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  • September 14, 2015

Hi I am Usman from Delhi. I am 25 years old Software Engineer. What I am about to tell you took place few months after I had completed my engineering. I was now working in a MNC software engineer. One night at dinner my father said, ‘Usman, my friend Lal Kishen came to see me today.

He is very worried about the studies of his young son Babloo. At the start of the academic year Babloo was doing fine but in the last months his grades are going from bad to worse. He wanted my advice. I told him that my son Usman will take care of him. Why not let him talk to the boy. Maybe he can identify the problem and be of some help. I want you to go and see Lal Kishen uncle tomorrow evening atsix’. ‘Oh no daddy, not tomorrow. I have already fixed up some other program. Would the day after tomorrow at the same time suit Lal Kishen uncle ?’ ‘That should be all right. I will tell him that you will see him the day after tomorrow at the same time’. When I rang the bell of Lal Kishen uncle’s flat, a young girl of about 20-21 years of age opened thedoor. I started to introduce myself, ‘My name is Usman I have co……’ ‘Yes, yes I know who you are. You have come to see Mr. Lal Kishen in connection withBabloo’s studies’, she said interrupting me and laughed merrily and added, ‘See I know who you are and why you are here. I am Neha. I am Babloo’s oldersister. Please come in papa is waiting for you’. I looked at the girl more closely.

She was quite prettywith a nice figure with real big tits. What struck me most was the mischievous twinkle in her eyes and avery naughty smile. I met Lal Kishen uncle and toldhim before I could decide I would like to spend sometime with Babloo to be able to really identify his problem. He said it was fine with him. After threedays I told Lal Kishen uncle, ‘There is nothing wrongwith Babloo. It seems that his mathematics teacherwent a little too fast in the beginning of the academic year or Babloo did not pay enough attentionand he got lost. With time he sank deeper and deeper.Now this is reflecting on his other subjects also.Just give me few months to strengthen his basics. Thenhe will be his old self again’. In the mornings Babloo attend his school. I did not want to forgo myevenings. Therefore it was decided that I would come each afternoon around 3 p.m. for an hour or so to teach Babloo. Each afternoon Neha dressed in a loose house coat, opened the door for me and after the tuition saw me out.

One afternoon when Babloo was tackling some sums I sat chatting with Neha. ‘I haven’t seen your mother is she away?’ I asked her. ‘You don’t know? I lost my mother a year back’ she replied with tears in her eyes. ‘I am sorry. I didn’t know. What do you do?’ I asked. ‘Me? I don’tdo anything nowadays. When mummy was alive, I was doing my masters but after her death I gave up my studies to look after Babloo and run the household’she replied. ‘That was very noble of you’, I teased. She laughed and said, ‘Wasn’t it?’ ‘Doesn’t Lal Kishen uncle plan to marry again?’ I asked. ‘Yes Ithink he does but only after my marriage. I don’t think he wants a wife for himself as much but someone will be required to look after Babloo after I am married’. ‘Congratulations! When is the big day’, I inquired. ‘Nothing has been settled yet. Papa ispursuing the matter with two families’. ‘I am sureyou are looking forward to married life’, I said witha twinkle in my eyes. She blushed and kept quiet. Babloo’s study table was so placed that Neha couldkeep an eye on it from the kitchen door. Babloo satwith his back to the kitchen door and I sat on hisleft. In other words if I turned my head to the rightI could see inside the kitchen. For the first few daysnothing out of the ordinary happened. On the fourthday when I turned my head to the right I saw Nehaframed in the kitchen door making funny faces.Sometimes she would strike dance poses and sometimesdid physical exercises. When she jumped her tits wouldswing wildly. It was like watching TV on a largevertical screen. During the tuition hour Neha served me with tea and snacks. She would sit next to me witha mischievous smile staring at me while I ate. Hereyes followed every movement of mine.

