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My Great Lover

  • desipapa
  • September 9, 2015

Hello readers, this Judy from South India I read this column when i urge in sex. There are some real and friction I like both of them . I tell my genuine experience which I had enjoyed in depth of my heart there are some names and places will be untold for privacy or secret. By profession I am teacher married with one kid my husband working in aboard. I had happy married life with families i care much. But  i was also woman and had desire before getting married i was not virgin my first sex was with my college boyfriend who I had spent 2 years but then later we broke of issue marriage I know I was used in bed. After delivery I had put weight on my buttocks ,thighs and tummy I was totally change my figure I got healthy figure still I was having sex appeal in 31 years . I used travel from city to my house by city bus after my school it was around to be 1.30 pm pass .the day pass I missing my husband very much in night too the sex pleasure was making me mad even I gets irritates at class room .There are one of 3 bus I used travel daily I had saw a guy used to glances me. My nature was to be not like fall easily with boy I colleges and till now. I ignore him he just gets down 7 stop of mine. When I saw him he was decent guy working cute and not that fair complexion but wearing formal shirt and pant he look like smart man.
Days  used go I started to enjoy his glances the moment I look way his eyes move other side I don’t take any moves knowing myself married woman no more ruined my  life as my boyfriend used me but tell you truth he was not good in bed cum very fast and foreplay was less then his works. I impressed much by husband. There some time we wait bus stop or sit at same seats there where hardly we looks. One day I asked him did the bus gone he replied me no with smile so sweet and cute he was. That night I missed my husband very much even I spoken to him for long time. Slowly we exchange smile then hello later our names lastly some small chat we used to English rather then local tongue. Here is my email id as all gives for

We get closed and I started to like and he became my friend sharing lot of things he was working in professional field. He came in my heart with lot of joy and happiness I treat him my best pal. I will come to point now Sunday was my birthday he knew that so he asked me birthday treat on Saturday why not so told him that it will afternoon time I will leaving soon if he can manage earlier possible.  Spot was decide he came with gift wrap he wish me then we gone some brunch rest I order some he did his. He gave lot comments on my lovely dress I had wore pinky dress with frill arms sleeves  we where chatting I feels his thighs on mine that was happen many time and also I liked his flirting to me in night or bath I imagine this guy. We were sitting in corner seats together which was black after talks he gave his gift  told me to unwrapped at home I feels so nice and his generosity I cheeks pack kiss  to him giggles he smiled and return he came to my face I looked his eyes when came close I know will do same I forward my cheeks closed my eyes he touch my lips my his lips oh I open my eyes saw the thrilling in me I was shocked what to do feels nice also i oppose him he hold my hands kiss more while then stop we took long breath I used like his flirting not thought anything further . he asked how I am feeling now I said okay we should not do this in public .


I was not what I saying that moment I caressing my arms not here right we go some where I was quite he wrapped one hand around my arms I told to stop . its okay I won’t hurt you I will take care just one more and he pushed my face towards his lips this I invite by open my lips he gave kiss one by one touch I was enjoying this which is untouched by long time. Once I sense his tongue wanted to come in my mouth I broke I really scared of this act I requested not to do anything he understand situation we resume our chat but this more fun holding and touch and same spoon feeding each other his hands were doing naughtiness i asked what he wants now he very politely asked me he needs more tastes of mine lips let us go some  places I said it is enough now he requested me I also want to enjoy more  so we went by near by beach  it was afternoon time very rear people comes it was safe for us .we cross many miles to get isolate  area there were bushes we sat when he came close mine with smile I told clearly I am for few 10 mins we will go soon. he gave his assurances we touches then he kiss mine I hold his both shoulder I join his our smooching was in air it was tight lip lock kisses  when we broke he rejoicing the moments  I wipe my lips he asked me its am bad tastes no was my reply he looking mine burst area I shyly put my head down his eyes still stares at boobs.lets go now only more time we will move after , his eyes searching mine boobs I don’t what was crazy things done in my life i pulled my dress done showed bare skin of boobs still I was pulling them once my cleavage visible he said stop very hot boobs you have. We begin kissing his hands were coming to my boobs I stop he insists when massage i got current he wants me to put down he was very hot wants me there. Some I stop we apart look our lips wet he said sorry for forcing me. With my smile he got relief then we spoken on night about kiss I was blushing while speaking on cell he said he had missed the birthday tastes hope I will love if you trust me. On birthday day i spoken my husband I felt I am doing bad and unfaithful to my husband at same I am missing the sexual pleasure which is waiting for me.


