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My Friend Proved A Real One

  • desipapa
  • September 19, 2015

I am writin 4 the 1st time.Though I am a constant reader of this amazing site.I am Sunny 25 male resident of Lahore.My family lives in New York.So I spent half of time(Summer) over there.I got many friends here & there.

The story revloves around my best friend’s family.His name is Tahir.My classfellow & Neighbour too. I went to States 1st time in 98,So he was very sad & said he is soon goin to get married & he wanted me to attend his marriage party.I just promised that I would come but didnt give it a serious thought.

Now the real strory starts. one Fine Day In New York,I received his call that he is getting married & he wants me to come.I told him that i would love to but the problem is that I am so busy here.He said that you dont understand that he really needs me as Tahir is an average looking guy never had a girl friend ,just opposite to me as he knew that I was a real play boy.Thank God 6 ft,height, fair complexion,Long hair waivy,very muscular as I luv gym & handome.Thees another masculine secret to reveil but I would tell u later Y gals love me sooo much. Well he literally begged me to come & even offered me that he would pay for my ticket ,this was not acceptable 4 me any way But I got serious that Y he is soo panic.I asked him why,then he answered that her Fiancee is very pretty proud girl & she just got agreed as my friend was very rich.Any how I got a little interested/I asked tell me more about her.He aid that I would send U her picture then I would realize.I asked OK but tell me about her .He answered that she is rich well educated from Kinnaird College Lahore.Height 5 7,  very pretty fair & above all long hair & have a lot of attitude. I saiod send me her Pic & I would see but dep down inside my satanic playboyish soul was aroused & I made a decision straight That I am going. Any way two days later he sent me her pic,My My It wasent a Pic but A bomb,  a very prety & sexy gal.I started planning how to have a relationship.I called my friend thatr I am coming.   So It was december,I was in Pakistan.My country again felt a big change.I called my friend to come to my hotel as I always stay at PC Hotel.He came to my room.He was happy to see me like anything,said a bundle of thanks but sudenly got very sad. I asked him Y he is sad as he is gettin married to a very pretty rich girl.

He said yaar yEHI TO PROBLEM HE. I am  not good at sex plus not that confident.She is soo over confident & influencial.I met her once as she asked to see me.All the time i was quite afraid & she was so commanding.I am soo afraid yaar.Thank God You came & you would be with me till end.I said sure & I was happy that things were goin in right direction.   Well there came the marriage day.I did all I could & even I talked to her Fiancee Saima.1st call was short as she wsas a bit reluctant but later I called her myself on her cell phone.She was surprised but I knew all about her,likings,dislikings & especially I told her that I camr from States & not coservative but bold that was her week point so she started talking.WE talked about her would b husband ,then about me & her as well.She was a very possesive person & fond of exercise & lokin smart like me. o till marriage day we knew each other quite well but never met.Tahir knew it as she told him but he was happy that I was becomin her friend So I can guide him about her as he think that I am master in this field.  

Now the real erotic span of my life starts I could not even imagine.As the day came my friend was so afraid & he told to be with him till end & tell him how to do the nite.He also told me that he needs Viagra If I could arrange for him & thats I got the wicked plan.It was easy for me to arrange but I intentially arranged just a muti-Vitamine. But I could never imagine what my friend had planned,when he told me i was stnned & aroused at the same time.He told me to be literally in the room where he was supposed to do his WEdding Night.

He asked me to hide in the room brehind the heavy window blankets.He said I would be more confident when you are around and he wanted me to satisfy her after.iT was soooo shocking.But he said it.My God I could fuck her pretty wife Saima rt on her wedding night.He said she would be naked & cant resist then & he would b telling her after that she got fucked by his friend so I can keep her mine & obedient but I must fuck her hard & nasty.

