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  • desipapa
  • August 31, 2015

Hi! All Fans!! This is Zinat from Bangladesh again. Hope you all have read my past two experiences with my brother. Today I am back with another story of mine. This is about a lady from India who had read my stories and wanted to spend her vacation with my brother and me. Her name was Rina. She was 38 years old business lady and divorced. She said she was extremely horny but was untouched by any guy for more than 5 years. She was attracted towards young boys, but didn’t find any suitable one. After reading my story, she decided to have fun with us. At last, the day of her arrival came and we both went to receive her at the airport. It was about 5 pm. We saw her coming out of the lounge. She sent her pic. So we didn’t have any problem to recognize her. We went to her and welcomed her. She was very happy to see us. She embraced me very hard immediately in the public and gave me a kiss. It was a bit embarrassing. But I already knew she was not lying about her horniness.

We began walking towards the taxi stand. As we walked, I stared at her. She had maintained a tight body. Her figure was terrific! She had fair complexion with reddish cheeks. She was about 5ft 8inch with 38-28-40 size body. She wore a light colored transparent sari with sleeveless blouse. She tied the sari much below the navel and even a girl like me was watching her boobs and navel with lustful eyes. I wondered what guys do. I was walking behind her and was watching the dance of her shapely buttocks. I couldn’t but admire her shapely thighs. I suggested to go to the hotel and get fresh. We took a taxi and went to the hotel. On the way, she kissed me many times and touched my sensitive parts. She whispered in my ears that she had waited too long and as the time is coming near, she cant wait longer. I smiled and understood her condition. Finally, we reached the hotel. We checked in and went to the room. As soon as we settled with the luggage and other things, she sat on the bed and made me sit at beside her. She started french kissing me very passionately. Finally, I told her that it was a long journey and she should rest first. She smiled and asked me to sit and stay with her that night. But I told her that my hubby wont allow me to stay anywhere else at night. She understood. But she looked a bit disappointed. Then suddenly her eyes lit up and she asked me, “How about a shower together?” I smiled and agreed. We both were getting ready. We entered the bathroom. We got rid of our saries. I stared at her now. She was in her tight sleeveless blouse and petticoat tied long beneath her navel. Her long black hair was flowing allover her back. Her really big breasts were standing proudly on her beautiful figure. The blouse was not enough to hold those big globes.

I could see how hard her nipples were. I was getting aroused by it too. Her big deep navel was very much arousing for even a girl like me. She was smiling too. She came forward and embraced me hard. Her large breasts brushed against mine. Soon I was standing with my head back and she was massaging my scalp. Soon we were kissing and our tongues were in each other’s mouth. I broke the kiss and started fondling her 38D boobs which were caged in her blouse. I unhooked it and the two big breasts pooped open infront of me. I held them each in my hands and start to rub the erect light brown nipples. I pulled her down to me and slipped a nipple in my mouth and began to tease it with my tongue. Rina was now moaning and breathing very heavily. I sucked her nipples taking turns for about 15 minutes and by now my pussy was wet and my panties were damp. Now She caught my tits and squeezed them. She quickly took off my blouse and untied the knot of my petticoat. It dropped down. I was in my bra and panty before her. She kissed me again on my lips and ran her tongue on my chin and down to my neck and in my cleavage. Next my bra was off and she was sucking my juicy tits much better than I had sucked hers, while her hand was inside my panty, feeling my cunt. She slid down my panty and exposed my pussy. First she rubbed it with her finger and started to lick and suck it.

