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My Friend Lovely Wife

  • desipapa
  • October 6, 2015

I am Suman again. My earlier story regarding a neighbor’s daughter has drawn lot of fan mail and I am thankful to all my fans for the same. To repeat I am 6 feet 2 inches tall and have a decent job. When I was in college, I had lot of friend of both sexes. One of my closest friends was Nomi. We hanged out together and as I had a car, we moved together with other friends also. I had my girlfriend and he had his. Her name was Nazia (all names changed) and she was a stunner. It was clear that they were in love and intended to marry.

She was, like most Muslim girls very fair and tall also. She had red cheeks and cheery red lips, which needed no lipstick! She had a brilliant figure of 28 35 28? How did I know? Just read on and you would know! We both friends were sexually active and while I played the field, Nomi was confined to Nazia. We passed out of the college and I went on to join MBA while Nomi and Nazia their MA. But we were together in the evenings. I got a decent MNC job while both of them joined different colleges as lecturers. It was not a surprise when they decided to marry. I was like a chief guest in their marriage. Looking after everything from guests to marriage details. To see Nazia in her wedding lehenga was like seeing Aishervia rai. She was looking soooooo beautiful and nearly every mail was in envy of Nomi that day. After their marriage they settled down in a MIG flat in a posh locality of Delhi and I was a regular visitor. Eating dinner with them at least once a week. Nazia was looking more and more beautiful every day.

Nomi suddenly had to go to Kenya on a teaching assignment and Nazia was supposed to join him in the same university after one month. But somehow her assignment did not work out and she had to stay back. She had to stay alone as her parents and parents of Nomi were not very happy with the marriege. I used to escort her to markets so that she can buy things. This brought us together. Although I was a close friend of Nomi, Nazia was my fantasy girl and I wanted always to have her even if for one night! I had screwed her so many times in my dreams and knew very well that if do get an opportunity, I would not miss it! I could feel that Nazia was slowly becoming uneasy and I saw some fantasy and debonair magazines in her house. I knew that she is missing the sex she had got used to. I kept her company as much as possible. I took every opportunity to touch her in any way I can and I am sure she must have seen the bulge I was getting in my pants. She never showed any interest openly but I was feeling that she was creating more and more opportunities so that I can touch her. Taking this as my own thinking I never did anything that can spoil our fine years old relationship and I knew for sure that we can never have an affairs unless she takes an initiative and I was also sure she would never but how wrong I was! One day she told me that she wants to see the new movie Titanic.

I told her that I would get the tickets. She told me to get her two tickets. I said ok and got two tickets of night show. I gave the tickets to her and asked her to tell with whom she would be going to the movie. She looked surprised and said that she had me in mind as she does not have any other friend. I was overjoyed, as I knew that the movie had certain hot scenes. I picked he up at 9 p.m. and we both went to the Chanakya theatre. She was wearing a tight salwar kameez and most of her assets were visible. Most of the men were looking at me with envy. One man passed a comment which we heard was ” salla bada lucky hai”. She was looking like a beauty queen! She was holding my hands by passing her hands around my arm and this led to her soft breasts touching my hands. I felt that although she was showing this to be normal there was a slight rise in her breathing. I knew that if I can make it today it would be fine otherwise it may never take place! I kept moving and because of that the touches became more and more. I felt that her nipples had hardened! The noon show ended and we were asked to go into the hall. I guided her in the dark hall towards the seats, which were in the center corner at the last row. I held her by her shoulder from the back and she was pushed back by the crowd. This pushes her against me and her ass was struck on my rock hard lund! I pressed it forward and gave her a good feel of it. She just remained there for a second and then moved to her seat. She sat in the hall with her hands around my arms and her breasts were again touching me. I pressed my hand towards her and let her breast get a good massage.

She was breathing heavily and this showed that she was getting excited. The movie started and the massage went on. I slowly removed my hand and placed in on her shoulder. She just did not object and relaxed against me. Then the scene when the nude photo was painted came and then the sex scene. I knew this was the time and I slowly cupped her breast with my other hand and started to slowly massage it. There was no resistance and I pressed them a little hard. Still she just remained there. I slowly pinched her nipples and then kept massaging her tits. Now she was pressing against me. I pulled her with my right hand and let my left hand do a lot of caressing and pinching. In my life I had never touched a move soft breast and such hard and long nipples! In the interval I went out to bring some coke and she went to the toilet. After the show started I again did the same but to my surprise she was not wearing a BRA! I knew now that I have seduced her! I unhooked a few hooks off her kameez and moved my hand in and slowly massaged her left tit. She gave a low moan and pressed against me harder. I kept massaging her tits till the end and then we came out. I could see that her cheeks had become red and she had red treads in her eyes indicating that she was excited. I then told her that we should go to a hotel and have food. She told me that she had made the food and that we should go to her house! I now knew I have her! We went to her house in my car and all the way she kept her head on my shoulders and her breast kept pressing me. We went into the house and then she said that she would change and I should sit in the drawing room. She went in and then came out with a bottle of wine and a glass. She was wearing a nighty. It was a thin one and as she was not wearing a bra her tits were visible partially and her nipples were visible clearly. I told her that I would not drink alone.

