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My Heartfelt Wish Come True With Mom

  • desipapa
  • October 28, 2015

Hi friends,

My name is Rachit. I am from Delhi. Now I am a student of B.A in Delhi university. I am 25years old. Tall boy about 5ft 9inch height. Good athletic body. My dick size is 9inch long and 3inch thick.

So friends without taking your much time. I directly come to the story. This incident happened with me last two years means in 2013.

Friends first of all I want to describe my mom. Her name is Rani. She 47years old. Her size is 38-34-40. She is fair. And have sexy curves on good places.

So story start from here. It was the time of summer. After July I took admission in college for my graduation. So I start going to my college. I am lover of aunties 25+ age from my early 15 age. So always wants to fuck an aged aunty in my life. So I always tried to get a chance to touch aunties body and boobs and ass in buses and metro. One when I come home early I found my mom was taking bath that time and when I was going to my bed through drawing room. I found my mom’s bra there on the sofa. First I ignore it but don’t know what happen to me I come back and take that bra and kissed it. Then I look at bra size. It was 38.

So my dick make a tent in my pant so I thought to watch my mom. I went near bathroom and peeped into key hole and see. My mom was taking bath inside. She was rubbing her boobs. There was soap bubbles on her big boobs. So I just rub my dick in my pant and went in my room.That time my mind fully changed. When I was in my room. I was thinking about my mom and I was masturbating in my mom fantasy.

After jerk off in my room I come back to drawing room and I found my mom was wearing her clothes. She was just in panty and then she turned back and she just ask me normally when, “did you come”. I replied her, “when you were taking bath.” then she asked me, “what do you want to eat ?”

I said, “i had my lunch at my college canteen.” then she said, “ok.”

And she wear that red bra and went into kitchen then I went to my friend house but my mom and her figure was in my mind all the time. I come back in evening. Then my mom asked to take dinner. I said, “ok”. And after taking my dinner I went into my room and take my dick and fantasy about my mom and stroke my dick. After jerk off that night I felt very odd and think why I am doing like this ? Even she is my mom who gave me birth.

Then I thought again I will not do that and next morning I wake up. My mom told me that today your father is going to australia for 3 months and from tonight you and me will be alone here. So after listening this words to my mom mouth. The ghost of sex inside me wake up and my dick make a tent in my pant. And at that time I thought if I get a chance to fuck mom during this time. So I thought I will do everything to fuck mom now. So in evening me and mom drop my father at airport and come back to home.

After coming home mom put off her salwar suit and wear a nighty. She was looking so stunning and sexy. Then I went to my room and take off my pant and wear my short. It was very loose and I came to drawing room then we both start to watch t.V and I was also looking at mom and then my dick arouse and it make a tant in my pant. After some time my mom look at me and she smile. I did not get that why she was smiling.

After that I went to my room and just take off my short and take my dick and started to masturbating. During masturbating. I forgot about close the door and when I cummed and open my eyes. I found my mom standing near me angrily and watching at me and my dick. I said, “mom, what are you doing here?” my mom said, “i think I should ask this question to you.” then my mom said why do you do this bad thing. I said, “mom sorry.” she ask,”just answered me.” I said I feel good when I do that.

She said my son its harmful. Even you are not doing it in proper way. I was stunned after listen that. She said, “you should do it in gentle and proper way. To this you will not get hurt and your dick is so good and big you take care always your dick.” then I replied, “but mom I don’t know how to do it in proper way?” she said ok I will teach you and she take my dick in her hand and start stroking forth and back. Then she said just lye down on bed and I lyed down and she sit beside me and stroke my dick and around half hour she make me cum.

Then she said do it whenever you want in this way. But you should not do that if you want to do then do sex with any of your girlfriend. Then I tell her mom I don’t have any girlfriend. Then she said find one for you and try to leave this habit. I said ok mom. It was like a dream for me that night and when I woke up and went to take breakfast. I was very nervous so I could not make any eye contact to my mom. Take my breakfast and when I was about to stand up my mom asked me that how was your night I said it was good mom.

Then she said ok. Then she asked again you did. I said no mom. Then she asked how you feel when I was masturbating ? I said I was feeling like I am in a heaven mom. She said you have a hard and big dick and if you fuck any lady she can get full satisfaction and she will be fond of your dick so try to get any lady. I said ok mom.

Then she asked me have you every fuck any lady then I got stunned after hearing all this things to my mom and I said nothing just down my head. Then she said no need to shy beta. I am your mom I want to take care of you so tell me. I said yes mom I fucked. She asked to whom ? I said one of my friend mom. She said woww. How you feel that time ? I said so good she said don’t you want to fuck any lady now ?

I said I want mom but I dont have any. She said fuck. I was stunned after hearing this and thought in my mind yes my mom sure. I said but you are my mom. She said yes I know but first time I found a big dick like you my son and I want to get fuck with you. I said but mom if dad come to know this then she said he will not come to know about all this and you have three months. If you want just say yes and your mom is your wife. I said yes mom but why you want me to fuck you. Daddy dont fuck you. You are not satisfied with him. She said he fuck me but he didn’t satisfied me. So I said ok. Then she came near me and rub my dick on my pant.

I took her big boobs and kissed her lips.Then I said come mom on couch. She came and I make her sit in my lap and we start our foreplay. I take off her night and bra and start to suck her boobs. And kiss her on her kips and neck. Then I lied down her on couch and kiss on lip then lick her neck and then lick her navel and then I just put my mouth on her black panty on the point of her big bun pussy. And try to cut her pussy with my teeth then she start moaning aaaa aaahh aaaahhh aaaaahm

Then I sit on floor and put off her panty and wide her legs and lick her pussy. Her pussy was clean shaved. I lick her pussy lips and after some time she release her pussy juice and I drink it.Then I stand up put off my clothes and she put off my pant and underwear and took my dick in hand and start to suck my dick. I was feeling like I was in heaven.

First time I was having sex with my real mom. Then she suck my balls. And afrer some time with a loud moan I release my cum in her mouth with aaaaah oooohh aaaahh aaahh sound. And she dranke it. Then she spread her leg and asked to fuck but I asked her should I use condom. She said I don’t like condom. Just fuck me without condom. Then I rub my dick on her pussy and tried to enter my dick but her pussy was so tight so I said mom your pussy is so tight. She said just tear your mom pussy today my son with your huge dick. I said ok and push my dick in her pussy and she moan

And I start to fuck her in missionary position. And I fuck her like this about 15 minutes. Then I take her on my dick and she start to ride on my dick like she was riding on a horse and she was moaning like aaah aaah aaah aah aahh aaaahh yesss yess yess my son yess yeaaah so hot my son so hot

After fucking some time like this she stand up and said fuck me in doggy style and made her doggy and first lick her pussy from back and spit on her pussy and and on my dick and enter my dick in her pussy. Her pussy was more tight before then. And I stroke her pussy continuously. And she was moaning like aaaahhh my son your dick is so big. Fuck me. Fuck me your bitch mom. Fuck hard.

Fuck fuck fuck fuck me my son.

Then I fuck her and after some time I was about to cum then she said cum in my mouth and I cummed in her mouth.

After this day my mom and me fuck everyday.

So friend how was my story ?

Please tell me your opinions. I am new so not know how to write but I will tell you many of my life real incidents.

Please send your opinions at my email :-

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