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  • September 19, 2015

Hello friends this is shah g again how r u? i must thank u people for appricaiating my stories,so as per your desire here i narrate my another sex sensation. if u know Islamabad then u know that Allama Iqbal open university is situated in a deserted place (especially in night )it was a winter evening and i was goning through that place on my bike and sunddly i saw a couple, they were standing with bike and looking here and there for help. . when i reached near them,the man signalled me to stop and when i stopped i saw that were my acquaintances mr and mrs.salamat they live in over street and we know each other very well. when i stopped i asked what happened??i enquired about the problem .

He said yar bike kharab ho gaee hay. oooh may i help u? yar if u know something about bike then please help me i said ok and looked inside his bike …….. and tried to start bike but went in vain finally i said sorry yar it is not responding so you may go with my bike and i bring ur bike after being repaired. it must bother u? said mr.salamat no matter this is my duty sir you may go with yours spouse the the sun has already set darkness is growing rapidly.he thanked me again.i gave him my bike he started and went with his wife but after few meters my bike also stopped.he tried his best but it did not started then he said shah g please help me ur bike is also not starting.i reached there and after some kicks my bike was started and i said plz go he sat at bike as he sat the bike was again stopped he kicked many times but bike was not started he looked at me for help i kicked again and after 3/4 kicks it satarted again he thanked me and said to her wife asmeea ji plz sit. But this time his wife said i did not go with you and requested me to drop her.”aap please mujay ghar chore aoo.”Before i said something mr salamat said,”yes shah g please go with asmeea jiii and drop her.”cause i can not ride ur old bike …..i said ok and now her wife ………. let me introduce to u that woman she was about 30/32 marvelously tall altra mod,beautiful lady with big breast but the main thing in her personality was her big excellent and very attractive ass.

All the people of our area are big fan of that lady. this is my luck that she traveled with me with my old bike her name was asmee but she was famous with the name of asmee jii cause her hubby used to call her that way. when i reached open university’s road all of sudden she said stop please stop……i applied brakes and asked what happened asmee ji she said with some hesitation “woh… baray zore ke pee aayi hay i have to extract pee please wait main zara pee kar aoon” saying that she go to the darker side of road and i was waiting for her.Few seconds later i heared her cries OOOOOoooeeeeee she cried snakeeeeeeeeee snake shah g come on mujay sanp nay kaat liya hay i’m bitten by a snake. hurry up please shah g juldee aooo. after hearing her cries i rushed towards the lady but there was darkness and nothing was seen so i came back started my bike and on its head light and reached her near the venue i saw she was still, her eyes were wide opened and her face was yelled and her shalwar were at her feet she was very scared when she saw me she pointed her butt and said “Yahan katta hay”this is the bitten place i rushed to see that place and i saw a big ant climbing her butt near her ass hole to see that insect i felt relief and took off that ant from her ass and said there is no snake this was an ant that bit u but she never belived me and said naheen please achee tarah daikhoo sying that she bent again and her ass was in front of me and her face was in opposite direction.

Now i saw her ass care fully Mmmmmmman what an ass she has ……extra big very soft like silk but believe me readers unforgetable thing was her ass hole that was enormous then normal. i also see her pussy some drops of pee were there i again massage that point where insect bit during massage my eyes were at her ass hole and unintentionally i put my finger at hers and said asmee jiii its ok koee snake naheen hay take it easy now.All of sudden she said “challo shah g mujay bara dar lag rahaa hay. she dressed her shalwar and sat at bike and we went to her home. During journey she become normal and we chat about snake etc but i thought about her extra big ass. when we reached her home i said asmee jii may i go now? she said no mr.shah how can u go without having a cup of tea do lock ur bike and come with me. she unlocked her house and i entred her home and sat at sofa in drawing room and she said please sit and wait while i prepare tea for u. after 20/25 minute she bring 2 cups of tea along with some biscuites she sat before me and during tea we chat on different subjects belongs to snakes and insects i said thanked God there was no snake other wise we have big problem and said asmeea jii.”i was frightned by your shouting to hear that cry it seemed that i lost my 2 killos blood.”she said i’m sorry shah g but latter u enjoyed i enjoyed ?? ? i said with surprise yes mr shah g don’t be over smart u know what i said and then suddenly i remembered that happened when i put my fingers at her hole i felt very ashamed and said i’m very sorry asmeea jii.she said its ok shah g don’t be ashmed and smiled.’

When she said “ITS OK” i felt a little hardness in my pant and understood her words what she wanted but before going to next step i said ur hubby is not reached yet? he comes in the late night cause he done some other urgent works now i was satisfied from her hubby and said asmee jii are u still feeling pain on the bitten place? she also understood my mood and said there is no pain but some punching is there .i said ooooh if u like may i massage it again? she said nothing and came near to me and stand before me i also stand up and now we both are standing before each other for a few seconds we gazed at each others then slowely i put my hand at her big butt and gently rubbed. she was wearing shalwar qameez and in shalwar instead of “AAzar band” she used elastic slowely i took her shawar off till her knee now she was half nacked and i rubbed her nacked ass gently now she began to moan slowely with a sexy tone Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ummmmmmm ahhhhhh what a soft n silky ass of her i massaged her ass and slowely my lips were going to her lips she also want my lips so during massage.

