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My Innocent And Sexy Student

  • desipapa
  • October 6, 2015

am going to reveal the most exciting experience of my life, which I never disclosed to any one before. I am 22 years graduate and a jobless person. I use to get my earnings from home tutions. The story, which I am going to tell you, is two years old. Pinkie(pet name), as she was called by her parents with love, (I will not reveal her true name). I taught her for one year. She was in class 10 when I met her. She was so cute and charming that I have never seen any girl so lively and beautiful. I later knew this that how horny she was at that age.

But in the beginning she looked to me very innocent and gentle. I was very fair with her but one day I was amazed, rather shocked by a strange event. This was a hot day of summer when I went to her home as per my schedule. I was sitting in their drawing room, she used to be alone with me for two hours while I taught her. On that day I saw a strange feeling on her face. I asked her to show me her homework but she refused to do so. I was annoyed at her behavior. She never did like this before. I was surprised. I became astounded when I looked at her face. She was reddish like a tomato. She took my hand in hers and started looking in my eyes deep. I couldn’t understand what the girl actually wanted. I was a 24 years young boy and she was hardly15. She wanted to have something…. After all I was a young hot guy, I understood that there was something wrong with Pinkie that day. I managed to courage to take initiative. I pressed her hand and while kissing her I asked her why she was so sad. She didn’t answer. I was more encouraged with her ‘no reply’ response. This was a tacit consent of her to carry on. I understood what she was wanting at that time.

Though, reluctant at that time but more stimulated with her condition. This was more prompting for me when she put her head on my thighs and layed on the couch. I broke all the barriers and put my lips onto hers. She was like a fresh rose. I kissed her lips for five minutes and soaked all the juice from her succulent lips. This was really the first time of Pinkie because she was trembling and quivering with enjoyment and fervor of first interaction with any male. I was also out of control. I unbuttoned her shirt and put my lips on the apple-sized boobs. She was moaning and shivering with the excitement. I was also on the seventh heaven when I found a 15 year hot virgin, which was flaring-up. She was looking like a nymph. I later came to know that Pinkie had seen a XXX movie which she was provided by a school friend of her. This was all the reaction of that movie that she was like a ‘near to erupt’ volcano when she came from school and watched that movie for one hour alone in her room in absence of her parents. She was in my hands like a gift from paradise. I took off her ‘Shalwaar’ as I was changing her cloth and she with a little resistance allowed her ‘Sir’ for appeasing her seemingly unquenchable fire, which she had blown in her body after watching that pornography. I was delighted and I started to kiss whole of her body from head to toe. Her nipples were the most delicious part of her gorgeous body. I sucked the nipples one by one, as these were the two fountains sprouting the nectar, which I was drinking. Then I moved to her delicate and fragile pussy.

This was the really magnificent. When my lips touched the lips of her pussy she produced a moaning noise and stretched her legs in the manner as her pussy became like a sealed gorge. I was wild; I hold her both white thighs in my hand and put my mouth in the area between her legs. She was like a fish out of water she was nearly screaming. Her clit was wet and was leaking with the fluids of joy. She held her small breasts in her hands and starting pressing her in a haphazard way. I had inserted my tongue in her clit and my tongue was tasting the world’s tastiest juice. She held my hair in her hand with the lust. But I was absorbed in the little world of hers. All of a sudden I felt she was near orgasm. She pressed her clit firmly and her legs bent with a sprout of fluids from her clit. I had also cummed in my underwear. After this she cooled down and when relaxed she kissed me deeply and took on her dress. This was the end of my first sex experience with Pinkie. Next day she called me on and asked me that she wanted to have leave for two days. These two days were like two years for me. After two days when I went to her home she was waiting for me as anxiously as I was. She told me that there were some guests in her home and we couldn’t get the privacy for wooing. We couldn’t find time to quench our thirsts because that day her mother was around all the day. We both were very frustrated and didn’t miss any chance to kiss whenever her mother is out for a short while. After four days she called me that her mother was going for shopping and we could ‘meet’ that day. I was very happy. I bought a condom pack and reached there.

She was also waiting for me. That day I had intended to break her seal. She welcomed me with a great joy. I was not sure that Pinkie could be so bold. That day she had a program to watch that movie with me. We programmed to watch the movie in her mother’s bedroom. We both were on the bed when the movie started. It was provocative. I at once went on. Pinkie looked at me and smiled. She wanted to enjoy it full. I took initiative. Soon after five minutes we both were naked. Her splendid body was warming me. I sucked her tongue and made her more horny and desirous. She held my cock and started playing with it. She liked the balls much. As she rubbed my cock I turned on and I put her legs on my shoulder. She was amazed what I was going to do in that style. I was in a mood to adopt a ‘desi’ style. I had worn the condom and now I was ready to insert my 7-inch penis in her tight virgin pussy. She was uncontrollable. I put my dick on her clit and rubbed on the light brown hair. This proved to be really gratifying for her. She had a wail of protest on her face when I was delaying to give her the ‘key of paradise’. As I decided to fire I pushed the 6inch missile into the chasm and a streak of red blood with a groan of anguish were eminent. She felt a flit of pain for some moment. In the mean time I unloaded my dick from that virgin pussy. I put my lips on her lips and kissed her long to vanish her pain of ‘ first time’ and to make her hot and ready to take part in the game. This was successful. She turned on again and was ready to accept the 7 inch long dick in her obviously small pussy which she previously thought not to be so ruthless to let her delicate pussy bleed out. But it was over and we were ready to take the real enjoyment. I loaded my shaft into her slickery canyon and felt it was a genuine and a tightest stuff I ever found and tasted. I start sliding my shaft in the silky way and with every stroke I put her in a New World of exhilaration. She was feeling herself on the seventh heaven and I was pushing my shaft deeper and deeper into her pussy which was a hot and spicy one. It lasted for five minutes. I wanted to change the posture.

I then made her in doggy style and blew inside her from the back. It was delightful for her, while watching movie on the T.V. I fucked her for fifteen minutes. She liked to continue it forever. But we were too hot to cum. I unloaded my dick from her cunt and adopted a posture while I was over her body kissing her, her both breasts were in my hands and my shaft in her pussy. At the climax we both were moving fast and she was pushing me from downward and I was stroking fast in response. With sudden bursts I cummed inside her pressing my dick so forcefully as I supposed to enter whole of my torso in her scorching pussy. She also cummed soon after me and she held my body with her legs so vigorously that I was confined in the prison between her legs. For five minutes we forgot everything in the world. Our bodies merged into each other, our lips sticked and our genitals welded with each other. When we relaxed it was time to get to study table because this was time of her mother’s coming back to home. We took on our dresses and moved to drawing room. For one month we used to play these games and experimented every tip of sex. But it was the most spine tingling chance of my life, whenever I remember this. Any girls and aunts who are lonely and want to be fucked by me and to taste my cock can mail me at

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