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My Friend Fuck My Ammi

  • desipapa
  • September 9, 2015

It all started when my friend Rohan came over my house. We were surfing the web for mature porn and reading stories with mature ladies. See Rohan got me into the idea of fucking mature ladies, how they have experience, and have bigger boobs and big asses than the girls our age. We are both 18 years old, I am of Pakistani descent settled in London. Rohan is also of Asian origin and looks a bit older than me, he a bit taller and built for his age. We met at the football ground about 4 months ago. He comes over my house not so often cause my dad is not a big fan him ( as paki and Indians don’t get along so well ). But my mom is more open minded and gives everyone a fair shot. Rohan has even confessed that my mom is not bad looking, i just brushed it off. I agree actually, my mom is about 38 years old and looks a lot younger than her age. She is light skin with shoulder length brown hair, b size tits and nice round ass. She is about 5″5 and thin. I will show you a picture of her later.

Me and Rohan were reading a sex story about a teacher fucking her student after class. Rohan told me to print it out cause he wanted to read it at home. He was saying that his computer at home is not working and need some relief at home, i laughed and said ok. As i was printing the story, my mom came barging into my room. I thought she went out for a bachorlette party of her friend”s, and didn”t notice that she got back home. She was wearing a long floral nightgown. She said hi to us and asked what we were doing. I quickly replied that we were printing out a term paper. She said alright, and snatched the paper from the printer. She said that she would look over it and proof-read it for us. I hinted a smell of liquor from her, may be from partying. She seemed composed, and then walked out of my room. I was then shitting in my pants, me and Rohan was dumb-founded and was lost of words. Rohan told me he had to go, i told him to wait. I am not going down for this by myself. Big mistake for letting him stay, you will understand as you read.

After a long five minutes, I hear my mom shouting for both of us to come into the living room. We both went in there with our heads down in shame. She asked “What the hell is this?” She threw the papers at us. There was silence in the room. She then said “You guys are supposed to do school work, but end up reading these nasty stories.” She was saying that she expected better. Then she paused and said “If you guys want to see a naked lady, I will show you a naked lady.” With that she reached for the bottom of her nightgown and started pulling it up. I reacted saying “Mom stop it!” But I saw Rohan with a small grin forming on his face. By then the nightgown was by her mid thighs. She held it there when I yelled stop, but Rohan said “Keep going, teach me a lesson Mrs. Akram.” My mom looked at me and told me to go to my room. I tried to protest, but she said “No buts, go to your room. Let this be a lesson for you to respect every women. Women aren”t a piece a meat young man. Next time think of a women as your mother. Would you like your mother to be nude in front of your friend or anyone else? While you sit there, i am going to show your friend my body. Let this be a lesson!” I remember long ago my mom caught me drink out of my uncle”s cup of whiskey. She then made me drink a least a quarter of the bottle straight, i was only twelve years old then. Since then i haven”t drank liqour. She is now trying to teach another tough lesson by doing this to me. I couldn”t believe Rohan encouraged my mom and he gets to see her body and i get into trouble. I was feeling jealous and very upset, but felt my dick stiffening in my shorts. The thought of my prude and faithful indian mom being naked in front of my black friend, was very erotic. I stopped as i went upstairs to my room, and peeked downstairs and caught the whole scene unfold in front of me. I could also hear everything they were saying.

