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  • September 19, 2015

I am regular reader of desi stories of desipapa. After read you all think I got the confidence to share my story with all readers. I feel great pleasure to release my incident to all the readers of this great site.

I have a great fantasy to house wives, and aunts, I have never fantasies by any young girl in my life. When I was just 18 and you all know that every one is mad in this age. There was a family in area where we were living. This was not too large family, but was only four members. One in them was just of my age as they were new settled in this area so they have no any close relation in the area. He was 16-year-old boy and his name was majeed, he came near to me as friend and our friendship established soon very close.

I use often go to his home to call him, but never tried to enter in his home. I always call him from out side. Once when I went to his house to met him and I called him, the door opened and the woman appeared asked me that till how you will call majeed from outside? She asked me to come in. I reluctantly went in, the woman who brought me in said me that she is mother majeed. She asked me to sit there. I sat there but was nervous. She asked to be relaxed and said don’t be shy, this is your own house as you are friend of my lovely son. She told me that majeed was great fan of me and always praised you. She told me that majeed has gone to meet his grand mother. She went to kitchen and brought tea for me, when she was pouring tea in my cup she bent over, I could not believe my eyes, she hasn’t wear a bra and due to low cut neck its gave me full chance of her tits. As I have told you before that I am crazy about aunty. So I looked her very closely attentively. She was a very beautiful woman nearly 35. She was 5′ 8 tall, medium color, black long soft & silky hair. She was bit fat. She had a huge pair tits and a round, heavy ass. Her belly was little fleshy and that was the main thing in my fantasy? She said me that her name is Mehreen but I can call her Mehreen aunty. Anyhow we talked for long time and after that I asked her permission to leave. Which she gave.

After that day now I always go to in their house. Majeed and my friend ship were now very close as his mother was also liked me so my lot of time was spending there in his house. I can not say that she was keen in me but I was always staring her boobs and ass. She was became my heart fantasy. I started masturbating on her name daily once I was there and aunty was in bathroom then majeed sad me that he has some need from the near shop so he is going to and with in five minuets he will back. I thought that this the chance to see aunty naked as she was in bathroom and was taking bath. So I went near the bathroom door and was my luck that there was hole in the door. I peep in the hole and my young heart began to beat like mad when I saw Mehreen aunty nude body. She was taking shower while her one hand was on her breast, which she was rubbing lightly, she had large nipples that were sticking out. She had really big ass. I stared hungrily at Mehreen aunty’s exposed pussy, ass and voluptuous tits and whole body. my dick was aching due to hardness. It was really hard like rock. I stood transfixed when I heard the noise of door as majeed was coming back. I ran to the seat where I was seated when majeed was leaving. I left soon from there, as I needed to rub my cock. I remember that I masturbated that night thrice fucking on Mehreen aunty name.

Once! Look to my luck when I went majeed house, Mehreen aunty call me back from her room as she was in her room. I went in her room she had lay in her bed and was looking ill. She asked me how I came? As the main door of the house was locked. I told her no it is not locked. Ohh I thought I have locked it, as I am all-alone in the house and fell not better. She asked to sit, and I sat there. Majeed was not at home. Mehreen aunty told me that he has gone to village for some work. I asked her that he has not told me that he was going to village. She told me he tried but you were not at home because he wanted to take you with him, he was in hurry so he couldn’t wait you. She told me that he would be came back after three days. She said thank you that you came as I was felling loneliness. That was tone of my heart, as I always want to sit with her alone. So I sat there and I asked her what is the problem mm aunty you are laying in bed at the daytime? She replied that there is no any work to do and that she has severed headache. I asked her let me apply and rub some balm on it if balm is available. She said me it will be right and that she was also thinking about it,. She said me I will do it my self you should have not taken trouble, as you are guest. I said her why you consider me guest? I am not guest. She laughed and said me ok then you should bring it from the market, as there is no balm in the house. So I raised and run the near by shop and came back with in five minuets. I locked the main door when I was entered. I sat on the bed with her and applied balm on her fore head and started massaging on her fore head. She was too hot, and soft. I was massaging her head while my dick was starting erect. Her eyes were closed and were breathing lightly. I asked her how you feel aunty? Very nice, she replied me, without open her eyes, you are good masseur. I want to massage me for long. I am your servant aunty.

I will do it till ask me to finish. She laughed but didn’t reply. I was staring her tits, as they were visible to me clearly. I was thinking to eat them, but how? I didn’t know. I moved my hand from her for head to her neck and started massaging on her neck. She didn’t show me any response nor she opened her eyes. Then my hand went from her neck to her shoulder and beneath shoulder, then she opened eyes and stared me but didn’t spoke. That encouraged me and I moved my hand further in her chest and I put one of my hands on her tit and started to rubbing it gently. She was not responding and that gave me more encourage so I put my mouth on her lip tightly. She opened her eye now and said me what are you doing? But her voice was not so angrily. I told her aunty I love you and want you from core of my heart. She smiled and said but you are my son friend and as the same age of my son. How you can love me? I don’t know aunty all these but I know the only one that I love you. I replied her. Am I looking nice to you? Yes you are the most beautiful woman of the world. I replied her. If majeed comes to know that you have kissed me like this then what he would be think? How will tell him? Are you going to tell him? She didn’t say any word but kept quiet. This was green signal of willing for me from her side. So I started my kissing and rubbing of her breast while she was laid on her back on bed. She was enjoying it but also was a little scared. But after some time she caught my hand and dragged me to towards her, saying lay there with me. I lay with her, she took me in her arms so tight that my chest was too closed with her and she put now her mouth on mine. She was kissing me very passionately. I slowly moved my hands to her breasts. My hands were moving on her all body, her breast, her belly, her navel, and at last my hand reached to her huge cunt.

