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My First Sex Pleasure

  • desipapa
  • August 22, 2015

I am regular reader of stories of desipapa. My husband has sent my satisfaction during our journey in train, so now I have decided to sent my own real story of early age for the viewers.

My introduction is I am pinky having the age of thirty now. We live in Delhi. I am so beautiful, as if some one see me he cannot control on himself with the wish to find me. I am so sexy. My color is pink and my cheeks remains always naturally red. My eyes are black and big, so whenever someone sees me, he says what an eyes. Black hairs but extra long which have a length unto my knees. I have a height of 5.7 inches. Slim body with 36 x 36 boobs and wide hips. My waist is 29.

This is I am at present, so you can imagine, what I was in my early days of school. That time I was with the age 19, when I was in class 10th.i was a regular student of this school since class 5th. Our school was not far away from our residence. After leaving the house we passed the main bazaar and than turned to a street, which ends to the gate of our school. On the corner of bazaar and street a book shop was run by an old man, to whom we all called uncle and all the students of locality purchases the school items from him. With him was a young boy with the age of 25 who was working with him as salesman. Main shutter of the shop was in the bazaar, whereas a small door was opened in the street. Soon entering from this door there were stairs to go up where this young man named Kant lived after closing the shop. In this small residence only one bed was laying two chairs one table, a small bathroom and attached to it was a kitchen.

We often during going to school comes to the shop and purchases the necessities of school work, like pencils, pens copies etc. this was the day when I noticed that Kant is looking at me keenly and smiling. I bought the items needed to me and left the shop for school. This all day in the class I was thinking about Kant. I was young and can understand the looking of a young man on me, as I was so beautiful. But before this I never saw him by this angle. After closing the school I specially went to the shop to see whether his looks love looks or some thing else. I saw that when I entered the shop his eyes brightened and his face was shining to see me. I was not with the need of any thing but I asked him for a pencil. With a great joy he gives me a pencil and during handing over it to me he touched my finger. I was assuring by this act that he is in love with me. I reached at home but was thinking all the time about him. He was 6 feet tall well-built body, bright fair color, black hairs and medium moustaches on face, means he was good looking.

For whole the night I could not sleep. This morning I wake up early, get ready and left the house 10 minutes before my usual time. I reached the shop, bazaar was completely closed and only the shop was opened and Kant was cleaning the shop. Kant saw me early in the shop and frightened but when I entered with a sweet smile in the shop he collected his courage and asked me Pinky very early. I replied yes, he went behind the showcase and asked me what you need. Nothing I replied. After two days there is fun fair in our school and I need two rackets to play badminton. Can you provide me? Yes why not, I can. He replied with joy. I thanked him and turned to go when he called me and said pinky when will you collect rackets. I told him that I would get day after tomorrow. He said ok and I left the shop for school. I felt that his eyes were full of joy and were throwing full fire of love on me but he said nothing by me or. Anyhow whole the time in school was joyful to remember the meeting. At the time of leave I passed through the street and during passing from the shop I noticed that he was looking on the road and perhaps he was looking for me, when he saw me he smiled and jerked his head saying me hello. I smiled in reply and also jerked my head too. Next day I do not go to school because I was programmed of shopping of my new cloths with my mom. Whole the day was busy, first I purchased my clothes and than sewed them for the function in school next day. During all this work, I was only thinking about Kant and I was feeling that I am making my self not for function at school but for Kant. So I took bath and prepared my self completely for next day and whole night waited for next day. This night was very long; perhaps the time of waiting is always long. Early in the morning at 5 I get up and started preparing myself. I was ready at 6.30 am. At exact 6.45 I left home for school, during my departure my mom praised me and said looking very beautiful. I left home and as usual bazaar was closed and no body was on the road except the students going to school. They were one or two. I saw from far away that Kant is standing in front of shop and looking towards the direction of my arrival. Perhaps he saw me and went into the shop, when I reached in the shop, rackets were in his hands and he was standing across the counter. I entered the shop and my heart was pumping very fast and I also felt that same feelings were there in Kant. He saw me and frequently said O Ram you are looking so pretty like fairies. At once he put his hand before me for shake hand and I also could not control on my self and give my hand in his hand. He took my hand in his hand and put his lips on it and kissed. This all happened in a moment. I took rackets and ran to school. I was much happy on his action of kissing my hand.

I remain very happy all the time in school. At 4 o clock I left school and passed through the shop, he was waiting for me, we saw each other but I could not stop intentionally to return the rackets because I planned to return the rackets next day morning when there will be no one in the shop. Next day early in the morning when I left the home I was feeling that some thing must be happen today because he was shown some courage to kiss my hand the day before. When I reached the shop two girls were buying some thing so I waited for them and Kant also do not give me any response. He gave them their required items and become free. When they left the shop he turned to me and said how are you pretty girl and how was your day of fun in school. I smiled. Again he said pinky I wants to say some thing if you allow. Please do not angry. What you want to say. He said pinky you are very much beautiful and I love you. At this moment he came out from behind the showcase and stood in my front. In a moment he saw outside, no one was there, he turned and took me in his arms and kissed me on my lips. As he left me I ran out of shop.

