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My Favorite Job

  • desipapa
  • October 6, 2015

Hello friends I am Ashish a 23 yr mumbai boy, a electronic engineer working with reputed organization. Mine work areas are related to providing after sales services to our household customers. In such fine conditions i used to face the seductive women and girls while i used to offer them on site services. Most of the time the offer used to come from the customers. Many times i was successful to reap the benefit of such conditions and it’s really nice to have change in taste and sizes.

One fine day mine sales department got a complaint related to the problem in TV and VCD player I took down the address and left the office to visit site for servicing. It was around 10-1030 am and really humid outside in such conditions i found the place, And rang the bell and one fine lady opened the door and gave me a smile, and told me to come in. The lady was around 30-32 years of age; she was whitish in completion, She was more healthy (not a fat one) in her figure…… she gave me the description of the problem and asked me for tea or coffee or cold drinks. I told her nothing….. I started mine work and after some time she came up with a glass of Cold drink. And started inquiring about me where do i stay?, what is mine job profile? What is mine qualification?, from where i am? and so on…. She told me that her husband has gone to his office and she is going to take bath, i nodded…….

I continued mine work…. and started finding the CD to check VCD, and i got one in the showcase in the showcase with a name written only DVD…. I started a VCD…. and it was a Hindi porno movie……. with a Hindi dialogues….. I felt more heat inside mine body…. i went near the bathroom to check the lady and It was a sound of water inside and from key hole i started peeping inside and that wheatish beauty was necked inside with the approximate figure of 36-30-38 ….. Her butts were so huge that i was mad on that time but when she switch off the tap….. I started running towards drawing room…… But still VCD was on and before switching off VCD player she turned up from back like a lightning and asked me what i was doing near the bathroom…. and why i started running? I was quite and preferred not to answer her question… She was out with a towel rounded above knees and bellow her neck…. and looking like a real beauty….. really friends its really nice to see a women after her bath…. When she asked me what i was looking on VCD…… i was feeling ashamed of myself…. but looking at me from top to bottom she stood next to me touching her thighes on mine shoulder…. i wass feeling more hot … after that and she kept her hands on mine shoulder and asked me to switch on the VCD….. I asked her to do it by your own…. And again a show started….. She took mine permission to ask me something….

Asked me can she see me necked? I was more happy with that….. I removed mine trouser, she opened mine tie and shirt…then a brief…now i was In mine underwear and i asked her to remove her towel and she told me to do it…. with your hands… I removed her towel and a real beauty was in front of me…a nice patch of back hairs was there on her secrete part which attracted me more….. i removed mine underwear….. and a big pole was saluting that beauty….. She came very near to me and our bodies were touching each other. I was feeling the heat of her body. her thighs were touching me. And she was also feeling something and i moved my hand near to her and kept my hand on her waist, and her soft chicks were touching mine biceps. My cock was at his full. She came to know about mine intensions but she was also in a mood to spend a some time with me. She was breathing so heavily that i was feeling the heat of her inhalation. Now i moved my face towards her, and started touching her chicks and the lips. I moved mine hand on her sweet buttocks, which were too soft. I started pressing them and Then i took her hand and put on the mount of mine cock. I slowly put my hand on her pussy, it was to hot inside. I was moving mine hand on her pussy and she started matributing mine hard rock cock. I inserted mine hand inside and it was a closed heaven… i. e. … her pussy … by that time she was feeling toooo horny.. we went to the sofa and slept on that and i parted the patels of those sweet pussy and inserted mine middle finger in to it.. She moaned oooohhhaaaa….. She was jerking mine cock at the same speed i was inserting my finger in and out now She was wet inside. Mine one hand was working on developed breasts of mine dear customer i was caressing the nipples with mine mouth. I slowly inserted 2 fingers in her pussy and she was too hot and making noise.

I was in too hurry to taste her wet pussy. I tried to insert mine 8 ” cock but mine efforts were in vain… It was not so easy in such place with such tiny pussy but slowly slowly i made it, I was putting mine one hand on her mouth so that she shouldn’t make noise giving her jerks of The life… Both of us were in too much of enthusiasm of our adultness but only 1/4 of mine cock was able to get inside i pushed heavily and the train helping too much in my movements…. but i was proceeding slowly…. it took around 10-15 min to get inside around 80% She was completely wet by that time…. i was also about to come, i was moving fast for that as I felt its coming i removed mine cock from the pussy and exploded on her thighs She got a towel and cleaned mine cock and her thighs …we were quite for 5 min but then She guided her hand to mine cock again and started giving a shake…. I was massaging her boobs and nipples…. She was now behaving openly with me. Now mine small cock again raised in her hand. I started biting on her ears.

And she was sucking mine hairy chest. I pushed both of her legs towards her chest and tried To make a pussy open from her back. I spread her pussy from back with mine 2 fingers. And i started pushing from her back it was a nice experience to me to have a sex with the movement….. It was possible for me to insert only 1/4 of mine cock inside after 10-15 min she told me to stop due to durability of a long sex… i waited for a min and gave 4-5 big jerks led to a complete cock inside. Now she was feeling satisfied with that around 20- 25 min latter i come on my hanky….. And cleaned her pussy….. and remained slept for 5 min…… It was so tiring for both of us… both became normal and slept till 3:30 pm …… and i left her home before her husband to come back with complete exchange of phone no. etc. Then onwards we both are enjoying each other…. whenever we feels to have sex… doesn’t matter we are in mood of it or not we doesn’t break hearts and tries to give 100% to each other If you are a girl, interested in sexy chat or sexy comments or sexy actions (Girls near to Mumbai are also welcome) Feel free to take mine help…. on

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