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My First Fuck

  • desipapa
  • September 4, 2015

What is more fortunate than enjoying sex from the early childhood, that too without fearing any one, and without any feeling of exploitation and abuse? What is more fortunate than being with and enjoying sex with the closest relatives? A very few are that much fortunate. Well I am one of the few. My mummy was married to my papa at a tender age of 15 and that too when she was 3 months pregnant. Papa was a labor in one of the factories owned by my grandpa and his money made my papa bear the burden of her pregnancy who was 15 years elder to her. Nobody except my mummy knows the real father of my brother. After my mummy gave birth to me at the age of 19 papa moved to Australia and that was the end of their relations. Though not legally separated or divorced mummy spent the rest of the time studying and then running a school of her own.

I am 3 years younger to my brother who got the height and built of his mother but got his dark color from his father. He is charming and beautiful. That day I was suffering from fever and the night that followed, I slept early. My mummy, brother whom we will call Roy from now onwards and myself usually slept in the same room. I woke up suddenly and by instinct tried to see whether others were asleep or awake. Mummy was not near me but when my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I saw her sitting besides Roy, her head completely sunk in his hip region. At first, I thought he too is suffering some kind of disease and she was doing something to relieve him. Nevertheless, instincts also told me not to move or make a sound.

I could see her head going up and down, I could see her left hand moving up and down. I wondered about what is happening. Suddenly she got up and stood on her knees, her legs wide and pulled her sari and underskirt revealing her genitalia. She came down slowly and sat on top of him. I could see her face tighten and her eyes closing. She had gripped his dick with her right hand before sitting on his top and I was again wondering what they were doing. I could not understand why she was sitting on top of him. She then moved slowly and laid herself on him. Suddenly her buttocks started rocking up and down. He was gripping her nude buttocks with his both hands and pressing it down. She was embracing him and then suddenly she kissed him on his lips.

Now I knew something bad was happening between them because I have read in a short story about a mother scolding her daughter for kissing her friend on his lips. And I knew it was bad and that bad thing is happening here between my mummy and her son. Roy wanted to talk something but did not allow him to. He wanted to move away but she did not allow him to do so. Mummy’s hips moved fast and suddenly she waned. She spent some moments on top of him and slowly moved to his side. They did not move for some time and then he started undressing her blouse but in vain. She laughed and unhooked her blouse for him and pulled out her left udder out of her brassieres. She pulled his head on to it and he instantaneously started sucking it as if he was hungry for the last 15 years. She made him to lie close to her and gripped his dick with her left and stroked it.

This continued for a few minutes and then she told some thing to him in a whispering tone, and he immediately stood on his knees between her parted legs. She pulled her dress up so that her lower abdomen also was revealed and he parted her legs more widely and pressed himself close to her. She gripped his dick and this time I saw it disappear between her thighs, into her body. He started moving his hips slowly and rhythmically gathering pace, making her moan and roll her head to her sides. She didn’t know what to do it seems, since she was trying to grab his hips when he slammed in to her but she wasn’t able to touch him. This continued for a few minutes and then he fell on her body this time his hips moving up and down. She embraced him quickly and firmly and she was moaning like a cat. His movements gathered speed and she opened her legs wide keeping the toes in air. He was slamming in to her violently and then suddenly he got up and moved his dick near to her mouth. She gripped it with one hand and opened her mouth. Is she going to drink his urine, I wondered? However, she was not. I saw some thing jump or pump out of his dick and the next instance she rounded her lips over his dick and sucked. After a few moments he got it out of her mouth and lay her side.

Few minutes later she got up and went to the bathroom pressing her dress into her thigh region. She spent some time in the bathroom and came back nude and she pulled on a nightgown. Then it was his turn and he too came nude but quickly pulled on a white short. They embraced and lay there whispering and after a few minutes, I fell asleep. Every thing was like a dream to me in the morning but his white shorts made me confused for he was in white dhoti in the night when we went to sleep. I had tried to be awake in the following nights but in vain.

Next week I attained puberty and for the few months, almost 8 months from the first instance nothing seems to happened between them. Within this time, I had many changes. My breasts were the largest in the school, my hips and buttocks attracted even girls and my pubic hair made my closest friends yell” oh Jesus we don’t have that much on our head”. I got hooked to a friend in my class who was 2 years older to me and she taught me all about sex through books and gave me a lot of practical experience of oral sex and masturbation. Whenever I was in the bathroom I inserted my fingers in to my pussy and when ever we got a chance my friend and me sucked each other’s genitals. All these times I was keeping my eyes open to see some thing happen between mummy and Roy but nothing seems to happen. Moreover, I knew that if some thing had happened between them then he surely would extend his hand to me.