She was driving me mad with ecstasy, her tongue was all over my cunt. She was a bit sloppy doing this but still I liked it. Next we both were soaping eachother and teasing eachother. We rubbed our slippery bodies with eachother and had a wonderful bath. After that, we dried ourselves and dressed. We then finished our dinner. Then the plans for next day was fixed and she kissed me goodbye. She didn’t forget to remind me to bring my brother with me. The next morning I went there again. I knocked the door and heard her voice saying, “Come in.” I entered the room. But didn’t see anyone. Then suddenly the bathroom door opened and she came out after having a shower. Rina entered the room wearing only a large towel. She looked absolutely stunning. My breath was held as she tried to take in the image of perfection before her. Smooth shoulders, graceful legs that seemed to go on and on, the towel wrapped tightly around her body pushed and moulded her breasts, making them even more desirable. Rina walked over to me and pushed me back on the bed, Rina leaned over and said jokingly, “seen enough”. I was taken over by the urge to rip the towel from this beauty. Rina reached up and opened her towel. Then Rina pulled the pallu of my sari down and opened the blouse hooks. Then she pulled my bra away and I was gasping in delight as Rina leaned right over and ran her fingers along the curves of my breasts, massaging and kneeding them gently. Running the tips of her fingers over my nipples. Rina bent her head over and started to kiss the whole area of my breasts, carefully avoiding the rock hard buds which were straining out to reach her mouth. She licked all over, this time lightly brushing the rigid nipples with her tongue.

I was excited. I arched my back, making moaning sounds. Rina opened her mouth and closed it round my taught nipple, sucking gently, nibbling. Sucking harder as her other hand worked its way down. Rina’s hand snaked up my petticoat, to the lace of my panties. Running her fingers lightly over the fabric, reaching for the flowing wetness. She then pulled my sari off me and her hand moved to the knot of the petticoat. She started to take my petticoat down slowly. I let out a gasp, and scrambled out from under Rina. I pulled her towel. She was thrusting her enormous breasts forward. I saw her enormous tits and the dark subcircle around them. Then I massaged her breasts. I could feel the heat from her, and smell her seductive bodily scent. I got rid of my clothes. She reached out and brushed her hands across my nipples, eliciting a cry of something best described as a frantic purr! I took her panty off. The flesh around her cunt was very enlarged and distended. She spread her thighs. Then she took several fingers of both hands and unfolded the lips of her and I could see the innermost parts of her vagina. We were in each other’s arms, laughing and crying at the same time. Our breasts were matched, nipple to nipple, and were pressed and rubbed together with the natural lubrication supplied by her. My hand was measuring her breasts. With another hand I was caressing her stomach, waist, hip , thighs. I went up and licked her face, her ears, her lips, hers shoulders, eyes, neck. I then began squeezing her boobs very hard. She began moaning very loudly. I kissed her forehead, chicks, eyes, nose, ears. I went back and squeezed her beautiful big butt.

I massaged her back. I loved her wide back. I started licking her like anything. She was moaning. I caressed her breasts, staomach. I began fucking her deep big naval with my forefinger. I squeezed her stomach, licked her waist. I squeezed and licked her skin folds at the belly. Then I took both her nipples in my fingers and slightly pressed those. I was pressing her nipples very hard and I kept doing it for a long time. Then she turned round and kissed my face and licked it very hard. She started squeezing my shoulders, my back. She was kissing me very hard on my eyes, my cheek, my lips, she was licking my nose, ears. Then she started licking my face and going down towards my chest. She sucked my nipples and caressed my back. She licked my back and rubbing it very hard, massaging hard. Rina took my one boob in each hand and kissed and licked them avidly all over. She tongued down into the cleft between them, painting the spray of freckles there with her saliva. She paid particular attention to my nipples. Shifting her weight slightly, she sat down and draped her upper body across my tummy, with her knees curled up against her body and a breast in each hand. She continued making love to my tits, sucking avidly on the left one while flicking her thumb over the right nipple. Then her tongue began its odessy again, trailing saliva down my ribs and across my belly.