The scene resumed were my mom”s nightgown was by her mid thighs. My mom had a blank stare into Rohan”s face. Rohan just smiled and said “Go ahead continue.” I guess my mom was also shocked how Rohan was reacting, he wasn”t scared and seemed in control. My mom the broke of the stare, and continued pushing her nightgown higher exposing her panties and it went higher by exposing her flat tummy. Soon her black bra was showing. She had the nightgown over her head and had it bunched up in her hand. Rohan said “Let me help you with that.” He then grabbed the nightgown from her. He was now staring at my mom”s body up and down. She had her eyes looking up to the ceiling in shame and disbelief. She was now standing half naked in front of a teenager, my best friend. At the time my mom was wearing a conservative pair of black panties and matching bra, but looked very sexy. We got to see an older lady semi-nude, but i never knew it would be my own mother. Rohan remarked “Very nice, can you do a little spin for me?” My mom began to spin her body, Rohan told her to stop when her ass was fully displayed for him. He said “wow”. My mom now seemed comfortable in the situation and spoke “I guess you boys have your hormones running wild at this age.” Rohan said “I guess so, but you can teach me how to control it anytime Mrs.Akram.” By then my mom turned back to reply to his smart comment and caught a glimpse of his raging hard-on through his shorts. It looked like a good 7 inches. My mom”s face had distorted look. Rohan caught her looking and felt more in control. The next thing he did, surprised me. He began to untie his shorts and pulled them down exposing his bare black cock. He kicked of his shorts and threw them on the floor with my mom”s nightgown. He said “I didn”t want you to feel uncomfortable, by being naked all by yourself.” At this point, they didn”t know i was watching from up the stairs. My mom was staring hardcore into his meat, like she hasn”t seen anything like it before. Rohan started to move closer to my mom, as he moved his dick was wiggling up and down. My mom said “I think we should stop now, I wasn”t going to get naked .” then moved back and sat on the cold coffee table. She was still glancing at his cock which is now directly eye level with her. He openly began to stroke his cock and playing with the head, as if he was trying to lure her with it. He asked “Is it big?, Is it bigger than your husband”s?” My mom just looked at it and nodded her head yes. He laughed “I guess thats why he doesn”t like me around here, he knows we have got bigger ones.” He then asked her about the bachorlette party she went to and if any male strippers came by. She replied yes there was one. Rohan asked if the girls played the game with the whip cream. She said that all her friends played the game. Rohan said “Thats a shame, do you guys have whip cream?” Mom said its in the fridge. Rohan then quickly went into the kitchen and got the whip cream. I was confused at this point. As Rohan shook the canister, my mom said “I should be going to my room now.” But didn”t get up and watched as Rohan spread the whip cream all over his cock. He said ” I bet you wanted to try it at the party, but was scared what people would think. Don”t worry no one will know, here is your chance, go ahead!” Then he inched his whip cream covered cock to my mom”s mouth. She took one look up at Rohan towering over her and then her eyes were locked on his cock. My jaws dropped as i saw her open her mouth and began to take in his cock. My mom had his head in her mouth and you could hear the sucking noises. Rohan was encouraging her on saying “Oh thats real good, keep sucking, take more. Taste good right?” My mom was sitting on the coffee table giving my friend blowjob. She grab hold of his hips and came closer to his groin, taking more of his meat. Her nose was now touching his pelvis and her chin touching his balls, my mom was deep-throating. Rohan grabbed her hair with two hands and guiding her back and forth. She had all the whip cream wiped clean. She was coughing and gagging when she went deep, which made a build up of salvia around the cock. Her eyes were tearing from all the action. He pulled out and made her lick the tip of his dick. He said “Lick that shit, make it wet .” She licked from the base to the head. His cock was really glistening. This went on for a solid five minutes. Then Rohan stepped back and pushed my mom”s shoulders back onto the coffee table. For a second, she was laying completely flat on the table. He wanted to fuck her!

I know my mom wouldn”t allow that to happen. She then got up halfway and said “I can”t do this.” Rohan then scooped her off the table and placed her flat on the living room carpet. He said “Of course you can”t, that must be a cold table and can get damaged from the action.” My mom replied “No, its because i am married, its not right.” Rohan quickly replied “I just want to return the favor, a quick five minutes.” He didn”t wait for a reply and grabbed the waist band of my mom”s black panties and pulled them off her hips. I noticed my mom raised her ass for him to do this. Both of them were naked from below the waist now and Rohan had her panties in his hand. My mom was laying flat with her legs bent and knees touching, trying to prevent any exposure. He said “I just want to take a closer look and may be kiss it like you did to mine.” My mom kept her mini protest saying “No, I can”t, its not right.” But Rohan was focused and he parted her knees, it looked like my mom”s words were being betrayed by her body. May be she was curious and excited as well. Rohan lowered his head to my mom”s mound and began to lick her twat! My mom closed her eyes and a moan escaped her lips. Rohan was lapping her whole vagina and sucking on her clit. He used whatever he learned from porn on her. He never spoke about going down on a woman, but was going at it like a pro. He had my mom”s head moving side to side in ecstasy. Then he started to finger her and asking “How does that feel?” No reply. He then began rubbing her clit and asked the same question after a minute. She was biting her lower lip and trying not to reply. He asked the same question again, this time in between licking her clit and pussy. She whispered “good”. While he licked her clit, he was finger popping her. He then stopped and asked “How about the real thing?” He was pointing at his dick. My mom raised her head to look and see. She then put her head back down and said “This has gone to far, no more.” He pleaded saying “I just want to put two inches inside, just to see how it feels, i am learning a lot, please it will be quick. I won”t even move. Just two inches.” She said “My husband is coming home soon from work and my son is upstairs, and its not right. I am not a cheat.” Rohan just said two inches. He grabbed the base of his cock and started to guide it towards her hole. She knew it was coming and said “Hurry then, and no moving, two inches only.” His meat entered her pussy. He said”Its soo wet, i think three inches went inside.” He laughed and my mom broke his laughter and told him to pull out. He said hold on and started to jerk his hips back and forth a little. My mom said stop that. He teased her saying”Don”t you want to feel the rest of me, i think i am seven inches. bigger than your husband”s.” She said “Your moving it, stop it please.” But he kept on doing his mini strokes back and forth. He said “Just chill, take a deep breath, and close your eyes.” She did as told, he then pushed his ass deeper and his cock was balls deep in her. He held it there, my mom then opened her eyes in disbelief and then she rolled her eyes in pleasure. He asked “How is it?”. She opened her eyes and remarked “Its so big.” He then asked “Can i fuck you now?” She just nodded her head yes. He then began the assault on her pussy slowly, she mentioned to him to make it quick, cause I was upstairs and can”t get caught for this. He was operating nice and slow, with his long strokes. I saw that this got my mom worked up, she was moaning from time to time. She peeked downwards to see his cock slide in and out of her, then she closed here eyes and bit her lower lip again. He made comments how good her pussy felt and is better than jacking off at home. I heard him saying that he always wanted to get in her pants and didn”t know it was possible until now. He yelled “Fuck this feel to damn good, it feels like velvet glove on my dick. You one bad mama!” My mom told him to stay quiet and hurry. He replied “Make me, make me stay quiet. kiss me,kiss me now.” He leaned in as his dick is in balls deep. She initially refused by turning her cheek. He then wrapped his arms around my mom”s upper back, with that she looked at him. He then went to kiss her and she obliged. He was darting his tongue in her mouth and she accepted the offer. My dick was getting sore from watching this porno like action in my own living room. He motioned for her to flip over and now she was on top of him. When they changed position, his dick never slipped out of her, not skipping a beat. They also were making out as they changed position. She just sat on his entire dick, it was completely disappeared inside her. When he saw she wasn”t moving, he grabbed my mom”s two ass cheeks and began to squeeze them. He started to pump his meat at a fast pace. She was holding onto his chest for support and moaning a bit louder this time.