That happened in the night when my mummy was nursing her mother in the hospital. She had asked us to call a friend of her if we feared sleeping “alone” in the house. In the night I went to the bathroom as usual, had a bath and then came out in a petticoat and small panties. I knelt before him to look for a pin I dropped accidentally, revealing my boobs to him and after that knelt before him to pick up a piece of paper, this time revealing my buttocks which my panties was struggling to hide. I saw hunger and thirst for sex in his eyes and he did not conceal those emotions. After a few minutes I went to bed, fell asleep knowing that he will wake me up in the middle of the night with his hunger and thirst for sex. I woke up feeling some one pulling my panties down, slowly and I knew it was Roy. I did not open my eyes but turned and lay facing the ceiling. He had pulled the petticoat over my stomach and he pulled my panties down revealing my pubic region. He kissed there making me move and then I opened my eyes and tried to pull of his face from my genitals. I told him it was wrong to do all this but he did not make me talk by pressing his lips on to mine and I slowly embraced him. Mean while he pulled my panties little down inserted one finger in to pussy with difficulty giving me pain in the beginning but pleasure in slowly climbed in to the scene. He made me grip his dick and made me stroke it.

It was magnificent and gigantic and I wondered how it would enter my pussy, which was tight for my pen. It was hot and silky and was moving in my hands like a fish out of water. He made me lie on the bed and removed my panties and petticoat. I objected a little but without affirmation and success. Then he removed his Doha and he was nude. He made my thighs open wide and switched on the bedside lamp. I felt shy and covered my face with my hands. He did not care and he parted my pussy’s lips with his fingers and inserted his tongue in to it. I touched his head with my hands and the after a few minutes pressed it into triangle as his tongue lavished on my clitoris. He pressed one of his fingers into my pussy and started circling it and this action took out the last piece of inhibition out of me and I my hips started rocking up and down involuntarily. He got up and moved slowly to me and grabbed my right udder and pressed his tongue on to the nipple slowly circling it. His lips rounded on to it and he sucks seemed to take a bucket full of milk out of it. Meanwhile he was squeezing my left udder with his right hand and I had nothing to do but grab his dick and stroke it. He then pulled away from me and came between my thighs and knelt between my thighs.

He parted my legs little wider and pulled me to him. He parted the lips of my pussy and pressed himself to me and when I realized what is going to happen his size frightened me I tried to pull away from him but it was too late. I felt his dick groping for a way into me and his fingers parted the lips for his dick and gripping it with one hand, he pushed into my pussy hard and fast. I felt as if an iron rod ramming into me. I shouted to withdraw but not a syllable was heard. I felt as if my pussy was ripped and I felt my pubic region swelling with his bulge. Then he withdrew but it was to slam into me again. This time I felt pain rolling into my body shattering every concept of intercourse I had. He was now moving in a rhythm and then I realized my pain turning into some kind of pleasure I had not known from my masturbation and acts. It does not there was not any pain, it was mixture of sensual pleasure and pain which slowly covered each part of my body. He came on top of me and kissed me on my lips.

I had nothing to do but co-operate with him. I embraced him and “his kiss” turned to “our kiss”. I had meantime straightened my legs and he slowly started moving up and down. He passed his hands through my armpits and grabbed my shoulders and using this grip fucked me fast and hard. I embraced him firmly and involuntarily my legs parted a little more and up. I could feel his dick rubbing every part of my pussy and each time he pushed, I felt pain and each time he withdrew I felt nothing but pleasure. He straightened up once more, this time grabbed my thighs to him, placing himself a little wide and his hips moved to and forth fast and hard. Each time he pushed in I placed my hands on my pubic area to avoid it but in vain. His movements became fast and then suddenly pulled back and pumped his semen on to my stomach and the last drops fell on my hands. He grabbed his dick and he started beating a few strokes on pussy and then he grabbed me and again kissed.

I now know what a man is, and I now what an intercourse is but I got the real lesson from my brother and that too at the age of thirteen. That night we did it again and that too due to his insistence. He sucked me again and his skills made me allow him to do intercourse again. This was my first intercourse and no woman will forget her first. There were many between us and with a few others until this date but to me it was the greatest. It shattered my many concepts and it made me realize my mummy did not do a sin she was fulfilling the pledge of a woman to her sensuous body.

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