She licked my navel. I was caressing her head. She went further down to my feet licking from my thighs. She again came up to my thighs, all the way licking. When she felt those curls against her cheek, she pivoted her head slowly, and her tongue dragged up the thigh and across my pussy lips. I had stiffen against her. Rina then went back across those lips with her tongue, bump-bump, like a car crossing railroad tracks. Again I stiffened. Rina went back and forth several times, whipping her tongue across the lips, before finally stopping, curling her tongue into a little probe, and plunging it between those lips. I bucked and moaned. “Ooooooooh…. Yeeeeaaaaaah… I like it…” Rina now began an up and down lashing with her tongue. She was stretched out alongside me, draped partially over my tummy, with her knees near my head, nearly the classic 69 position. As she dipped her tongue deeper and deeper between my pussy lips, I also got closer to that nub of her clit. I responded with each swipe. Soon I was lifting her hips in excitement to get closer to that tongue, humping up towards Rina’s eager mouth. I turned partway to face Rina, giving some much-needed relief to the older woman’s neck. Then, I tugged gently at her legs, urging her to kneel on either side of my head. She did so. She felt the tentative touch of my fingers. I was using both hands to play with her pussy lips. I pulled them gently apart. “Oh Rina, you’re gorgeous,” I sighed. Rina lifted her head, swallowed some of my juice and replied, “You are, too, baby.”

Then she lowered her head back into my pussy, and felt me sigh deeply. I slipped one, then two fingers into the older woman’s pussy, scooping out the juice. Then I sucked it off my fingers. Delicious! I lifted my head and plunged my tongue between the folds of my lover’s pussy. She ground herself against that tongue. I loved the fact that I was so successful at eating pussy, and redoubled my efforts. I was soon rewarded as Rina’s groans signified an impending orgasm. “Ohh, Ohhhh, OOOHHHH!” came the moans, and with a final groan, Rina’s juices gushed into my mouth, where there were avidly savored and swallowed. As soon as her orgasm subsided, Rina dove back into the pussy before her. She rolled her hips, and the pair switched positions, with me now on top. Using her hands, Rina urged me upright, until I was resting on her knees, grinding my pussy against her tongue. Rina licked and sucked voraciously, finally, her tongue concentrated on my clit, and I squealed through my orgasm. I was out of my mind. I arched my back, bit and scratched Rina. I moaned loudly – no I didn’t moan, I was screaming. We lay there exhausted for sometime, embracing eachother and kissing passionately. After that we dressed in our saries and chatted. After 15/20 minutes, we heard knocking at the door. I went to open. It was my brother and told Rina that. She was very glad. She went to receive him. She pulled him towards her and kissed him. He was embarrassed. We went to the bed. She sat down and made both of us sit at her both sides. He was feeling very shy. He have never done anything except one-on-one sex. And also this older lady was totally stranger to him. But along with his embarrassment, I also saw a tent in his pants that was the result of his hard-on.

She also noticed it and then she whispered in my ears, “How about teasing this cute shy boy for sometime?” I thought it wasn’t a bad idea. We smiled looking at eachother. Both of us stood infront of him and began to open our saries. We were now in only blouse and petticoat, the sexiest dress for desigirls. His eyes were popping out and I saw some movement in the tent of his pant. By now we all were very much aroused. Rina went to him and began French kissing him. The juicy kissing sound was enough to make me crazy. He was kissing her violently and at the same time was squeezing her big boobs very very hard. Her moaning sounds were increasing with time. Rina’s body seemed to melt all over him. His hands found her beautiful butt and began squeezing. I couldn’t take that much longer. I joined. I kissed on both of their cheeks, necks and rubbed my body against them as they were still french kissing eachother. Rina looked at me and smiled and licked my face. Then we both knelt in front of him. Rina pulled his pant and underwear down. His glorious dick swung open. It was hard and ready. Rina smiled at him. She held it tight and did a little back and forth. Then she began sucking his dick while I played with his balls. I could see her mouth clearly as she slurped back and forth on his dick. “He has a nice cock!” Rina whispered back to me. She simply kept kissing his dick, up and down, along the sides, up to the head and back down again. When she got to the bottom, she planted several kisses on the ball sack and my lips and then continued her way back up the shaft again. We two girls were driving him wild. He was feeling a new experience. Here he was with this stranger lady sucking voraciously at his prick while his own gorgeous sister playing with his balls. He was watching her lips as she slid her mouth up and down on him, taking fully half the length of his cock into her mouth on every stroke.

