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My First Time

  • desipapa
  • September 13, 2015

This is Harish (Name Changed) working in a private firm in Bangalore. I am a great fan of desipapa for its photo gallery and especially the stories. This made me to think of posting my own and very first experience which happened way back a year before between me and my friend/colleague.

Well I am 26 now and I am good in height, brighter side of complexion, medium built. It happened to me to make lot of friends from my childhood same way continued to be friends savvy in my office too, out of them was the exceptional friend because of her age ya she is sunita she is working along with me. About her she is 32 yr old, looks like a female concept of fairy tales. Fairer side, attractive curves, especially her oozing lips and dazzling butts. I was attracted to her very much at the beginning days of joining the new job coz of her jovial talks, her behavior which hides her age as if she is teen (but the attraction was not due to sexual desire).

As the days went she was also spending more time with me during lunch hours, all these time made us closer day by day to the extent of dropping her at her home in my bike. This made several times to get in contact with her body, though of not intentional touch, I felt her boobs on my back many times. This was sensed by my long time fantasy of sexual pleasure from women. From that day I started observing her curves and fantasizing her in night and masturbate thinking about her. It continued till further for about a fortnight.

On one Saturday we had finished our half day work at office and were returning to our home, I dropped her near her home and said bye, she stopped me and requested to me come into her house and have coffee (it was the first time she invited me), I felt happy and was willing for it coz I can stare at her curves for some more time. So I parked my vehicle and then entered her house it was good arranged home must to say, she asked me to sit, and I sat in living room and she said will be back with coffee. Within minutes she was back with coffee she sat in front of me and was talking usual scores.

Then I tipped off to other topic asking “where uncle is?” She was little quite then replied, “Uncle is no more” (I guessed might my luck hit me with her) and silence surrounded for few minutes then she came back out of her mood and asked me, “are you going straight to your home or?”… I said, “Yes I am going back to home straight.” Then she questioned, “Why don’t go to your girlfriends or to any of Saturday fevers?” I replied, “I don’t have any GF and also I am not used for Saturday fevers”. Then she asked giggling, “Why no GF’s, don’t tell me you haven’t tried?” I said, “Ya I tried but could not catch any.” She smiled mischievously and said, “I think you haven’t used the right tricks.” I shot back, “you teach me tricks as you are female you know what a girl wants and what not.” She laughed and said, “It costs”, I asked, “how much I should pay is it cash or credit card.” She smiled and drifted to other topics but I enjoyed speaking to her this way and time came for me to go and left home.

From that day onwards I observed in entirely different attitude in sunita for the next five days, in the way of treating me in office and more importantly she started touching me and speak and was sitting very close to me on my bike such that her massive tits get pressed against my back and her hands on my waist line, and I was kept enjoying these all thru the day and thought my day is coming to me.

Immediate next Saturday, again I had an invitation from her for coffee. I went. She said she will back and it was about 10 minutes I waited approximately about 10 minutes to see her again (might have bathed that time), she was looking gorgeous and sluttish when came back with a semitransparent nighty on her, I loved the moments she was coming from stairs, her boobs were jiggling to the rhythm of her walk as she wasn’t wearing her bra. She went to kitchen and got me coffee, this time to my surprise she sat next to me and asked to “you want to be my student learning what a female likes and not isn’t it?” I didn’t answered anything and was glaring at her boobs curve partly visible to me as her nighty zip was not locked fully, she noticed it and to my luck she asked as if unknowingly “what you are seeing at?” (Thought for a while) I replied, “I was seeing your curves”. She struck for a while, “How dare you say straight”, I said, “I thought I must say truth”. She smiled back. And asked “Are you soo attracted to women’s breasts?” I said, “yes but I haven’t seen anyone’s breasts naked so was guessing from your curves how it will be”. She smiled “do you like to see them”? (I felt her hand on my inner thighs this gave me enough potential to move further to the topic). I said “yes if anybody is willing to show” I kept my hand on her arms. She asked, “Like to see me?” I said, “Yes if you don’t have problem”. She smiled back and moved her hand right near to my crotch where the heat was growing every second, then I made my hands to stay on her arms firmly, she came nearer to me, and she bought her face near to me I kissed her on her pouting red lips, we kissed for few minutes, then our mouth gave gap to surf and feel the inner depth while my hand was playing in its full freedom on her entire back and kneading her boobs and her hands were playing against my neckline and on my inner thighs near my crotch. By the time we both turned hot. She we whispered me in ears, “Come lets go”.

