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My Internet Friend

  • desipapa
  • September 16, 2015

Hello friends… This is story of me with my internet friend. She is 29 years old having a figure of 36d 30 and 36. First telling about me.. I’m 23 yrs old guy. I’m looking handsome. I live in the city of lights KARACHI I’m just studying Bcom n So here about my internet friend…. It so happend that I was busy with my daily work. I was really getting bored. So far I always visit adult site at night after 11 pm. MainlyI visit this Desipapa site.. Coz I love to see nude girls.

Once I was browsing on net n checking mails. After checking my mails I went for a yahoo chat. N generally I prefer to go pakistani room. I chatted for about 2 hrs…it was just 12.05 am at night. When I got a private msg that want to a chat. I saw that id its just can’t understable that whether that’s a female id or a mail id.. So I just checked it out its profile…I found that its a female id. She is Nisha.. stays at gulshan. I just glad to get a married and unsatisfied lady in my city..

Then I was quite excited to chat at night with a gul… After chatting of few times I get to know that she wasnot satisfied and so horny.. But didnt do sex from last 3 weeks cause her husband is out of station. I was quite happy by knowing it 2 chat with her…so I continued keep chatting. After sometimes our topic goes about to sex…,

She asked me whether she can have a sex chat with me or not.. I told yes of course why not..Then I passed the erotic site’s address…she watched that n sound happy to get a sex chat..

Then after we both chatted at night for near about 1 weak.. Now its a saturday night…again she comes online..n we started to chat gain..whenI was chatting with exciting by mistakely asked her whther she wanna a sex experience with me…as she knowsI don’t have ne sex experience ..
She suddenly asked…hey now u r look likes a man..she asked me that “do u really wanna a sex with me..”.I said yah if u don’t mind..she said ok..2moro we meet at KFC Gulshan…u just come there at 5 o clock..She had given her tel no..n told me to called up her at morning 11 am. in very next day at 11 am.I called her..She picked up the phone n directly asked me that r u ready..I said u ??she said i’mm..In 4.45pm..i am reached at at KFC after completing some of work of mine..I was quite nervous..cozI was ever go for a sex to a married lady.afet 5 min a lady come in a taxi wearing a blck dress woww she is damn sexy with big boobs

she come near me AsI never seen her..i jusasked is this preety..she said ohh u dear..come up… she was really lookin hot.we got in kfc and oder some soft drink..n sat near to me..NowI was realy very nervous..n i’m little bit of sweating..
She just understand my situation…n told me don’t worry…I’ll help u out..Then we go to her home,no one is at her she switched on the tv …she already planned what to do..She now swtiched on the cd player..n play a cd..after some secondI found that its a xxx movie… Now she get much closer to me..n put her head in my shoulder n kept my hand in her hand..oh my god..her hand was so soft..That was a realy very romantic situation going in that room..

NowI have put my hands on her thigh,she didnt object.The movie was really great. andI can sense her to be becomin really hot watching the movie.I slowly put my hands around her shoulder.I took her face in my hands nd started to kiss her lips very apssionately.. wow her lips were melting in my mouth. she was too responding by kissiny me deep in return.I ve my fingers to untie her silky hair. she lookin like real godess. we were still kissin each other.
I lifted her in my arms and took her to her bed room. made her lay down on the bed. kissed her hard caresing her body with my hands. Her mellons were really soft.I pressed them with my hands.I removed her kamiz .. . The combination of her milky white skin and black colored kamiz and bra was really hot to watch. her sleeve less kamiz could hardly contain her mellons, she was moaning.I inserted my hand in to her kamiz literally tearing her blouse.I made her turn around and opened her kamiz.
By this time her kamiz was lying on the ground.I open her bra n her panty her breasts bounce on my face.I violently ate her nipples.., she was holding my hair guiding the process.i lowerd my hands on her body and put my hand on her clit. she was wet allready.I inserted my middle finger in to her vagina, she shiverd a bit at this move. started to massage her clitoris. at this point she was ready and was very eager to have me in her. By this timeI too was made naked by her.I got on top of her and inserted my dick in to her vagina. As I was doing it for first time.. just can’t continue too wellas i’m a virgin got too. But after sometime..its now ready to perform it real task..

WhenI was fucking her she was fast dear… as I started pumpin her in and out literally screamin a loud as it was her second time. she was really tight, and I was enjoyin every bit of it.I speeded my pumping by bitting her clit…she was moaning louder and louder. NowI wanna 2 change m position..i told her now lets move to dogy style… She then position is duggy style…NowI was able to see her nice she was a nice model figure….its realy make me very passionate 2 fuck her harder..

NowI inserted my dick in her ass…n fuck her very hard…n by that momentI hold her breast from back word…n softly pussing it…whenI giving her my fastest stroke…she shouting…
she said that ist too much paining…i told u wanna 2 stop..she said no…jus do it as much as u can…as it was my first time…i’m n joing every moment… after fucking for 20 mins..i was now abt 2 cum…i said …preety now i’m gonna 2 cum…if u don’t mind ..shallI cum inside ur ass…she said no problem…just keep it on..n keep fucking me…i just found that..she was still in very sexy mind…i mean she didn’t tired at all..n wanted more…butI was tired a little bit..after that I cummmed in her ass..n keep fucking her…now whenI was its too much easy to pumping her..but my penni is now going to ejacculate….so I stopped ..n lay down beside her…

She then kissed in my lip…n keep rubbing her hand on my dick….after 15 min…my dick again erect in full… After that I fucked once agin…In this i fucked her 5 times till night 10 pm…after that we both get ready to take a bath…n in bath roomI again erected whenI was wathcing taking a bath of a lady… As I never seen a nude lady taking bath in front of me..I just can’t stop watching or can’t avoid that..pose… when she was taking bath she just taking very sexy poses…

I just can’t handle that situation…she was below of shower n her back was facing towards me…
She just don’t have ne indication that i’m gonna mad again…I just can’t able to control my self…i went near to her from back ward…n without wasting ne time…in standing positionI put my dick on her back…n tightly holding her both breast in my both hand.nn keep ksiing her neck from backword…u guys u might able to understand the position…

She whenI was fucking ..she told that u smart guy…can’t hold ur sex ..for next time..wanna 2 do in 1 day…. N now this fuck was abt for 15 mins,,,nI was cummed again in her back…n we both bath again..
N she dressed up infront of me… we had a dinner..nI came back to my giving her a very passionate gud night kiss…

After that she always keep calling me ..n talked with me on my mobile..for a long time..
n we had sex for next 1 month every night…. After that month her husband came back..n she wanna to shift to some other cities… When she getting prepared to go..she called me up..n told me that..i’ll realy misiing u….I miss her a lot…as she was my first sex experience….

Now i’m again alone in my life ..n don’t have any sex….so any female married or unmarried of any age can conatct me for a sex experiecne…I believe in safe sex…n if there are any un satisfy do conatct me in my e-mail id…we will definately have good sex as ur want…Privacy is the must..As I don’t wanna to show up to every1…So guls mailing me on I’m waiting for ur mails…

Special note…females from karachi..allowed to have sex with i’m from KArachi….so females from these cities mail me…n first tell abt ur un satisfaction…

So waiting for ur mails…..

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