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  • desipapa
  • September 16, 2015

Hi everybody! I am a great fan of this site and I have been quite regular in reading its stories. This time, I've got a chance to tell you about my own experience that took place quite recently and it was my first time. First, let me tell you about myself, my name is Ankush, I live in Surat, Gujarat, I am quite tall and have a good built and I am 18 years old. This experience of mine happened with my girlfriend named Shruti, she is a year elder to me. She has a very good and appealing body.

Her statistics must be, I am guessing, as I never asked her, 34-27-34. But anyways, she does have a great figure and really sexy facial features. I love her figure from head to toe, toe because I must admit that I have a foot fetish and girls with good feet attract me. Let me get to my story now. Kissing, touching, necking and fondling with each other came very quickly to us at the very beginning of our relationship. She liked me kissing on her cleavage and the inside of her shirt or tops on her boobs. So every time we met, I always used to open the buttons of her shirt or pull down her top to kiss on the inside.

I very urgently for about 2-4 days for some personal matters. This time I thought, I had a very good chance of going further with Shruti. On the phone, while talking to her, I expressed a desire to see and kiss on her legs, she said that she hadn't waxed them and had hair on them. So I asked her to wax her legs and she agreed to it. But she said there was a problem, how will she show me her legs and where can we meet for that? I told her that my parents had gone out and she could come over to my place. But in the township where I live, people are very nosy and it becomes a problem if anyone sees a girl going to a guys' place all alone when his parents are out. So we made a plan that she'll walk out of the township to some distance and I'll pick her up in my car and she agreed to it. The next day she rang me up and left her place. After sometime, I also went out in my car and picked her up and to make sure nobody would see her in my car, she sat down and I kept a coat on her. We came back to my place and I put the shutter down of my garage. By the time I came back, she went to the back seat and was waiting for me. I went in and we kissed each other. Then, she put her legs on y lap and opened the buttons present at the bottom on her jeans. I pulled up her jeans up to her knees and when I saw her legs, I was amazed! I had never felt anything softer in my hands; they were very soft and white as milk! I kissed on her legs and on her feet for I don't know how much time till she stopped me.

Then she asked me to kiss her on her boobs, I tried to but her top was very tight. I asked her to take it off but she said she was very shy and asked for my shirt. I took off my shirt and went upstairs to get another for myself as I also was bit shy in front of her!!! When I came back, she had taken off her top and worn my shirt; I kissed her on her soft, milky, silky breasts. Due to all our activity in the car, it was getting very hot! So we came out of the car and I carried her to my bedroom and laid her on my bed. There, we both took off each other's shirts fully. I was naked waist up and she was in her bra. I was on top of her and was kissing he all over, on her boobs, neck, and shoulders and then I reached on her stomach and navel. By that time, she was really aroused and said to me "mujhe vahaan kiss karo" (kiss me there) and I understood what she meant. I unzipped her jeans and she pulled down her panty only a bit, I kissed and sucked her there, which made her really aroused. Then she stopped me and I zipped back her jeans.

She then said to me "I want to kiss you there" and I got into the act, I unzipped my jeans and pulled down my underwear a bit, but she stopped me saying she was very afraid. I asked her to close her eyes and continue, she closed her eyes and kissed me all over my tool and that made me real horny! For that time, I zipped back my jeans, as she didn't want to do it more. Then I asked her to lie down on her stomach and I got over her back. I pulled down her bra straps from her shoulders and unhooked her bra and kissed all over her butter smooth back. She turned back suddenly with her bra still open and kissed me real deep. I then got down and started kissing her boobs real hard and in no time, she took off her bra and showed me her assets! They were really very big, very soft and were a marvel with perfect pink nipples on them. I couldn't hold myself any longer and I cupped on of her boob with my hand and one went straight into my mouth. I sucked real hard on both of her boobs alternating every now and then. I sucked her for a very long time and then we hugged each other and while we were in each other's arms she whispered in my ear, "aaj sab kuch kar do" (do everything today). I got my golden chance and didn't waste a minute after that. I got down on her and unzipped her jeans and took them off and kissed all over her silky smooth legs. Then she pulled me up and undid my jeans also and to amazement, she pulled down my underwear in no time at all and my tool just sprang out of as if it was waiting to get free. She held my tool in her hands and kissed it on the head and in no time she took all of it into her mouth.

She was sucking it real hard biting it softly now and then, making sounds of pleasurable moaning and after 15-20 minutes of sucking, I came into her mouth and she drank all my cum. Now it was my turn do return the favor. I laid her down and took off her panty and parted her legs. The sexiest thing in the world was in front of me at my service! Wasting no more time, I started sucking her pink, fully shaven and virgin pussy. She was at her peak and was making sounds like mmmmmmmmm, lick me, lick me hard!! This made me hornier and I sucked her even hard. And after 20-25 minutes of hard sucking, she came into my mouth and I drank all her sweet and tasty love juices. I lay naked on her sexy and soft body, kissing her and fondling with her boobs when once again I got an erection. She also felt it and said to me, "ab kiska intezaar kar rahe ho?" (What are you waiting for?) I got what she wanted to say.

So I put a pillow beneath her and guided my rock hard cock to her virgin pussy. We didn't care about protection as her periods were going on and we had read that it's safe to have sex during periods without protection, so it was double the fun! I slowly inserted my cock into her tight pussy and she let out a loud moan of pleasure. I pushed my cock further and she yelled a bit with pain initially but as I started my to and fro motion, she started enjoying me. Initially I was a bit slow on her, but when she started enjoying me, I picked up pace and he was making sounds of pleasure aaaaaahhhhhh oooooohhhhhhhhh fuck me hard real hard don't stop!!! This made me go faster and after 20-30 minutes of hard fucking, we both came together and lay all tired on each other.

When we got into our senses, we cleaned ourselves and took a real hot bath together. While bathing also we had a great time and fucked each other once again in the bathroom. It was the greatest day for both of us and we enjoyed each other quite few times more also. I also had a great time with her elder sister who's also a sex bomb and is about 3 or 4 years elder to me. I will write about that experience later on. If you want to tell me about how you found this story or any girls from Surat want to contact me can e-mail me at

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