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My First Experience

  • desipapa
  • September 19, 2015

Hi there guys n gals. When i visited this site and when i saw that so many people have shared their good times i thought why not i tell u about one of my good times with u horny people. So I am 28 years old guy living in Islamabad. This happened 10 – 11 months back. There was a girl next door to me who just moved in. Her name was Zara and was 23 yrs old. She had firm boobs and a round tight ass. She was doing her Masters from Quaid-i-azam University. Everyday I used to see her watering the plants when I jogging the morning. She looked amazing in her nighty. She used to give a sexy smile which used to make my day. One day her parents left for their relatives at attend a marriage for a week in Lahore in the marriage and her exam was near, so she decided to stay at home. After one day she asked me to fix her computer as her windows had crashed. So I went to her house.

She had worn a sexy revealing in pink suit. I got an instant hard on. So I fixed her computer. She said she wanted to surf the net. So I had an extra modem with me. I gave her along with my user name and password and taught her how to surf and send mail. The next day I visited her again to see if everything was alright. I thought, she wont know much so she had not deleted the history files. I went thru’ it to find some porn sites and guess which site She came in to the room and asked “is everything ok” I said it was fine. So i thought of playing the fool with her. I went to the browser properties and blocked the adult sites and told her to enjoy surfing and left. The next day she called me. I knew what was the problem. “Is the computer alright” “it is perfectly fine Zara ” she said ” I cant get in to some sites” so I said “i think u can except for adult links” she was surprised to hear that. “Why cant I ” she asked. I said “i can fix that too if u want” she blushed and said ” ya please do that” I fixed it and said that i had to leave.

She said “why dont u surf with me. I stared at her and knew it was my day. I said “I think u have a another problem”she asked what. I went near her and kissed her lips. She responded by kissing me back. She said “I was waiting so long for this day”. I said “It will be worth it”, and started kissing her.I lowered my right hand and held her left boob. She moaned “ahhhhhhhhh”. I unhooked her blouse to see her boobs covered by her push up black bra. This site was better than seeing her naked.I bit her tit gently thru’ the bra and she loved it. She started to take my shirt off, and then my pants .Oh it was feeling so good. In a minute we both had ripped off each others clothes. We both were naked and jumped in to the bed. She started to lick the head of my dick. She was a expert in that. She started to take it all in now and I could feel her throat thru’ my dick head. Within 5 minutes i came in her mouth.

She drank all of it. Then she told “Wont u return the favour”. I said “with pleasure”, and I started to lick her clit. she said ” please dont stop ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh,ya ohhhhhhhhhhh nooooooooo”. She was moaning like there was no tomorrow. I did that for about 10 minutes within which she had cum 3 times. Now my dick was ready for Zara’s cunt. She widened her legs and invited me. I took my 6 incher and shoved it in. She gave a light moan “uhhhhhhhhhhhh” then on it was no turning back. I fucked her like a fuck machine. Kissing her lips and her neck while fucking her. She held my ass so thight. She was enjoying every minute of it.”Yaar u r the best” dont stop do it harder harder faster deeper ohhhhhhh yaaaaaa mmmmmmmm come on oh my honey, deeper and deeper” Finally after about 10 minutes she said “Yaar i am cummiiiiiing” I came in her as soon as she came. We both collapsed. We were dead tired. Slept for half an hour and lazed around. I woke up to see that she was not there. I went out to see. She was in the kitchen preparing coffee. I could see the back part of her. She was in a night gown and i could see her sexy ass thru’ it. I wanted to surprise her.

I slowly went in. I was already naked. Suddenly I held her and lifted her gown and shoved my dick up her ass. she was surprised “ohhhhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmm o ya” I fucked her in the standing position holding her boobs from behind and kissing her neck. Her ass was tight so within minutes I filled he ass with my load. She told me that she loved it and would like more surprises. I fucked her four times more, everyday after that. If u horny gals from Islamabad or Pindi want to meet me or just want to have sex or oral sex or anything else then please email at (

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