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My First Encounter With Sex

  • desipapa
  • August 27, 2015

I have been blessed with seven bhabhis (one more yet to come) and it won’t be difficult for you to guess my childhood. My cousin’s wife used to breast-feed me in open when I was a kid.

Coming to the story when I can recall and I don’t really remember what all my Bhabhis used to do with me before this day. I had no knowledge of sex back then and was just a pampered kid always found playing cricket in our ground.

But from this day onwards I became a master of sex and spent more time on bhabhis’ fields. It was 10 years back when we welcomed my fourth bhabhi Priyanka and few days after the marriage the house was back from the chaos and people got busy with daily routines.

I had my 10th board 3 months later so I was home all the time enjoying usual teasing and play around with my bhabhis. Priyanka was gorgeous and fresh compared to others and equally broad minded. It was dinner time for me and after that I asked for milk from Priyanka.

My eldest bhabhi taunted me saying yes, now tht u got a new babe in the house, you would drink her milk only. Priyanka blushed n responded why not siso and you people have already fed him so much, I should also get a chance no n moreover he’s here for 3-4 months more.

I was supposed to leave for Bangalore for higher studies thereafter not paying too much heed to their talks as it was usual for me and I took milk and left the kitchen and next day in the noon all the ladies were sleeping and I came back from some friend’s house.

I went to kitchen for lunch and listening to the utensil sounds Priyanka came in and asked me to wait in the dining and she will bring food. I stayed there and started staring at her boobs which were popped out due to lacy nightie.

It was nothing new for me as was used to seeing my bhabhis even naked many a times but there was a sudden boner in my pant for the first time. Priyanka got the clue and blushed saying darling.

I will be hot always unlike your food, has it first and then you can taste what you’re staring at and I came out of the dream and kissed her. We sat in the dining and she started feeding me. Let me explain her here, 32-26-32 a perfect figure and cute long face.

She was 5’2″ and as white as pure milk. Her mehandi in her palms were still dark and I could inhale the fragrance while taking each bite of food. I slowly moved her chair to face me put my hands under her nightie to feel her thighs.

Priyanka- baby, we are not wasting the food, you got a have that first. Me- You bet, I’m full already honey. Priyanka- Wait then, let me clean my hands. I just licked her palm clean took her to bedroom.

I was not afraid as mum n aunts were busy visiting relatives in town, males don’t come back before 8 kids before 4 and bhabhis and they would join if they come to know and she was jus wearing the gown and nothing else.

I pulled it up and threw her on bed.

Me- how can someone be so perfect darling?

Priyanks- it’s all in your eyes darling your bro doesn’t care a damn.

Me- don’t bother and I’m here for you babe.

Priyanka- what r u waiting for? Show me how well my sisters have grown you up.

Me- you going to grow me up honey, I’m a virgin still.

Priyanka- seriously? I can’t believe that so I’m the luckiest bhabhi of all huh?

Me- of course and I started licking her feet through her thighs to her pelvis. I started licking her clitoris and massaging her boobs.

She was already hot and her pre-cum was out for me to go mad omg! The first taste of it made my boner go extra-large. She took off my vest and started scratching my back.

I lowered my jean and boxer and it was there for her view. She exclaimed again, seems like sisters (Bhabhis) oiled it very well huh? I was like yes pretty well.

Automatically we went in 69 and started licking each other. What the pleasure that was and I still get a hard-on thinking of that first blow job given by her and I was just 18 and I could not hold it, without any notice if ejaculated in her mouth.

Priyanka knew I was new and behaved a sport. She cleaned me n kept sucking me until I was hard again mmm. I started fingering her meanwhile and she was an amateur as well and she started moaning louder and sucked my dick with all her faith.

I knew she is going to cum now and I started sucking her cunt and did not waste a single drop of her love juice. I tongue fucked her for some time and came down of the bed. She urged, jaan now punish that pussy of mine with your hot rod.

I want to feel it inside me and I spread her leg and there it was the awesome pussy of my sweetheart. Still fresh shaved and glowing like flower. I was all hard and kept my dick on her pussy and started teasing her.
She started begging, jaan don’t tease your bhabhi and give her the due. I kissed her first for 5-6 minutes and my boner was an in its full length saluting her pussy. Took the pink head into her love hole and Priyanka got a shout omg! fuck you.

I never thought it was so big from its look. Go slow jaan your bhabhi would die otherwise. I slowly pushed it to some extent n here she was again shouting it won’t go darling please use some oil yes she was tight like hell and I was in pain too. I was a virgin but not a layman.

I spread her legs more and started pumping slowly till her hole accepted me with all pleasure. She was moaning in joy asking me to go deeper and faster. I started stroking faster and my dick hit her inner walls.

She started biting me and scratching my back and I was not looking back pumped her for 10 minutes or so and my back got an ache and I lied with my dick up and she took charge.

She came over and guided her pussy through my dick. All I could hear was oh my god I’m cuming, fuck me hard push it hard and all. I was in 7th heaven and she asked me to spank her ass and I obeyed alternatively spanked her ass.

And pressed her boobs fucked her to her depth n it was time for me to cum and I knew this time. Informed her and she said it’s your wish darling and I won’t mind it inside as well (m safe) I obliged and we came almost together with a smooch we came together and stayed like that for 10-15 minutes.

We went to washroom n freshened up and were back to our routine and I would share many of my experience with my bhabhis girl-friends, teachers and now net-friends after your feedbacks.

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