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  • September 17, 2015

Hi guys I often read stories from desipapa and I am fan of it. I know that 99% of stories are fantasies and fake believe me my story is real and after reading it any body can know that it is true one. It all happened few years ago when I was doing my M.A. at University in the year 1994. I was 22 and she was 21 then. I am from Bahawalpur, Pakistan.

First of all let me introduce my self and the other main character of the story my ex-class fellow, you may call her Kehkashan Safdar (not the real name, all the names including my self are fake, any how place and facts are real), and suppose my name is Imran Asif. Our descriptions are as under.

Me (Imran Asif):                         Kehkashan Safdar:

Height: 5`.7“                                             Height: 5`.9“
Complexion: White                                     Complexion: Pinkish White
Body: 39“, 31“                                         Figure: 34“ 26“ 34“
Penis Size: 7“length and 3.2“ width.           Pussy Size: Small and tight.

Now let me start from the beginning. It was my first day in my M.A. previous class. The classes has been started from a week ago, but I did not come to attend the classes as you all know that in the beginning there were rare classes and lots fun specially for the seniors as they try to fool the new comers. As I entered in the classroom I saw the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in my life (till now). She was sitting in the first row. At that time I was a confidant but shy one to speak first with the girls. In daily life I am still short-spoken person.

With in a few days I come to know that her name is Kehkashan Safdar and she comes from Islamabad, and she lives in the University Hostel. She was so beautiful that with in a days her beauty became popular not in the university but out of university too. Anyhow one day our teacher gave us an assignment and except me and Kehkashan everyone was doing it in urdu, while we were doing it in English. After the period she came to me and said I don’t know any thing about how to make this assignment and if I have no objection then we would do this assignment together.

I said all right, so we went to University Library.  There we spent near about 3 hours together, in which we done a very little bit on the assignment and talked about each other very much. So we decides to finish our assignment tomorrow and for this we will meet tomorrow again in the library. In this way we met each other 2 or 3 times and became good friends. Now she starts calling me daily in the evening. We talked on all types of stuff. One day she gives me a poem she said she wrote it her self for me. It was very good poem about loneliness and love. In this way we came very close to each other. Now I made a program to meet her alone at some place. I told her that on coming first of the month is my birthday and I want to celebrate it with her alone. She said all right we decided a place where she will come at 1000 hrs in the morning I will pick her from there. In those days one of my friend was alone in his house as his parents were gone to Karachi to attend a marriage.

I asked him that I need his place for a date, he agreed not even to give me his place but he also said that if I need a car I could use his. On the day I reached on the place before time, after waiting few minutes she came. She sits in the car and when we were going to house she said me to stop on a bakery. I did that she went into the bakery and after few minutes she returned with a small cake and a small candle. We reached the house, as no one in the house so we feel very free. We first sat in T.V. lounge and talked for few minutes. After few minutes she came near to me and sat with me on the same sofa. As I told you that I was a shy person and it was my first encounter with any girl so I was very hesitant to advance first. She made the first move by saying that she is feeling hot so she took off her sweater. After that she went into the nearest bedroom which was my friends room and said come here. I went into the room we both sat on the bed side by side. I took her hands in mine, my God it was so smooth and soft that still I remember the softness.

She looks in my eyes and smiled. I smiled too and started bringing my face near to hers as looking in her eyes. When my lips came close to her she closed her eyes and apart her lips a little bit. It all looked so sexy, I kissed on her lips softly and she moaned a little. I put my tongue on her ear one side and started making a little circle. I slowly started moving my tongue towards her chin and when I reached on the chin I sucked it with my full mouth with a soft kisses on her lips and then I moved my tongue making circles towards her other ear. She put her hands on my neck and started massaging it very slowly. As I once again went to her lips she pressed me there and I had my first French kiss in my life.

