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My first SEX

  • desipapa
  • September 17, 2015

Hello to all the readers of this amazing site. I just came to know about this site a few days before , I read many stories and mean while I thought that why don’t I publicize my own true incident which was happened to me.

B4 telling u the incident I must introduce my self, I am a student of O levels second year an I am 16 only (believe it or not). But when this incident took place I was 15(true). I am studying accounts in O levels but, I always felt difficult to do it for that reason I consulted my uncle (living in Faislabad) what to do as I was very much frank with him. He told me that me to come to Faislabad there he had a friend of him who is running a charted accountant firm where someone could teach me. I talk to my dad he gave me permission to go, I leave Lahore next day. let me tell u 1 thing that my Nana Abu’s house is located there where all my mamu’s (3) live together.

When I reached Faislabad it was the first of Ramazan I wake up early in the morning ,had my Sehry and went to my mamu’s friend’s office. I was taught there by a student of ACCA, I returned back home and pack my bag to leave, but all my cousins (2 daughters of my elder mamu) stopped me to stay on more night ,I felt a strange felling about that moment, I was not having any mode of having sexy things with them but that night nothing happened either. After eating my Sehry that night every one went to sleep. My mamu’s younger daughter Zuhra which was also 15 was in the kitchen. “I asked her what r u doing here” she replied that she was just wondering if any thing left outside so she could put it in the refrigerator. I said its OK. Then my cruel eyes start looking here and there for any body not asleep, know I really want her to ……………. She was washing some crockery as I stand behind her, I don’t know when my eyes turned toward her breast OH my God she was wearing a black bra and some part of her breast line was also prominent ,I enjoyed that moment very much.

I felt some movement in my Pajamas OH it was my dick wanting my hand again but I made it a point that now she is mine and I will fuck her deep, but the question was how?. It was my very first experience, I was very much nervous by thinking of the embarrassment if she tell someone that “he has purposed me to have sex with him”. But I didn’t change my mind we both sat in the dining room and start chatting slowly our chat moves towards the topic of sex. She told me many things about girls, what they like by giving the examples of her friends. I then asked her “Do any of ur friend have a boy friend?” .She replied “yes one of them is Sara…….” She told me her 1st fucked story which was totally un expected from her mouth at that time .Know I was getting out of my senses and started thinking of a safe place in the house to fuck her. Suddenly I got it ” her bathroom!!!!!!!!!!!” I tell her its getting cold here lets go to ur room and switch on the heater she agreed .We went to her room where her elder sister was sleeping. We both sat on the Sofa and again started chatting on the same topics. She told me about some more affairs of her friends. Then expectedly I asked her “do u want to do it with me?” Oh my God I thought I will be not spared by my mamu know but nothing like that happened 1st she refused and shy and tried 2 change the topic but when I took her in my arms and ask her by watching in her eyes. She kissed me OH my I was in, that was the most most most ………. of my life. we eat each other for 1 minute and then we both went to the attach bathroom of that room.

I couldn’t wait to see her naked. Then she locked the bath room from in side and took off her sweater,shirt,shalwar,black bra and finally she was full naked. I then quickly took off my shirt and gave her a warm hug oh my God, Her breast was already warm. She then took off my pajamas. Know we were both naked looking at each other bodies. We again kissed each other. She afterwards sat on the couch and told me to stand against her. I did so. She then take my dick slowly in her mouth in…out…in…out. I was enjoying it very much, I then take my dick between her breasts and start pushing and pulling it. She was also enjoying. She was moarring mmmmhhhhhhaaaa…….mmmmhhaa.I then touched her pussy oh My it was so wet with her juice. I licked it feel to me that it was very sweet. Then she again take my penis in her mouth and the ask me to push it in her pussy. Her pussy was so hard and tight u can say oh my god I cant tell u. But after some time I entered it all in her wet pussy.I then came to know why Pakistan’s population is increasing day by day.

So I start doing it as I saw in the XXX movie in…out…in…out. She and I was enjoying very much she was moarring “mmmmhhhhaaaa….mmmmhhaa fuck me, fuck me ibi (ibrahim) I want u inside ahhha please….ahhhhhammmmhhhaa good do it hard as I saw it in the movie please hard and fast mmmmhhaaaaaaaaaaaa” Oh my God I enjoyed that moment a lot .Then I fukcked her shi t hole, she was still moarring,”mmmmhhhhaaaa please I beg u hard do it deep inside me ahhhhaaaaaaa” that was also a good experience for me all her noises still rang in my ears when I thought of that incident, know the final part of our sex was about to be done ,I insisted her to let me CUM in her mouth, she said “I don’t mind but do it quick, I want to see all that man stuff hiding inside u please let me help u “she again took it in her mouth and do it very quickly suddenly I felt a jerk and un wontedly a loud voice came out of my mouth ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa that was not that much loud which could awoke her sister.Oh I don’t think I ever had seen that much amount of my fluid coming out from my penis,Oh her mouth was full of that white fluid she was rubbing it on her breast, I then kissed her pussy and rub my penis on it. Afterwards we both take bath and then I carefully leave her room without disturbing her sister.Oh that was the happiest moment of y life .And know when ever I go to Faislabad and whenever got a chance we both never miss it. So that’s all this my story. I hope u like it, and if u want to know how to fuck a girl or u want a boy to fuck u in ur surroundings only for girls) then always remember me and mail me ur problems at :

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