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My First Sex Experience with my Cousin

  • desipapa
  • October 2, 2015

Hello Friends! I am Ahmad Ali (real name) from Lahore, Pakistan narrating you my first sexual encounter with my cousin sister (Sara, fake name) about 3 years back.

First I will describe my self and then my cousin sister. I am 5.11 in height and fair, 28 years of age right now not very muscular normal body. My cousin sister is 23 years of age now. She is 5.7 in height, very fair, grey eyes long black hair lower then her waist. She is not fat nor pencil slim. Her body measures 34, 28, and 34.

Let it start from the very beginning. In the year 1997 I am selected in a multinational company as a network administrator and posted in Brazil. After six months I come to Pakistan on my vacations for one month. When I left Pakistan I am quite bulky but with in a period of that six months a reduced a lot of weight almost 35—40 pounds. Every body in my family appreciated this change specially Sara. At that time Sara is studying in BCS.

On the 10th day of my vacations I heard news that my aunty (father’s sister) was seriously ill in Islamabad. We all family members go to visit my aunty. On reaching Islamabad I came to know that Sara along with her mother and sister is already there and attending my aunty in the hospital because Sara’s mother and my aunty are real sisters. I stay there for two days and after that I decide to come back to Lahore, where as my parents wants to stay there. Then it is decided that I will go back to Lahore and my parent’s will came later. When I am leaving to Lahore my aunty (Sara’s mom) asked “Ahmad you are going back to Lahore” I said yes. Then she asked me that would you take Sara along with you because her next semester is going to start form tomorrow and she does not wish to miss her classes. She also told that as long as they are in Islamabad Sara will stay in my house with me (as Sara’s father die in the year 1993) because from my house Sara’ college is on walking distance (she said all this because I am considered very decent guy in my family and I am till then). On hearing this I said its no problem for me. So Sara and I left for Lahore at 3.00 pm in the noon. I am driving the car and Sara is sitting beside me. During our journey Sara talked me a lot about my job, peoples of Brazil and about her college and studies. It is for the first time that Sara talked to me so lot and from her conversation I got a hint that she liked me.

We reached Lahore at 10.00 pm in the night. On reaching home both of us are feeling very hungry. Sara asked me “Ahmad lets go to some hotel to take our dinner” (because she was felling her self tired and not ready to cook the food at that time). We go to the Chinese hotel and get the dinner and come back to home at 12.00 in the night.

I asked Sara that she will sleep in my parent’s bedroom. She replied ok. She goes into my parent’s room and I sit in the T.V lounge and start watching T.V. After some time Sara come out to the room and I am stunned to see her as she take a bath changed her dress looking very pretty and water drops are dripping from her long hairs as they are lose. Sara looked at me and smiled and asked “Ahmad what are you looking?” I said, “I am looking you because you are looking very pretty”. She inquired really and I said yes you are.

Sara sits beside me and start watching T.V and start talking with me. As she sits beside me I am getting some strange feeling and getting horny. I start moving my hands in Sara’ hair and she looked me very surprisingly and asked “Ahmad what are you doing” I replied nothing and just said Sara that I love you darling. On hearing this Sara is stunned and inquired “Ahmad are you in your senses and what are you saying” I said “yes my darling I love you very much and I love you from the depths of my heart”. On listening this Sara said “oh Ahmad I am dieing to hear these words from your mouth and I love you to darling I love you. I love you and I will die without you”. While hearing this I hugged her and start kissing her forehead and checks and Sara are hiding her face in my chest. I took her into my bedroom and I grabbed her from the back of her neck and started to do the French kissing with her. She responded immediately by opening her mouth and our tongues met and my hand started to explore her body. I grabbed her boobs and gave them a hard squeeze. The voice of “Ah came from her mouth as she enjoyed that. I then put my both hands on her buttocks and started exploring them while our lips were glued to each other. She then put her hand on the bulge in my pants and started to unzip it and then tried to squeeze the bulge over the cloth of my briefs. I then stopped kissing her and tried to take her shirt off and she responded by taking her kameez off immediately and turned her back towards me so that I could unhook her bra and I did that as quickly as possible. The beautiful treasure was in front of me. Her white boobs with pink nipples were a treat to watch and I immediately sucked her right nipple and she gave a loud moan. She put her hand on my head and pressed it hard so that I could suck it more and more and I did that eagerly. Both of us started moaning. I gulped as much as of her boob as the cavity of my mouth allowed. I was also softy biting it. She was also pushing it more and more in my mouth. After some time she removed my mouth from her boob and started stripping my T-shirt. When she finished she took me in her arms and pressed her boobs on my chest. I kissed her on her neck, then on her cheeks, on her beautiful eyes. Then I put my lips on her lips. She darted her tongue in my mouth. I sucked it. It was very juicy and soft. Then she started tongue fucking my mouth. And while doing so she kept pressing her boobs on my chest. I was also pressing her with great might. After some time I detached to see her charms and beauties. First time I realized in my life that she had stunning beauty. Her breasts were really marvelous.

