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My First Time Sex

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  • September 14, 2015

Hello dear readers. I’m Farhad I’v been a big fan of Desi Papa since I was 15 I’m 18 now. I live in Karachi (Pakistan). I’v got an athletic body a 7″ tool n a fair complexion. Today I’m gonna share with you people my 1st but not the last experience.

It all happened a year back when I was 17.Every Pakistani gal n guy knows that in Karachi we get our annual summer vacations in June-July. Last year as soon as my vacations started I left for Rawalpindi where my father’s best friend uses to live since last 5 years. From the very 1st day my routine was like Watching T.V all the day long n using internet almost whole night. I only slept for the time when my uncle n aunt were home.

It was my 6th day in Pindi when I met my sex partner there. I was watching T.V n it was a XXX movie which I took with me when the door bell rang I was so annoyed b-cuz of it that I opened the door n without looking whose at the door I shouted What the Hell do u want? n to my shock it was a beautiful girl standing at the door n surprised to c me on the door then She asked Rafat Aunty hien ghar par hien(dat’s my aunt’s name. I said No but u can tell me what u want I’m her nephew. She said actually some guests r here I need some ice cubes I said Wait a minute n I just ran to the Freezer n brought all the cubes n asked I it enough. She took half of it n said Itni Kafi Rahey Gi n she left. I came in started masturbating thinking of her she was damn hot guys. About 5’7″ green eyes Fair complexion long hairs firm breasts n tight ass. I masturbated twice that day thinking of her.

That day to my uncle’s surprise I didn’t slept all the day actually I wanted to know who that girl was. When I told my aunt Aj aik larki baraf manganey ai thi she said Haan afsheen ho gi bari piyari bachhi hey aksar aa jati hey and I knew her name was afsheen.

After two days once again the bell rang and I my heart beats rose. I opened the door n it was my Goddess standing on the door. I asked aj kia chahiye n she smiled n said Actually Rafat aunty asked me to make something in lunch for you so I am here. I was surprised to hear that n was damn happy at my luck. I said to myself that’s ur chance man do something to make her urs. She then asked me what I want in my lunch n U slipped out of my mouth but I said instantly I mean what ever U like. She gave me a nasty smile n ok then let’s c what’s in the fridge n she brought some vegetables n said I’m making a Chinese Dish and you are going to help me in that. I agreed at the very moment she completed her sentence and asked ok tell me what I have to do. She said mash these carrots. Then she threw her Duppatta on a sofa n started working n my eyes were fixed at her breasts. To my surprise she was not wearing any bra and her nipples were clearly visible from her dress. Suddenly she looked up n caught my sight I was embarrassed and asked how long it will take. She gave a nasty smile n said that’s up to you. I asked wat?. She said I mean as soon as u mash those carrots it’ll be completed. I said r u finished with ur work She said yeah I said ok then come here n help me plz. She came closer to me n I asked what sort of movies you like she winked n said Romantic love stories. I said HMMM same as me.

She said do u have any movies right now we’ll enjoy a movie with our lunch. I was happy that she was staying with me for the lunch I said No but I can get 1 from the nearby Shop n I asked her some names and she told me some names n they were all Rated 18 + movies I asked had u seen these movies before she said no I but I want. I knew it was my Green Signal to dive into those green eyes I looked straight into her eye n said Magar Jo Tum Daikhna Chahti Ho Who Hum Yahan Kar Bhi to Saktey Hien She gave me a nsty smile n said OK Magar Mujhay paihlay nahana hey. I said ok. She added Aur tum ko apnay app par control karma hoga I asked Kia Matlab She said Matlab yeah k mien tumhien apnay Bath ka live show doon gi aur tumhien control karma ho ga. I was in heaven n agreed Ok as u wish She striped out of her dress n wat a beauty she was her nipples were pink n her pussy was covered by some brownish pubic hairs. I went close to her n she Said Farhad control urself I’m all yours but u have to wait for that. I backed off n she said OK ab Mujhay apnay bazuo mien utha kar Bathroom tak lay chalo. I picked that goddess up in my hands n took her to the bath room she Said thanx Abb peechay baith jao aur Mazey lo magar yaad rakhna k control nahe chorna. I sat on the floor n said yaar mien shirt utar raha hoon. She laughed n said pent bhi utar do muhay koi farq nahi parta. I undid my pants too n both of us were nude now. She started here bath. She took extra time on her breast n pussy teasing me a lot n in the end she came closer to me n said yeah Farhad now u can have me. I’m all ur’s n I burst out. I started kissing her passionately on her lips she responded me very well n soon our saliva was mixed I picked her up not breaking my kiss n took her in the bed room n there I was on her. I was kissing her wildly now n my one hand was working on her bobs her nipples were erected by touch and they got hard I kept on kissing and fondling her bobs for about 20 long lasting minutes.