This day I could not read even a single word because all the time his face was in front of me. Even in the book, in the exercise book, on the black board in the face of teacher. he was in front of me. When the time passed I do not know. Bell of closing the school rang and I left the school but this day I do not go by that way. I changed my way. Next two days I do not go by that way. To day I was with the need of a copy so I went to store and asked for a copy to uncle instead of Kant. Uncle asked to Kant for a copy. He brought a copy out of shelf and put a piece of paper in it and handed over to me. I hurriedly reached to classroom and opened the copy; a letter in my name was in it. Which was as follows;

Dear pinky,

I am sorry for the action I did, but I do not did this intentionally. You were looking so beautiful that day; I have no words to talk about your beauty. If you mind it, I am sorry, I could not sleep since last two days, only for this that I have lost my love by my this action. If there is even a small place for me in your heart please do not tease me, I will excuse for this. Please come tomorrow on the same time of morning. I will wait.


I read that many times and was happy to listen that I am so beautiful. This day I went back to home passing through the shop and as usual he was waiting for me. He looks at me with thanks. Next day I reached the shop early in the morning about 20 minutes. He was waiting. Soon I entered the shop he thanked me for coming and excused for that incident of kiss, but I replied that no I am not angry, but I was feeling shame to face you. He thanked me and asked that if you are not angry I wants to request you to come two days later and stay with me in the shop for whole the time of school as shop will be closed due to murder of a merchant in the bazaar. I thought over it for a moment and accepted his request. He thanked me and kissed my hand, I left the shop soon.

Next two days were very difficult for me to pass on. Time was stopped and I was begging to god to pull the time and pass on these two days. Anyhow two days were passed and next day was our meeting day. In the evening I went to bathroom and took bath. Believe me this day I used all the soaps, shampoos, tooth pasts etc whichever was available in the bathroom to make me clean. At night when I was going to bed I told my mom that awake me early in the morning as I wants to go to school early, because some home work is pending which will I complete in school after getting it from my friend. She asked me at which time. I told her that at 6 o clock, as I will go at 6.30. Whole the night passed but I could not shut my eyes even for single minute.

I was awakening when my mom called me but I pretended and replied after three calls. I get up, brushed again, wearied dress, comb my hairs, and put kajal in my eyes, used body spray, powder and than perfume. My mom asked me for breakfast but I denied because I was not ready to waist even a single minute. I left home at exact 6.30 am. In the bazaar no one was there because union had announced strike and children of school left their homes at 7.00 am whereas it was 6.30 am. I reached the shop exact in 5 minutes; I turned in street and reached the door of shop, which opened in the street. I pulled the door, it was open and Kant was standing there. I entered in and asked him whether he was waiting for me. He said yes and told me that from the window he saw me when I turned in the bazaar. He closed and locked the door and took me up stairs. When we reached up he took my bag and put that on the table. To control on his breath and mine he served me with a Pepsi. I sat on bed whereas he sat on chair. Pumping of heart was out of control, due to which faces were red. After a few minutes Kant started discussion and said pinky in uniform you looks imaginary beautiful. You know your pink lips gives invitation to kiss and your bright eyes always puts light on the hearts of poor boys. You know many of the boy’s waits for you on the road and street just to see you. They like you but do not have courage to talk you. I am lucky to talk and love you. Meanwhile he finished his drinks and came and sat with me on the bed. He took my hand in his hand and kissed on it. I love you pinky, I love you very much. May I take a sip from your glass? Yes why not I replied. Then he took glass and put his lips exact at that place from where I was sipping and said wow what a sweet drinks are. Than I took a sip exact from the same place of glass. So by this way we took a kiss of lips of each other’s. I finished my drinks and stood to put my glass on the table, when I returned he caught my hand pulled me towards himself and I fell on his legs. Now my right arm was around his neck and his left hand was around my waist. Sitting on his legs I was feeling some thing hard under me, which was amusing me. His face was closely touching my boobs. We remain in this position just for moments. Than I stood up and sat beside him. His arm was rounding my neck and his fingers were very close to my left boob. By thinking my fiction my boobs were tightened and were like a hard stone now. By his hand, he turned my face towards himself and now our faces were in front of each other and our breath was striking. Beautiful smell was coming from his mouth, because perhaps he used some mouth spray. I was out of control to kiss him but was waiting to do so by him. He was playing with my emotions and making me hot. When I saw that he is not moving I closed my eyes and started slowly moving towards his lips. In that moment he could not control and forcibly he puts his lips on my burning lips. He was sucking my lips madly but politely and I was enjoying. In the same position he laid me on the bed and put a cushion under my head. My half legs were down from the bed and I was straight whereas he was turned and his right leg was on me. He was kissing me sucking my tongue and by right hand he was playing with my hairs.