God that was the strangest thing & wwilder than my wildest imagination.He said plzz Yaar I know it sound sooo bizaar but He needs this favour.Break her attitude &^ make her beg for your cock in front of him so she cant pretend any more in front of him.. So here it starts, I was hiding after the thick big curtains since 12 at night as i told his family latey that whole room decoration is my responsibility.after 2 hrs of JAANLEEVA INTIZAR(waiting),I heard some noises.I peeked through & I saw Tahir in Bridegroom dress & Saima IN her bridal dress looking like an angel,white tall pretty & gorgeous with some of tahir’s family members.after amnother 30 mints,they left too.

Tahir was looking nervous & he aid somethin to Saima’s ear & head towards bathroom,while going bathroom & looked at the curtain ,He was red faced.I laughed my saw Multi-Vitmine tablet in his hand.he came after 5 minutes.I saw Siama sitting on the bed,She was without the GHONGHAT(Duputta on her face),She was looking soo cuteI saw her pretty white hands on her knees.I was gettin hard just to see hjer hands & imagening what when I would see her naked.I cant think of further as I was getting horny & crazy.

Well Tahir came out in a nite suit & he said siomething in a little loud voice which I could hear a bit that get easy Or something a U must b tired now,.As she was waiting,She got up & she walked very near to me & I almostr fainted with pleasure as she was lookin so beautiful in make up & I saw her soo close except for only on mehndee but this was soo close I esp.lok at her chest .she was a full girl,her bulge were tellin me of 34 c boobs at least.She went inside ,my friend never chased her there.She came back after 10 mints,

My God she was wearing Nitee,  light blue color,with make up still on ,pink nail polish on her hands feet,big nails my favourite & now I could se her real chest bulge,lookin like 36 to me now as b4 they were pressed under heavy garmant & a huge ass,this was astonishin.She got slightly bigger ass must b 36-38.She was milky white.Long hair till her ass,,jet black. I felt like grabbin her from back but I just remained there but my stick was touching the curtain now,Itas already 8 inches now gettin even bigger,esp., my Glans(head of Cock() is very big.when it swells,girls are frightened to see it sometimes.My cock was hard rock now.

Well Saima sat near Tahir on the sofa as he was waiting there.Tahir bent forward & touched her 4 the 1st time.She moaned just by touchin on her arms.I was surprised as she mentioned me on phone that she is very cold in emotions,Well Tahitr asked her to take off her nitee but she smiled rather laughed at him & said ,Cant U do it urself.Ohh, I was mad now to hear it but Tahir got more confused & he took off his nite suit shirt instead,a lean body came out,Saima loked a bit depressed but stll she came closer.Tahir was lookin very confused.It was very dim light now in the room,only zero bulb.I slowly came out of curtain & hid on the side of big bed which was rt opposite to sofa where they were sitting.Tahir requested again Saima to co-operate with him as he said he is not masture in sex,I was shocked to hear from her mouth then I smiled as SO -Called Viagra was not working.He asked saima again  & she said No quite loudly.THen she suddenly put her pretty hands at his Pajma,he was very nervous,the look on her face was strange as she was expecting something.

PLZ suck me Saima,..I heard that.Saima was in shock.She said what u said.Tahir said plzz,Suck my cock so I can have a harn on. OHH that was the problem ,still no erection was there.Saima said show me urs.He was literally now trembling & took off his pajma,I wanted to see his dick,Ohhh It ws dark there,So two things happened same time. one,I saw as I moved a hardly 5 inches semi- hard dick & second I made some noise & so i had o lay down quitely.Whos thee,Saima said.Who can b,Tahir said in an excited tone.Tahir got a little courage as he came to know I am quite around.She suddely grabbed her & took off her nitee,Saima was quite,Ohh God,

A very fair ideal figurative gal she was,her boobs were burstin from her black bra.Well shaved armpits.White milky thighs & black underwear hiding he secret garden.It was hard for me to hold myself.Tahir took some initiative & crazily removes her bra & started fondling her beautiful juicy melons.They were in perfect shape with pink nipples.Then Tahir started sucking thise niples as I told him to do so,like lickin neck & nipples Or even lick choot(cunt) if he have to in case of improper erection. For the 1st time I heard Saima ‘s little moan.She managed her on the sofa & tahir was sitting down.He was very happy ti hear her moaning,then he used my next tectus as I knew still there no Hard on.He removed her underwear.Saima opened her closed beautiful eyes as she is going to get him.but he placed his tongue there.

