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My Friend’s Wife

  • desipapa
  • September 13, 2015

I am 30 years old very experienced 5 feet 6 inches, 70Kgs, strong built man from Delhi. This is a true story I am telling you. I have a friend by name kaushik. He is very thin and not very much athletic. We used to drink together many times after work and he used to go home drunk. One day he was too much high after a party and I took him to his home. His wife opened the door and all the effect of alcohol I had was gone in a second the moment I saw her. She was like an angel. Very smooth skin, big boobs, long hairs and sexy smile. Since Kaushik was fully out, I was holding him and taking him inside his bedroom.

She was not surprised at the scene since she was used to it. That was the day I decided to fuck her. While I was going back after leaving him inside the bedroom I gave his wife a naughty smile which she responded very positively. After that day I talk to her couple of times over phone but never got any indications that she ever told about my phone calls to her to Kaushik. To cut the story short I made Kaushik to plan one drinking session at his home and he agreed. This was that fortunate Saturday when I reached his place and he was ready with lot of drinks. There was a live NBA basketball match that day. We kept chatting and drinking. I drink only beer and he was on whisky. His wife Shobhna was giving constant indications that she wanted something. After sometime he went to the toilet and I went straight to Shobhna. She was smelling great. Our eyes met and I caught her by her neck and kissed her passionately on her lips and licked her entire mouth.

One of my hands was touching her tight firm boobs. She wanted all of me inside her but was afraid her hubby will be back. She pushed me back and said not right now wait a while. I went out of the kitchen and sat in front of the TV as if nothing happened. After sometime we 3 were sitting on the dining table in such a way that Kaushik and Shobhna were sitting facing each other and I was sitting in the side. My legs were in between both of them. Suddenly I felt shobhna’s legs touching mine. I was excited. I too started responding. I took my foot and placed on top of her foot and started moving upward. She was wearing a cotton saari and I kept moving my feet slowly up inside her saari. After a while I reached her ankle. My tool was very uncomfortable by this time. Suddenly Kaushik went to the toilet again since he was drinking a lot. I took this as golden opportunity and inserted my hand inside her saari and started feeling her soft inner thighs. Oh she started mooooaning .. ah aha and started pulling my hand deeper inside. I made her to stand and I went down on my knees. I inserted both my hands inside her saari from down and took them right to her ass cheeks. I kissed and licked her naval and in one stretch I pulled her panties from inside her peticot to her knees. She resisted saying “not right now”.

But I pulled them all together and took them out of her legs. I then stood up and raised the t-shirt I was wearing and put the panties inside my pants. I had a huge bulge in my pants. I made her to sit down on the chair and took my bulge in front of her face and pulled her face near my throbbing tool from inside my pants and made her to feel it all over her cheeks. She was aroused to the core, did not have panties inside her saari and had my tool right near her lips. Suddenly her husband came out of the toilet and we sat back in the same position he left us. Not knowing that his wife’s panties are now inside my underwear, he started talking and drinking more alcohol. After some time and couple of more drinks he was not in condition to stand up by his own. I offered to give him help to get to th e sofa where he wanted to lay down. But he refused and fell down on the floor after taking 3-4 steps. I took him to the sofa and made him to sleep there.

Shobhna was standing behind the sofa and watching everything. I came behind shobhna and touched her on her ass. She smiled and bent down to see how kaushik was feeling from the back of the sofa. I immediately sat down on the floor so that kaushik could not see me and inserted my hand inside shobhna’s saari from the bottom and started feeling her soft legs. She widened her legs in response and bent some more forward so that I could touch her clean shaven pussy from behind. Now I did the most daring things of all. I raised her peticot and saari and inserted my face right inside them. The smell of her cunt was making me mad and I wanted to eat it all. After a while I stood up and she asked me to help her taking Kaushik to the be d room which I did. I went outside the bedroom and waited for her to come out. My tool was throbbing by this time. She came out and I hugged her and touched my bulge on her body. She told me to wait until she confirms that her husband is deep asleep and went inside the bedroom again. This time she switched off all the lights in the living hall and kitchen. The only light on was night lamp in her bedroom. I was waiting outside the bedroom and watching her from outside. She opened the closet and took out her nighty. She started removing her saari and I was thrilled to watch her go naked. She removed her peticot and blouse too. Now she was only in bra since I had her panties in my pants. To my surprise she removed her bra too and was completely nude standing just steps away from me. Her tits were dark and round. She was kind of teasing me raising her hands, touching her breasts, showing all her curves and peeping towards b e d to see her husband sleep. After 5-7 minutes of show she put only one cotton nighty and came out of the bedroom after confirming that her husband was fast asleep.

Now it was my turn to tease her and take revenge. I took her to the living hall in a dark corner and lifted her nighty and took it out of her body. Now I was very softly and gently touching her all over her body. She said “jor se karo – ah and pressed my hand on her boobs. But I touched her very softly to tease her more. I made her to sit on the sofa and I sat down on my knees. I started licking her one leg starting from her ankle and moved towards her pussy. Kept licking her thighs and took my mouth very near to her cunt lips but skipping only the cunt I moved over to the other leg. This made her go wild and she started begging me to lick her. She said her husband never does this. But I wanted to tease her some more. I first took my tongue out to the fullest extent and placed it on her cunt. She started jumping in pleasure. She raised her hips and arched her body to offer me more of her cunt but I kept moving my head away in such a way as to just touch her cunt lips with my tongue. She was making all kind of faces but could not make noise. Now I started sucking her clit and watched her facial expressions of lust, pleasure and desire. She caught my hairs and pressed it very closed to her pussy. I inserted my tongue deep inside her hole and started making horizontal vibrations with my tongue inside her pussy lips.

After sucking her cunt for 15-20 minutes and drinking her cum twice, I stood up and opened my pant buttons. She sat and pulled my pants and underwear down together. My cock sprang in open right in front of her lips. She removed her soft silky panty which was still hanging from my erect pole. She wrapped both her hands around my dick and started staring each inch it. She took the whole 6 inch in her wet and warm mouth which gave me intense pleasure. I put one of my leg on the sofa where she was sitting and held her head very tight with both my hands and started thrusting my cock deep into her throat.

She was almost choking but she liked the wildness. I kept hitting her throat deep with my shaft. I took my cock out of her mouth since I wanted it to last longer. I caught her by her hairs and made her to sit on the floor and took my balls right in front of her face. I still had one leg on the sofa which gave enough space between my legs for her face to fit and lick my balls. I was doing very wild acts which she seemed to enjoy. I started taking my shaft down her body and touching each part of her body with it. I touched it on her neck, on her boobs and finally I pointed it to where it was craving to go. Her pussy was soo wet that it took just one thrust for the whole length of it to go inside. Once it was inside I started fucking like an animal. I kept digging her cunt till it started watering and became loose.

When I realized I was about to cum, I stood up and again asked her to take it in he r mouth. This time I held her head even more tight and penetrated the whole length of my shaft deep inside her throat and exploded deep into her mouth. She was shocked at the wildness and enjoyed each moment of it. We just laid there on the floor for some time and then she asked me to go. While going I took her panties with me. And I still have them. After that day we met many times and had very very wild sex. my email id is  

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