Oh God she was so delicious that I can still feel her taste on my lips. After that we started kissing each other very passionately. With in a minute she became so hot that she removes her shirt and mine too. She was wearing a black bra and her pink skin was so beautiful and delicate that you can easily count every vein on the body. I kissed her on the neck and slowly moved towards her firm and small breasts. First I kissed her all over her stomach and breasts above the bra and then I took it off. There were the most beautiful tits in the world. Due to fraction the color of the skin became more pinkish and her erect nipples were so colorful that it seems blood would be soaked out in minute from them. I picked both of the mamaas (boobs) in my both hands, pressed them together as much as I could and started sucking both of the nipples together taking them in my mouth. Some time I took whole of her small breast in my mouth and sucked it so hard that she starts crying. Now she was making noises like, ssssssss, ahhhhhh, owwwwwww my good, suck them suck them hard these are all yours. Her hands war on my back some times massaging whole of my back and some times digging her nailsin it.

I Put both of her mamaas in my mouth and started sucking them hardly in the mean time my hands were busy by taking off her shalwar (trouser) very slowly. She was so hot she simply can’t resist any more instead she helps my removing her shalwar by moving her lovely small hip slightly up so I may easily took it off. After that I started kissing her thighs near from her black panty and moved my lips slowly towards her knees and then back up ward. She was making too many noises now. She opened the belt of my trouser and after opening the fly, in a one jerk took my jeans down upto my ankles and then took it of. I started licking her pussy from above the panty and then I put her panty in my teeth and slowly slowly took it downwards towards her thighs first and then by putting my both thumbs in it I took it off. Here was the most beautiful cunt of the world. Its outer side was pinkish and a little bit greenish look of her pussy hairs.

Her inner side of pussy was dark pinkish, which was fully wet now, and her clitoris looked like a little bud of red rose. I took her bud in my mouth bite it slowly first and then with the tip my tongue I started teasing it. It was too much for her and with in a minute she came so hard that entire sheet under her hips and my lips become full of her pussy juice. Now she laid me down and took off my underwear and took my 7“ long rod in her soft, silky, smooth hand. By seeing the size of my lund (penis) she said its too big for my little Poodhi (pussy) and I don’t think my little cunt can hold it all. Then she started making circles in the root of my lund with her lovely tongue. Then she engulfed my cock with her tongue and started licking the tip of my penis. Then she took all of it in her mouth upto her throat. It was too much for I was near to cum when I took her mouth off from my lund and give her a big French kiss. I had tasted my own salty precum from her tongue.

Now I pinned her down opened her legs apart and put my lund on the tight hole of her poodhi (cunt) and circulate it there to tease her. She became so hot that she screamed fuck me, fuck me hard you son of a bitch, tore up my poodhi with your monster lund, I will enjoy the pain, come on do it in one jerk. I did as she said and with full force I inserted my lund in her poodhi, it was so tight but surely she wasn’t virgin, still I feel that my lund was drilling a very soft, hot and tight tunnel. The feeling was so great that I have never been excited so much until now, perhaps it was all because it was my first time. She was screaming, slow down you are going too hard, but I was out of world.

After few minutes we both were in systematic rhythm, as I took back my cock for a stroke she also took her hips backward and at same time when I came forward, she move her hips up wards and in this way we both were screwing each other so hardly that we hardly breath. After some time she griped my ass and role down me on my back and came up and starts riding my rode like a horse. She goes up took all of my lund out from her pussy and then came down ward so hard that all my 7“ big and 3.2“ thick lund burst in sound like as you have opened the bottle of Champaign, up to her womb. She put her mouth on mine and started sucking my tongue while riding my rode. This was all too much for me, I burst in her Poodhi like shower and at that moment she came too. Her Poodhi sucked my lund first so hungrily and when all of my semen were in her, then her and mine juice starting coming out from the root of my lund where still her poodhi had a tight grip and it spread all of my crotch.

We both were out of breath now. After that we had another course of great sex after cutting my birthday cake in that session she allowed me to fuck her virgin ass and sucked my lund after putting the cake’s cream on it. I will share that with you people some other time.

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