I then heard the garage door opening, knowing well that it was my dad coming back from work! I had limited time to cover up what”s going on. I then approached them, Rohan saw me and stopped fucking her. My mom”s back was towards me and didn”t know i was there. She asked Rohan “What”s wrong, why did you stop?” Rohan looked at me with a smile and said “Hey man, i got to nut. Your mom is just helping a brother out. We cool right?” I said “Get up, my dad is home.” By then my mom knew i was there and jumped of his dick. She try to cover up her bra covered tits and bare pussy. I saw sex juices around her inner thighs. He said “Oh shit, thanks man.” He got up and took hold of my mom”s forearm and lead her upstairs. All i saw was two half naked people running up the stairs, especially my trailing mother”s ass jiggling as she ran. I thought to myself, what is he up to and shouldn”t he try to get out. I then had to pick up the loose article of clothing they left behind. I picked up my mom”s panties, his shorts,her nightgown,etc.. I made sure the area was clear of any suspicion by my dad. I don”t think he would ever imagine his wife fucking a teenager in the middle of the living room. I retreated back to my room, before i entered i heard Rohan. He said “Don”t worry about him, he is cool with it. He helped us back there. Lets just finish.” When i went in i saw Rohan had my mom on the edge of my bed. He had her legs sprawled out and the tip of his dick entering her orifice once again. He placed a hand on my mom”s chest to push her to lay down.