Sara, meri jaan, you are very beautiful. Oh, your boobs are wonderful. Tum mujh se itna peyar kari ho oh janooooooo oh my love, oh meri sono, meri jaan.

Yeah, I love you very much, I love you very much.” She said while caressing my cock over my jeans. I was rubbing my hands all over her naked body. Then she lowered my zipper, opened the buttons of my jeans and lowered it down. She was now massaging on my thighs. Then she lowered my under wear to rescue my cock from its prison. It was standing rock hard. She glued her eyes on it. She held it in her hand. First time in my life a girl had held my cock. It was a marvelous experience. I was in paradise. Every one will confirm that when a girl holds the cock of a boy very first time, she sends him to paradise. For long time she continued just to look at it. Then she bent forward and started kissing. Then she started licking it.

“Sara …Sara, uf, tum to mujhe pagal kar do gi. Aaaah, ahhhh, ooh, ooooooh, it’s wonderful.” I yelled. “Please take it in mouth, oooh, take it in mouth.” And she took it. First one inch, then another, then another, and then all the eight inches.

“Oh Sara.Sara, meri jaaaan, oh meri jaan. Oh yes. Do it. Suck it. Oooof , maza aa geya, maza aa geya.” I was saying. “Let’s do 69 now. Mein tumhara lun choosoon gi, tum meri choot chato. Chato gey na meri choot?” She asked.

“Haan, chatoon ga tumhari choot. Dil-o-jaan se chatoon ga.” I replied. We lay on the bed in the position favorable for 69. Her beautiful choot was before my eyes. I swear it’s the most beautiful scene a boy can see. I felt myself very lucky that time. A girl’s cunt was before my eyes. I started licking her outer lips. It was giving such an aroma. Then I parted her outer lips. And there. There was her clit, her inner lips and the opening of her love tube. Her clit was very large and was pulsating. I caressed it with my tongue. Then I stroked it with my tongue. Then I shifted to her inner lips. I licked them and licked them and licked them. After some time I started inserting my tongue into her love hole. While I was doing this, she was sucking my cock and balls religiously. She was also moaning, “Ooooh yes, oooh yes. It’s feeling wonderful. Keep doing this. Lick my cunt. Fuck it with your tongue. Haaan, haaan, maza aa raha hey. Bahut maza aa raha hey. Meri jaan, isi tarha meri choot khatey raho. Haaan, haaan. Ander dalo apni zuban. Haaan, aur andar. Meri choot chodo apni zuban se. Aesey, haaan, aesey. Rukna nahi. Zor se ander dalo. Ooooh yes, oooh yes. I was also moaning, “Sara, meri jan. kitna maza aa raha hey mujhey. Mera lun poora andar dalo. Haan. Choosti raho isey. Choosti raho. Choosti raho.” (I don’t believe that what I am saying and what Sara is saying at that time when I think of that time) Then I felt that it’s a game of seconds now. I was about to come.

“I am just coming, Sara. Nikalney laga hey.” I informed her.

“Ooooh I’m also near. Zor se andar karo zuban. Haan. HAAAN HAAAN. AAAAH AAAAH OOOOOH OOOOOH.” And that was it. She filled my mouth with her sweet nectar. And in return I have also filled her mouth with my cum. But she pulled my cock out of her mouth and had some of my cum on her breasts. Both of us were breathless. For ten minutes we could not move and remained in the same position. When I recovered, I got up and lay with her. I put my arm on her. She was rubbing my cum on her boobs. On my asking she told, “Tumhari mani apne mammon per mal rahi hoon, takeh yeh aur khoob soorat ho jaeyn. Dekho yeh kitni khushboo dar hey.”

“Chalo mein tumhari madad kar deta hoon.” I said and started massaging her beautiful boobs. We continued talking and kissing each other’s cheeks. During this she held my cock once again and started squeezing it, but very gently.

Then we sat facing each other, with our knees bent up. I parted her legs with my feet to have a good view of her pussy, and at the same time giving her a good view of my dick. I looked at her pussy. I swear its beauty was beyond description.

“Do your remember, in childhood we used to play with our genitals? At that time your pussy was very small. Now it is big and beautiful.” I said.

“Aur tumhara lun kitna chota hota tha, un dinon. Ab yeh kitna bara ho geya hey. Kitna peyara aur khushbudar ho geya hey.” She answered fondling it.