Occasionally shebent forward in such a manner that I got a good viewof her ample cleavage. Whenever she displayed hercleavage she kept staring at my crotch. Naturally whenI saw her big boobs I got a hard on. When she saw thebig bulge in my pants she would smile broadly. Givingme a hard on amused Neha no end. At first I thoughtthat her ‘boob show’ was an accident but soon realizedthat she was doing this on purpose just to see myreaction. After a week Neha appeared wearing salwarkameez in kitchen . At first she just stood therefacing me with her chest out. Her kameez was verytight. It underlined every curve and bulge of herbreasts and body. She then turned showing her profile.Next she would go out of view and appear very, veryslowly. The first part of her body that appeared inthe doorway were her big boobs. No other part of herbody was visible. Then slowly she would appear. Thenshe would slowly walk to the other end of the door andthen repeat the performance from the other side. Dear reader you can imagine what I saw. This game wasgetting more and more interesting but it was playinghavoc with my neck and cock. Next day I changed myposition and sat opposite Babloo so that I could lookstraight at the kitchen door without having to turn myneck. When Neha brought tea and snacks for me she saidwith a naughty smile, ‘Usman why have you changed yourposition?’ ‘This way I can oversee Babloo’s workmuch better’, I replied. She said, ‘Are you surethat is the reason?’ ‘What other reason could therebe?’ I asked her innocently. She laughed merrily andsaid, ‘Liar. I don’t believe you’ and she left with abig grin. In the next two days same programscontinued. I was enjoying myself. On the third dayduring the show she moved her hand sensuously all overher body accompanied by a very sexy _expression andsilently mouthing moans of pleasure.

Friends, thiswas getting a bit too much. As I was leaving that dayI suddenly grabbed Neha and kissed her on the lips andpressed her ample tits. She moaned loudly. Thenregaining her composure she firmly shoved me away fromher and said angrily, ‘Usman tumne mera chumma kyon liyaaur mere mamme kyon dabaye? (Usman why did you kiss meand press my boobs?)’ ‘Kyon ki tu itni khoobsoorathai aur teri chuchiyan bahut hee pyaari hain. Kaashmain inhain nanga dekh sakta (Because you are sopretty and your tits are so sweet. How I wish I couldsee them naked). With anger flashing in her eyes shesaid, ‘Aap bahut hee battameez hain (You are veryrude)’. ‘Tere chuchiyon ne mujhe battameez bana diyahai (Your boobs have made me rude)’ I replied. Nowshe was really angry and shouted, ‘Go. You better gonow’ and pushed me out of the door and slammed it shutin my face. On the way home I thought that this isprobably the end of the game. I was right. For thenext three days I was received by a serious lookingNeha and the tea was served in a very unfriendlymanner. On the fourth day, Neha dressed in a loosehousecoat smiled at me. At first she showed her usualdance poses etc. Then she stood facing me and sexilyundid the top button of her housecoat. This actionbrought us both i.e. my cock and me to immediateattention. Slowly like a stripper she continued toundo more buttons. Then suddenly catching one lapelpulled it aside for a second. I had a fleeting look ofher pretty tit. She repeated this with the other titalso. Then she sexily moved her hand over her bodylike an accomplished strip artist with her mouthshaped as if ‘OOOOing’ and AAHHing’ in ecstasy. Atthe end of each show she laughed silently and her titswould jump up and down.

