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My Friends Mother

  • desipapa
  • September 11, 2015

Hello everyone this is my first and last story . But, will make you jerk off that’s for sure. A completely true incident happened a week before. As story goes me and my friends gave their 11th grade exams and were planning an outing for movie to a mall.We a group of five : 3 boys(me,hitesh,raghav) and 2 girls(harshita and ragini) planned to watch ‘300’ and lunch together. It was decided for Saturday afternoon.My first male friend was Hitesh who lived close by and is quite tall but.. Quite boring type of not very attractive and looks impotent. Her mother was my desire from a long time .She was was 40 yrs. Lady….well groomed….very voluptuous and quite attractive. She is a working lady and works in a bank. His husband i.e. My friend hitesh’s dad works in a MNC and lives Australia for 5 yrs. Hitesh’s family is rich and her mother means Seema aunty is very protective about her son. She is good friend of my mom and sometimes we all have get together in which we chat and have dinners and lunches together. Sometimes when she talks to my mother about her life in private she sound that she is very lonely and very sexless. These things turn me on…. And whenever I see her I think me with her on bed. She usually wears suit and sari. Now.. Coming back to the movie day we all planned to have an autorick shaw and go all together . The 2 girls live far so they will come for their own by their parent will drop them.

As soon as Seema aunty came to know that we all (3 boys) going by an autorickshaw she said no and said it is unsafe and she will drop us by her own car as it lies in office’s way. I sai that aunty its ok we all are grown up and can manage she said that you all still not that big and she will drop us. She inquire us b about the girls and we said that they will manage their own transportation.We all got into the car at 11 a.m. And started our journey which was about 30 mins. Hitesh sat in front and me and Raghav sat behind… She came from inside was well dressed in sari and was looking amazing with those two milk jugs fighting to come out and her beautiful curves I was dreaming their about me and her in bed and playing all those wonder games. I could not take off my eyes from her and she came and sat and complimented all of us that we all r looking smart. I said thank you aunty and replied that she was looking very beautiful . She specially said that my new beard cut looks good and she asked me “whether I am having an affair with someone” very naughtily . All went silence and I said nothing as such aunty.

We started our journey and my job started her… friend hitesh was looking out of the window and I was just thinking how lucky was he to have such a beautiful and seductive mother .my other friend was busy listening to the songs in his ears. I was looking into the rear view mirror as Seema aunty was driving the and her beautiful blue eyes were looking very and well shaped eye brows were looking natural and sexy.Suddenly she looked into the mirror and caught me watching her at first I turned my face outside t the window…but after five mins. Again I was looking at her shoulder at imaging to take her sari’s pallu off her shoulder and make her topless at that moment itself.I was already hard with my 8’inches tool saluting her body. She slowed down the car and turned to petrol station to fill the petrol and she got down to look at the meter and I got down to get some polo candies from the petrol shop. As I was returning she called me by my name ‘Bhoumik’ and asked for a polo I gave her hurriedly and dropped some she said what happend i’itna nervous kyun hai ??’ and with a naughty smile asked me told get into the car I was now some relaxed as I thought she might thought that I was having hot on her . Whole way she asked us about our holiday plans and hobbies.Finally we reached our destination and hitesh told her mother to pick us in the evening and give us call before coming. She especially told me that “Bhoumik take care of all and don’t eat anything injurious”.

We headed towards the ticket counter and bought the tickets for 12:10 p.m. Show and waited for our other two friends(girls) . They reached in 5 mins. Later and we went inside the hall and took our seats I sat at the corner and watched the movie . But there was some other movie going in my mind holding my rod over my jeans. Their was some erotic scenes in movie which turned me on and I needed to jerk off . I went to restroom and told my friend that i’ll b back in 10 mins. But, my friend Ragini accompanied me to the restroom as she wanted to wash her hands .She went in ladies section and I went in gents it took me much more time as Ragini expected as she didn’t knew my thoughts . She called me and asked me what I was doing, I told her to go inside as it will take me some time because I have some stomach problem.This masturbation with seema aunty was one of the most relaxing and wonderful it was .I got back into the hall and after movie we all went for the lunch and had some pizzas and cold drinks we also played some games too. Time went on and we had a beautiful evening all together… Suddenly my phone rang and guess who.. It was Seema aunty calling I was shocked…( guess why she wanted to call me instead of her son ) as soon I gained my senses I picked up the phone and said…hello she very politely said hello hi bhoumik r u guys free now?? I without speaking anything gave the phone to my friend Hitesh. He said that his mother will be here any moment and we have to report .We said bye to our friends (girls) and went down near the entry gate.In 2 mins. She came and we all sat but in different order she was looking tired but same beauty was there on her face. I sat on the seat just behind her i.e. Driving seat.I was also tired and can’t find any topic to talk to her. She started with asking us how was the movie ?? We all said that it was good . She asked us that it was an adult movie it is that because you people had fun.Their was a silence and I broke by saying that no aunty it was good movie and due to violence it is rated adult !! She asked me if not violence then…y a movie means on what criteria the movie is rated adult..then Hitesh asked her mother that why didn’t she called him and otherwise called me (bhoumik) ??

