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My Friend In-law

  • desipapa
  • August 16, 2015

Hi this is with a story about my friend named Anand. He had married last year and his wife Mala had become pregnant and both of them had gone to her mother’s house for delivery. He had not had sex for almost 2 months now. Anand began to jerk himself off with deliberate strokes, trying to get excited thinking about his wife. But he did not get much excitement thinking about her. But then it struck him… why can’t he try some of the things he had read in the incest story magazine last night which excited him! There was a most desirable women close by – his 45 year-old mother in law! Anand’s cock leapt at the thought, and he jumped quickly out of bed, hurrying down the hallway to the master bedroom, hoping that his sexy mother in law was still in bed.

He went back down the hall until he stood before his in law’s bedroom door. His father in law was on his tour duty. He quietly opened the bedroom door and looked in. His mother in law lay sprawled in the centre of the big double bed. She was still fast asleep, with the checkered bed sheet fully covering her lovely curvaceous body. Anand thanked his father in law for being away as he moved slowly towards the foot of the bed. His cock stirred again as he looked down at his sleeping mother in law. She was so beautiful… so sexy. Carefully Anand reached down and grabbed the sheet, pulling it away. He stood staring at his mother in law’s shapely breasts tight against her blouse. Her mangal-sutra was draped over her left breast caught on the nipple. His mother in law’s breasts were larger and more shapely than his wife’s. He wanted to fondle the beautiful bulges and suck the nipples. But he first wanted to see his mother in law’s cunt, nestled between her shapely white thighs. So he started to pull his mother in law’s sari along with the under skirt slowly, higher and higher over her hot, sleek, naked thighs. To her son in law’s delight, Ambily (mother in law) stretched in her sleep, opening her thighs wide apart as the sari moved, ever so gradually, up over her lower body.

Anand’s young heart began to beat like mad as his mother in law’s fur-covered cunt came into view. The moist, swollen lips were wide open, giving Anand a clear view of her juicy, inviting cunt slit. Unconsciously, Ambily was giving her son in law exactly the kind of show he craved. In his sexual fantasies, young Anand had frequently visualized his beautiful, sexy mother in law, lying before him, just like she was was at this very moment, spread-eagled and naked. As the sari finally reached his mother in law’s hips, Anand stared hungrily at his mother’s exposed pussy, licking his lips as his eyes devoured her nakedness. He stood transfixed for several seconds before leaning over her. Ambily had the body of a woman at least half her age, even more beautiful than the nude young models who posed in the “girly” magazines that Anand used as he jacked off in the privacy of his bedroom. With a lustful smile on his handsome features, the young man climbed onto the bed and knelt between his mother in law’s carelessly spread thighs, careful not to wake her. At least not yet anyway! The heady, aromatic fragrance of his mother in law’s moist cunt filled Anand’s young nostrils as he bent his head towards her open crotch. The smell was so pleasing, much different from his wife’s cunt smell. Ever so carefully, the boy eased her smooth, creamy thighs wider apart and lay down on the bed, positioning his mouth directly above Ambily’s long, glistening slit. The lips of his sleeping mother in law’s cunt gaped beautifully open, revealing the juicy, pink wetness within. It was a delicious sight which the excited young boy found impossible to resist.

With eager hands, Anand began to stroke his mother in law’s naked belly and smooth inner thighs, occasionally letting his fingertips brush tantalizingly against her moist, curly cunt bush. Anand could feel the heat emanating from his mother in law’s cunt and it spurred him on. Leaning on his elbows, the boy reached out and smoothed the soft hair away from her pink cunt slit and very slowly inserted a finger into it. Ambily moaned softly, instinctively lifting her hips up against the invading digit. Although her cunt muscles quivered and clasped at his finger, Ambily still remained fast asleep. Anand inserted a second finger and began to fuck them slowly in and out of his mother’s tight, slippery cunt hole, watching her face intently for any signs of awakening. Ambily’s cunt-juice began to ooze out around her son’s fucking fingers and dribble down the crack of her ass. On impulse, he leaned forward and licked up the clear, fragrant droplets before they could fall onto the bed sheets. As Anand’s hot, wet tongue rasped suddenly over her sensitive flesh, Ambily’s eyes flew open. The first thing she saw was the top of her son in law’s head, bobbing up and down between her wide-spread thighs, and the first thing she felt was the pure bliss of his tongue and fingers working on her quivering gash. Ambily groaned with pleasure as she realized what was happening, and reached down to grab the boy’s head with both hands, pressing his mouth into her eager cunt. Her son in law was getting intimate with her in a way she had not even imagined.

