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My Good Encounter

  • desipapa
  • September 29, 2015

Hi Guys! My name is amit and I live in Delhi .This is story of the best fuck of my life. It was my 1st semester when I saw a pretty girl in my class. Her name was anu and she also lived in same city (delhi). She was a cute sexy girl, with a big pair of boobs (36C) and a tight round ass. Whenever I saw her in the class I just passed smile and she also gave me smile as a backup.

Day by day I was going near to her and after hardworking of almost two months now I was a good friend of her. Therefore she had many boyfriends but I ignored all of them. And, at that time she had no fear to meet me alone in any place. So on One good morning she called me at about 10.00AM and told me that there is nobody in there home . So I could have a date with her in her home easily, I went there in a few next minutes and anu was waiting for me on the door, she was wearing a tight T-shirt ( without bra) and a tight trouser. In that fit shirt I could easily feel her nipples and in the trouser her big butts were trying to come out. She was looking too sexy in that dress. Then we entered in her house

Then anu brought me in her room and gave me a glass of pepsi, when I drank some pepsi I felt that something is mixed in it so I asked anu that what is in it, she answered me that “yeh masti ka jaam hai is ko pee jao” I understood everything and drank all the drink and asked her for one more then she gave me and she also drank some packs of tequila. Now I was sitting on the edge of her bed and she was standing in front of me so her pussy was just parallel to my face, I was so excited and I put off her trouser and began licking her soft sexy pussy. My hands were on her ass and my fingers were trying to define her ass hole, I was sucking her pink pussy madly and she was also out of control asking me this “amit zor say chooso meri pussy, aur zor say, aur zor say Aaaahh” “Oooh Aaah Bari, u r a great pussy licker” “pleeeeeeeez amit don’t leave me” “meri choot zor say chooso” hearing this I increased my speed and now my tongue was going in & out rapidly in her pussy.

She was very hot now, I asked her to turn back and she obeyed me, now I was sitting on my feet and she was in doggie position, I started to lick her from the ass by opening it with my both hands, she was enjoying very much, after sucking a lot on her ass and pussy from the back I inserted my first finger in her ass and she cried “Aaaaah Aaah” “amit zor say” then I inserted my second finger in the ass and she cried with pain “Aaaaah amit Aahista” and my fingers were moving in & out of her ass hole, now I was also very excited and my cock was fully erected and was ready to fuck anu’s ass. Amazingly her ass was too tight.

So with one of my hands I put off my pant, after some tries and using my saliva when I entered the head of my dick in anu’s ass she cried with pain “Aaaah amit Aaraam say dalo meri gaand phat jaye gy” “main pehlay choot to marwati rehti hoon laykin gaand aaj pehli baar marwa rahi hoon” “pleeeeeeeeez kiranmeri gaand aaram say chodo aaaaah ahhhhhhhh Ooooh Oooooooooh” “I’ll die” “amit fuck me good, fuck my ass,Ummmmmmmm, chodo mujhay, I m mad, pleeeez fuck my ass, fuck my ass,Ummmmm, Aaaaaah Aaaaaah Ummmmm, chodo meri gaaand aaj jitna chod saktay ho chodo Aaaah, Oh u r a nice ass fucker, fuck me” then she got very hot and asked me that ” amit mujhay zor say chodo, Ummmm, pleeeeeeeez amit aur zor say, fuck me hardly, aur zor say chodo, I love your fucking, Aaaaaaah, Aaj mujhay itna chodo keh meri gaaand khuly ho jai, Aaaaaah Aaaaah Ummmmmm, I m thirsty, phar do meri gaaand, fuck my ass as good as u can, fuck it, fuck it hardly, Oh my darling it’s your’s, fuck it good, apnay hard lund ko pura meri gaaand main dalo, fuck me, Aaaah Aaaah Ooooh Ummmmmm” my dick was moving in & out of her ass, after some jhatkas I was ready to cum and I released in anu’s ass, and now I was normal, but she was not, she asked me to fuck her in choot, but I was not in the position at that time but she insisted to fuck her at the spot, so I asked her to suck my dick and when it will stand up I’ll fuck u good, I was sitting on the floor spreading my legs and she caught my dick in her hand and took my tool in her hot mouth, now she was sucking my dick like a lollypop.

I was enjoying a lot and I felt that my erections r coming to me again, after a lot of choopaas my dick stood up again, she was sucking my dick beautifully as if she was so much experienced in sucking. Then I said to her that “anu mera lun khara ho gya hai, ab tum mairay lun par baith jao” and she did that immediately, now she was riding on my cock and she was jumping up & down, up & down, her booobs were also moving with her in the shirt then I removed her shirt and saw her lovely big booobs and sucked them a lot while she was riding me, after enjoying that style

I asked her to lay down on the floor, then I inserted the head of my cock in her choot from the front side, she cried “kiranAahista dalo, meri choot bohut sensitive hai” “Aaaaaaaah Aaaaaah Oooooh Ouch” so I decreased my speed and after a few seconds she ask me “amit zor say, Aur zor say, Aur zor say” “phaar do meri choot, uummmmm, Aahhhh zor say karo” “amit pleeeeeeez fuck my pussy hardly, I m mad, zor say chodo, Ummmmmmm Aaaah Aaaah, pleeeeeeez zor say jhatkay lagao, Ohhhh Ummmmm, mujhay chodo, meri choot bohut dinon say piyaasi hai aaj iski saari piyas bujhaa do, chodo meri choot ko, chodo, phar do isko, fuck it, fuck, Aaaaaah Ahhhhhh Ummmmm Ooooooh” and she was pushing my ass towards her with her hands, also she was lifting her hips in the air. Then I started sucking her soft lips and caught her nipples with my fingers, she was out of control now. Then I began licking her nipples, and I was making designs with my tongue on her nipples, now she was out of control, just out of control and was trying to jump but I caught her in my arms very tight. I gave her more jhatkas and she was enjoying my fuck, then I told her that anu I m ready to cum now she asked me “pleeeeeeeeeez amit cum on my face” “main tumhari money khana chahti hoon” “but amit don’t leave me, pleeeeeeeeeez mujhay thora aur chodo, bohut maza Aa raha Aaaaaaaah Ahhhh” “pleeeeeeeeeez fuck me more” “I m crazy pleeeeeez thora aur zor say, aur zor say chodo Aaaaah Aaaaaaah Oooooh” I was fucking her hard and she was not in this world, then I felt she just cumming so I brought my tool near anu’s face and shot all of my load on her face and she ate all of cum with great pleasure rubbing her pussy.

Then we both stood up and wore our clothes then anu said to me that “amit tumahara lun bara hai aur acha hai” “Tum kitna acha chod laytay ho na, main tumhain phir jaldi bulaoon gy, phir tum mujhay ziada chodna, promise karo? And I promised to fuck her good next time again any girl , married ladies, bhabhis, aunties from delhi or near by delhi want to enjoy sex in different positions with me or are not sexually satisfied can mail me in my following e-mail id

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