She confusingly said that his (hitesh’s) phone no. Was coming unreachable so… She called me .After dropping Raghav to his house she asked me whether you will be free next week ?? In front of her son…. I said yes but why, she said that she will invite us i.e. My family to dinner at their place . I said O.k. And closed the cars door and said thank you to both of them and leaved . I was not able to control myself and masturbated again after reaching home…. And then searched such related stories on ISS and jerked off again .One of the best jerking ever . The whole week passed and I was reading a book in the evening that suddenly my landline phone rang and my mother picked it up. She said Hello…from other end it was seema aunty . I got all the images of the previous week experience back into my mind . Conversation between my mother and Seema Aunty :-

My mother : hello seema how are you ??
Seema : hi Neetu I am fine and how r u and bhoumik ??

My mother : everyone is fine… Anything special ??
Seema : yes.. It is my sons b’day and I would like to invite you all on his b’day on Sunday ant 7 p.m. ??

My mother : That’s good.. We all will be there on time .
Seema : But, could I talk to Bhoumik as there is a special plan inmy mind for my sons b’day and I want him to give surprise.

My mother : yes definately .
NOW.. I was desperate to listen her sweet voice .

Me : hello aunty??
Seema aunty : hi bhoumik, how r u ??

Me : I am good ?
Seema aunty : I would like to see you at my place on saturday as I wanted to give bhoumik a surprise and we could celebrate the mid night b’day .
Me : I asked my mother , she agreed…. And said you can go take your clothes and other stuffs for sunday evening dinner at Hitesh house and spend saturdays night at Seema aunty’s house ??

Seema aunty : Don’t let hitesh know anything about this all and also don’t tell anyone means any other friend about this .
Me : I said O.K. and Bye

I was very eager to go to seema auntys place as I would able experience her beauty closely .I reached her place 11:30 p.m. In night to give surprise to Hitesh . But.. There was a surprise waiting for me .I ringed the bell on door and aunty opened the door and I was completely numb standing there on the door and she was wearing a low neck, knee length green nighty. It gave me a instant hard – on . I gained my senses and she smiled and asked me to get in.She gave me a drink wine and asked me so whats the plan for tonight ??I confusingly asked her I have no idea , you tell me the plan and where is Hitesh..she said… Hmm baby not too small now I know what were you up to and what was I doing that day in car.I said nothing in a nervous manner… She said that lets get serious as she want a good physical intercourse . After listening to this I all most fell off the sofa and asked what does she mean.She said that she has sent Hitesh to his grandmothers place and he will be back morrow morning and will be present on his b’days evening . Tonight this plan was designed by her so she could have some good time with me .I said by good time she means….. She said come I tell you .She took me to her room and made me sit on the bed and told me that she was noticing me for quite some time. She knew my intensions and this was the best time… She said she also like me and if she don’t think about my age she said you would have been my dream man. I when crazy by listening this all .

She switched on the computer got some drinks wine and told me that she specially called me that movie day instead of his son so….. She could listen to my voice .She told me to lie comfortably on the bed and forget all worries everything and treat her as of same age . She asked me that on that day didn’t answer my question about why a movie is adult , the other reason .I said that there was some other people too she said that today she will show me why a movie is an adult movie .She played a video file on her laptop . It was a blue film which showed woman and man making a great love and were passionately kissing and each other . Then the woman opened her bra and skirt and took out the mans 9″inch rod and took it into her mouth and then they all did what as you all know. My tool was hard and was eager to come out she said that she hasn’t done such thing for past 5 yrs. And just satisfied herself by masturbation.

She came near me and made me naked… But I said that I need condom as I don’t want any post period problem as like pregnancy , she went to her almirah and showed me a ‘i-pills’ packet . She said she has already taken one pill and it is all safe. Then I removed her nighty and made her beauty to expose infront of me raw. We all started kissing and like hungry animals and kissed continously for 15 mins. Then did some oral and then anal… But.. The main pleasure lies in doing missionary and all her boobies were dancing and my 8’inch rod was deep inside her tight hole. She was getting crazy and her shouts were getting more louder…louder . I was going to cum , but with drew and she took it fast in her Mouth and I fill her whole face and mouth with my fresh semen .We both met orgasm and lied on the bed and relaxed and did for one more time… And slept in each other arm..In the morning she told me not tell this to anyone… I knew that, and said that Hitesh will be here in some time and you tell him that it was a surprise to him that you reached early morning to make him happy .In evening all went fine… After dinner I returned home with my parents and aunty specially came near and thanked me and I said that you are welcome.All the comments and any queries you can mail me at my id i.e. :->

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