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My Friend And His Wife Sex

  • desipapa
  • October 3, 2015

Hi, to all readers. I have really enjoyed reading the stories and I thought that I should also share my experience with all you lovely, sexy people. I am a married man, living in Mangalore, and this is what happened some months ago, when my wife had gone to her home town. My friend Rajesh and his very good looking wife Neeta live a kilometer away from my apartment. We meet quite often and are rather close.

One day, while Rajesh and myself were having a drink, he asked me what I thought of his wife. I was quite embarrased, and said she was nice. I must tell you you that Neeta is quite a sex bomb, having at least 36 size boobs, and a broad swaying hips. She maintains her figure well, and her waist is quite narrow. This naturally makes her more sexy. She is fair and has her hair done upto her shoulders. But the sweetest part of it is that she always has a sexy smile and a hot, sultry look on her cute face. One look at her would make any man want to rape her. Rajesh went on to say that his wife was the sexiest woman he had ever seen and also she was very broad minded.

I kept listening, and he told me that he would get a kick out of watching his wife being fucked by somebody else also, and who else better that me? I was at a loss to say anything, but was thanking my stars for the position I was in. Neeta was certainly a very desirable lady, and it would be foolish on my part to miss this opurtunity. Rajesh convinced me that he would get a good thrill out of knowing that his faithful wife’s cunt was being serviced by another man. Moreover, he told me that Neeta also wanted it. So the next Sunday both of them came over to my flat. After a bit of small talk, Rajesh nudged Neeta, and she came over and sat near me on the sofa. She was wearing a yellow saree and matching blouse and looking very modest and cute. I put my hand around her shoulder as we continued talking. Slowly, my hand went lower and carresed her soft breasts over her blouse as her husband watched. I could sense that Neeta was enjoying my fondling, and her nipples were getting stiff. As my hand went lower nearer to her hidden treasure, she pressed closer to me. Soon her hand was fondling my manhood through the lungi that I was wearing.

Neeta’s husband was watching us with interest and he was rubbing his own crotch. Now I stood up and held Neeta in a tight embrace and we kissed like hell. Her tounge was pushing into my mouth and I was squeezing her voluptous bums. We went to my bed room, leaving Rajesh to satisfy himself. I removed her sari and petty coat, and she removed her blouse. Now she was in her bra and panties. Her fair complexion and smooth thighs were a sight to see. Her hips were well rounded and bums were curving and so inviting. Her juicy boobs were almost falling out and I could see her dark nipples jutting out towards me. A real sex bomb. She unhooked her bra and with her hands pushed her boobs towards me. I just took them in my mouth and sucked and kissed to my hearts content. She was holding my stiff member in her hot hands and stroking it. Soon we could not resist any more and jumped onto the bed.

I removed her panties and my lungi. We were fully naked and her cunt was dripping wet. I put a finger into her, but she held me tight and told me that she wants me inside her. In no time I was on top of her and stroking away. She came almost immediately, shaking violently. I kept on fucking her and after some time discharged a load of my cream into her. I left her on the bed and went out to the front room, my cock covered with Neeta’s juices. Immediately, Rajesh entered and fucked Neeta, his cock mingling with the cream that I had just deposited. Afetr a very satisfying evening, we all reluctantly dressed up, and they left. A few days later I was invited for dinner at their place. When I went there, Rajesh opened the door and let me in. Neeta later came in from the bath room, looking fresh and sexier than ever. She was wearing only the top of a salwar-kameez, and her lovely thighs could be seen through the side slits.

When she walked, I could see her full bums jiggling invitingly inside her dress. While Rajesh and I were sitting and chatting, our sweet Neeta brought snacks and drinks for us. As we were nibbling at the snacks, Neeta sat on my lap, with her arm over my shoulder. Her luscious boobs were pressed against my chest, and I could make out that she had not worn any thing under her dress. Soon, my hands were stroking her boobs and fingering her nipples. Through the dress I could make out that her nipples were erect. I told Rajesh, who was watching us, that he was lucky to have such a sexy wife. He told me that the best part was that Neeta loved to flirt. He told of the occasion when both would be travelling by bus. Since the buses are overcrowded, they would be standing, with the hands raised above to hold the rail for support. Invariably, some male would move close to Neeta and start poking at her boobs with his elbow, accidently. Once, about a month ago, when a man found no resistance, started fondling and squeezing her boobs by putting his hand under the pallu of Neeta’s sari. Neeta just smiled at the man and moved closer to him. Soon he was pressing his body against her from behind, with his hand on her boobs. Rajesh, who was be watching this, said that he got a huge erection. In fact, while telling this story, he prick became so stiff, that he removed his lungi and stood up, stark naked.

He asked Neeta to suck his throbing tool. As Neeta went to him and bent down to take his prick into her mouth, her bums were projecting towards me invitingly. I raised her dress and found that she was not wearing panties. I strocked her smooth bums and slipped my finger into her very wet cunt. This made her jerk. Rajesh also was getting excited seeing me do this. So, without any delay, I dropped my pants and pushed my stiff rod into her waiting cunt. My hands were on her broad hips and I was fucking her in doggie position. Simultaneoulsy, she was sucking her husband and grinding her hips against me. This was the height of sexual pleasure and soon I emptied my cream into her hot cunt. She also came hard, with my prick still in her cunt. I could feel the vibration of her pleasure.

Rajesh also shot his load into Neeta’s mouth and partly on her face. We were all drained of all energy. Neeta just sat down on the floor, with the dress totaly up and her dripping cunt exposed. as we watched, she licked Rajesh’s cream from around her lips. Since there was no time to cook, we all went out for dinner. This was one of the most satisfying experiences I had. I would realy wish to have the friendship of such people. Please contact me at””

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