She was excited and pleased. Ambily cried out as Anand’s hot young lips covered her pussy and sucked her puffy cuntlips and distended clit into his mouth. She spread her feet wide, bending her knees and pulling them back until her aroused twat stood out like a mound of runny pink jelly. Anand licked and sucked at his mother in law’s cunt like a hungry young pup. Holding her naked ass-cheeks in both hands, he lifted her hot, willing cunt flesh to his mouth, licking and sucking the entrance of the very womb that had given him life. Anand’s mouth on her clit was driving Ambily wild, and she gurgled deep in her throat as her son chewed gently on her inflamed clit. Anand rotated his head between Ambily’s thighs, mouth hungrily in the heated wetness of his mother’s wide-open twat, her spread cunt lips covering his young face with sticky, fragrant juices. As his horny mother in law squealed and bucked her pussy against his chin, Anand slipped his hands under her tight, firm ass cheeks, pulling her hot, juice-filled cunt harder against his open mouth. Ambily’s cunt flesh writhed and pulsed against his face as her son buried his stiff, pointed tongue deep inside her seething cunt hole. Ambily was in seventh heaven as Anand noisily sucked up her abundant juices and then began to thrust his hard tongue in and out of her quivering snatch like a short, fat cock, giving himself up completely to the wild, incestuous energy that surged between them. His beautiful mother in law felt the same, all thoughts of the sinful nature of their coupling were blotted from their minds. While they enjoyed each other’s bodies sexually, they ceased to be mother and son, and became simply, male and female, engaged in the age-old ritual of mutual, sexual gratification. As his nose pressed repeatedly against his mother in law’s clit, Anand heard her uninhibited moans of pleasure increase in both loudness and pitch.

Her cunt began to contract, opening and closing around his tongue until he had a hard time breathing. Then he spread her still wider with his palms and began to stab and flick his tongue against his mother in law’s prominent clit, trying desperately to make her come, teasing the hard, erect little bud until she almost passed out from sheer pleasure.”Ahhhhhhghhh! Suck it, Anand! Put your lips around you Ma in law’s cunt and suck it! Ma in law’s feeling so happy, my baby! Ohhhh, aahhhh..yioooo…uuummmm!” Ambily’s tongue-ravaged pussy flowered open even wider as she neared orgasm, her cunt-juices flowing freely out over her son in law’s sucking mouth and chin, to trickle slowly down into the damp crevice between the cheeks of her compact little ass. The erotic scent of his mother in laws’s fully aroused cunt filled his nostrils as Anand lifted his lips to her clit and sucked it deep into his mouth. He sucked and nibbled at it with a fury, pressing it hard between his lips and occasionally flicking it with the tip of his tongue, but always returning it deep into his mouth as he sucked on it like a baby on a tit. Ambily could feel her climax building rapidly, flowing outward from her loins like a firey tidal wave of white-hot pleasure. She pressed frantically on the back of her son’s head as he ate her, rubbing her cunt savagely against his face until she suddenly stiffened, screaming in violent orgasm. Torrents of cunt juice exploded into Anand’s fast working mouth, spreading their sticky warmth all over his cheeks and down his chin until his mother in law heaved one last time, grunting out the last of her orgasm as she collapsed back onto the bed.

The young man looked up at his mother in law, his lower face still pressed into her cunt, watching her breasts and nipples jutting stiffly upward. Ambily looked down at him, a satisfied smile on her glowing face. Ambily held out her hands, and Anand scrambled up over her body until he lay on top of her, his stiff young cock pressing urgently against the damp flesh of her stomach, throbbing gently. Ambily’s pussy shivered with renewed cunt heat as she felt her son in law’s big prick against her belly . Although she’d just experienced a very powerful orgasm, she longed for his hard, virile young cock filling her pussy. With a moan, she pulled his cum-coated mouth down onto her own and kissed him passionately, tasting her own cunt juice on his soft, wet lips. Anand cupped his mother in law’s firm, round titties and squeezed gently. His tongue parted her lips and darted down her thro at as the son in law returned his mother in law’s hot, fervent kiss with equal passion. Ambily pulled her lips from his. “Do you want to fuck me, Anand?”, she breathed hotly into his mouth. “Would you like to fuck your mother in law?” “Oh yes, Ma in law! I wanna fuck you now! I have wanted to fuck you for so long, Ma in law”, gasped Anand. Ambily reached down between his muscular thighs and wrapped her long, slender fingers around his swollen prick, pumping her fist up and down her son’s long, hard shaft a number of times. Ambily rubbed her son in law’s cock at her clit, mewling softly. Anand looked down between them, writhing his ass with youthful eagerness, anxious to ram his impatient cock up his mother’s tightly-stretched cunt at the slightest provocation. Amudha looked up at her son with glazed eyes as Anand began unhooking her blouse and white bra to free up her breasts which were bursting inside her blouse and bra. Then Anand lowered his head and started sucking her right breast.

