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My First Touch With My Aunty – Now My Lady Love

  • desipapa
  • October 12, 2015

Hey Girls and Aunties darlings. I’m kikil (pet name for iss) from Tamilnadu. I’m now 22. I’m a Average height and weight guy with a Good looking face. Normally people says Child face.

Here I’m going to narrate a Real incident happened in my life which changed me totally. It’s a sequences of real incidents that happened between Me and my darling aunt. Now I’m not in India, moved to gulf, mail me your feedback to

Heroine of the sequence was my Aunt, Sangeetha ( my mom’s bother’s wife). She was 38 now, mother of a boy aged 12. Status as follow 36-34-38. Im living with my grandparents and uncle family as parents were in abroad.

Let’s move to my first incident.

At that time, I was studying class 12. September month. One fine Monday. My Mama always going to business trip on Monday and Tuesday. Before that day Sunday, my family except me all went to near by hill station. My mama and my dear Sangeetha with his son back on Monday morning. My grandparents didn’t returned as the climate was awesome.

After I finished my school, I roamed with my friends and back to home. As it was Monday , mama went to work and will return by midnight 12 or 1. So its me , my dear and his son. She was preparing food for dinner. I did my school work and started watching TV .I use to masturbate on thinking her. But didn’t have any courage to move more than that.

We all finished our dinner, I was a playing a Bore game on her mobile. As my parents thought mobile at schooling days was not good. So I would use her mobile for some works. Her son start sleeping on floor. So she too lied down on floor, till my mama return. She asked me what I’m playing??

Me: just this Boring game

Sange: hey come here, I too don’t know how to play this. Just show me.

She offered some place by adjusting her from son. Like , I’m in middle. TV was playing some music program.

She use to watch mobile and also TV. Due to The past day Travel she felt Tired. so she fast asleep. After few minutes, I noticed that something was bouncing and touching my hand.

Yeah you was correct it was her 36D boobs. My mind starts changing. She was wearing a blue-black coloured nighty. It have a Zip in her neck area.

Devil inside me dominates me. I just look at her and her son. Then I changed TV channels frequently, to ensure that she was slept or not. After 5 minutes, I proceed to move my hand to her mangoes.

First I slightly touch her boobs and press with little pressure, no movement from her. So I proceed further. Then I opened her zip to few inches, move my hand inside her. Wowww what a flesh.. So soft. I slightly press on her boobies. I didn’t caught her full boob. I just played on upper part of her boobs. Then I removed my hand,due to my Fear.

After a week , again on Monday , I was studying on terrace. Aunty came back from her friend place with her son. Her son got some talc powder on hand and applied on me. On seeing this , my aunty encouraged her so ,by saying good my dear , apply more . I woke up and took the powder from her son and move towards her. She move inside her room. Her room was on terrace. I followed her. She then stop running, and says she is going to bath now. So no problem.

Slowly I moved near to her with my hand full of talcum powder. She was wearing saree. she stands like a Statue. I placed my right hand on her hip and slowly massaged there. She smiled shyly and told ‘the whole body is yours to play’. I asked ‘what you say??’. She told nothing.

Then I moved my left hand to her shoulder and applied some more on her upper boobs. She closed her eyes and enjoyed. I squeezed those milk tank over the blouse. Suddenly she came back to sense and told me to go down to my room. I felt disappointed badly. At night, I spranked my sperm for 3 times, in her name.

After that nothing happened for two weeks. Exams finished for me and her son who was studying class 2 and there the time for holidays for 15days. My grandparents get her son with them to some temples. I didn’t joined them because of my coaching classes. On Sunday, my dear sangee and her husband went to somewhere and brought a new DTH setup box with a free mobile. After he dropped her, he went to meet some person and told her that he will come back soon. My aunt went directly to upstairs.

After few minutes, I too went and asked about DTH and offers. She showed that new mobile and asked how to deleted message and contacts, as it was a basic mobile but without some options. She just stand near me and asked these. The situation made me think desi. I slowly rubbed my hand with her hand. She smiled with a wink. Then she went inside the room. Without any knowledge I followed her. She was moving towards washroom. And she turned , told “where are coming? I’m going to change dress.” I was waiting in the hall with my hard on tool.

Then I decide to move to her. While going near the washroom, I heard the sound of door and stayed on kitchen which was on the way to washroom. She came back wearing a silk fabric nighty. My mind going crazy and I acted like that I came to drink water. After I drunk, she got the glass from me and drank. Some water drops spilled near her lips. For removing that I moved my hand to her lips and rubbed her lips.

Then I asked her “one time please”. she asked “what?”. I again asked her the same ” one time please…” She said “what one time??” With a mischievous smile. She started to move from kitchen.

Then after 2mins she came back to kitchen and start to look at me. Without a single talk, our lips meets each other. It’s not a passionate one. It’s my first one. I tried to open her lips by my tongue. But failed. She held her hand on my buttocks and massaged.

It’s my first physical touch with my aunty sangee. After that we had many encounters. Now I moved to UAE for my profession. Two weeks before, while a normal chit chat We both exposed our love. Now we are loving couples. and we are having phone sex through calls and whatsapp. My other encounters are posted soon.

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