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My HR Used Office Meeting Room For Our Sex Meeting

  • desipapa
  • October 15, 2015

My name is Akash and I am back with another of my sexcapades. Those who don’t know me can go to my author page and check my other stories. This time, I am sharing the incident which happened during my first job.

After being selected for job, I shifted to Bangalore which was totally a new experience for me. I came out of my home for the first time and everything was new. New city, new people and new independence filled in a lot of excitement in me.

Though I have had fun times before, this was different as there was no one who could stop me now. With excitement, I went to my new office. The first day was to complete the joining formalities, so I went and met the HR of the company. There were total 6 people including me who were joining at the same day. While we 6 were completing the tasks, the HR whose name was Ramya was managing the things.

Ramya was a beautiful south Indian girl of age around 22-23. She had an appealing personality with sexy body. She was jovial and was cracking jokes while talking to us. I being outspoken easily mingled with her and we shared good repo with each other. We both felt strong attraction towards each other and were looking at each other again and again while doing the formalities. Later, I met my team and the day got over with a positive note.

Gradually, I fit in with my team and the days went on normally. After a month, there was a party organized by my office and everyone was invited to a resort on the outskirts of the city. I was enjoying the party with my team and it was going on really good with good food and amazing events. Post evening tea, the dance floor was opened up and everyone was looking forward to dance. I felt happy and excited to dance. Now, who can stop a Punjabi from dancing?

While I was walking towards the dance floor, my eyes sparkled when I saw Ramya on the dance floor. She was definitely dressed to kill. Wearing a blue one piece which was showing off her sexy body was definitely complimenting her beauty. Thin straps on shoulder, neck line showing off her cleavage to the perfection and hem line just 5 inches above her knee level was totally making me go mad for her.

She was dancing with her team and I started dancing with mine. Our eyes met and we exchanged smiles while dancing. Slowly, her friends got tired and went away and grabbing this opportunity, I approached her and we started dancing together. We both were crazy for dancing and really enjoyed dancing together. We danced for hours continuous nonstop, were drenched in sweat but wanted more and more of it. Time for dinner came and we had to stop. Post dinner, party got over and we went back to our homes.

On the way back, I smsed her “Hey Ramya, It was really amazing dance with you and I enjoyed it totally”. Within a minute she replied back, “It was fun and I loved it too. You really dance well and have good stamina. You danced for hours”.

I responded, “Wish it never ended. I have unlimited stamina. You haven’t seen it yet” along with a wink. She replied with a wink, “Will see when time will come”. I understood this would definitely lead to some action.

Things went on and 3 months passed in my job. It was my night shift and I was working in my cubicle when suddenly a text message came from Ramya. The message was “Would love to see your stamina now. Come and meet me in the meeting room on 4th Floor”. I was stunned and as expected, she was ready for the game.

Fourth floor on my office was HR bay and no one worked there in night shift. When I went there, it was completely empty. I walked towards the meeting room with excitement. I knew its only meeting rooms which do not have CCTV in office and that is the reason why she chose meeting room for our sex meeting.

As soon as I opened the door of meeting room, I saw Ramya standing at one corner and showing off her seductive smile. I closed the door, locked it from inside and went straight to her. She said, “Since day 1, you are making me mad for you. I love your style, your attitude and your hotness. I did not have patience to wait anymore thus called you without any formality and wasting time in other pointless conversations. Now come and show me your stamina”.

Without wasting time, I held her in my arms and made her sit on the conference table. I started unbuttoning her shirt while our lips met and our tongues entangled with each other.

We both were in heat and were unstoppable at anything. I removed her shirt and threw it away. Her sexy round boobs encased in designer red bra, were tempting me to suck on them. I opened up her bra and started caressing her boobs which were soft and perfectly round. Nibbling on her erect nipples, I encircled my tongue on them which made her moan. She pulled my shirt and threw it away while I was busy with her boobs and brown nipples. She jumped from the table and kneeled down, opening my trouser. She got rid of my trouser and my underwear and held my dick which was in full form by that time.

With her soft hands, she started stroking my dick and said, “Oh, I am in love with this hard and long dick. Will juice it a lot tonight and drink it all”. Saying that, she opened up her mouth and took my dick inside. Oh, that was a heavenly feel when my dick went inside her mouth and I felt my dick’s tip being encircled by her tongue while her grip on my dick increased. She was moving her mouth on my dick in amazing way and was a pro in giving blowjob. I was simply lost in the feel while she was busy working on my dick.

After around 10 minutes of awesome blowjob, I was about to cum. I told her and she started doing it faster. I came in spurts completely in her mouth and she drank it all. After drinking the cum, she opened her mouth and wiped it clean with her tongue. She said, “Your cum is so delicious. I want more of it.”