I put my mouth at her mouth a strong womanish smell coming from her mouth and it make me crazy i licked her lips with my tongue her lips were too soft so at first i sucked her lower lip and she took my cock in her hand and began to press it during course of sucking her lips she gently inserted her tongue in my mouth ummmmmm it was a very tasty tongue so i forget sucking her lips and began to lick her tongue now our tongues are melt and our saliva were frequently travelling in each others mouths and we both are in heaven i sucked her tongue pressed her boobs she also sucked n licked my tongue pressed my cock and ……and she said took off your cloths darling i wanna see u nacked sying that she off her qameez and bra i also obeyed her order and took off my cloths now we both were nacked i saw her body …….a perfect sexy and beautiful body …..we huged each others and few seconds kissing but soon she sat at sofa and took my cock in her hand and said wow its a great hard n hot cock i never thought ke itnaa hard cock aap ka ho ga and kissed at the knob of my cock.

When she kissed she felt my pre cum ……coming out from pee hole she immediatly licked my pee hole tasted my pre cum and said come on i want more………. but i want her big dashing gand so i said asmeea jii please go on your stomach and give me some oil. oil????? oil ka kia karoo gay she said? oil is required for fucking ur ass i replied she said no need of oil sweet heart”AISAY HE CHALA JAY GA’ put your cock at my hole and pushed gently. “aram say dhakka lagaoo chala jay ga but before fucking please THORO SA THOOK MAIREE ASS HOLE PE LAGA Kar MASSSAGE KAROO and i put my mouth NEAR her ass hole and spit at hole she said yeeeeeeeeeeeesssssss ab ZARA MASSAGE BE KAROO NA MAIRAA HOLE KE opper and for a couple of time i massage her hole then she whispered in a sexy voice “AB GAND MAR LO” but before fucking thora thook aur lagaoo and also said TUMHARAY LUND PE THOOK MAIN LAGAOON GEE she pasted her saliva on my hole cock especially my thick knob of dick and said bus ab UNDAR KAROO i put knob of cock at her hole it was completly wet by my saliva push gently ……… very…. gently…and… my cock went to her slippery assssssss..hole…she sighed with ahhhhhhhhh ooooooofffffffffff and i felt a silky n soft ring around my cock it gave me toooo much pleasure she also becom “MAST” after some strocks and pused her ass towards my cock with force.

Said zore say jehtkay lagaoo na jaaaaaaaaaaaaaan tumharay hard cock nay muj ko masssssssst kar diya hayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk meeeeeeeeeee ahhhhhhhhhhhh oooooooooooh pound my asssssssssssssssssssssssssss sying that she pushed her ass towards my cock forcely and moan with joy some time she said jaaaaaaaan zore say maroo and then i strocked her with full force she liked that and said yessssssssssssssssssssssss ye hoee na baat………… beat meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee with u strocksssssssssssss ahhhhhhhhh wow what a mast lady was sheeeeee As per requirements i stroked her very fast and powerfully she enjoyed my strokes and her breath was very fast after couple of strokes she said stop stop please shah g stop it and i stopped and when i pulled out my cock form her hole i saw her hole and butts were red due to heavy stroks she said i need a glass of water and rushed towards water after drinking 2 glass of water she said i want u cock in this place now…..and she point her choooooooot and said YAHAAN KE AAG BOOJAOO and I can feels her juices running down her thighs she also winked me and said……. HEY THIS TIME NO NEED OF THOOOK ….come on shah g fuck my cunt …..but darling i wanna fuck ur ass i said …MUJAY TUMHAREE GAND KA MUZA A RAHAA THAA she replied that BUDHOO YAHAAN US SAY ZIADA MUZA AAYA GA TUM AOO TU SAHEE She reached down and guided me in and I immediately started thrusting. She went wild,moan loaudly ooooooooooofffffff ahhhhh mmmmmmm oooooh . thrusting against me, grabbing my ass and pulling me in farther, and yelling!!!!!…fuck me haaaaaaaaard shah g hardddddddarrrrrrrrr zore say marooooooooooooooooo na maireeeeeee jaaaaaaaaan choodddddddooooooo naaaaaaa fuckkkkkkkk meeeeeeeee darlingggggggggg .

I didn’t last long, and we both came hard! It was the wildest fuck I had ever had…up to that point. after fuckeing she gave me a big hug and said shah g you are a very sexy. tum bohat he sexy ho and her COMMENTS are my ASSETS. For friendship and secret affairs please contact me freely at

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