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My Hot Aunty Priya

  • desipapa
  • August 30, 2015

Hi and I’m Amit from Gurgaon and this story is about my hot aunty Priya and my aunt is damn hot, thinking about her has made me horny and she is of white complexion 34 boobs and great milky thighs and I always wanted to have her as my fantasy Queen but I never showed it or rather you can say I was not able to and but who knows what can mind do and I never miss any chance to see each part of her body.

I wish can be made easily but fulfilling it is very difficult it was last month that and I passed my PG so after the tensions were over our family planned to go to our native place. I was very happy as I will get a chance to see my aunt but who knew that this would be the meet that would change my life entirely. The next morning we left our home and started our journey it took around 4 hours in car as we reached there.

We were welcomed and my aunt came near me and touched my chick and said congrats for my results. I was like aaahhh so soft, how it would feel if it touches my dick. Then all of us went to become fresh. I was feeling very hot as it was summer season. So I told everyone that I would take a shower. I went in the bathroom and locked it, Oh my God. What I saw was something very special for me.

I saw some cloths lying in the corner of the bathroom to be washed and I saw there were my aunt’s bra and panty and some other clothes. I just did not wait any more and quickly took those bras and panty in my hands ooohh man one was black in colour while the other was a different kind of bra that can be hooked from front and the white panty I could get that moist smell of her body in those inners.

I took that panty near and smell it while my other hand was just jerking my hard tool down there and friend what will I tell about the smell I got it was musky but it made me very hot man and then I cum and let those clothes lay there and quickly took my shower and came out by then it was dinner time so I switched on to my clothes and went to the dining room.

All of the family members were sitting there I took my sit. Mom asked me to pass on the salad but my aunt told me to sit and she served herself while serving she asked me did you had a good shower and I just replied yes but my mind said something else that I had the most fantastic shower I had in my life. We had our dinner and went to sleep that night I was just thinking of the incident that happened today.

The very next day I got up and saw my aunt cleaning the room. I did not say anything and enjoyed her beauty and she was in a pink blouse and silk saree when she bent down her boobs were seen cling to the blouse it was as if it would come out from that blouse. She went away then I also left my bed and brushed! Mom, dad and uncle were deciding to some place for some rituals when they asked my aunt she refused to go.

I was happy but Mom also invited me go with them and I made a plan because didn’t wanted to miss such a day in vain so and I said that I have stomach problem and mom was very worried and was about to cancel the trip I said don’t cancel the trip for me you please go aunt told that she will take care of me and allowed them to go and I was very happy they left at around 10.30 am in morning.

I and aunty were alone at home aunty told me that if I need anything I can call her without any hesitation saying this she left. I had to do something but how because I can’t let the day go like this and but somewhere I was afraid of that if something bad happens and mom and dad comes to know I am finished so as I was in my aunts room I searched for some inner cause those articles could make my mind silent.

I found one cream coloured bra and black panty and I took it in my hand and sat on the bed by leaning on the wall and just took a bed sheet over me and took my tool in my hand inside the sheet I began smelling the bra as well as panty and jerked my tool as well for a minute and I closed my eyes and thought how my aunt would look in that bra and panty only and suddenly someone cried Amit to my utter it was my aunt and she saw me a bit or fully I don’t know.

I kept my eyes closed without even wasting a second I put those cloths under the bed sheet over me. She was surprised to see me under bed sheet as it was a very hot day. She asked if I was trying to hide something I was afraid and was swallowing my saliva she asked me if I have fever or something. It was like hah relaxed I said no and she said then why is you inside the bed sheet?

I said simply, but she didn’t believed me and came near me to see my body temperature It was ok I believe she smelled something fishy so she tried to uncover me from the bed sheet, the sheet suddenly slipped from my hands and bang finished, she saw her panty and bra besides me. She asked me for an explanation for that I said sorry and she scolded me and said not to repeat this again and when she went back.

I did not know what happened to me but suddenly I said I love you she was shocked and turned back and asked me to say what I said and I could not wait and said all what I had in my mind that I loved her a lot and I used to fantasized her in my day dreams she just watched me and went from there and I was very upset as well, suddenly she called me and said that’s ok, but it should not repeated in future.

I said Ok and smiled at her and then everything was ok, again as if nothing has happened and she gave me my lunch and I had it she too joined me but later and that evening I was bit upset but did not allow prevail that upsetting in my face. I switched the TV on and was seeing some program my aunt came there and sat on the sofa next to me. I did not even have the power to look at her.

She then suddenly said that she was having a mild headache so I asked her if I could help her and she said yes and said to apply balm on her head and she called me in her room as she would rest there. Suddenly my dirty mind planned a game I said her I know a physique method of preventing headache she agreed. I told her to close her eyes and sleep sound without making a noise or else the process won’t work so she laid silently.

I saw here and there and saw some peacock feathers and I brought one of them and placed it on her face and circled round and round on her face she felt some fickleness which I could see then without her permission I went down to her feet and she asked what I was doing. I just said shussssss, then my plan started I just circled and circled the feathers on her legs and boldly went up to her thighs.

I was happy she did not hesitate then slowly by slowly I went up and I could see the white panty. One thing made me so happy that I can’t express. I saw that her white cotton panty was wet by my reactions this time and I was more bold enough and threw the feathers and touched her with my hands and I went near her panty and the heat she was emitting was so strong that and I was sure that she is now mine then leaving her pussy.

I went to her assets so soft so big. It was like a dream then I removed her saree and her blouse and pressed those melons as hard as I could ishhsss haaa press harder Amit harder yes yes then she took my hand and put it on her panty at that moment the curve. She gave amazing she bent like a bow ohhhhh Amit yes and I opened her panty and put my lips on her pussy it smelled musky but full of lust oh what will I tell.

I was in heaven as if and she bent up and down and I put my fingers in her pussy and she shouted shh yes you are right Amit yesssss ahhh make your aunt cum, make her cum ya baby more fast faster than a ahhhh as she cum in loads ohh my face was full of her cum she got up and licked my face on each and every part. She said now it’s your turn.

I slept on the bed and opened my pants my tool just popped out like a hungry lion tied to a big pillar and she took my dick in her hands and the feeling I had was just inexpressible and she blowjob me spiting on my cock and sucking up to down. It was very naughty but that made me mad about her and then I took her on the bed and inserted my cock into her pussy deep.

I gave very hard strokes that made her shout ahhhhh faster then and she cum hot again after a while I cum too on her belly button and we hugged each other. Aunt asked me to promise not to say anyone. So from that day onward we didn’t get any further chances to have sex and but we are still waiting for a day and any girl or aunty who is interested can mail me at

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