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My Incestual Love And Sinful Marriage

  • desipapa
  • October 12, 2015

warning: this story is not fiction and any character in this story does not resemble to any real character.

To begin with the story first I would like to give you the introduction of myself and my chachi. I am a good looking handsome guy with 4.5inch hot rod and finished my graduation and i am working in my hometown with a handsome salary. My chachi is married since 5 years and had a happy family but she had no children. In reality I or anyone in my family didn’t knew the reason why didn’t she had any child since marriage.

Okey it’s enough about her family matter now let’s com to her body stat’s her boobs were like size of oranges, size of 32 her waist size was around 30 and it was like wheatish color. Coming to the main part her ass size was around 36 or 38. Whenever she would walk around her ass would wag to which I was really mad about.

Initially I didn’t had any interest on her but one beautiful day when I was passing by in my house I saw she was changing her clothes, thinking that she would change it quickly with the door open, in the meantime I was entering the hall and to my luck I saw her changing her clothes I stood near the door saw the full scene. I Saw her orange sized boobs and her white bra the bra was so tight that the, boobs were trying to come out of the bra.

The out view of her boobs amused me so much that my dick stood up 90 degrees. Further I thought she would remove her petticoat but that’s it for the day,when she wore Saree and came out of room, She was perplexed when she saw me sitting in d hall. She started to stammer…. and asked when did u come here??? She said “I thought nobody was here. !!!”.

I just Gave her one naughty smile…for her question!!!

The action had stimulated me to masturbate third time for a day. One other day I thought I had best opportunity to record her video when she was changing her dress, I had missed it and I was feeling very much unlucky abt my presence of my mind ,if I had recorded it, I could’ve enjoyed masturbating everyday seeing that video..

Now let me tell you my chachi’s name. Her name is savita. Actually the story begins when my chachu was serious and was admitted into a hospital…he expired after suffering for several days.

My chachi was totally dull since his death. A year passed away….!!! one day everyone in d house went away to attend a marriage function they would return home after 3 dayz. This was the turning point in our lives for me and my chachi.!!! Because we both got into in an incestual love. Initially I didn’t had any bad thoughts about my chachi but after everyone left home there was a change in atmosphere.

I was on terrace to smoke a cigarette a miracle happened at that time a powerful wind blew and someone’s bra came hit me on my face I was totally shocked..!! I saw here and there to check if anyone saw this scene, after confirmation I sat down on the ground to check who’s bra it was??? It was baby pink in color I saw the size written on it, it was 32c I slowly analyzed everyone in my family there was no one who maintained this body size and finally I came to know it was savitas!!! OMG I had my chachi’s bra in my hand…

I was totally happy and now I started search for its partner that’s panty…!!! l found her panty which was also on ground, I took her bra in my hand and smelled it and I could feel a chill in my body. After that I took her panty which was like tiger print. I was about to taste it when I smelled a pungent smell from it… This amused me like a street dog..!!

That smell was from her holy juices which came out from holy spot from her body…!!! This made me think that that I should take a chance to arouse her for fucking session..!! All bad thoughts started rise in my mind….now I took whole panty in my mouth to see how it tastes by this time I had precum. I masturbated in her panty so that her pussy can also taste my sperms while she’s wearing that panty .After 10-15 mins I left from there and was on 7th level of sky..I started to recall all the methods to arouse a sex starving women which were stated in ISS site.

In the evening there was strong wind blowing around and there was also power cut off so we both went to terrace to bring back the clothes to my surprise I didn’t find her bra as well as panties I was totally shocked. I searched here and there and in a corner I found her bra which was totally dusty and her panty too was dusty in fraction of second I lost my consciousness and picked up her bra and panty I was turning around and cleaning it when it was clean I threw it down where it was lying earlier and now I turned around to call my chachi savita. When I turned around, to my surprise she was standing in front of me ,I totally melted down. I heard a voice from her saying Vikas move aside, some clothes had fallen down I wanna pick it up. I understood what was that, now we moved to house and it was 6 pm in d evening.

We were having tea suddenly I took up the topic of chachu suddenly she started to cry heavily I consoled her in many times but I couldn’t control. I said I can understand what ur going through and I said that I know you don’t have child and u can call me your son. I took her hand in my hand and once again i started to console her in a breaking voice I heard ,u really don’t what am going through you are too small to know all these stuff which are required for an adult women.

In a slow voice I asked her any other problem like your sex life or anything else??

To which her crying got more louder…!!! I understood it was her sex life which was hurting her. I thanked almighty god for giving me this opportunity, I didn’t want to waste this chance ,So I got an idea I suddenly grabbed her and hugged her tightly and started to caress her back initially in a very affectionate way suddenly my thoughts changed. My soul said to me that don’t leave this opportunity just grab it..!!