Fascinated I watched her withlust in my eyes and sat oozing pre-cum. After seeingthat day’s show I got the impression that she wasabsolutely naked under her housecoat. As she wasseeing me off she laughed and said, ‘ Mamme dekh liye?(You saw my tits?)’. On the way home I thought overthe situation and came to the conclusion that Nehadoes want me to fuck her. To be prepared for alleventualities I purchased few packets of condoms. Next morning instead of going to my classes I reachedNeha’s flat and rang the bell. She was surprised tosee me and said, ‘Usman what are you doing here at thishour? Babloo is still in school’. I walked in andlooked around to see if anyone else was there. ‘AliI told you that Babloo is in school. There is no onehere other than me’. ‘I have not come to see Babloo.I have come to see you’ I said. ‘Me?’ she askedsurprised. Pushing her into the bedroom I said, ‘Yesyou and your pretty boobs sweetheart’. ‘No Aliplease don’t touch me’ she protested. By now I hadpushed her on to the bed and was kissing her andpressing her big tits. She moaned loudly. I undid herhousecoat buttons and laid her boobs naked to my gaze. ‘Usman what are you doing? Please let me go. I wasonly teasing you’, she begged. ‘Don’t worry darlingI am going to kiss your big tits. I am not going totease you. You are about to feel the real thing’, Itold her and started to kiss and suck her brownnipples. She moaned louder and said, ‘Oh Usman uu’.While sucking her nipples I undid the remainingbuttons and ran my hand down her body. My hand came incontact with her lower growth. I was right she wasnaked under her housecoat. She lay with her eyesclosed moaning and groaning with pleasure. I ran myfingers between her cunt lips.

With the sensation myfingers were creating her hips started to move up anddown in fuck motion. I shifted my attention to herhairy choot. I sucked and kissed her clit. ‘Oh Aliit is lovely. I have never felt such pleasure before’,she moaned. I kept sucking her clit till she came twotimes amid loud ‘OHHH’s and AAHH’s. Her legs whichwere initially pressed together were now wide open. Ireleased her and quickly undressed. She opened hereyes to see why I had stopped. She saw me standingnaked with a hard on. ‘Usman tum nange kyon hogaye ho?(Usman why have you undressed?)’ ‘Neha main ab tujhechodunga (Neha I am going to fuck you now)’. ‘Nahin!Usman nahin. Please mujhe mat chodna. Mujhe bahut darrlagta hai (No! Usman no. Please don’t fuck me. I am veryscared)’ she pleaded and pressed her thighs togetheragain. I showed her the condoms and said, ‘Darling Iwill make sure that nothing happens’ and lay on top ofher. She kept her thighs together. I rubbed my erectlund between the lips of her wet choot. She moanedwith pleasure. ‘Jaan apni tangain chawrdi kar ke merelaudre ke liye jageh bana de (Darling please open youlegs and make place for my cock)’. She moaned, ‘No.Usman please don’t. Oh don’t’ but slowly her thighsseparated. I placed my lund on the entrance of herheavenly fuck hole and gently pushed forward. To mysurprise my lund slid smoothly inside her choot, amidsoft ‘Oh’s and Ah’s’ from her, without encounteringthe sentinel of her virginity. Her cunt was quitetight and my progress slow. After a couple of short inand out strokes I was fully inside her fuck sheath. Iwas disappointed that dear Neha was not as innocent asshe pretended to be. She had definitely fucked someone before. This was not important at that moment.The important thing was that I was inside her choot. Istarted to fuck her with long slow strokes. I keptvarying the length and speed of my strokes constantly.With each stroke of my lund, Neha’s moans kept gettinglouder and louder.