Then I rolled my tongue down to her breast n encircled her bobs with my tongue n my 1 hand was on her pussy while my other hand was still on her bob, she was moaning yeah Farhad yeah I’m in heaven….ah..ha..huh…dooont stoop..plz.dont..stop..I’ll..beyour slave forever….just don’t stop…..I kept on kissing n sucking her bobs n then I entered my finger in her wet pussy. It was hot but to my surprise she was a virgin I asked suno r u virgin She said yeah but leave it n have fun. But I asked then how do u know all about sex she said actually I’m a lesbian n never tried bisexual but today I thought let’s try it out. I said OK n kissed her bobs she pressed my head towards her bobs n said Aur Zoor Say Choso . yeah Sara rus nikkal lo in say sab tumharey lie hey. I kept on sucking her bobs n played with her pussy n asshole for about 15 minutes then I asked her Wanna taste my dick. She said only if u’ll taste my pussy I agreed n we went into 69 position. Wow I cant tell ya guys how sweet her pussy was I first gave a gentle stroke with my tongue on her pussy and she shivered with pleasure n then she placed her lips on my dick n I was in heaven. I started fucking her pussy with my tongue n she was sucking my cock like a bitch. Although she was doing it roughly but I was in heaven, I kept on fucking her pussy with my tongue her pussy was giving an erotic smell Aur Sonay Par Suhaga us ki moans ahh …yeah……chodo mujhay…fuckme…ahhhhh that was making me wilder n I was increasing my speed n then her whole body shivered for an instant n she cummed on my face n after few seconds I unloaded in her mouth. Some of my sperm came out of her mouth which she wiped with her tongue.

We kissed each other n tasted our sperms while kissing then I asked her Kia tum asal show k liye tayyar ho. She replied plz don’t ask me how keen I am. I said ok n applied some cream on her pussy she then asked does it hurts I said not that much. She was scared a bit then I relaxed her n said Agar tum nahi karma chahti to koi baa nahi but she replied positive n said nahi tum karo jo ho ga daikha jaye ga I said OK n placed my Dick head on her pussy’s tiny biny hole n inserted it a little bit she moaned yeah .. aram say….I pushed my dick gently in…n she moaned again aaraaam say……plzzzz….dard….hota. hey……then a wicked idea came in my mind I holded her waist tightly n with 1 hard push all my 7″ were in her n she shouted with pain Ahh u basterd u almost killed me….ah nikalo bahar apna yeah manhos land……..kuttay but then I relaxed her and said Bas ab jitna dard hon tha ho gaya bolo to nikal loon She said acha magar abb aram say karma I said ok n started pumping in and out slowly at first but when she started moaning slowly I increased my speed and afsheen was moaning like Haan Farhad….phar do mairi phuddi…….mien kab say iss land ki piassi hoon. Kuttay k bachey suna nahi…..then she started abusing n I increased my pace I was fucking her real hard n that bitch was enjoying every bit of it. I was enjoying her screams. Then she said yaar mien chutney wali hoon I said wait for some second she said mujhay say nahi hota n cummed n at the very instant I came too. Then I placed my lips on her n we both fall down on the bed After 15 minutes she saw my dick n placed her soft hand on it n said Wow kia cheez hey yeah mujhay phir say iss ki sair karao. I said as u wish magar abb tuhara surakh khul gaya hey ab mien tumhari gand maron ga. She said nahi uss mien bauhat dard ho ga but then I grabbed her from her back n tied her hands from the bed n placed my dick on her ass hole n pushed it in with out any lubricant in the first push only it’s head got in but Afsheen’s scream was very loud and in 3 more pushed my dick was completely in her n her eyes were full of tears n she said Tum larkay hotay hi aik number k bharwey ho Hearing that I slapped her n started fucking her ass damn faster n harder she was crying n asking for pardon but I never slowed down until I came in her, when I was over I asked her now wat u say wat am I She said I still call u a bharwa I paced my dick on her mouth n odered her to suck it n told her she’ll have a 10″ carrot in her pussy n ass at a time if she bite it. When my dick was errict again I placed it her ass n started fuckin her ass again this time she was enjoying it n she kept on abusing. I cummed in her n I untied her n she said that was ur wish now u have to fuck my pussy once again or I’ll shout out for help.

I fucked her twice after that till she got satisfied n we enjoyed a lot until I was there. I fucked her for 8 times on my last day in Pindi. But it’s my bad luck tat this year my uncle n aunt are coming to Karachi. I’m looking fwd for the next year to come soon n I can meet my goddess once again. During my stay I fucked two of her Lesbian friends too magar who phir kabhi sahi.

Any gals or aunts from Karachi wanna have cyber or 1o1 sex can mail me at . Do send me your comments I’m waiting for them.

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