She told me that in case she drinks then she would not control herself. I told her that I would control her and she got her glass. She actually was trying to find an excuse, which can justify her getting fucked! We took two drinks and then I told her to dance with me. A slow music was put and we started to dance. She was trying to show that she is getting drunk and was falling on me again and again. I just held her tightly and let her feel my bulge. I then slowly slipped my 7 inch and really thick lund out of my boxer and let her feel it. She was just pressing against it. She was the most beautiful women I had ever laid my hands on. I just kept pressing her at various places. Her tits her ass cheeks etc. She was now very hot and I knew that it was my time and praying for the best I slowly kissed her on her lips. She just opened her mouth and let me kiss her really hard. I moved my tongue in her mouth and then found her responding. I then pushed her gown up and removed it in one jurk over her body. She lifted her hands and let it go. I just stepped back and viewed the most beautiful sight of my lift. Pink white body with pearl white tits with rose colored nipples! I kept looking at her and she just turned beetroot red and ran into my arms. I pressed her and slowly went to her tits, slowly taking each nipple in my mouth and slowly sucking them. She was now moaning wildly. She then took off my shirt, baniyan and with my help my jeans. She then pulled me to her and slowly sank down to the thick carpet and pulled me over her. My Lund was now pressing against her crouch and my hands were all over her body. She then pushed me a little and sat down and removed her panties and then pulled down my underwear. She looked in a hurry. She went down again and pulled me over her. I withdrew and asked her what was the hurry to which she asked me what else is there to do! I just could not believe it. I cursed my friend for not giving her what she deserved! I told her to relax. She had spread her legs wide and wanted me to mount. I moved to her choot and slowly started to move my hands over it. I opened the cheeks and slowly moved my fingers over the cherry red colored opening that was visible. I had never ever seen a more beautiful choot! I just kept looking at it. I then slowly sank down and smelled her choot. It smelled wonderfully. I then put my mouth on it.

She just jumped and asked me to stop. I told her to just lie back and enjoy. I then ran my tongue over the crack and she nearly jumped pushing herself to my face. She then told me that Nomi only mounted her my lifting her sari most of the time! The only other thing he did was to play with her tits. I then pushed my tongue in to her crack and started to move it in and out. She became tense and suddenly started to moan wildly. I knew she was about to come and pushed my whole tongue in. She just went over the hill and came and came. I just drank a little and then moved away. She was just lying there exhausted. She then asked me to fuck her “Mujhe chodo please” she repeated again and again. I just told her to relax and enjoy the evening. I then moved her mouth to my lund. She first held it in her hand and the said, ” suman yeh to bahut bada hai, kya me le sakungi?”(It is big, will I be able to take it? I said yes and pressed her head to my lund. She had only seen such in photographs and just took my lund into her mouth. First just the tip and then a few inches. Then she started to mouth fuck me and I was in heaven. I just moaned her name again and again the then came with a wild moan. To my surprise she drank every drop of my come and told me that she always wanted to do these things but her husband was too traditional! We then lay side by side and started to explore each other. I saw a peacock wall hanging. I removed a medium sized feather. I then started moving it over her body. I slowly took it to her tits. She just loved it. My lund was also getting harder now. I rotated the feather on her nipples and they grew longer and she responded be rotating her lower body and moaning wildly. Her hands went to my lund and started to massage it.

She cupped my balls and squeezed my lund with her soft hands. I removed the feather and took the needle portion of it to her tits and pinched her nipples with it. She just jumped up and I saw a few of drops of fluid coming out of her cunt! I kept doing it for some time a she was just having a climax that was not stopping and the carpet had become wet below her! She could not wait any longer and requested me to fuck her. “Please mujhe chodo… jor se chodo…phad do pleaseeeee.” I then mounted her. All my girlfriends know that I come in just 8 to 10 minutes in the first time, but I take not less than half an hour for the second. My lady friends never allow me the second time if they do not have time. I knew that she would sleep after the session and hence I started to fuck her. I first rotated my tip on her crack and slowly inserted it. I then started to just move the tip in and out. It made a “chup chup” noise, as she was fully wet at the entrance. She started to push from below, as she could not stand this any more. I was now playing with her! She just begged me to fuck her. Calling herself my whore. ” Mai teri randi hoon please fuck me now…don’t tease please…dal under pura dall please…..”. I could feel her building pressure and then she just jumped up and pulled me, I glided into her wet pussy in one smooth motion. She just moaned and came again. I could feel her come flowing down her ass cheeks. I then started to fuck her slowly. She was responding but with a wide eyes. She could not believe that I was holding on still and fucking her!! I just kept banging her, I now increased my speed and our bodies stated to bang against each other. She came again after 5 min and I just kept pumping. It was new experience for her to be fucked while she was still coming.

She was still and her choot was very tight but I kept banging. She virtually shouted at her top voice…” oh god oh god…yes yes yes”, I kept a hand on her mouth fearing the neighbors may hear. She calmed down and I kept my pace. Now her choot was like a silken passage, wet to a core and smooth as silk. I was a time of my life and even in my fantasy I had not thought that I would enjoy so much. I just kept banging. She came again and again and was now motion less below me and I also started feeling some heat in my groins. I increased my speed and I think she also felt that I would come soon. She probable wanted me to enjoy and hence lifter her legs and circled them around me. The allowed me to go even deeper into her. I then slowly told her to do me a favour. I would like ladies to try this with their lovers and see them enjoy! I asked her to relax when I move out of her and act as if she was trying to stop her urine when I entered her. It made her cunt tight at entry and gave me a much more rubbing when I entered. It was bliss as she just did that and told me to enjoy. “Majhe le lo suman.” I then picked up my speed to my maximum and was about to come when I felt something new. She was coming and coming like a tap has been opened I thought she was urinating but she was not but coming!! I also went over the hill and filled her with my come. She lifter herself to have more of it as deep as possible. She was crying and kissing me at the same time. We remained like that for some time and then slowly drifted to sleep.

We got up a full two hours later and hugged and kissed each other. She was totally exhausted and somehow managed to put the food on the table. We ate it silence looking in to each others eyes. I slept there that day and we did sex after getting up in the morning also. I took her gand, which was virgin and she cried and enjoyed it also. Those who want to share their experience with me and also those who want to have confidential exchanges can write to me at

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