He was in the middle of calming her down while getting another go at it. Her legs hanging of the bed. I think she was more worried about my reaction to all of this. How her slut like actions will result in me losing respect for her. For me, the jealousy was slowing fading away into pure lust. He saw me and said “I was just telling your mom that you are cool with it, and not to worry about you.” He added “I am making sure she gets the relief she needs and gets the best.” With that being said, he slammed his cock deep with her legs on his shoulders. She quickly grabbed my pillow and screamed into it. He paused to look at me, to see my reaction. I was thinking, why he thinks i am cool with all of this, and why is he thinking for me. He was lucky that, i also was horny from watching and not completely upset with him. Now my mom removed the pillow from her mouth and looked over at me as well. It seemed like they were trying to get consent from me. With all the thoughts going through my head and seeing the compromising position they were in. Their pelvis touching,my mom”s legs in the air, his dick hidden in her womb. There wasn”t any real need of my consent. I think my consent would calm my mother down and let her continue her interracial affair in peace. In my mind i wanted to see the climax and see this other side of my mother being unleashed. I then said”I guess continue what you guys started, just keep it low.” He said “Thanks man, I owe you on.” The door of my room was closed and i pulled my computer chair and sat. I watched as Rohan took off his shirt and then pulled down the straps of my mom”s bra. He told her to take it off. She reached behind and unclasped it. Both garments were on the floor now. By now i could see white stuff forming around his cock, it was coming from my mom. She was getting into it and was showing now. He was sucking on her tits and tweaking them. Her nipples became even more stiff. She told him NOT to stop. She would bite into the pillow from time to time. He was beating away his meat inside her. He made a sly comment “Sure beats jerking off at home, i got the real deal here.” I couldn”t sit back and take that comment, i told him “I guess i get to fuck your mother now?” He said “Yeah you wish, if she lets you. She isn’t a sex starved bitch like urs” He said “Whenever i want to get my rocks off, i will just come here. Isn”t that right Mrs. Akram? We will do this again and again.” She just shook her head no. He stopped fucking her and asked “No?!” She pleaded for him not to stop. He said firmly “I ask again, I can come over and fuck you whenever?” As he waited for her reply, he moved and inch or two to remind her how good it felt. The vein of his dick must be pulse-sating inside of her, his think member teasing my mom. She then nodded yes. He asked “What does that mean?” She spoke “Yes yes…..come whenever.” Rohan asked “To do what?” She continued “You can come whenever to fuck me, just fuck me now.” He said “That sounds more like it, now shut up and kiss me.” Her arms locked around his neck and both had tongues down their throats. She also wrapped her legs around his waist, pulling him in.

Then a knock at the door. My dad spoke “What you doing? Where is your mom?” I told him she is still out. He asked to come in. I threw all their clothes into my closet. They had broken of the kiss but was still in braced. I instructed them to get inside the closet. Rohan just simply bear hugged my mom and carried her over there. My mom holding on tight with her legs still wrapped around him. His cock still buried inside her. They sat on a pile of clothes in the closet. I closed the closet and let my dad in. He asked again what i was doing. I said”Oh nothing, just studying.” He said “Alright, i think your mom may come home late. She hasn”t gone out in a long time. Have some dinner. Oh and i think she forgot her cell phone.” He asked if she called. I said “Oh yeah, she did. She said it would be late and not to wait up.” He said that he is very tired, is gonna take a quick shower and sleep. He then exited, I locked the door behind him. I opened the closet door and both of them fell forward still kissing. Rohan was on top of my mother pounding away. I said take it easy man. He broke of the kiss, saying “I am ready to nut man. Are you ready ma, are you ready to come?” Looking down at my mother, Rohan took hold of both titties and pulling at her nipples. She said “YES YES, go ahead, i am ready!” He was banging harder than ever before, balls slapping noises filled the room. More white foam was gathering, my mom was certainly ready to come. I was worried if my dad could hear, but then i heard the shower running. I looked down and saw my mom coming. She had her eyes closed, toes curling,her hands clutching Rohan”s biceps,legs spreading wide and then closing. Her hips raised to met his hips. She was grasping for air. All she said was “oh shitt.” I never really heard her curse before or imagined her fucking. Seeing is believing. Rohan got the green light to come now. About two minutes later he said “Oh shit here it comes, ahhhhhhh!” He pulled out his dick and jerked his seed out onto my mom”s stomach and tits. His sperm had the distance and was thick. He rolled over and lay by my mom. My mom looked up at all the gooey substance on her. She asked me for a towel. I had to give up my towel under the circumstances. She wiped her self down clean, the towel was very damp from their sex juices. Rohan finally spoke “Damn mama, that was some good pussy you have there. I don”t think i have any more man juice after that one.” He laughed and said he could just fall asleep right there. My mom spoke with a surprising smile to her face “Just how old are you again?” He said “You know i am your son”s age.” Well there is no point now, he got into my mom”s pants. Son of a bitch. The question remains, is this going to be a regular activity for the two.

That question was soon answered. He got up and put on his clothes. He said “Its late, i gotta go. When are you free tomorrow?” He wasn”t asking me, he was asking my mother. She looked up and replied “After four,why you ask?” He said “Cool, come over my place. No one will be home.” He finished the sentence with a wink. My mom replied “Ok, i will come.” Rohan gave me a pound and said “And I will se you on monday at school.” He left the room with swagger in his step, he knew that my mom”s pussy was his for the taking. I had to confirm this and asked my mom while she was getting dressed. “Are you really going over his house tomorrow? You know what he wants right?!” She was pulling up her panties in front of me while her ass was facing me. She simply told me “You did a mistake today, then i made a mistake today. Now we have to pay for it. I don”t want him telling your dad or anyone else about what happened today. That means i have to go there tomorrow and take care of business.” I thought to myself pure bullshit. My mom loved every minute and wanted more. I could use this as blackmail down the road, so i stayed quiet as she left the room. This was her way of teaching me a lesson..

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