He felt his balls tighten. Then Rina felt the nice dick in her mouth jerk and she knew she was about to get a mouthful. She pulled her head back until only the end was in and sucked hard. She was rewarded with a big spurt of CUM quickly followed by another and another. She swallowed his spurts as fast as she could. It was very sexy watching her throat muscles work at swallowing the CUM. I licked her throat. Some cum oozed out of her mouth and I got them as my share. Finally, he finished cumming. But as always, his dick was still hard and was swinging up and down. She looked at me in surprise and told me that’s why she liked young guys. He was lying back on the bed. She gave the cock a kiss. She climbed over him and took off his top also. Now he was fully naked. She took his head in her hands and kissed him full on the lips for about a minute then pressed him against her chest. He was rubbing and pressing his face against her big blouse covered breasts. Then he began squeezing those big melons hard, very hard, while kissing and licking her neck and throat. He was wild by now. He went on top of her and started kissing her very hard and massaging her boobs. She was moaning, “MMMMMMMMHHH”. He stopped kissing and moved his mouth over her tits and began biting her nipples over her clothes. She said, “AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH. Don’t get mad, do slowly”. Then he made her sit up and slowly unhooked her blouse and then pulled the knot of her petticoat and threw it away. She was only in her bra and panty. Again he pushed her onto the bed and squeezed her balls very hard and she screamed, “AAAAA HHHHHHH”. He removed her bra and popped out the beautiful really big globes. He began sucking and biting her nipples, all the while she was moaning and groaning and saying, “YES!YES!” For about 10 minutes he did this and slowly moved his hands in between her thighs. And rubbed by the time he reached her cunt she was so wet that when he slid her panty off it got stuck to the pussy lips. I was watching all the time. But it was hard for me to stay still by now.

I removed my clothes and began fingering myself while watching this incredible scene. He moved down and spread her legs and put his tongue in there. Once again she said, “AAAAAA AAAHHHH”. As he was licking and sucking her pussy she was wriggling like an eel. And saying, “YEAH!YEAH! More honey more! I want to cum good.” He inserted one finger also while sucking her pussy and was finger fucking her at the same time. She was going mad with pleasure and moving up and down in ecstasy, suddenly she said, “I’m cumming and came in a gush of juices. He lapped them up and took some for me to taste and I licked his mouth and lips dry. He was still very hard. She saw it, smiled and moved downward. She faced the wall and sat on his belly. She began moving her hands allover his chest. He was getting wild and wild. She then moved a little down and positioned her cunt right over his hard penis which was throbbing in excitement. She then lowered herself onto his prick. As it was going in, she was saying, “OUCH! OUCH! AAAAAAAHHHHHHH”. Once it was inside, she began the horse ride, pumping up and down, up and down, from behind he grabbed her boobs and squeezed them and pulled and pressed the nipples. She began screaming, “OUCH! YEAH! YES! AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH.” I was fingering myself. But I couldn’t take much longer. I moved over him and sat on his mouth. He kissed my butt and began licking my pussy and asshole. I was also screaming now. She turned round, facing me, still the dick inside her cunt. I saw the passion, the horniness in her eyes. She again began riding her.

