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My kind of a housewife

  • desipapa
  • September 21, 2015

Hi all,
Like many, I have been too an avid reader of desipapa stories, and like any respectable young turk, have had my shares of fantasies to keep my nights, (and my days too) vibrant. Since the age that I discovered the utilities of my dick, and how the same could be used to enjoy the real pleasures of life, I have been fantasing about bhabhies and the aunties in my neighbourhood. Somehow, I used to and still do find aunties and married ladies irresistible, and i used to expend a lot of my energy shagging off my fantasies.

However, for the past 8 years, my fantasies have remained fantasies….confined to my imagination only…until recently, 3 months back…when I met Neelam(name changed). Neelam is a housewife staying in Mumbai, and is married with 1 kid. And I am a 23 year old staying in Mumbai too, working in an IT consultancy firm. We met on the net, we chatted , discussed a lot about other interests, exchanged mails, and got to know each other well. So much that we used to call up each other, and I enjoyed talking to her…she was a bit shy, so generally I was the one who did the talking initially…subject matter still being non-sexual. We decided once to meet up in a public place, and since we had exchanged photos over the net, we had no trouble recognising each other.

Let me describe Neelam to you…..she was in her late 20’s…she was a bit overweight – (only marginally – not that it matter to me much) …she was not exceedingly beautiful, but she was better than average looking, and most importantly exactly the kind of lady that I would fantasise about. She came in a salwar kameez, a dress that attempted to play down the size of her boobs, but was unsuccesfull. she looked quite simple yet inviting to me in that dress. We roamed around awkwardly initially at a beach, but then slowly we warmed up to each other and started talking in a more open manner. We were till quite late at the beach, and I could make out the lump in her throat whenever our arms used to touch accidentally.

But that day, there was no initiative from either of us to discuss about the taboo topic-sex, and so we returned with nothing to but sit at the beach. On the way back, I dropped her half the way to her house on my bike, and I could feel her soft warm breasts nuzzling close to my back. I could feel her on my back, and used my brakes to good effect to heigten the impact of her boobs on my back. But that was it for the day, and she caught a rick to take back to her residence.

Two days, later, she called me saying that she required me urgently at her residence. I was thrilled at the prospect of meeting her in person at her residence, and made it to her place. She opened the door, and she was looking real good . She was wearing a saree…a dress I like ladies to be in – and a lowcut sleeveless blouse, showing some cleavage…and she looked real inviting for me. She ushered me in, and nervously asked me to follow her. Well, I was nervous too, but merely followed her. She took me to her bedroom, and nervously held my hand. I needed no second invitation and took a firm grip on her hands , and smooched her ever so gently. Our lips met, and we kissed for a real long time. For me, this was my first kissing experience, and though I had imagined several times in my fantasy, nothing beats the real thing.

I could feel her heavy breathing, and also the beautiful smell of her hair….for me this was really heaven….and we smooched and hugged each other. I had my arms all around her, and while lips smooched hers, my hands slowly were working on her blouse, and I managed to get her blouse straps loose….meanwhile she had also helped me off my shirt. I stood back for a second to look at the lady in fromnt of me, and she was looking amazing in her brassiere and her half-worn saree….

I removed my pants, and stood in my undies…and helped her to get off her saree….and resumed kissing until we flung onto the bed….Its here that I finally managed to get my hands on her boobs…. they were big ones, and I kneaded them like anything…..she started moaning sexily, and that spurred me more, until I finally removed her bra and started sucking them……to the full extent…the moans were getting louder and my dick was getting hotter and I pre-cummed…

Touchinh her buttocks and licking her boobs gave me an hard-on immediately….So I got on top of her, and was about to plunge into her…when she asked me to wait and pulled out a condom for me to wear….I wore it on, and plunged my dick inside her ever so gently…..after a very few nervous and unsuccesful attempts, I manged to get in…it was an out-of world- experience getting into her vagina…I could feel my cock traversing the whole distance and touching her deep down…. and she started moaning more, and I was like charged up like anything…so the gentle pushes gradually transformed into solid thrusts, and I kept going at her..inside and out.. until I finally came…so did she….and we simply collapsed into each others arms….

We just lay in each others arms for about 15 minutes, until she asked me sexily to make love to her…and I was more than happy to oblige and we had a very brief but wonderful love-making session again.

The day was a milestone day for me, losing my virginity to a very sensous lady….a lady whose needs were ignored by her husband, who she said, married her initially claiming that he loved her, and after marriage has been progressively ignoring her.

I used to visit Neelam regularly, and we had good love making sessions …. trying out new positions, and experimenting a lot……and both of used to enjoy each others company too….she used to go out with me to public places too…and she had become a very open and frank lady, a far cry from the nervous and shy lady I would have spoken to 3 months ago.

Very recently, Neelam and her family shifted to Dubai since her husband got a good posting out there….and much against her liking , she had to shift base. It was really very hard for me and Neelam….the quality time we have had was simply too good to wash away in a single stroke…anyways, we did promise to stay in touch…and she does call me up sometimes and we do have phone-sex…but there is simply nothing like the real thing.

Any lady in Mumbai (or even Bangalore, since I make frequent trips out there) looking out for a discreet relationship can contact me at .


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