Her hips started to move up anddown in rhythm of my strokes. Suddenly she raisedher hips pressing them against me. ‘Oh Usman bahutacchha lag raha hai. Mujhe aur tezi se chodo (Oh Aliit feels so nice. Please fuck me faster and harder).Y..hes that is the way. Y..hes yet faster. God I amabout to come. Y..hes faster and harder. Usman uuuu I amCOMMMIIINNNNG’ she shouted and fell back panting onthe bed. After a few more strokes I also poured myelixir inside her choot. For a few minutes we laykissing each other and enjoying the sensations we hadjust experienced. As we lay resting Neha said, ‘AliI had heard that fucking is very enjoyable but I hadnever dreamt that it would be soooo fantasticallygreat’. I was surprised at this comment. ‘Neha youare talking as if this was your first time and youhave not been fucked before’ I asked. She saidangrily, ‘Of course it is my first time. Why? Do youhave any doubt? ‘Well the fact is that when Ientered your choot I did not encounter your hymen,which one usually finds in a virgin choot’ I told her. ‘What hymen? Oh that? That is easily explained. Onenight when I was eighteen I was feeling very hot andhorny. I took a cucumber and tried to put it inside mychoot. It went in a little and stopped. I gave it amighty push. It went in all right but I nearly died ofpain. I quickly took it out. My choot was bleeding.The cucumber was also covered with blood. I was scaredthat I had harmed myself. I never tried it again’ sheexplained. I thought this could easily explain theabsence of the hymen. Before I could say something shesaid with tears in her eyes, ‘Usman I give you my solemnword of honour that you are the only man who has everkissed me or touched me. Usman you do believe me don’tyou? ‘Of course darling I believe you’ I said andkissed her. ‘Neha why all the antics in kitchen Iasked. ‘Oh I see. Well in the beginning I did it justto tease you.

Then that day when you kissed me andpressed my tits saying you wanted to see them naked, Ithought things over and decided it would be nice tomake love to you. Then I tried to seduce you by takingthe initiative. If you had not come today then I wouldhave given you broader hints or maybe just said, ‘Alitum mujhe kab chodoge? (Usman when will you fuck me?),she replied. ‘When you had already decided to fuckme then why all this ‘no, no business’ and otherprotests. ‘Why not? I am a girl. I have the right tosay no and play hard to get’ she said haughtily andthen laughed and added, ‘ I just made sure not toprotest too vehemently. I did not want you to backoff. What do you think of me as an actress?’ ‘Ithink you should get the ‘Oscar’, I told her andtaking her in my arms kissed her. ‘Usman enough oftalking. Did you come here to talk or to fuck me? Nowfuck me’ she commanded. We then fucked till it wastime for Babloo to come home. For the next two monthsor so I visited her at least twice a week. During thistime Neha learnt to suck my cock and loved to swallowmy-cum. One morning as I entered her flat I saw thatNeha was not her usual cheerful self. I asked her,’Neha why so glum today?’ ‘Papa has fixed mywedding. I am to marry in four weeks time’. ‘Congratulations! This is the time for you to be happyand not sad’, I told her. She said, ‘Thanks. Mainsoch rahi thi ab hum kya karenge? (Thanks. I wasthinking what are we going to do now?)’. ‘Hum kyakarenge? Wohi karenge jo hum karte aaye hain. Maintujhe teri shaadi tak chodeta rahunga aur usske baadtujhe tera mian tujhe chodega. Rahi shaadi ke baadmeri baat tau main chodene ke liye koyi aur chootdhoond lunga (What are we going to do? The same whatwe were doing till now.

I will keep fucking you tillyou get married and thereafter your husband will fuckyou. Regarding me, after your wedding I will look foranother cunt to fuck)’ I told her with a smile. ‘Aliyou are incorrigible. Suppose I don’t let you fuck meany more’, she countered. ‘Yes that would pose aproblem. I have an idea. Till such time I find anotherchoot to fuck I could bugger your brother Babloo. Whatdo you say?’ I suggested. ‘You are not going to doany thing of that sort. I love my brother too much. Ithink it would be better if you continue to fuck me’,she said laughing. ‘That is exactly what I had inmind’ I told her and carried her to the bed. Afterwe had fucked once I said, ‘Neha, talking aboutfucking your brother’s ass hole reminds me. Get ready,today I am going to pop your ass hole cherry’. ‘No.Usman, please don’t. Let me at least take one cherry tomy husband’s bed’ she said. ‘Well if that is whatyou want then so be it’ I told her. I kept fucking hertill the day of her wedding. Any horny ladies out there who want to have sex andbroadminded friendship with me can feel free tocontact me at

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