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My First Sex

  • desipapa
  • October 1, 2015

I am 22 yrs guy my name is khan from SARGODHA height 5’11″ very fair well bulid. I belong to a well off family. I wana disclose a true a story.

Which happened when I was 18 yrs We were very friendly with our neighbor among there children’s there was 21 yrs girl named Sara she was very beautiful fair complexion having excellent figure 36D-28-34 . She use wear to tight salwar kameez showing assets well . We use to often visit each other. Sara and I was close and good friends. One Friday I went to there home it was 4 o’clock in evening her mom and dad both were working were in there office her brother was gone for tuition would come back at 6 0r 6:30 in the evening.

The door was not locked she might have forgot to lock it. So I went in there was on one i went to Sara’s bedroom door was half closed and I could see inside & heard some sound ooooo ah aha ahha mmmmm ahha. I hide myself behind door and so that I can see her see wont be able to see me. I saw she was in sleeping position on her bed her salwar was below her legs and pink tight kameez on her upper part of her body she inserting a candle in hairy pussy (choot ) was fucking her pussy fast with it in between she was squeezing her boobs and was palying with nipple.

Her eyes were closed she was enjoying it. My lund became hard and was standing like a 6 inch (Now my lund is 8 inches thanks to Sara) pole. I became bold and opened zipper and brought my lund out started to pressing and playing with it while watching her. While doing this for sometime closed my eyes and my elbow banged on the door with the sound I opened my eyes. I saw her frightened and she threw the candle and wore her jeans in a hurry came near to the door and I had no time put my pole inside I was standing there still with my fully erected lund outside. She saw me and my lund her face was was red. We were quite for min looking at eachother.

She said Om come inside she took me to her bedroom and made me sit on her bed. I said (door open tha) she was shocked stood up and closed the door I was walking behind her .We came back and both sat on the bed she told om we are have been good friends. I was horny today when I came back to home I saw English movie the actor actress fucked each other nicely. I did this. As now you saw all this is good and we can have lot of fun if you wish to have. She asked I just moved my head saying yes She kissed me on my lips I enjoying it this was first time getting kissed. After sometime I also did what she was doing to me. she said remove my t-shirt then she was in black bra which was holding her big boobs I unhooked it too. Then she said remove my jeans she stood up I removed her now she only in her black panty wow what good size ass. Then removed my clothes this was my first time she shaked my dick made big again took it in her mouth and took lund up the throat moved lora up and down in her mouth very fast. I was moaning and my hand were on her boobs rubbing soft big boobs and pinching her with nipples her nipple good and long light brown.

She stopped sucking my Lora and said (meri nipple tumhay achay lagay I said hain tu ennay kato aur blood kikal do bite then let blood come out )I started to suck her nipple she said bite .I slowly bite it with my teeth’s. She and I was enjoying were becoming very much then she Said ( meri choot ko chato please please with such needed face although I was in on mood to suck it but I did it for her after some I started enjoyit too.)

My face was in buried in her pussy (choot ) slowly slowly I started to put my tongue into her clit moved my tongue round and round into her pussy and tongue fucked her.( she making sound bahut acha lag raha hai main kab socha nahi thi main kab inta mazha kar saku ghi shadi say phela )her juices stated to flow more and more. She said (ab mujay chodo fuck me) well at that time I was not knowing how start that.

She understood sat over hold my dick inserted it in (choot hole pussy )Oooooooooo at thought my dick is gone today )started jump over my dick then fast more fast and fast.(she said asli lora say chuday na ko mazha hai wo candle nahi ata ) this went on fifteen for mins. I said I am coming Sara. Pulled out ( lora dick ) and started shake it I cummed in her hand. She said I love you I love you so much she hugged me kissed on my lips.We were sleeping on the bed holding each other hands tightly. I said I was attracted to from the day they came in next door. She too was attracted to me loved me. While talking all this she playing my lora it became erected again.

She said ( yay tu phir khada ho raha hai I said hain ) She went to dressing table and brought some oil her hand applied on ass hole ( esay chodo I stood on the floor and she on the bed in doggy style opening ass hole to me ) I went near her she took my (dick lund ) with hand inserted in her hole told ( ab chodo na ) I slowly started to move it was very tight then fast (she was saying meri gandh phar do phar do ghand aur zor say aur zor say ) after ten mins I was about to cum (she said mera nikal nay wala hai ) I got my out and she pressed dick on boobs shaked it I cum on her boobs. After that we were love with each other we fucked whenever we can. I fucked her on birthday she said that would be her gift.

She got married after a year.After I never had such good sex . . Ladies between 18 to 30 looking to have sex or friendship from Sargodha or bhalwal. You can Please contact me On 100 % secrecy assured take it guaranteed.

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