I followed her on stairs, we entered room I pulled her, and hugged tight and started to kiss all over her face while rubbing her butts wildly with my hand. My hands started   reaching on all of her inner assets. But my hands were bouncing back to touch, feel, cuddle her boobs, and butts; we kissed all over face and on her boobs line on nighty. I pulled down her nighty zip made way to reach my hand to her boobs it was like a dream holding those white melons, I caressed her nude breasts, pinched her nipples, came down to kiss them I kissed them wildly and bite lightly on her black round nipples looking like a cherry fruit on white mischief (Type of ice cream). She was gaining her seduction every moment, she was enjoying my acts and had removed my shirt and her left hand had reached inside my pant from my zip. She removed my pant and moved to bed and laid on bed, I laid on her started to explore her body, I was sucking her bare boobs, and my hands were searching for men’s heaven in woman body, she was caught hold of my cock inside my underwear, and was whispering I like you, don’t leave me make me wild, then she was kidding me asked “Are you satisfied with this only or going beyond this”. This prompted me inexperience in sex then I moved downwards started pushing up her nighty started to kiss her legs then reached to her milky white thighs started to press and cuddle her thighs for a while. In one swing I pushed her nighty all at once revealing myself her black panty, I was rushed to my fullest temptation to explore her pussy with my cock, and the moment was driving me crazy and I started to kiss her pussy on her panty and smelled it was a beautiful musky feminine smell enjoyed the moment she removed her night fully giving me, my first ever view of a naked female body, I slid my hand inside her panty played for while feeling and exploring her shaved pussy it was wet with the situation, I removed her panty, and saw beautiful, whitey shaved pussy, my immediate reaction was to kiss it to the fullest of my wish and lick them.

As I went on to lick her pussy, she was mumbling with sensation, giving gasps, moans, it was a great long lick for her she groaned and liked me licking her I continued to lick her first her left pussy lip then her right pussy lip, then the middle red flesh, my tongue was playing with her clit I was pulling her clit smooth and lick it, my tongue penetrated her clean wet vagina. All the time she was moaning joyously enjoying the temptation and my licking. My hands playing on her body, she pulled me up pushed next to her. And she laid on me kissed my lips, chest, played for while with my hairs on my chest, then she went down to my crotch she kissed my cock, took it in hand gave smooth strokes my cock was hard by that time and erect to the fullest. My red cock top was popped up from skin, she made her lips wet with her tongue and went to my cock head and kissed it, made my entire cock wet with her tongue and took it in her mouth she gave strokes to my cock from her mouth I was aroused to the peak and I was getting groans without my knowledge, she sucked me for a good long minutes, then I was out. she took the entire seamen in her mouth and then she came next to me giving me her boobs to suck, I was sucking her and her hands were making my cock to get its potential and to get erect, with in a span of few minutes I got the erection, and my cock was ready to break the walls.

I was sucking her beautiful handy boobs, and she was moaning and whispered “common its time to fuck me now”. I got up on her as it was my very first time and was not sure to stick my dick in her pussy, she smiled back and said, “for everything there is first time” and took my cock guided it into her vagina hole I pushed it in hard, it was a tight pussy she moaned loud ahhhhhhhhh and whispered me push it slow it was not used since 10 years, then I pulled back my member slowly and pushed in slowly I made few slow attempts to explore her pussy then I got the momentum with her moans ufffhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaah like that, make me wil..aaaafffffffffuck meee aahhhh slow fuckmmmmmmmmm, I increased speed little by little as the speed gained, moans became louder, hotter, and wilder, she was pushing her pussy against my throbbing cock so that her pussy meets my thrusts, it was only thrusting sound between me and her like thump thump thump and mmmmmmmmmmmffuck aaahhhhhyaaaaaaaaaa I lllllluvvvvyou ya fuckme I am yours, don’t leave memmmmmmyaasuhhya for a quite about five-six minutes  I groaned to large and fell on her exploding my full load of seamen in her pussy. She was entirely tired, satisfied with me giving a love of GF to me and said “I am happy today with you, I was scarce of this from 10 years since my husband left me”; “I am open to you anytime you wish”. And requested keep everything suppressed between two. Then again after taking her breath she went down to suck my cock which was wet with my and her cum.

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