In slow motion, I stood up and started press her ass slowly, savita was just crying and crying and crying.!!! In a moment I just grabbed her soft lips into my lips and started to suck it in a passionate way first she didn’t give me the access into her lips suddenly her tongue started to fight with my tongue!! all our salivas were flowing out like volcano eruption to deep down to our navels.

At the same time I was drinking all her salivas and we were also sweating heavily as there was no power. Our sweating was so heavy that all our clothes drenched wet with our own sweating as I was wearing jersey it was smelling so awful, due to heavy sweating armpits were drenched out, I was shy as I was sweating heavily but my chachi came to know about this and started lick my sweat from my neck, forehead, armpits and all my sweating parts. Simultaneously our kissing was going on and on and on. I didn’t notice the time….!! in flash power came back our smooch got separated and I could see her breathing had got heavier and all our salivas were on our clothes.

She just didn’t open her eyes I took this opportunity and once again placed my lips into her. This time I was surprised to see that she was kissing affectionately in d beginning and later she started to bite my lips and in a moment she was like tigress she totally vacuum cleaned my mouth.

I was totally tired of kissing and saw the time it was 7.30pm I was totally shocked to see that we had just smooched for then an hour at the same time I grabbed her ass I put my hand under her petticoat to survey all her assets to my surprise she totally supported for this move, she was not wearing panty, I pressed her main switch the g-spot in her pussy…!! I inserted my finger in her anus she left a gasp and started to moan slowly. All her juices were dripping out…!!!

I suddenly took her up in my hand and started to lick her long sexy legs which were salty in taste..slowly my tongue made way to her womanhood and started to lick it like a wild animal.. She was moaning like devre… dev.. reee.. devre.. devredevredevre…. deevreee… !!!!(oh god) and she squirted out a fountain of holy juices….she was shivering like anything…I think this was the most deadliest orgasm which she had in her life… !!!

We separated from each other. There was pin drop silence for almost 5 mins I was able to see all the liquid all around me flowing like a small river…!!!! I went near her and said that I am so sorry about that she was still moaning out and I suddenly asked her are you happie…??

She said “no, I am not happy..!!”.

She looked into my eyes and said since last 5yrs I didn’t any sex!! I was shocked to hear this and I asked her what??

No,sex for 5yrs!!!!

So, you are a sex starving women…!!

She got so angry to my question that she grabbed my shirt and planted once again her lips into mine she bit my tongue so hard that I left ahhh slow moans…!! and our kiss got separated …

She said me sorry and started to continue her tragic past married life story. Our marriage was 5yrs old and we still didn’t had a baby so my chachu and chachi both went to meet sexologist and he conducted some tests and said to us that he would call when the results would come..

Your Chachu was bit frightened about d results…I didn’t knew why??. One afternoon a call came from doctor saying that don’t have sex without condoms with your husband…!! I asked why? He said me ur hubby is having a STD(sexually transmitted disease). I asked doctor what’s that all?? and he explained me everything about that.

I said since our marriage he has not at all deposited his sperms into my vagina.. He usually fucks me using condoms. I kept the phone and in evening I inquired everything to your chachu…!! he said that he was in Goa for 3yrs during that period he had physical relationship with a Russian MILF he later came to know that she had STD.later he broke the relationship with her and came back here to home town.

After this revealing incident our relation turned bitter. I didn’t dare have sex with your chachu, so on the same day itself I gave back his mangalsutra to him and said everything is over between us. From that day onwards am sex starving MILF said my chachi…!!!

Now we Came back to reality and I said that “you are really a brave lady”.

She laughed an said “but my sex life?” she questioned me…

I said I can help you… I can fill my sperms in your sex drought life…!! She said she cannot take up this relation as its sin and saying this she went back into the kitchen.

I called her out and I said that I have an extraordinary plan for approval of our incestual relation…!!! She ran out of the kitchen hugged me and asked “what’s that fucking extraordinary plan Vicky?”

I bought a calendar and placed in front of her and searched for auspicious muhurtham of the day and it was at 11.30pm. She asked What’s your plan I can’t wait anymore.

“We will both get married tonight that’s my idea”, I said. Chachi was totally shocked by my words. I said we will secretly maintain this relation. Somehow I convinced her, it didn’t take much time to conveniences her. She agreed to this because she knew this opportunity will never come back again.

I asked chachi to get ready by 10pm, she asked me why?

I said you will come to know it later and saying this I left out for market to bring mangalsutra, some sweets, some very beautiful flowers for her I specially bought some roses with thrones on it, honey and some erotic incense sticks.

I Came to home and saw my chachi she was so happy….!! I knew the reason.

It was around 9.30pm I came to her and said that to wear some old Saree and get ready by 15mins…!!

