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  • desipapa
  • September 18, 2015

Hi a friend, my name is Rohit. I am a 25 yr. old guy from Hyderabad. I have done my MBA from Hyderabad and for the last 1 yr. I h’ve been working in a well known consulting firm in Hyd. Previously I was in Delhi for 3 yrs. I had enjoyed a lot in Delhi. I mean boozing, partying, cabarets and offcourse girls. We were two persons sharing a flat there. We used to have lots of fun there. We had sex a couple of times. We made a threesome also. I mean once we two with a girl. She was a real nympho. In a single night we had 3 or 4 times.

Well, I came to Hyderabad for my MBA pgm and after that things were somewhat changed. I found this place quiet different , I mean I missed all that fun I used to have in Delhi. The only thing I liked about Hyderabad was availability of lots of pubs and bars.  One day, I visited one bar. I found some very sexy girls there. I had a hard on just by looking at them. I wanted to have them at any cost. Somehow I came to know how to get them for a night. Ofcourse, I had to spend money but for me it was all right as I didn’t mind spending some money for them (they were really hot). I had been earning good in that MNC so money for me was not a problem. I tried to get them for a night at any cost. Somehow, after few trips to that bar, I managed to get the idea about whom to contact to get them for a night.

They h’ve asked for a particular amount of money so I agreed. I asked them to give me a night on Friday. I m having my two days off that is Saturday and Sunday. I  told the concerned person to send them with me on a particular Friday.

I reached there and took them with me in my car. Both were very sexy & beautiful). One of them was somewhat young , may be 22 or 23 and little bit dark. She was much sexier than the first one. During the way only I came to know that they were fond of drinking. I asked them that we are three persons. All of them are interested in watching their same dance, which they used to perform in that bar but this time with a striptease. And after that one person will leave and they had to entertain two guys for the whole night. They understood everything and asked for some more money. I told them that if they pleased us money was not a problem for us. They agreed.

Well, we all reached at my of my friend also turned up after some time. We had already arranged the drinks. I have arranged couple of X-rated CDs also. I have thought to play them when the actual show begins.I asked them to make drinks for all of us. I put on some music and started to talk casually. They made drinks for all of us. We had two drinks and watched TV and made ourselves comfortable. After two drinks we asked them to dance seductively. One of them started slowly. As they were experts in all that so they knew how to bring a hard on.  Later on other one also joined. They started moving their hips in a slow motion by taking their hands back. This continued for some time. Till that time we had finished 4 small pegs so it started to give us a kick. I asked them to undress slowly slowly. They did. One of them( her name was Geeta , I came to know later) took her top off while dancing. She was in bra with a pair of boobs. Her boobs were really nice. As one of my friends moved further she ran away and made my friend sit on the sofa. Slowly after some time she took off her skirt also. Second girl also followed.

She came to me with her boobs in her hands and brought her boobs to my face. As I moved further to feel them she moved behind and left me in the third friend put on that X-rated CD. We started to enjoy blue movie also. Till this time it was our  sixth drink. They were in their two undergarments only. We all stated to feel hot.  On the TV there was a scene in which a girl was sucking two guys at a time. We all started to feel really hot. It was uncontrollable. I asked them to take off their remaining garments and to be fully nude. They also understood and in minutes both of them were totally nude. I was out of the world. It seemed like heaven. They were really HOT.. Both of them were having slight hair on their pubic area. It was looking like a golden triangle. My that friend who was not interested in sex with them excused himself and left by wishing ALL THE BEST to us. As soon as he left, we two hurriedly locked the door and took one girl each in our arms. They too were hot after 3-4 drinks. It was really uncontrollable for us. I took Geeta in my arms and started hugging and smooching her passionately. I had gone made. Same happened to my friend also. We were kissing our respective partners passionately. In the movie also there was a scene in which one guy was fucking that girl from behind and that girl was sucking the second one.I took Geeta in my arms and went to another room. As I reached that room I laid her on the bed and started to suck her madly right from her forehead to her toe.

I had gone mad. I was burning with lust. I think same must be happening to my friend also.I sucked and bit her lips, boobs. It continued for 10-15 minutes. After that she guided my head to her lower half and said” see, there is more”. I moved to her lower part to her navel and later on between her legs. She was quiet wet there. As I kissed her on her pussy lips she moaned very loudly and asked me to do it for some time. I did. When she was more wet (due to orgasms) she removed my face gently from her crotch and asked me to lie down. She said, “ now it’s your turn”. When I was on the bed she took my cock in her hands. I didn’t know what happened to me. I forgot the whole world, just remembered that particular moment. After massaging and fondling it for some time she took it in her mouth. I was in seventh heaven. She fondled and sucked my cock for more than 15 minutes. When I was about to come I asked her to get up and lie on the bed. She did and now I was on top of her fucking her wildly.

After a couple of strokes I came.we laid exhausted for some time. After that I came out to see what my dear friend was doing. To my surprise what I saw was unbelievable.  The girl was on sofa. He was sucking her boobs wildly. His one hand under her head and second one between her legs. His two fingers were inside her pussy totally wet. Both of them were moaning loudly. That girl was folding and moving her legs in motion. I watched it for a while as and I asked him to enjoy with Geeta now. I asked him to try Geeta’s pussy now. I  asked Geeta to accompany him and took that second girl to my room.

There again, after that I did the same thing to her what I have done with Geeta.She prepared a light peg for me. I enjoyed sucking her boobs and sipping whisky simultaneously. She asked me how did the whisky taste. I said okay. She asked if I want it to be more tasty I should do one thing. I asked “what”. Then she asked me to pour liquid on her boobs and lick. I did so and when I licked the same thing from her body it seemed tastier. The liquid came to her lower region between her lower abdomen and legs. I licked each and every drop of it. She also enjoyed it as the same appeared from her loud moans and the way she was moving her legs. In turn, she also sucked my crotch. licked and sucked my balls and cock. I couldn’t control any more, took her under me and started to have sex with her. After 10-15 minutes I came. It was a fantastic experience. I took her in my arms and after sometime went to sleep.

Next morning it was Saturday. I got up late. We all had breakfast. After some time watched an adult English movie. When one erotic lovemaking scene came, we again started to feel hot. My friend changed the CD and put on another X-rated CD. It was showing a wild orgy, a group sex. We started to feel hot. Now again, we had some beer and were ready for the second rounds. This time again, it was my turn to try Geeta first. So I did. My friend took the another girl. Needless to say we had a great fun till the night. On Sunday they had to go back so I sent them back at that bar with a handsome tip. Really they have pleased us.After a few days I visited that place again and I came to know that those girls were not there. Actually, those people change the girls every fortnightly. They used to bring girls perhaps from Bombay. May be they can bring them some next time. Anyway, I m trying to make it with some different girls and this time with more girls. Let’s see what happens. If anything happens, I shall share.

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