By this time my cock was made like rock and was touching with her thighs. So she grabbed it at and rubbed it lightly. After sometime I opened the hook of her Kameez and took it off. I slowly pulled down her Shalwar. Now she was only in her bra and panty. I gently kissed her breasts over her bra. I put my hand on her back and removed her bra. She had dark black nipples, which was now asking me to eat it. I started kissing and sucking it. Believe me, it was a great feeling and a superb experience as I was first timing in my life the sucking the woman breast. I bit her nipples and she gets more pleasure. She was excited and pleased. She was so experienced as she was presented herself to me, but looking a bit shies to be nude before me. She opened my shilwar and pulled it out from my thighs. I was also nude now before her. She held my cock and started rubbing it again. Then I raised and started kissing her from head to toe. I was kissing her tits, hr navel, my mouth reached to her pussy and there were a lot of hairs on it. I put my mouth on her pussy and kissed and licked it. I then started to suck her pussy and she was really in heave as she was saying that she has no previous experience like this. She said me majeed’s father have never did like this, and that she didn’t know that this so much excited thing. My husband is really done nothing to me and myself is dying for some fuck. Oh god you are great, fuck me, suck me, and tear me. She was excited and pleased as my hot young lips covered her pussy.

She spread her feet wide. She gurgled deep in her throat as I chewed gently on her inflamed clit. I rotated my head between her thighs, mouth hungrily in the heated wetness of majeed’s mother wide-open twat, her spread cunt lips covering my face with sticky, fragrant juices. As majeed’s horny mother squealed and bucked her pussy against my chin, I slipped his hands under her tight, firm ass cheeks, pulling her hot, juice-filled cunt harder against my open mouth. And then I began to thrust my hard tongue in and out of her juicy. She was moaning and screaming, saying, suck it, Put your lips around your friend’s mother cunt and suck it! I am feeling so happy, my baby! Oho, aahh..Yioo uuum. Then she said me to stop it, as she needed my cock this time as she was near to coming. So I lift my mouth on her cunt and said her that I have no any experience of fucking and this will be her job. She said me what you say if you have no any experience then how you did all this? She said me there is nothing difficult but it is simple thing, just sat between in my thighs and put your cock in my cunt. I sat between in her thighs and she held my cock in her palm she put it on her pussy hole and asked me to push it in her cunt. as her pussy was too too wet due to my sucking so there was no any problem for me to insert my cock in her pussy. A when I pushed little my ass dick disappeared in her cunt. And I inserted my cock in her pussy, Her hands fell to my bare ass grabbing them tightly. She looked at me deeply, breathing heavily. Take it, take me”, she cried.

She hungrily kissed me staring deep into my opens eyes whilst helping me thrust into her deeply. My strokes were slow in start but just after few stroke I increased my pumping to her hard and fast. Her hips moving in gentle tandem to mine, Mehreen aunty’s crotch bounced up and down against me, taking my hard prick as deeply as possible. She bounced her ass faster and faster, matching his powerful cock thrusts with equal force. I ran my hands all over her body squeezing her big tits, and creamy thighs. She was very excited as I had griped her tight, firm ass with both hands and filled her big cunt with a full eight inches cock. My balls slapped noisily against the crack of her ass, and the contracting muscles of Mehreen aunty cunt gripped my cock so tightly, it almost felt like my prick was being wrenched from his body each time I pulled it out of her. She was moaning and screaming now and I became scared that I am hurting her. So I asked from her am I hurting you Mehreen aunty? She said yes you are hurting me my dear but I’m so happy. Hurt your aunty more, tear your friend’s mother cunt, and don’t stop it. Keep hitting it. I feel so thrilled! That gave me more courage and more excitement so I keep it more strongly and her voice died away to a wordless murmur as I grabbed her tits.

I was fucking her thrust cunt as hard as I could but she was pleading for more hard and fast. Her cunt closed tightly around my prick, gripping and pulling my pounding cock like a hungry, sucking mouth. Her arms wrapped around my back now, and she was trying to suck my lip. While My thrusting became harder and deeper. My hands were pressed hard against her swaying tits and my thumbs rubbing her nipples. My thrusting was much faster I could feel her vaginal muscles clasping my cock like a tight vice, her wetness allowing me to penetrate her deeply. I gasped, That is wonderful. How about for you? What you feel? It is fantastic, baby! I am in heaven. Fuck me like this forever. You won me. I have never been fucked like that before. Suddenly my balls tensed up and I shot my loads, my body pressing her hard against the wall she began to tense up as she climaxed at the same time with me. Her pussy overflowed with her cum and mine mixed with me. Our bodies were a blur of motion as fucked like two wild animals in heat. All the while her pussy kept squeezing my cock, milking every last drop of cum from her son young friend sperm-filled balls. As I was still lay on her and we were kissing and talking. She asked how do you fell was I better than? Yes, Mehreen aunty. You were best. I looked deep into Mehreen’s aunty yes and said, Mehreen aunty, I wish you were my wife. She laughed and hugged me tight and showered kisses on my lips and cheeks and said,, my darling, your were not in this world when majeed’s father married with me. I would be most happy to be your wife. You proved it that you are perfect man. I love you so much from the day when I seen you. You know it is impossible, I will be mother of your friend when your friend in front of us. But, I will be your wife when we were alone.

She was very happy and we fucked all the possible position she knows or I seen in xxx movies in that three days till majeed come. We never missed any chance of fucking when we got it, and that was majeed who provided us these opportunities. We are still fuck. So many times I call her in my house when ever I got chance and even I fucked her ass so many time. But this is another story.

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