” Sara tumharey mammey kitnay barey aur peyarey hein. Mera dil chahta hey har waqt inheyn dekhta rahoon.” We chatted for some time in this manner. Then she said, “Chalo Ahmad ab tum merey ooper charh jao aur mujhey ek peyara sa choda lagao.” I laid her on her back. Parted her legs wide open, and mounted her. I started stroking her pussy with my rod. She took my rod in her hand and started inserting it in her cunt. I also pushed it forward. First my glance entered. But then it felt an obstruction. Because she was virgin, it was her hymen. “Sara, ab mujhey tumhari choot pharna parey gi.” I told her.

“I want to get rid of my virginity. It is useless, completely useless. Phar do meri choot, phar do is behen chod ko, bahut sataya hey is ney mujhey.”

“Tumhein taklif ho gi.”

“Lekin maza bhi to phir hi aey ga.” So I got my prick out and then with a determined and powerful stroke, it landed completely in its home.

“Oiiiii, oiiiii, oiiii, aiiii, aiiiii, aiiii.” Was all she could utter. I saw, her face was red with pain. I started moving my prick in and out, very slowly. After a couple of minutes she recovered and began to enjoy her fuck. I was kissing her face, and fondling her boobs. Her nipples were erect. I was pinching them. I pulled her a little more down and my dick was so big she had her face wide open with her hands behind my back as I hugged her tightly to fell her breast very close to my chest, her hair were tied behind her which got lose her: smooth silky hair tied them back while fucking her. It was a wounderful experience. I was having a lot of fun at that moment. After fucking her for 30 minutes let out the biggest cum of my life wave after wave and I drop all this cum on her belly. After few minutes Sara opened her eyes and saw me with her smiling eyes. Then she asked ” Ahmad why you take so much time in discharging” I said that might be it was my first experience so that I take a lot of time. (But this not the case it’s my normal time to discharge I usually take 30—40 minutes to discharge and the case is same till now).

Then she said “you have a big dick it hurt me at first but I have never had such a wounder full time before. I lost my virginity to you and you lost your to me”. She got and n went in the washroom…she got out after 10 minutes after taking a
bath. She was about to wear her clothes when I grabbed her ass and started rubbing it, I told her to lay upside down on the bed, and she obeyed my command she didn’t really knew what was going to happen I spread her butt cheeks apart and saw a little whole my dick was still quiet wet, I told her to get ready to lose your virgin ass form me as well, she
closed her eyes because she knew that it would be even worse pain! I positioned my dick and rammed it inside her dry ass I
gave her the best & trust me she yelled my name so hard that I had to tell her to be quiet, she stuffed her head on in the pillow as she was getting fucked hard up her ass, I had my dick totally inside of her still I could hear her moans and screams but I didn’t quit it, I looked down and saw her asshole was open wide and my dick was inside of her, I thought she might be dieing but I didn’t care once again because I was having so much fun….I kept ramming it in and out of her she made a fist and punched the bed three four times and she took her face out to breathe she was crying now but she was also yelling “MORE U BASTARD FASTER AHHHHH” SHE YELLED AND EVERYTHING but it didn’t stop me I went even more faster after about 40 minutes I squirted cum once again on her belly she made the same noise “unhhhhhhhh” starting fast then ending in a very low voice. I turned her around she said “you’re a real bastard yet you made my day” I smiled and kissed her lips
sliding my tongue down we kissed for at least 10 mins I couldn’t control my hands as they were exploring her hot body. Then we both get up and take a shower together and lay on the bed. It is 4.00 am in the morning. We both hugged each other in arms and sleep. Next day we wake up at 10.00 am in the morning. First Sara got up dressed her self then wakes me. After that incidence I never get a chance to have any more sexual encounter with her because Sara mom and my parents come in the evening.

After that Sara got married next year and went to U.K with her husband discontinuing her studies and I went to Brazil again. After three months I heard a bad news that Sara’s husband died in a road accident and she come back to Pakistan and again start living with her mom and sister and after getting out of shock she continue her studies of BCS.

Now days I am still working in that MNC but posted in Pakistan. My parents are insisting me that I should marry now. But I am thinking that if I want to get married why not with Sara. What is the harm in it? By marrying her I can fulfill my word which I said to her that ” Jana I love you to the depths of my heart” and I am getting serious in this matter day by day and I hope within a period of few months Sara will going to change from Sara to Mrs. Ahmad.

Dear readers I want your comments on this view either I am right in thinking I will marry Sara and to fulfill my words or I am wrong? Your comments are welcomed on the following e-mail address

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