I was very much pleased by his sucking way, so I do not know how the time passed. We remained in this position about half hour, when he left my lips and saw my face, I was still hungry of kissing, so I pulled his head and again put his lips on my lips and this time I was sucking his lip, but this time his right hand was touching my boob, when he touched I saw him, so he asked me, may I allowed, I slowly jerked my head so he caught my boob. He was pinching it hardly and was saying pinky very hard. Are these boobs or stone? On this I told him that up till now I even not touched by my self to my boobs, to keep them firm and hard. You are first personality who is touching my body because I love you and I am need of sex now. This was very sweet and admirable experience for me with a man. I was enjoying smell of his mouth, it was my wish that time that time stop and his lips always remain touch with my lips. I will never forget that moment.

Anyhow his right leg was on me and some thing hard was pressing my thighs. I was enjoying his lips and hands giving me pleasure and soft touch and with this my sex was promoting by touch of some thing hard under his trouser on my thighs. Suddenly he pushes his leg small more upon me and now this hard place was exact between my thighs of both the legs. His action put me in the heaven of sex and I closed my eyes and put my arms against his neck strongly. Suddenly he stood up and pulls me up completely on the bed and now I was laying on the bed straight and he lye on my right side but turned towards me. Once he kissed me and put his hand on the boob but for very small time and than he started rooming his hand on my body up till my thighs. I was enjoying but waiting for his hand for my original place but he was so cool and was giving fire to my emotions. I waited for a small time about his hand roaming on me but when I saw that he is not moving further than I slowly opened my legs and his hand reached on my pussy. I can not tell you that how I control my breaths, my heart was pumping so fast and for some time I felt that I will die, but now he started rubbing my pussy by his finger.

Now I was thinking that how I may catch his dick because my arm was under his neck, so suddenly I felt that he is pulling my shirt up to put his hand under my stalwart on pussy but it was tight because it was under me, so he get up to pull my shalwar when I released my arm. He pulled my shalwar completely and than laid. I was thinking that he will also put off his trouser but he did not do that, any how when he laid I get released my arm. He lay in the position that his face was on my face and his legs were smaller away from my body and my hand was in between. His hand was punching my legs but he was not putting his finger on my pussy because my legs were joined, so when I felt that he is waiting for separation of my legs, so I did; now my pussy was clearly visible. Brown colored soft hairs were spread on it and he was brushing them with his finger. Lips of my pussy were also red. When he rubbed the lips of my pussy with his finger, my body was shivering with pleasure. I could not control on my self and slowly I turned my hand towards his dick but not completely and now it was feeling touch of dick. I waited for a moment regarding action from him but he did not move, so I put my hand on it. Dick was spread towards his belly. When I put my hand on it, I thought what is it, because it was so long and thick. I was surprised and was now anxious to see it. On the other hand he was trying to put his middle finger into my pussy, but his try was in vain because my pussy was very tight and still was dry. I pulled my hand slightly up and put into his trouser, believe me, my fingers could not surrounded his dick due to his thickness. Now I was worried that how it will go in my pussy, and if I take it in, it will be very painful for me. Anyhow I started playing and rubbing to it, because my sexual need was on the top and I was burning and I was waiting for the moment to make me cool but he was making me full hot.

He tried to put finger in my pussy but failed so he said pinky, your pussy is very tight, how my dick will go in. I just smiled and replied nothing. On this he kissed me warmly and stood up. He asked me to get up. I sat on the bed. I was acting on his orders like a faithful servant. He asked me to become free of my shirt. I exactly did so. Than he asked me pull out your bra also. After completion of this order I was completely necked now. He asked me to stand up and help to pull out my cloths. I was feeling ashamed but I obeyed his order, I stood up and started opening the button of his shirt, than I pulled out his shirt. Than I pulled his trouser but my eyes were looking his dick. Now we both were necked. I sat on the bed while my legs were on the floor. He pushed me back whereas he sat on floor. Now I was lying on the bed and he was on the floor. He opened my legs and my pussy was clearly open and visible. He put his both the thumbs on the lips of my pussy and opened it slightly, than he put his tongue on my pussy and started rubbing. As he touched my pussy it become wet, now some liquid water was coming out of it, and it was giving me an unbelievable pleasure. By the passage of time it become fast and I was feeling that he would eat my pussy, when I get up and pulled him up. As I was sitting and he was standing now, his dick was erecting in front of me like a snack. I think its length was not less than 7 inches. I was looking at it and he was smiling to see my involvement. He said pinky how long is it, I replied I do not know. So he turned and brought a ruler and handed it over to me and said ok measure it. I put one end of the ruler touching his belly and checked the side and saw, it was slightly more than 7 inches. I throw the ruler a side and catch it now I was playing with it like a doll. Its thickness was more than my catching capacity. Looking my involvement he put his fingers in my hairs and pulled my face near his dick. Now his dick was near to my mouth. I had never done this job first but now I was thinking to kiss it, so I did. He asked me to get it in your mouth, which I tried but my mouth was small and it was big, so hardly I took half of the head of dick in my mouth and after this I felt my breath will stop if I took more. Seeing my difficulty he do not stressed for more sucking.