Ohhhhhhhhhh,Kia Kur rehey hain,  Haii Ammi(what r u doin ,oh mu mom),she scremed & Tahir got a bit horny and may b thankin me in heart as Saima was moaning & stoppin him at the same time, This was the time 4 me I thought,Now Or Never.I removed all my clothes very fast,thogh I made quite a noise but Saima’s Virgin Cunt was attacked by my hungry friend’s tongue,She didnt open her eyes.I took the advantage,I got full naked holding my 8 inches steel hard cock in my hands & stood very close to herThen Tahir lifted her head & Saimac screamed with eyes closed Tahir Dont Stop 4 you weak animal.Tahir got nervous but I got aroused to hear this as real bitch in her was coming out.Tahir saw my dick & he said unconciously  ITNA BARA(SOO BIG), That was it.Saima opened her eyes .She looked at me, My dick & screamed without thinking very loud.I fastly removed Tahir from my way & I jumped at sat on Saima’s Tummy & shut her mouth with my one hand on her mouth & second on her left side of chest crushing her prety miumma(breast().Her eyes were widely opened & lokin towards Tahir.

Tahir said I dont know,how come he is here.Sunny U my best friend,She is my wife.PLzz leave her.SAima do u like come he is here.Saima yellwed shut up U bastard,I am at ur home.Then I said listen U bitch Saima,I would not only fuck U but make pictures & show both families,So keep quite & U kinow everybody left 4 Ur privacy to other houses we three r alone at home except 4 outside chowkidaar.

So U scream Or what ever,I will fuck U I increased the pressure on her tumy with my naked ass,my dick was threu her breasts cleavage till her neck & I put my hand from her chest to her naked shaved cunt.It was still wetty. Plzz Sunny dont fuck my wife,Tahir started crying almost as planned & that gave the exact reaction as expected.I saw a hattered in Saima’s eyes.She loked up in my eyes with requesting eyes to remove my hand from her mouth & get off her body.,I said U would scream again.She noded her head sayin No.

I took my hands from her mouth.She was quite I saw her a bit moaning as she saw my big Dick for the 1st time very close to her mouth,One hand fingers playing with her pussy lips.She said Sunny,plz get up I would do what ever U say.I got up & said I wanna fuck U real hard to make ur wedding nite memorablem,My friend cant fuck u rite,Now both saww same time that Tahir Dick got even smaller.She then shocked me once again ,Tahir U go away,My god ur friend seein me all naked ,U sit far away,Dont touch me.Tahir stood up & sat on the bed.

I grabbed SAima from the front,She was now back to normal & was a little scared.I didnt want her to think anything before a hard fuck.I lifted her face up,Her eyes were closed.Ohh So U r feelin shame,I put my hands on her bid soft white Ass & caress it & said in her eyes I ove to fuck shameful & scared ladies.Listenin this she opened her eyes & I saw a deep lust there.Then I didnt stop.I touched her hair,then slowly her neck put my fingers in her ears,she moaned,ohh aaaaaiiii, The I put my tongue on her neck holdin her from her thin waist,lettin my hatrd cock touch her belly,she was gettin hot now,she started moaning loudly,Sunny U R the man.I put my tongue in her ears one bt one & started Tongue fucking.My God,  Ohhh PLzzz stop sunny st–ooopp,Ahhh I will Die ME BURDASHT NAHEEN KUR SUKTEE

I think it was her sex wek point.I kept on doing it with force holding her tight & touching my hard cock on her inner thighs.THe result was there,Sunny you r my man.Do it,Do what u want. I smiled & left her & went at the other end of the room & sat on the single sofa there.Now Tahir was on the bed on the other side,She, the naked beauty queen in the middle & Me ,the horny Prince on the other side. I ordered Saima,come to me on ,slowly walking.She did as I say but still looked a little frightened but lusty at the same time.My favourite.