Her massive boobs were jumping up and down furiously. I couldn’t resist myself from grabbing those beautiful things and beginning to squeeze hard. She was riding him like a horse, I was squeezing her boobs and he was sucking me from pussy to asshole. We all were moaning and was at the pick of excitement. None of us ever had any experience like that before. Then suddenly I felt the world crushing down on me. My body jerked and I came all over his face. He was licking my juices. I came and came and came… I lost control and lay beside them. Then I saw him grabbing her boobs again and squeezing hard. Both of them were moaning. He was gripping her boobs and occasionally biting her nipples. Suddenly he whispered, “I am coming, Rina.” Rina began moving even faster. In no time, a sigh came out of his mouth and his boob-squeezing got slower. He began coming. But in a very few moment, I heard a long slow moan from Rina, “AaaaaaaaaaaaaHhhhhhhhhhhhh…”. She came very hard and gripped his hands and bit her lips, her eyes were closed. She fell on him and they were breathing heavily, but still she was kissing him violently, his dick still inside her and his hands squeezing her butt. After a few minutes they moved in a 69 position. She came on top of him with her pussy on his mouth. He began sucking her and she put his whole cock in her mouth. She was moaning and groaning as a result of his licking, “MMMMMMM MHHHHH”. “HHHHAAAA AAHHHH HH”, she kept saying from time to time.

Then she turned to me and said, “Honey, your brother is great! Now its your turn.” Rina glued her lip with mine and her hands cupped and squeezed my breasts. I found myself kissing her, slowly and deeply, her tongue probing the depths of my mouth, and bringing the heat in our bodies to full flame. We pressed in hard against each other, running our cunts as our tongues intertwined. She was pinching each nipple between her thumb and fore-finger as we ground against each other. The focus of lust in my cunt grew unbearable. She spread her legs for me as I hovered above her. My gaze was drawn, as if be a magnet, to her soft, warm pussy and I reached out my hand hesitantly to touch it. He was behind me, his hands cupping my breasts and his tongue licking my neck as he leaned over my shoulder. “Kiss it, baby. Eat my cunt” I heard Rina whisper and I was irresistibly drawn to it. He got around beside me and put his hand on the back of my head, gently pushing me down into Rina’s clit. I was immediately rewarded with a gasp of pleasure from her as she lifted her hip and pushed his hands out of the way so she could bury my face in her own beautiful pussy. I swept my tongue across her cunt lips, up and down, and shot my tongue deep inside her when I hardened it into a stiff pink “V”.

I wriggled in to get closed to her as Rina’s hands gripped my hair and held me firmly in place. Rina’s moans and screams of pleasure were enthusiastic, telling me how well I was doing each time I touched her clit. The only time her hands left my hair was to spread her luscious cunt lips wider. He had grown hard and stiff again just from watching all the action. He got back around me, kneeling in much the same way that I knelt behind her sweaty thighs, and began playing with my pussy, checking it for sweatiness and occasionally spreading it downwards with his hands. At the same time I could sense him taking his blood engorged cock into his hand and teasing my asshole and cunt. He would stick just the tip in my pussy and sweep gobs of love juice down into my anus. Then he would try me there, prodding against the tight, puckered opening with insistent force. Finally I could stand it no longer the next time he put his prick in my pussy, I lifted my head and pressed back into him, so hard that his thickness was embedded to the hilt. Rina screamed, “Oh, god, don’t stop! Don’t stop eating my pussy!”, and reached up frantically to bring my head back down. But she didn’t have to worry. I had no intention of stopping eating her. He began pounding my pussy grabbing mounds of flesh at my hips as he straightened his back and thrust into me with merciless intensity. Rina was squirming about on the bed so frenzied that I could barely keep her still long enough to find her sweet pussy and eat it some more.

But when I did find it, her shuddering climax seemed to trigger my own and I shot over the edge with a rush. My pussy tightened convulsively around my lovely brother’s thrusting cock and I felt it leap inside me, spraying my insides with semen. Rina moaned mindlessly, flailing her arms on the bed as my sweety poured his load in me and she came. As for me, all of my joints and muscles had experienced a unique pleasure and I was lying there unmoving. The three of us came almost simultaneously, a mind-warping, bone jarring explosion that left us weary and exhausted. He slowly slid out of my cunt and the three of us nestled in a panting heap of arms and legs on the bedspread. (Comments are welcomed at

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