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My First Lover Is My Friend’s Sister

  • desipapa
  • August 27, 2015

Hello readers my name is Dona I would like to share my first sexual experience with you people and I sorely loved my first experience also she taught me the basics of sex. This happened when I was 19yrs old. I had a friend named Stella, we were thick friends and neighbours we also stayed in the same building so our families too knew each other very well and were very close, I too was very close with Stella’s family. Since I was the only child of my parents whenever my parents have to attend some function where I was not required they used to leave me at Stella’s home and vice-versa.

Now one day such a situation aroused but on reaching Stella’s home they came to know that they had plans for cinema in, but matter was sorted out since Stella’s sister wasn’t going she told my parents that she will look after me. Now Stella had a younger brother George and older sister Mary who was 24yrs old at that time. So my parents left me there and although reluctant Stella left with her family for cinema although she insisted very much for me to come but since I was not feeling like watching a movie I didn’t go with them.

It was a cold and rainy night. I and Mary settled down with our book, Mary offered to bring some wine which I obliged. She returned with two glasses, poured the wine, and we resumed reading. After sometime I glanced up in surprise to see Mary really upset. I moved over and she said that something in the book conjured up memories of her ex-boyfriend, who had just dumped her. She was emotional, and I put my arms around her.

She started describing this guy and how affectionate and warm he used to be. It was really cozy and I was beginning to get a little lightheaded from the wine. I could feel her breath on my neck and she snuggled further into my shoulder. She told me how wonderful and gentle he was and what he used to do when they made love. I could feel her breast pressed against my arm. Strangely, I became aroused. It was a lovely feeling but I was very confused, as you can imagine. I could not make sense of my emotions, but the warm, prickly sensation between my legs was real enough.

Mary rose to refill our glasses and came back, sitting very close to me. She was wearing a skirt which rose up and I caught a glimpse of her panties, which really turned me on. I could not understand my emotions but I felt drawn to her. She wasn’t wearing a bra and her breasts were visible through her thin blouse. I had an instinctive urge to reach out and touch them. Mary asked me in a husky voice if I knew what it was like to be really kissed.

Without waiting for an answer she moved a little closer, parted my trembling lips with her warm, moist tongue, and at that moment I almost died with pleasure. It was the most wonderful feeling. We kissed for ages. She undid my blouse and stroked and kissed my breasts. I felt as though I was in heaven. Mary wanted to go further, but I was reluctant I have never had a sexual experience, she asked me to help her she was feeling very Horny and she could teach me how to make love. At last I gave her my consent I was too feeling Horney myself she had excited me very much in fact my pussy was dripping and my panties had become wet.

She quietly suggests that we move to the bedroom. On seeing me standing there still thinking Mary took hold of my arms and gently pulled me towards her bedroom. On entering bedroom Mary tells me to do exactly what she does to me and then she starts undressing me, stopping once in a while to caress and kiss at first I had a starting trouble then I picked up Mary was very happy she said I was a good student and would love to teach me what all she knows about sex.

One by one all our clothes came off we were standing beside each other as we were born. I must say Mary had an extremely good figure and though she was beautiful, she looked more beautiful without clothes any person man or women will become excited on seeing her naked. Mary pushed me on to the bed and she also lied down in the bed with me, for some time we lay there in each other arm kissing and caressing each other. Mary was very tender, so tender I can’t stand it. I kiss her as she did to me earlier I took her upper lips and lower lips in my mouth and sucked on them like sweet chocolates she was encouraging me with her words and hands we started kissing each other tongue. Mary told me to taste her saliva so that we share a deep bond with each other.

Mary had persuaded me to do what every kinky thing she tells me to do without any objection and like a child lost in a fantasy world I was willing to do anything she told me. She put her tongue inside my mouth and asked to me tongue kiss and suck it. I kept on sucking her tongue I could feel her saliva flowing into my mouth she was holding my face in both her palms so I could not move my face and her saliva was filling my mouth and I had no choice but to gulp it down my throat. But I liked the taste of her saliva and the way she was forcing me to drink it.

Now Mary pressed her lips firmly against mine and began sucking on my tongue. My mouth was wide open and my tongue was in her mouth as far as it would go it felt like she would split open my mouth and will eat my tongue. I begin to trust my own intuition and begin to slowly caress and kiss her breasts. Mary moans in pleasure.

I start to flick my tongue across her nipples and suck them. My hot breath makes her more excited. Mary tells me to kiss her all over, and I’m happy to do what she asks for. I kiss Mary fully on the lips, and then I slowly plant tiny wet kisses on her eyelids and nose. I nibble on her ear. I move down and kiss her belly until I reach her beautiful pussy. I pass over it and move to her feet, I begin to kiss her feet and suck on her toes while rubbing the inside of her thighs. Mary was very happy she was writhing on the bed Mary told me I was a natural born sex lover I was exactly doing what she was saying.

