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  • October 5, 2015

Hello my friends of desipapa. I red all you and want to tell you now my real story with hope that you will enjoy mine as I have enjoyed yours.

I was17 at that time and was in high school. I have only one close friend muhed. He was just 20. We had a good friendship and always spend our time together. Mostly we were meet at his home because his father was a transporter and he will be out of town for months. Muhed mother was at the age of 40.but she looked less than her age. She has a great sexy body I think she had 36,34 38 . she also loved me like her son. I called her aunty. She was hugging me often. which gave me unknown pleasure. Her hugs were becoming more intensive, pressing me closely to her big boobs. I also started hiding my face in between her boobs when she hugged me. I did not want but I always thought about her dirty. And I always thinking about her fucking. Which made me some time guilty that she loves me like a child.

Their financial position was better than us. So aunty often gave money to me as pocket money. Some time she sends me to market to buy households. My family had no any objection of our friendship. I often stay there for a night. Once muheed father got injured as an accident of his vehicle. He was admitted in hospital in other city and called muheed for his attendee. The problem raised that who will care muheed’s family after him, because no one was at their home to care his mother and younger sister 8 years and brother 6 years. His mother suggested that I would stay with them in absence of muheeed. I can not refuse. They took permission from my mother who haply agreed. I shifted there.

At the first day aunty was too much disturbed. I have consoled her all the day. At the evening muheed called phone and told us that his father is now out of dangers and will get some days to recover. But doctors say that he will be in hospital for a tow a three weeks. She asked him that she want s to come there but muheed strictly forbid her that three is no need If any one. And all is right. Then she became relaxed. That day we spent very upset, at that night after the dinner aunty asked me stay in muheed’s room. I went to the room for sleep. Next morning I went to market for grocery. When I came back the children have gone to the school. Aunty gave me a cup of tea and she went to the bathroom to take a bath. When she took bath and came out form the bathroom she wore a pink color sari. She was although 40 years but had too sexy or for me at that time because this is a common fantasy. She went to kitchen to prepare the lunch. I was sat in the common room and watching the TV but in fact thinking about aunty ass. It was a very hot film. That night after the dinner we watch the TV and at 10.30 she asked the children to go to their room to sleep. Aunty also asked me go to my bedroom to take rest. I went to the room, change the dress and lay.

After an hour aunty came in the room. She asked me that whether I am a sleep or not. I told her that I am not sleeping. I asked her that is there any problem? She told me not but I just want to talk to you because I am little up set. I tried to get from the bed but she forbade me and told me to lay in bed. She sat in middle of the bed with me. We were talking all about on various topics. Her hip was nearly to touch my penis, which made me exited; I don’t know what happened to me, my dick became hard like rod. It was almost touching her back. She turned and saw my erection and with this suddenly she made angry that what am I doing? I feared very and replied that no aunty I have not did anything. She touched my dick and asked what is this? I moaned a little but did not replay. She told me that she did not expect like this than me. I was very afraid what will happen. I stood and was about to leave the room she holds my hand and said tell me. What were you trying? She insisted a lot and told me that she we tell muheed that. If I did not tell her. I said your body touched me so it happened. She then told me to be relaxed and asked me whether I have a girlfriend? I said no. Then she asked do I masturbate? I said “yes”. By this time I was looking down and fear had gone little by her soft behavior. Then last question that she asked which I was not able to reply, whether I masturbated on her name. I did not reply her. She again asked and said if I will not tell truth she will tell it to my muheed. I did not say her any word and replied yes by nodded head. I was little afraid that she would tell to muheed. She held my dick and said oho you have got enough big than your age. Now fear had gone all .she was gentle massaging to my dick. I was laid calm and stright. She was playing with my cock. She slowly placed her hand over my crotch. Gently she inserted her hand through the pyjama and caught my erect dick and said let me have a look it. She untied the strings of my pyjama and slid it down and started stroking my dick. She was experienced woman; she played very well with my rod. I have felt nothing like this before and wanted to continue it as long as possible. She then started stroking it up and down. She lay with me and hugged me tight to her. She put her mouth on mine and started kissing with me. She put my hand and put it on her big breast and asked me to rub it. I started biting and squeezing her breasts. It gave me a lot of pleasure and I started it very hard. She asked me to relax and do it gently. She told me that if I promise to her that I will not tell it to any one even specially muheed she will give me some strange promised her that I will not mention it to any one. Then she untied the strings of her shilwara and slid it down to her legs. She put my hand and put it on her cunt. It was really a huge and was full of hair. Now I was rubbing it, I inserted one of my finger in her cunt, she told me do it like this it’s very nice, do it out and in. she was now not that aunty but was an other. She was kissing and playing all the time my lips and my dick. That was now of its full erection ever In my life. She asked me that have I ever fucked a woman. I told her no, never. Do you want fuck me? I told yes why not. But you are mother of my friend and the other problem is that I do not know how to fuck. She laughed and said you have already inserted your finger in the cunt of your friend’s mother. She told me that she really needs my cock at this time in her cunt. I asked her tell me how to fuck. She told me, listen fucking is the very easy lesson of the world. I will teach you it .do as I say. Then she asked me to come between in her thighs. As she lay on her back she spread her legs wide. I was between in her legs. She raised her buttocks little and asked me to place a pillow below them. Aunty fitted my cock head to her cunt hole and told me”push it into my cunt.” I eagerly pushed and my entire cock was easily engulfed in her cunt. My cock buried deep inside her cunt. I obeyed her instructions and starting my cock move in and out of her wet cunt easily. She hugged me closely and kissed me deeply. Returning her kiss, I fucked her deeply and fast. She increased her moaning like screaming. Which made me feared and I thought that I am hurting her. So I pulled my cock from her cunt suddenly and with this she cry out that what I did? I told her that you are crying its mean I am hurting you. She told me don’t be fool, you are not hurting me this screaming of joy. Put your dick in my thirsty pussy hurry up. And