I pulled her up and made her lie down on the table. Opened up her trousers and pulled them away along with her wet panties. I felt her smooth legs with my palm and slowly moved my fingers on them. I then started licking her toes which were making her lose herself in ecstasy.

I kissed her calves and moved my tongue on them gradually moving upwards. My hands reached her boobs and I was gently squeezing them, making circular movements. She was lying on the table with her eyes closed, moans coming out from her mouth and I was kissing her thighs slowly and licking them. I reached her crotch and started licking outer skin of her clean shaved pussy. As soon as I reached her pussy, she gave a loud moan and came. I continued licking while she held my head tight in between her thighs and kept cumming. Her whole body was shivering with the feeling of orgasm.

After orgasm, she started breathing heavily and said, “Oh my god! You are crazy. Such an orgasm with just your touch, I never had it before”. I told, “There are many more to come”. I again started licking her pussy, massaging inside of her pussy with my tongue while my hands were doing magic on her upper body. I was digging deep inside her pink pussy with my tongue, biting it gently and sucking the pussy lips and moving my tongue inside her pussy vigorously. She was climbing higher on the levels of ecstasy and came once again with even louder moan. Her cum splashed on my face and made it drenched.

She said, “I came so much that I blacked out for few seconds. Now come and push that real hard dick inside my pussy”. Listening to this, I pulled her towards me and kept the top of my rock hard dick on her pussy while holding her legs in air. She took a deep breath and pulled me towards her, making my dick go deep inside her pussy in one go. Her pussy was hot like furnace and still wet with her cum.

We both were so horny that instantly started giving jerks. I was moving to and fro making my dick go deep inside her wet pussy, reaching its end with each stroke. The whole office was silent and we could just hear loud moans of each other. We both forgot everything and were just busy in having a wild fuck. She was holding me from my waist and I was holding her legs, going on and on with the strokes. The phuch phuch sound was only to be heard apart from our moans. She was moaning loudly and was yelling, “Yeah, come on, Fuck me hard, Come on Akash.. Oh god! Oh God!… I am loving it, Fuck me more…Aaahhhh… been waiting for this a lot. Your dick is so good, you fuck so nice… Fuck me forever Akash. Fuck me always… Aaaaahhh”.

Her moans and yelling made me hornier and I increased my speed. I was stroking vigorously and wildly. Kept on going non stop for long. Suddenly she shouted, “ I AM CUMMING. AAAAAHHHHH”. She literally screamed on top of her voice and came. I could sense her pussy tight around my dick while she came.

I was still hard and continued fucking her. After catching her breath she said, “ Akash, I am your slave. I have had sex before and this is the best sex I ever had. You are truly amazing and I will never ever get over this fuck. I want you to fuck me always and fuck me this way only.” I said, “ Ramya, I would fuck your brains out always”. I kept on stroking madly while she kept on moaning more.

After few minutes, I was nearing my orgasm. I told her that I am about to cum. She jumped and said, “ I don’t want to miss a drop of it”. She placed her mouth on my dick and started giving me blowjob. Within a minute, I came loudly in her mouth. She did not waste a drop of it and drank all of the cum while looking me into my eyes.

After making my dick sucked clean, she got up and we smooched. It took us a minute or two to catch our breath after which we wore our clothes.

She said, “Akash, I stayed late only for this and have been craving your dick inside me since the dance in the party”.

I said, “Ramya, it is awesome that you did not get into all formalities and did not waste time for flirting and anything. I also have been looking forward to fuck you wild since day one”.

She said, “ I know that. That is the reason I called you directly without any botheration. I knew you wanted to fuck me and It was really amazing sex I had with you. Now go to your cubicle and end your work. We have a whole weekend, come to my place after your shift and we will make this whole weekend memorable. “

Saying this she ran out of the meeting room while I was still lost in the feeling of her pussy. Within a minute, I got a text on my phone with her address and request to bring condoms, honey and chocolate sauce. I smiled and realized that this weekend is about to be rocking and wildest.

I walked out of the meeting room and on the way to my floor, called my roomie informing that I would not be home for the weekend. As expected the weekend was crazy and full of sex. More on that later.

As of right now I am in Pune and looking for fun partner. Any female who is looking to spend some nice time, experience joy without any boundations and any worries can reach out to me at I would respect your privacy and also expect the same from you. No one wants to spoil the fun, right? So come out of your boundaries, shedding all restrictions and mail me. Your info is safe and I respect you as a person.

Thanks a lot for reading my story. Hope you enjoyed it.

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