There were times had dates which we would end up with kiss even massages boobs. In bathroom or nights i fingers my pussy just bring his thoughts I get wet. I was tried best to save my loyalty but mine desire urging me. He doesn’t had great height he was 5.5ft normal and average guy once we were smooching in standing this was time pose he making me wild his hands went on my bums crush them hard I arched bite his lips he was hot guy he hugged me tight want to open blouse I told not do anything here we will caught he said he can’t wait any more he wants sex with me. This is leading now I was lost not knowing future act. Some how I got depart from there that day he call on cell had very sweet chat. There was betrayal and sexual pleasure   to choose mind were rushing to sexual pleasure obviously that would hot sex. Early we chat about the external relationship how they had in sex story site. We mate one day I used giggles and he was hot guy urging me then I said I need time for few days. I was wants me very badly he kiss asked me to think fast said trust him he want be ruined my married life. 3 days I was lost attentiveness in class room and home I feeling hot difficult to pass the days his magic had amazing when and how to tell my feelings to I am woman. As routine he gives calls to at night we have not mate for 8 days more. I asked him how is going on he directly told me that it is difficult for him pass days at least once he want me in bed he praises my body. I know how men are if they don’t get fucked in life they will go crazy. After long talks I said we can go to the hotel but only once he agrees. Next night he call me this was lovely words using by him then he requested if I agree can we stay for long time I said why he said this will be our first sex and last so he wants enjoy more I agree with him for pleasure but took promise from him.


So we both took leave from work it was Saturday I have told my sister in laws that I will be late as they were nice. I was happy to enjoy the pleasure I wore skirt and blouse he was jeans / t shirt. We went to room he came close to me I was smiling him waiting his. we chat about sexual topics once we were in sexual love making he kiss me I shyly response his kiss the while kiss I sat on bed we begin to hot smooching long time I breath very deep he massaging boobs over blouse I was enjoying his lips I don’t when he had open my blouse once his hands touch my bare skin ob boobs I broke he asked me relax I will go slow my blouse was open white bra he was staring me. He took off t shirt removed shoes I was hot and scared what will end up. He removed my blouse and kiss me while then caress my top I was aroused now my low moaning hiss the room he was kiss my lips then neck massaging boobs his hands travel inside my bra gave squeeze once I arch back feel on the bed he came over my body while squeezing boobs my boobs were hard and nipples erect  I move my head with pleasure side by at same time moans he feeling good he too had his hot voice audible in my ears my boobs were bare saw his face was crush in my cleavage kissing them , sucking nipples .i brushed his head with pleasure he know that I was hot now after long time male that pampering  he got his hands at back of my skirt unzipped removed down I was fair in color he got mad when he saw my glow thighs and sexy panty. I giggles by eyes asked him  he said I look hot and sexy figure I showed my finger to his jeans we laughed he asked me took off his jeans I avoid but he tugged my hands places on his zip I touched his member it erect wanted to sat free from cozy place . i open his zip pulled his jeans to ankle from his black panty cock meat was bulging   inside I gave smile he help himself to get half nude only with that black panty. He lean down removed my skirt completely from body I was only with sexy panty he open curtain full we were on 3rd floor room window facing isolate big ground area he had choose this hotel not get caught by his pal and mines contacts. He put in middle of the bed and he came over I look his well physics body no more tummy fat rather then my two previous sex. My minds want to have great fucking defiantly he will do good bed only foreplay he had aroused me.


Once he over me I hugged him make us one lover. his both hands were traveling all over my body he was giving hard squeeze on thighs sucking nipples  I was free with him now I kiss him back our panty was on our body while my caress his back my hands went on his buttocks he said if I like to feel please put hand inside. We were looking each other eyes I was wet I slid my hand inside his panty it was hard stiff cock I was eager see his cock meat once he hold on my palm he gasp that excite him he kiss me I caress his cock he turn back to get nude when removed his panty off my heart beat when I saw him nude trimmed pubic stiff cock balls were sexy he smile said it better then husband, yes . Yes it was better then husband long hard even my college boyfriend. He caress my thighs open lovingly came in pussy I wanted him now to get rid off my panty  first he touch then gave pinch my pussy lips oh gasp over my panty he caress then rub I also had trimmed pubic and clean shave my pussy it is fair pussy open while I wriggling when I turn in excite he came close stamp kiss on  my bums I arch moaned he caress my fleshy bums skin his both hands enter my panty I was moan in excitement he crumbled my panty in single tread sexy bums expose to my lover he bite my bums suck hard sure had left red marks my husband too do this. After long time sucking pampering my bums he came over my back kiss earlobe asked did I take time for orgasm. I reply yes but I am wet we can do fucking now. Oh so hot are you I like free talks his both which was massaging bums  he tug my panty roll down once I naked bums he lie over me his pubic hairs and stiff cock touch my bare fleshly skin of bums hugged me tight slide his both hand on my boobs squeezing we both were hot. He kiss my cheeks rubbing his cock over my bums asked I want to make love to bums they are hot fleshy I had anal sex I didn’t said anything just my hiss sound responded him. He strokes his cock on my bums make his meat hard it is longer then i was happy hoping that he will perform good in fucking some cock eject soon.


