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My First Sex Experience

  • desipapa
  • September 25, 2015

Hi Desi lovers and fans. I am sharu from Bangalore and i am 22 now. This is my real life incident and I was 16 at that time. I was not exposed sex because my family is too orthodox. I was 5.6 at that time and little fat too, but a cute wheatish boy. I was in my first puc and it was mid-terminal vacation to me.

Due to some friends in college I was slowly learinig about sex and wanted to experience it. As every teenagers expect this, I also commonly started to do that. I used read sex magzines and try to see the cleavage or stare at the ladies body without their knowledge. There is our distinct relative who resideces in a nearer village from our house. Its about 20 kms away. She was my teacher in my high school and as a relative we knew each other nicely. She is about 5.1, wheatish and quit fat as me. But she is beautiful sexy with a figure of 40-28-40. She had two daughters of age nearly 12 and 5 respectively. Her husband works as chief engineer in a well reputed company.

As for my luck her children went to her mother’s place and she had to stay back for her husband. They would come after some 15 days. Suddenly her husband wanted to go to Delhi as bussiness trip from his company for 1 week. Now she must be alone in the house so she came to my house and requested my parents to send me for few days to stay with her as she is afraid to stay alone. I was forced and sent with her. After going there we had our lunch in afternoon and we were relaxing watching tv in the hall, I was lying on the sofa she on the floor. I started to think about sex in my mind and slowly my dick started to rise and I forgot the presence of my aunt. She abserved the shape of my pant and slowly got up and sat on the other sofa opposite to me and made me to get up. She used to lean forward offen which pulled my attention towards her cleavage. She was wearing a light green transperent saree and a deep neck white blouse. As bobs were great naturally here cleavage was also great. I pretended as if i am not watching her’s but she slowly slipped her one side of the saree so that her one bob would peep. Slowly she came near me and sat I was affraid and diverted my attention towards tv. Slowly her foot started rub mine which made me still horny and mine was rising. I could no control so I turned towards her. She stopped rubbing and ordered me to close all windows and doors of the house.

I did it and came and sat in the other sofa. She started to ask about my college life. She gradually asked about sex and my girl friend as i had no one. I told nothing I know about sex. She then told that her husband had stopped touching her after the of her second daughter and she is very much hungry for sex and for that reason it self she is alone and called me to stay their and co-operate. I told ” nothing I know in sex how can I satisfy you?” she told ” I’ll teach everything about sex”. me- “ok then ” she-” come to the bed room” I went in and sat on the bed. She was standing in front of me. she-“have seen a naked woman?” me- “no” she-” do you want to see me naked?” me-“yaa” then she started to remove my clother first. As she touched I bacame hot and my cock was fully erect and hot. She made me naked and saw my cock and said”ooooooooooooo you have quit big cock. good” she told me to not to touch it until she says and should quitly sit and see while she is stripping. She started to strip. first her saree. she throwed on me. the her Blouse she started to unhook it from bottom and her bobs ejected out. She was wearing a red bra. Then she removed her pettycoat and was wearing black panty. She asked me ” are you enjoying it should i continue?”. I replied”yaaa”. She the slowly removed her bra and panty and throwed on me. I for the first time in my life I saw a naked woman. She came near me and saw my leaking cock and took it in hand and started to lick the cum. She then gave me fine blowjob and explained about oral sex.

She then laid on the bed and told me to kiss all over her and press her bobs and suck them. I did the same. I took her one bob in one hand and started to suck the other and did changed after some time. then she guided my hand and mouth to her pussy. it was full of hairs and leaking. She told me insert my tongue into hers and lick all the juice. I did it and enjoyed to eat it. She then pulled me up and came on me and took my cock in her hand and pushed it inside her pussy and started to jerk along with moaning. as she was lying on me and jerking to and fro along with sound like ‘aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh————ssssssssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……………..” her bobs were rubbing my chest and i was kissing her face pressing her butts. after some time she went down and pulled me on her told do as she did and I started to hit her. ” aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…………..yyyyyyyaasssttttttteeeeeeeeerrrrrrrr …………..”

I increase my speed and she started to moan louder after some time my dick became very hot and something was flowing out of it i became tired and lye down on her she then came on me and jerk after jerking for three to four time even she cummed and became tired. The place where we fucked was full of cum and she applied it all over my body i on hers and both started to lick each other. Just like my sex life started and she taught all the type of sex in one week and i too satisfied her. Even today we have sex in theatres and in my or her house secretly. Any ladies/girls want to meet me mail me to

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