He took almost half of her breast into his mouth and squeezed it with his lips. Ambily gave a soft little cry and began to stroke the back of her son in law’s head as he suckled her.. Ambily was delighted to fell her son in law’s lips around her nipple and it increased her excitement. “Anand, fuck me now, please. I cannot stand it any longer”, she whispered in her son in law’s ear. Anand lifted himself up on his elbows and positioning his cock at the entrance to his lovely mother in law’s cunt, slowly pushed it inside the velvet fold. Ambily moaned as she felt her beloved son in law’s prick slide into her pussy. Then Anand began hunching his hips, pumping his cock back and forth inside his mother in law’s mound with long, deep strokes. Ambily lifted her head and stared down between their sweat-soaked bodies, watching excitedly as her son in law’s virile young cock slid deliciously in and out of her snatch. Anand saw what she was doing and kissed her damp forehead. Her eyes were round and bright, fixed intently on her son in law’s thick, purple-veined shaft as it reamed her drooling cunt. She put her hands on his shoulders for support as he lurched forward, his weight pushing her bodily towards the head of the bed. His mother in law’s crotch bounced up and down against him, taking his glistening prick as deeply as possible. On the down-stroke, Anand began to grind his hips in a slow circle, mashing his pubic bone hard against her stiff, throbbing clit. With gasping ecstasy, she bounced her ass faster and faster, matching his powerful cock thrusts with equal force. Her son in law fucked like a stallion, and Ambily was determined to enjoy him to the fullest.

Not only now, but every chance she got! Anand ran his hands all over her tingling flesh, squeezing her big, jiggling tits and creamy thighs. Anxious to please her, the young man fucked his mother in law like a little demon, gripping her taut, firm ass with both hands as he filled her hungry cunt with a full nine inches of throbbing cock. His sperm filled balls slapped noisily against the crack of her ass, and the contracting muscles of Ambily’s cunt gripped his pistoning shaft so tightly, it almost felt like his prick was being wrenched from his body each time he pulled it out of her. Anand inched forward, changing the angle of penetration, plunging his cock in so deep that Ambily felt her son in law’s cock head enter the very mouth of her! “Is that…Unghh!.. your I am hitting, Ma in law!”, panted Anand, increasing the length and tempo of his thrusts. His voice was hoarse and his words were punctuated by frequent grunts of exertion. “Mmmmmmm! Ahhhh!…ummmm!, yes my dear! I’m so happy Anand. Don’t stop, please. Keep hitting it. I feel so thrilled!” Her pleading voice died away to a wordless murmur as Anand grabbed her firm, round tits, one in each hand, and fucked his raging cock into his mother in law’s up thrust cunt as hard as he could. The muscles on his back and thighs bulged with the effort as Anand gave the his lovely mother in law everything she had begged for…..and more! Anand sensed his mother in law’s orgasm blossom long before he heard her loud scream of release. The whole sheath of Ambily’s slick, quivering cunt closed tightly around his shaft, gripping and pulling at his pounding cock like a hungry, sucking mouth. His balls swelled and contracted as he felt his own climax peak with a mighty roar. “AHHHHGGHH! OOOOOH, Anand! My BABY! NOW! OOOOOW! Ayiooooo..aaahhhh! NOWWW!”, yelled Ambily as she felt her son in law’s powerful ejaculation blast from the tip of his cock, filling her spasming cunt with his hot, thick jism. Their bodies were a blur of motion as mother in law and son in law fucked like two wild animals in heat, abandoning themselves completely to their mutual climaxes.

Their juices blended together, flooding her cunt, and washing over his cock like a hot shower. Anand continued hunching into her until his mother in law’s body went limp beneath him. All the while her pussy kept squeezing his cock, milking every last drop of cum from her young son in law’s sperm-filled balls. Anand collapsed beside her, hugging Ambily’s, hot sweaty body against his own. “That was wonderful, Ma in law!”, he gasped, “How about for you?” His mother in law snuggled against him, wrapping her trembling fingers around his dwindling cock. It was still a formidable size, coated liberally with their mingled juices. “Ohhh!…Anand!…Anand!”, panted Ambily, “It was fantastic, darling! I am in heaven, Anand! Was I better than your wife?”, she asked eagerly. “Yes, Ma in law, you were a thousand times better than her. At least from now on, let us not waste opportunities”, said Ambily. Anand looked deep into his mother in law’s eyes and said, “Ma, I wish you were my wife”. her heart almost stopped beating.

This would be her ultimate happiness – being wife to her own dear son in law. She hugged her son in law tight and showered kisses on his lips and cheeks and said, “Anand, my darling, I would be most happy to be your wife. I love you so much. We should just let things stay as there. I will be your mother in law for the outside world. But inside the house, I will be your wife. Since you father in law goes on tour most of the time, we can find lots of opportunities to make love. Mail comments to Married ladies, widows are welcome as I like ladies between 28- 40 years of age. Ladies plz contact me.

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