I made her sit in front of me opposite to what Tahir did it to her,She saw my bid hard dick,her eyes were brightened now,she saw in a naughty way,I am ur bhabhi what R U doin sunny,Her tone was so sexy.Its oue wedding nite bhabhi Jan,I took her pretty big nailed hands & put my lund(Cock) b/n them & ask her to play.You bhabhee play with it.She started movin her hands.I touched her nipples pink that got big & tight,teased them a lot,she said  ahhhhh it hurts. ohhhhh sunnny ,plzzzzz it hurts  but she never stopped playing with my cock.

i said ok,I picked her up in my strong muscular arms like a baby,I took her to wall & asked her to wrap her legs around my waist.AShe was losing all control.Impressed by my power all in the air,she wrapped her milky thighs around mt waist,I was now sucking her nipples,She put her hands on mmy big muscular arms.her pretty fingers were so excited too as they were attackin with her big nails into my skin.I was hodin her waist with my hands,Suddenly I straightens my Cock near her virgin pussy & asked her to sit on my cock in the air,So I can hold her ass cheeks only & she can get fuck in air.She said NOOOOOO I am afraid Ur cock is so big I felt her pussu were wet,very wet,,I made her back touch to wall,still in air,I widened her legs came between them * guided mt steel hard cock that was ready to rupture any thing on its way,I shoved my lora(Cock) in ,She scremed NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I removed her back from  & made her fall on me, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I heard a loud scream,as I was in her pussy ,She was not moving,She was cryin & still.U killed me I am dead UIts hurting sooo much I put her down the ground,her one leg on my shoulder & other still around waste,I took my cock out,She sighed with relief U R sooo big I didnt answer, I showed in Again, Here comes the scream again   AHHHHHH AHHHH Plzz stop sunny, now U would enjoy it I made an easy posture 4 her both legs seperated,holdin her prett feet in my each hand,I put mu lund(cock) on her choot(cunt)shaved with opink lips Now she was enjoying full lusty eyes half closed half open,I was rubbin her Clit with my huge Instrument,She was havin little orgasms Plz put it inside I beg U sunny U am Ur slave Ohhh,Ahhhhhhh mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

I love it I called Tahir close Saima I will fuck u to satisfaction as U know how strong I am now but You would live nicely twith my frirnd Dont bother him or somethin I promise I promise  Sunny just fuck me I am with two guys at 1st nite stll thirsty Fuck me U bastrards AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA she started moving her butts as she cud see two nake guys around here on her wedding nite Plzzz sunny  fuck me  I liker Ur huuuuge cock Ok baby Here we go I was mad to see a paki eastern gal with attitude & values dyin to get fucked on all conditions I again took her in arms hich she came sooo willigly this time really gave her up on my Mercy & I took her to bed Enough Teasing  doll.I took my cock & without askin put in her mouth Ohhhh I never thought I would do that Saima groaned Suck it uo bitch  I slapped her Quite hard,She got arpoused more Yeah hit mee You real man talk dirty to me sunny I like Dirty talk  fuck me U big dick  kill my cunt I made her suck my dick I had to teach her by suckin her beautiful fingerThen she gave me a wonderful blow job,I then stated caressin her ass & with forcr teach her how to be in doggie style She was holdin the pilows with her pretty hands with her ass all out to me & her waist all down,rt on her knees.   Waooo what a scene it was ,A prety tall white bride in doggie style rt in front of me dyin for my cock & her hubby is sittin behind me jerkin off.I entrered slowly my big head of cock & the showed in with a jerk my whole length.She screamed again & said I cant breath.