Leaving me sitting on the bed he went to bathroom and came back with a bottle of oil. He asked me to lie on bed. When I did so, he opened my legs and when my pussy was clearly visible, he dipped his finger in oil and when it lubricated, he rubbed it on my pussy, then again he repeated his action about four times and when my pussy was completely lubricated, he pushed his finger slowly into it. On first step 1/4th, than half and than complete finger was put by him in my pussy. By lubrication, now way was opened. For few minutes he did so, dipped his finger in oil again and again and than pushed it in my pussy. It was easy now. Than he joined his two fingers and dipped them in oil and than pulled them in. when he saw that now I am bearing, he gave the bottle to me and said, took oil and lubricate to my dick. I slightly came up and poured oil in my hand and than rubbed on his dick. I did so twice and when I felt that it is enough, than I lay. He opened my legs and sat between them and now his dick was exactly on my pussy. He caught his dick and started rubbing on my pussy. By this action once again I was feeling myself in the heaven of sex and now I was badly wanted to put his dick in. when he saw my face turning to red, he assured that this is the right time to push his dick in to pussy. But before doing so he pulled himself slightly back again took bottle and poured oil on my pussy and than on dick. Now both pussy and dick were completely wet with oil. Than he opened the mouth of my pussy by the fingers of his both hands, make way and put his dick on it. My breaths were out of control this time when he puts weight on it and I felt that some thing has gone in. this was the head of his dick. Two or three time he pulled and pushed the head of his dick in and when he was sure that now I have beard the first pain than he caught my shoulders and bent himself on me and put his feet’s on the edge of bed and saw at me, my eyes were shut with joy and pleasure and I was waiting his full length in, suddenly he pushed with full force his dick into my pussy, I cried a lot that time because I was feeling a lot of pain. Now pleasure was gone and pain was full, I was requesting him pull out his dick otherwise I will die, tears were out of my eyes, but he unlistned my request and laid on me and said do not worry pinky, work is finished and after few minutes you will forget this pain and will enjoy a lot. Only this was the pain, which you have bearded.

Than he laid on me for few minutes and than I felt that he was right and pain was slowly removing and when he saw the change of my color turning, he picked his body up and then slowly pulled a small the dick, than pushed and he pulled and pushed his dick again and again, by his this action my joys and pleasures were coming back. Seeing my bareness he started pulling and pushing half the dick and than unto the extent of head of dick. Half hour was passed when he pulled his dick out and than lubricated with oil and again pulled it in and this time force was full and now he was fucking me like a horse. As his force was increasing, my enjoyment was increasing and now I was demanding his force more and more. Believe me I was feeling that I am not on the earth but in heaven. My lover has taken me in a new world, where only enjoys are there and I am collecting joys. You know how much time he fucked me, unbelievable, he fucked me for three hours and now my body was paining and now I was feeling that if he poured his cum in my pussy, it should be create problem for me, and I was astonished that why he has not become free and cool so far, so I asked him Kant please do not put your cum into my pussy otherwise I will become pregnant. Than he told me do not worry he has given me the tablet of stoppage in Pepsi, by use of which pregnancy is impossible. He also told me that he has become free twice and has poured his cum in my pussy twice and this is third time when he will become cool. By saying this his speed increased and in few minutes he was free from all and laid on me. We remain in this position about ten minutes, than he pulled his dick out, asked me to sit, he gave me a duster to clean my pussy and his dick and he lay on the bed. When I saw on the bed it was wet with my blood and cum and his cum and oil. I cleaned his dick first and than my pussy. When I was doing this job I saw on the clock, my school time was over by ten minutes. I hardly stood up wearied my uniform and get ready for home. He was still necked and I saw his dick was again erecting, he showed it to me and requested to come again. I could not control on my self I sat on the bed and took his dick in hand and put my lips on the head of it and kissed thrice.

I left the shop; I controlled myself, as I could not walk clearly. So I took very small steps and reached at home and soon went to bed, changed my dress and took bath for a long time. After this event I remain in school for one year and in college for three years, we often met each other and enjoyed our bodies. When I married, I do not found the quality of Kant in him, so I remain hungry the fucking of Kant, but the other man met me in train and my husband company me and than I enjoyed. Story of second event has already been sent.

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