He got up I saw and surprise his meat was longer hard standing. Panty which was at bums bottom line he off them I was nude completely only sheets and pillow was there I took pillow on my face shy. Open my thighs I peep his eyes on target by finger he caress I gasp closed my eyes he did then I did know when he came close pussy once lips head touch my thighs I open my eyes he gave first kiss on my pussy I thrill and moaned this was I waiting from him he again kiss continued sucking my pussy in and out of my wetness had dripped out he rub my clit I was in pleasure his kisses were hot there he hike my legs up sucked hard asked did I like it there were no words from truly enjoyable any woman feels such happiness . wide my legs by 3 fingers he rubbed my pussy my wetness fell down his fingers  came violent  I moaned high his pampering was on I thought I will get orgasm soon . Stopped sat by knee on bed gets up me I gave ups and down his cock he signal about blowjob. I giggles kiss his top roll his fore skin down chew hi stop he moan then I kiss his cock meat all over his balls I also return his pampering what he has done to me suck and chew his meat and balls. I did while gave wonderful blowjob to him. Again he rubbed his cock on my fleshy bums make him hard ever I saw it is 6 inch or more high what so called. i lie bed resting my head on pillow he came inside my legs I hold his cock with giggling I said condom. He looked me kiss head I wanted bare feel the warm inside you trust me I am not going to hookers I had early sex with married woman only. His tip my pussy I guide him he slide and stretch mines came inside my hole vagina was feel the warmness of his cock meat.


My vagina unable to hold it stretch fit in he looked my worried face said don’t worry I not cum inside. I am safe days enjoy the sex that note make him happy kiss my lips slowly started his motion I gave moans of love which thirsted of sex long time. I accommodate his cock in me it was going in and out from pussy hole I caught his pace fucking very fast oh that was good so much enjoyment. He kept my legs on his arms raise my bums up wetness sound we could clearly hear we giggle kisses rubbing my pussy rolling clit. It was high fucking I sense I am close to my peaks I came close scream got the climax of mines. He regain his fucking started his fucking I asked him make it fast now he was going wild pampering  my body after some time I also got another orgasms oh god such mind blow his meat was yes I was hot before encounter that was lead me happiness he fucking me saw his face red he coming to his climax . I hold his waist fold my legs tight the pussy his meat was ripping my pussy digging deep he loud his moan I aware his ejections  he called my name Cumming I reply to him I love you love me yes love me oh these sweet hot memories are with me. He was pouring his sperms inside me deep. He bucked and gasp finish his last sperms and fell on bed I enjoy the passionate sexual pleasure. Kissed my cheeks said he thanks for wonderful fucking we were sweating he lied over me I hugged him relax his hot body feeling his cock inside still had hardness I caress his buttocks it was damp in sweats.  After we had chat of sweet talks he needed 2nd fucking I gave his blowjob his tastes of cock was different it smell sticky and when I licked it was salty tastes  then he came behind me fucking in doggy pose change the pose kept one legs up I wants to be feel his cock in me so I also join the game I ride over his cock I had orgasm this intense one .


he kept both legs on his arms fucking he cummed .this was second fucking he target my bums he requested to make love for my bums I agree him he came over my bum pampering again with long time kissing my anal hole I wriggling  came full straight over my body insert inside my hole make love to my bums it was little pain due long anal sex he enjoy the pleasure of anal sex  he end up with long dig inside my anal hole cummed crushing my bums apart  and lastly we had 4 fucking session which unique pleasure .i was in dreams for many days he call on my cell if I was all right I had assure him that I was safe days I like his care and affectionate. It was uncontrolled for me I decide let enjoy sex him till my husband comes and we started to have sex in frequently enjoy the best sexual pleasure. I loved his missionary sex which we smooched and fucking in gentle way wave my legs or knot his bottom , his normal and wild sex were best I miss him even I sleep with my husband I hoped that I never caught we played smart plan to run.  He was my hero  and great lover all time like other story written by  woman I too need comments and how was the my external love making I know I had done some bad thing in life but pleasure was amazing.

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