While she was changing the Saree..I went into bathroom and mixed haldi powder in small bowl.. I had bought it from market and kept it ready..when she came back I was spellbound to see her in a totally white Saree without blouse above and no petticoat below. I wasn’t able to control my erection…

I took her into the bathroom and rubbed the haldi paste to her soft wheatish colored body and simultaneously she too applied it to me. When I poured water on to her another shock was waiting…!!

She wore no panty inside somehow I controlled my feelings and finished our haldi rasam meanwhile chachi whispered into my ears said me to call her as savita or janu I said okay as u wish bride girl.

She just gave me a naughty smile and went away. We both went to our rooms and changed our dresses to marriage dress. It was about to muhurta time and we came back to God’s room where I had earlier kept the mangalsutra.

At the auspicious time I tied the holy thread to her and placed a smooch into her lips. She came near to me and said something into my ears to which I was really surprised.

My wife said to take sat(7) pheres but in a different style and that was to get it in naked style. It was really an amazing erotically filled marriage ceremony, we both got naked in the same room in front of God. I thought if I wore undergarments it would be late to undress so I had not wore it, slowly I saw my wife she too had not wore anything inside…I think she might have got the same thought as of mine…!!!

We came out of the room to hall she suddenly switched off the mains and said let’s do it in adivasi style… She lit up candles here and there in that small dim candle light I was able to see her curved figure, I cannot tell you how erotic the scene was you can just imagine it.

I went near her and said how could we take phere without clothes to this she replied me as, she has solution…!!

Com here she said when I went near her she was smoking hot in her naked avatar… She said put your fucking finger in my pussy, when I put my finger into her womanhood I could feel the wetness of the pussy walls..

It was was also hot like a pistol which has just now fired a bullet from God I can’t explain you all how I was feeling at the moment… I held her pussy hole like a hook and we started to take holy pheres…she had lit up fire with some wooden pallets.

The smoke had covered the whole that smoke when I saw my savita she was looking like a holy Goddess, it was as if she might have been just arrived from heaven to have a family on earth…!!!

After 3 pheres she held my hot cock in her hand and came in front of me. Omg!!! Her ass was very much shaking as if it was just inviting me to tear it down…!!!

After the pheres were over we stood facing each other I put sindoor in to her forehead..!! And said to her that now all the sins are put down now we are officially husband and wife…she came to me and said I can’t control myself am gonna come right now, she said to me sit down and I straightaway put my lips into her vertical lips and sucked it like a small baby sucking mom’s nipple for the first time…her squirting was so hard that It had filled up my whole face and juices were all flowing on her inner thighs.. She was just looking like a gorgeous angel…

I said, ” savita wait I want to perform some special puja come here” and she said what’s that now???

Her pussy was half shaved so I took my trimmers and shaved her I applied goumutram( cow’s urine ) to her pussy and Boob’s to make her pavitra she said apply it my armpits,thighs, neck,ass, ass crack and shoulder this became more romantic.. I applied it wherever she had told me to apply..

Next I poured a bucket full of water and next I had bought milk, honey, ghee and sugar also holy perfume I mixed into a single mixture and i said,”now I will perform Abhishek for you..!!”

She started to laugh and ” why this all procedures??”

I said you are my angel so I am performing on you…!!

She hugged me and said, “you crazy husband!!!” … Next after Abhishek I applied turmeric and kumkum to her pussy and ass..!! I had bought some Rose which had thrones on it….

I purposely took that flowers and pricked the thrones into her pussy and ass…it started to bleed she was shocked to see this, I said this is raktha Abhishek now you are totally pavitra (virgin)

After all formalities were over we had dinner and said her today we are going to celebrate our first night so get ready and come soon..

I changed my dress into white thin transparent clothes with no undergarments!!

Slowly door opened and I saw her she was looking like cheap slut..she was wearing very thin chiffon black saree ,no blouse only push up black bra..and no petticoat!! She had wore all the golden ornaments which she had with her!! She had a glass in her hand in which she had water I asked her why water??

She said,” are you a small child to drink milk it’s not milk it’s vodka with water and I have also bought cigarette to smoke for herself ” I was shocked to hear her words I was glad that I had married a ultra modern lady who knows every needs of a men..!! I drank half the glass and she too drank the remaining half..!! To get into mood I asked her whether you still have vodka?? She bought it and poured it into the glass.. I just drank it raw and it started turn my head.

She lit up the cigarette and started to smoke.. I asked her when did you learn this?? She said,”in my college days I drank, smoked and also ate non- vegetarian food, I am a legend in all bad things darling..”

Next part I will tell you how different was our first night fucking session and how we went to celebrate our honeymoon..

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My Incestual Love And Sinful Marriage

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