I again stopped for a while with my dick in,Niw I put my both hands on her pretty soft silky Ass cheeks & grabbed with real power,Then I started spankin them,OHH YESS YESSSSSS SUNNY    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM I luv it   do it  hit me  u raskal   u bastard  u black mailer she was gettin aroused & horny to limitsIn was spanking her ass & she started movin her ass & I started givin light Jerks now,Then slowly givin it fast,My famous fast speedy jerks with 8 inches hard rock cock that can make  the most conservative girl Or aunty even a lusty  horny bitch.

Now her white ass & My muscular Ass & legs were moving in some speedy rhtymisc momentum Ohhhh  It was my turn to moan as It was her tight juicy white cunt was holding & gripping my Lora(CocK) Like crazy/ I was in heaven  I started giving my best jerks & the whole bed was moving she was screaming  soo loud she forgot where is she    what she is sayingYee phar do is koo I was born 4 Ur cock  best I ever saw bigger than movies \Fuck Me Sunny   Hard Ha Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ammiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Mur gaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii I was non stop  totally success ful in my mission  I was fuckin a bride  a dream come true The I saw down, Waooo I saw her blood spots on bed & on the shaft of my LUND(Cock), but she was taken bt ectasy ,she was still screaming fuck me u horse, u bastard,   u planner’.

U planned to fuck me  U  big Dick guy U fucked me b 4 My husnband U R my HUsband Now, fuck mw when u want  where ever u want  U Dog,  I love U I was gettin pace  noww I saw  Tahir came meanwhile & impressively seein my cock way of fuckin & stamina He came close & sais  yeah  Sunny fuck her hard  she was with a lot of attitude & now Look shes like a slave  & screaming like a whore She started touching her ass too   OHHHHHHHHHHH AAAAAAAAAAAAAA MUr Gaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii BUS KAROOOOOOOO BUSS I would die I give a dam U Tahir  Let the Real man Fuck me Yes I am his Slave Fuck me my Sunny,  I made her straight after takin my cock out, Sit on me  My queen  ITS  WOMAN ON TOP I would teach U all Whole one more month I am hereThis Tahir Is here he would make U hot 1st buy lickin You all over I would dfuck U all nite Yes YES YES YES SAima got so excited,  You would company us to our honey moon,I request U,I beg U I said f9,Now lemme fuck U,Move Ur ass now,Now Ur o[pain has gone Saima You no more a girl U R a woman Saima started movin her soft big ass so my cock can go in properly while doin so she was lookin so beautiful as a pretty innocent girl is learning sex her jet black waivy hair got open her nice pink nippled breasts ,she was were moving in air, my dick was pulsating & jumping in her choot(cunt)  she was scratching my chest with her beautiful thin fingers big nails moaning a lot aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm fuck me 4ever never stop  what u eat  U E fuckin me for last one hour not coming I felt more menly satisfaction, Saima Its Nature Blessing on me, I also like U soo much that I would fuck U forever.I know 100 positions to fuck,

I am made to fuck girls okk Dont U worry Yeas Sunny  plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz m,mmmmmmmmmmmmmm  never stop fuckin this bride I am Ur Bride 4 ever U can fuck my every inch  hole my pretty feet hands even hair she was touching cimax        ohhhhhhhhhhh guys i am coming Sunny SDont stop   Come in me  Fill me  Give me all Ur Love Come RT In mY Choot Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I saw her coming So I thought I shud come as I have a perfect control,I saif  fine lovely Saima  wifee,U R not my bhabhee  rather my wife now,  lets come together Yeah my prince  yeah my master my hubby  my everything U satisfy Saima       AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I am coming So we came together loudly & really got satisfied.   My other sex encounter with Saima at her honey moon & after when I black mailed her to fuck her younger sister too which even Tahir doent know.I would tell in next srtory.I 1st see how Desi Papa Fans like this story of mine. Any girl Or woman from 15-40 yrs of age want to have a very secret passionate  confident & experience of Life time plz contact me IN LAHORE/RAWALPINDI,ISLAMABAD Or CiTIES AROUND)

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