Mary told me to kiss the inside of her thighs. I crept her to pussy she folded her legs on the bed now my head was between her thighs I used long strokes of my tongue and licked the inside of her thighs Mary told me she wanted her thighs to feel slippery with my saliva. I used all the saliva in my mouth to make her thighs wet and slippery when I became tired Mary asked me to move away. Now she rubbed her thighs together and spread my saliva all over her inner thighs. After that she again asked me to lick her thighs.

When Mary had enough of my thigh licking she turned on the bed now her ass was facing towards me. Mary asked me to make her ass hole as slipper as her thighs with my tongue. I didn’t know what I should say, Mary read my thoughts she called “Dona if you want to be good lover you should know how to satisfy your lover’s wishes make love to my ass hole BITCH”. I got afraid of her tone and quickly put my mouth to satisfy her ass hole.

With my trembling hands I spread open her ass cheeks, before starting to lick her Mary asked me to smell it and describe her perfume. I put my nose between her ass cheeks and smelled it and I must say it was not bad as I had thought it was clean and had a nice musky smell from her sweat, I liked the smell and I told her so. Mary grinned and told me to lick I began licking her ass hole in fact I was enjoying it in a few minutes I had made it slippery enough I probed her ass-hole using the tip of my tongue. From the body movements of Mary I could tell she was really enjoying it. She was encouraging me telling me my tongue was giving her pleasures which even her boy-friend was unable to give. She told me i didn’t seem like a first timer but was like a professional.

After licking Mary’s ass-hole for quite some time Mary said she like my performance and she was going to give me a prize, saying this she turned again now her pussy was in my front. Mary said “Dona now you can have your prize lick my pussy baby eat it like an ice-cream don’t leave anything which comes out of it”. Mary told me to part her pussy lips and rub her clitoris. I did as she told.

I used my saliva to wet my fingers and rub her clitoris in a few minutes Mary was arching her back she was getting very excited I was not letting go her clitoris from my fingers and kept on rubbing it now Mary had tears flowing from her eyes because of the excitement. She begs me to kiss and lick her. She runs her fingers through my hair and took hold of a handful of my hair in both her hands and pulled it with force she was using all her force and inching my mouth towards her pussy.

I tried to keep away from it but she was now like a bow in the bed her pussy kept on rising from the bed until it met my lips. When my lips met her pussy she crossed her thighs on my face now my face was cushioned and locked which her thighs on both sides and my lips were on her pussy there was nothing to do except lick her. I started flicking my tongue across her clitoris she was moaning like a baby. Mary told me to caress her breasts while I was sucking her pussy.

Mary was really on the brink of a orgasm so I did what I was told to do I started to lick her clitoris and caress her boobs. Her nipple were like little rocks and I began to rotate them with my fingers she was not releasing my head from between her thighs and so I was having a hard time caressing her boobs and licking her pussy at the same time.

After Mary asked me to stop licking her she said she wanted me to drink her pussy juice so that all my life whomever I fuck or suck I should always feel her taste in my mouth. Saying this she got up and formed 69 now I was lying on the bed and her pussy was on top of me and her face was on my pussy. Mary straight away started licking and sucking my pussy I was already fully wet she was having no problem I was as slippery as soap down in my pussy. I was just lying there as if I had died and I was in heaven a sound woke me up it was Mary she said she was going to make me come until I drank her cream.

This woke me up I badly wanted her to make me cum. Now I began violently to lick her up she asked me to thrust my tongue as far as it would go out of my mouth and to make it straight and hard. I did exactly as she said, now she slowly bit my clitoris between her teeth and started moving up and down on my tongue as it was a small dick coming out of my mouth. By biting on my clitoris Mary was making sure I didn’t move much I could just lay there still praying that she didn’t bite my clitoris off I was at her mercy but I was getting excited at the same time. Mary was really fucking my mouth like a male at the same time with each movement she was stimulating my pussy too but making sure I didn’t come first.

At last after quite a few strokes Mary began to come violently her pussy was flushing all the liquid into my mouth my tongue began to hurt so I put it back into my mouth with that Mary asked me to open my mouth wide I did it and she put all her pussy back into my open mouth so that not even a single drop of her cum leave my mouth. She had two or three spasms and I could feel the texture of her cum in my mouth. Mary asked me to keep her cum in my mouth and only drink it when I would cum, saying this she left my clitoris and violently began to finger fuck me.

I began to shake in the bed with the force of Mary finger fucking me. At last with i began to cum it was like a water fall I am sure my cum drops would have flown down in every direction across the room and at that instant I drank Mary’s juice which was in my mouth. I was spent and tired Mary took me in her arms and put her sweat covered nipples in my mouth she told me I would be a good lover she liked everything that I did and now whenever I want I can have sex with her. I began sucking her boobs and hugged her tightly my eyes were moist and body was in sheer pain as well as pleasure.

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