my tool. Dolly couldn’t go any farther with her breast; so she got out of the push-up position and lay between my legs, kissing either side of my groin, running her tongue over my balls and up the underside of my cock.By this time I was moaning and telling her to take it and suck it. Dolly responded with, “Patience, patience Anil.We’ll get to the good stuff soon enough.I want to have some fun here first.” After a couple more minutes of this she decided that it was time to give me what I was asking for.Dolly took the head of my cock in her mouth, after first kissing it, and sent me wild as she circled it with her tongue. She took it out and said, “Easy, easy, we don’t want anything to happen prematurely, now do we? We’d miss out on a lot of fun.” After letting me cool down for a minute or so, she took me back inside of her mouth. This time she was able to get about five inches of my eight in. For a little while she sucked on my cock and fucked me with her mouth.The next time she felt me getting close to coming she stopped and gradually took me out of her mouth and moved up on my body until my prick was between her tits. She squeezed her tits together, providing a real nice enclosure and said, “Let’s just rest like this for a minute or so.”It seems Dolly was fully prepared to enjoy with me.Her start-stop- relax-start technique giving me immense pleasure. When my breathing and other functions had returned to something approaching normal Dolly again kissed the head of my dick and make me hard again.She then moved her legs outside mine and moved mine together,straddling me.In looking up I could see this gorgeous Lady with her pussy poised just above my erect and throbbing cock.Ever so slowly she started to lower herself, saying, “It’s nice that we have this mirror at the head of the bed.I can see exactly where I am and don’t have to use my hands to guide you into me.”

It must have taken her close to three minutes to lower herself on all of my seven inches. Eventually, though, I was buried as deeply inside of her as I could get. The feeling to my dick was indescribable, sort of like being enveloped in juicy velvet lips. Dolly told me to just lie of friend of her had told her how women could use just the pc muscles in their vulva to get a man off.She had been exercising these muscles for a few months and I was the first man that she had wanted to try it on.After sitting with my cock in her cunt long enough to get comfortable I started to feel a tentative squeeze on my member.This was followed by another that was a little stronger; then they became stronger still and began to take on a rhythm. I could see that she was really getting into this new way of giving pleasure. It was then that I started playing with her clitoris. Dolly told me that she really liked the feeling and that she was building for another orgasm. This was nice but not what I would want when I started to come.I told Dolly so, and that when I was just about ready to cum I was going to roll her over and really hammer it in. Dolly said that is what she wanted too and that the deep thrusts would probably be just what was needed to put her over the top also. When she had been doing the pc muscle routine for about five minutes I started to feel that I was building. I told her to get ready and rolled her over. Her contractions did not miss a beat during this period. She had been in a position with her feet tucked under her butt, when she was on top. I lifted her legs, put them over my shoulders and started deep thrusts that gained in speed as my climax approached.

During this time Dolly had stopped the pc muscle contractions and was getting into the rhythm that I was setting. I sensed that Dolly wasn’t quite to the point that I was so I slowed down for a while to let her catch up. When she started to moan and try to pick up the rhythm I started to go faster thrusting as deeply into her sweet pussy as I could get. This time it didn’t take any time at all for both of us to orgasm at the same time. It was a strong climax for both of us. When I had stopped coming I started to slow down and could feel the contractions in Dolly’s pussy continue. Eventually these contractions subsided and Dolly’s thrusts faded out; and I rolled so that we were on our sides but still joined. We lay as we were for a couple of minutes, each of us giving a tentative thrust to see what the other would respond with.Each of us was so worn from this round that nothing was going to happen for a while. We each got up, in turn, to use the bathroom and clean ourselves off. All of the exertion had caused us to perspire quite a bit. We got under the sheet and she told me that she’d make a deal with me. “If you should wake up in the middle with a hard on you can go ahead and fuck me.Just don’t make any extra attempt to wake me. Just fuck me, go take a piss and come back to bed. Of course, I get to take advantage of you in the morning if I wake up first.OK?” What could I do but agree to such an arrangement? With that we snuggled up together and went to sleep. I don’t know what time it was that I awoke. We were on our sides and my front was to Dolly’s back and I was cupping one of her beautiful tits in one hand and her head was lying in the crook of the other arm. I also had this hard on and decided to see about deflating it before I went to take a piss.Ever so slowly I rolled Dolly onto her back and spread her legs. I put a finger at the opening of her cunt to see if there was any lubrication there, and there wasn’t much.Not wanting to awaken Dolly by manually stimulating her into lubrication, I reached for the small bottle of Cream that She kept near the dressing table.. I put a fair amount of the lubrication on the head of my prick and some part way down the shaft. I then moved over between Dolly’s legs and started to insert myself into her. With the Cream it only took one smooth steady push to get all of the way in. Not wanting to awaken her, I tried to keep as much weight as possible off of Dolly. I would pull out until just the head of my dick was touching the inner lips of her vagina, then I would slowly sink my cock all the way into her pussy. A few times Dolly made little noises and moved a little but; but for the most part she just lay there while I fucked her. Eventually I felt myself building again. This time I tried to maintain the same rhythm until just before release. Just before I came I buried by shaft as far into Dolly’s cunt as I could get it and held her tight as I came. After coming I gave a couple more in-and-outs before pulling out to go to the bathroom. I’m pretty sure that as I walked away from the bed I heard Dolly say,”Thank you.” After using the bathroom and cleaning myself I went back to bed and quickly fell asleep. The next thing that I remembered was a strange feeling in my groin area. When I was able to awaken enough I realized that it was a mouth with my soft cock in it. I just laid there enjoying the feeling and slowly getting harder and harder. When I was just about as hard as I could get, Dolly came off of my cock and said, ” Anil that was a lovely fucking you gave me “. Probably the most tender one that I have ever had. Are you ready to get up or would you like to screw some more?” I told her that I thought that it would be a good idea if we make love some time. Early morning love is good.She came on top of my and inserted my cock in her pussy and moved up and down.The morning was pleasant and what a way to start.Dolly with me I am fucking her and making early morning love in her house.We fucked for some time and make love till I came in her pussy.

It was a wonderful exp to fuck her at home.We fucked and had sex for 5days and I remember I must have fucked her for 6 times one day.It was really intense.I enjoyed the same with my full vigour. Mr Shanker came back after the tour and thanked me for the wonderful care I have taken to the family,I also thanked him as a good land lord and reminded him not to worry as long as I am here he should go on tour. Everyone at home will be safe,this I told in front of Dolly.But he did not know that I am fucking his wife in his absence and has made his wife my mistress,my whore in his house.Is it more erotic?Readers may think it as fiction, but sometimes “Dream comes true” and “Fiction becomes Reality”.It is rightly said by a philosopher that “Given a chance Human being is polygamous by nature”.But all donot get chance to fuck. After reading my story I know all the tentants will be tempted to fuck their land lady.Hence the House owner will also remain carefull not to give rent to young people.Pl write me at

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