She holds my dick and put it on her cunt hole once again and asked me to push the cock insert into her cunt with out waisting a second. I did as she said, but due to inexperience and haste my cock slipped out. Then she took my dick in her hand and put it in the right slot and jumped her buttocks toward my dick and took it in her pussy in one stroke. She asked me to pump into her. I slowly started to move my dick in and out. She was squirming on the bed and her hands were massaging my hips, which was making me more exited. All the time I could hear her moan very softly uuuuumm, aaaaahhhh ” My hands were on her boobs and was gently massaging and pressing them, she was now in full lust. She asked me pump it harder, OOOHH”. After some time when I was about to cum, I told her I could not control myself. But she instructed me to continue pumping don’t stop it. I was near to come when she discharged, her pussy was pumping like a plastic and different voices come from her pussy. Off course I experienced that thing 1st time in my life than. I discharge in her cunt .We were both much exhausted and she pulled down me on her belly and chest. I was laid on her nearly 6 minutes. After that we both went to washroom and cleaned each other.

We then laid in bed naked in each other arms. She told me that she had not fucked by her husband from last 5 years. She passes her days by banana, cucumber etc. and that she had keep in view on me from last tow years but there were tow thing to keep her avoid. One is that you were too child at that time and other is that you will disclose it to muheed, but she didn’t control herself. Because she couldn’t beer it more.

She was playing my prick while I was sucking her tits. She made me ready for another fuck and this time she sat on my thighs holding my cock in her hand. She put it exactly it in her pussy hole and loses herself taking my entire prick in her cunt hole. She started up and down first slowly and then she increased her motion. Her both boobs were bouncing which gave me a great sensation and I caught them, she played this just for 10 minuets. And thus we both discharged at one time. She threw herself on me like a shoted bird. After that she went to kitchen and brought some food to eat that we need it now. Once again we were in each other arms. My one hand was moving on her ass that was so soft. While she rubbing my dick. Suddenly I tried to insert my finger in her ass hole. My 1/4th finger entered in her hole. She asked me why not fuck me in my ass hole. I was not believed that a lady can asked like that. . Rather she insisted that I should fuck her ass hole. She went to dressing table and took some oil from there and came back to the bed. As I was still laid on bed on my back she sat near my thighs and started massaging my prick and suddenly she put her mouth on my cock first she kissed and then she took in her mouth and started to sucking. When it became full erected she lubricated it. Then she made a doggy style and asked me to apply some oil on her ass hole. I than take lotion and apply it on her asshole and insert my dick in her ass like a tong in mouth. She was so much easy like it is her pussy than I was jerking slowly but she said no it is not good do it fast. Than I got speed and caught her boobs and biting them very hard. She picked her voice up au aa omm awwww mm . I thank that she was enjoying fucking ass than pussy. She was throwing her buttock more violently, and was trying to take my entire dick in her hole. Once she asked my please insert your testicle in me. We did this more then 12 minutes. I felt weakness and asked her to let me discharge. She told me put your load in my hole. And I put all my cum in her ass hole. I was tired when I discharged in her ass, and I fell down on bed than she clean my dick with tissue pa per. She also went to washroom and cleaned her self. She brought a glass of milk for her self and me. We drink it and lay. At that night I fucked once more and she slept with me. Next morning she awaked me at 9 o’clock. And once again she was ready to fuck and I fucked her more than45 minutes this time. And than I go to bath room to fresh me up. She introduced me first time in my life pleasure like that. Now all the day and nights are our own. We were specially she was in heaven. Fucked her almost more than 100 times in 21days.

Till her son and my friend came back to home with his father from hospital. They both son and father thanked me lot to help them and I was laughing in my heart. After that we never missed a single chance whenever got t o fuck.

Any lady 35 to 40 contact me just listening more or relation contact me I also waiting for your comments.

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