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My First Time In USA

  • desipapa
  • September 28, 2015

Hi friends, I have been a big fan of desi stories for a long time and always wanted to share my experience so today am going to share my experience so guys and gals be ready with your tissue papers as this is going to make you cum goodJ

It was my first month in USA and I was already bored and homesick of my g/fs in Lahore, am 25, 6-1″ and athletic built,

I was in Virginia, when one night I was just roaming around and saw a desi south Indian aunty standing in her balcony, I saw her and I felt that this is going to be my first time right here, I parked in front of her apartment and said “mujh say dosti karo gee” she said “why ” with a smile, I asked her # and we xchamged #s and she said not to call after 6pm , so I went home and couldn’t wait to be morning to call her , but b4 I called she called and at 7am as soon as her hubby left for office , we talked and decided to meet that day in my car , I picked her up and she was dressed in tights and long sleeve t-shirt , with good 38 ass and 36 d boobs, we drove around and I talked about sex And noticed that her hubby don’t fuck her good , so I started playing my games and made her open my zippers and play with my dick and stuff , I parked in a university lot and we started kissing like crazy and she was playing with my balls and my dick hole,

She made me cum 3 times but refused to drink my cum so we just used tissue papers, I forced her to go to her house but she refused for that day so plan was set for next day and I reached there at 9am.

She was dressed in shalwar suit, I noticed that she was looking damn good with very nazuk features, and we sat on sofa and b4 we did anything, she said ” you are not going to tell anyone, right” guys guess my answer;)

So I started kissing her and she told me that she had a xxx and if I was interested, I said NO we will make our own and started taking off her clothes, she was in gr8 figure good brown spots on her tits and lovely nipples I started sucking them crazy and she just enjoyed it and kept on massaging my head, I licked her belly button and scratched her sexy thighs with my nails, suddenly she started pulling me back and then became aggressive and held my LUN and started playing with it in a weird way, she would lick all my skin around my dick up till my belly button and then down to my ass hole and it was gr8 , I never felt like that before she sucked my dick good with her lips and tongue , she was good , only problem she was having that her cute lil mouth was not big enough for my lun and she mentioned that too , I was getting hot and hot , and wanted to fuck her right there now , but she didn’t leave sucking my dick ,

Finally I pushed her back and asked to come and sit on my dick, as she came on my dick I helped her sitting on it holding her boobs in my hands and finally my dick found a hole in USA and it popped right into it she looked at me smiled and opened her tied hair and came on my mouth while jumping slowly on my dick and covered my mouth with hair and I couldn’t see anything in that dark jungle and I sucked her tongue and then she sucked mine, I held her from her fleshy butts and pumped her hard and she said now come and fuck her from behind , I said what about I come on you , she said NO , this is the only way she has done whole her life so no more typical desi style so she got on her knees and turned back and help my dick and pushed in her pussy , this time her pussy seemed tighter and I started pumping her from behind, fucking her from behind I noticed that she had a nice ass hole too , so I said what about anal but she refused and asked me ” thanda kar kay khao”

She was making all sort of sounds with that and I never had to push my self as she was doing it on her own, she was acting like a thirsty lioness, she screamed that she hasn’t felt like that b4 so fuck her fast, and when she was about to come she started fucking hard and started squeezing my LUN in her pussy and it made me cum too and I came in her pussy, and just fell on her ass,

It was gr8, we discussed lots of things about sex and how she liked it and how she use a dildo at home, and then we got agreed on anal fuck and she said, she would give me gr8 surprise next time and it was hell of a surprise, which I would only publish if I get some good response from u guys, so any gals any aunties in USA D.C MARYLAND or VIRGINIA, mail me at And gals and aunties in Lahore can mail me too, cause I keep on coming back and forth, plss excuse any bad writing as am a first time writer but trust me am not a first time fuckerJ

Love u all

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