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My Father Fuck Our Maid

  • desipapa
  • August 30, 2015

Hi everyone. This is Nisha here. I’m a young girl of 19 years with a sexy body and big boobs. I have been an avid reader of DesiPapa and have wanted to write some of my fantasies. For a sample, I want to share about how my father, Brij has had sex with our gardener’s wife, Dudhiya.

Incidentally, her name Dudhiya which means Milky is because of the color of her skin- milky white. She’s a fair female of about 25 years. She has a figure of a voluptuous item number girl. Round curvaceous boobs, thin skinny waist and global ass. Even women will be envious of such an attractive figure and a beautiful face.

My mother, Kavita is the first bomb in my dad’s life. She’s equally attractive and sexy. Since the time I became aware of sex and the physical pleasures of partners, I have been watching how my mom keeps my father’s libido on a high. She wears the sexiest, tightest blouses ever seen. Her low back and backless strapped blouse are a sight that no man can forget.

I have a separate room of my own as we are an affluent family in New Delhi. We have a huge property of 15 acres in Meerut, where I lost my virginity. But I’ll write about that later.

Brij and Kavita are horny beasts. I have seen Kavita moving around Brij with jhatkas and seducing his big cock. I have seen her exposing a huge part of her boobs and cleavage when I’m not around. She has made sure that her partner is sexually satisfied man. She wears the hottest, brightest colors in the most modern patterns.

Permit my language as I’m being open here. Shameless as it seems, I’m here to disclose all my observations on sexuality. If you’re offended, please switch to the next story. But my assurance is at the end of my narration; you will be nursing your private parts and yanking away to ecstasy.

Since the age of 15, I have been watching my Brij’s behavior. I grew up with spoilt brats of girls and guys but have never lost my virginity till about 6 months ago. I have seen Brij and Kavita in nude. I have watched them adore and explore each other’s bodies religiously every night. And I have felt a gust of orgasm when Kavita screams to express her complete satisfaction.

On one occasion, I saw Brij putting his hands on Savita aunty’s waist and pulling her to a hug. Savita aunty is my mom’s sister. When they saw me entering the room, they separated and laughed it out like good old friends.

From then on, I have wanted to know about what happens in the bedroom. My exploration of sex began and ended at my parents’ window, from where I watched their sexual activities.

One day, I overheard Kavita, “Sunoji, aaj mera mahina chal raha hai. Main nahin karungi.”[Dear, I got my periods today. I won’t fuck today.]

“Aaj mujhe karna hai. Main tere choot ka maza nahin chodunga. Aaj bhi tu utni hi garam aur nasheeli hai jitni 15 saal pehle hua karti thi.” [I want to screw. I want to take the juices of your cunt. Even today you have the same heat and hypnosis that you owned 15 years back.] Brij erupted in frustration.

“Please, aaj mujhe rest karne do. Main promise karti hoon, kal aapko shaant karungi.” [Please let me rest today. I promise I’ll satisfy you tomorrow.]

I was surprised. A period will last for 5 to 7 days. How can she admit to such an order? I found her convincing our gardener’s wife the next day.

Dudhiya is our gardener’s widow. He expired about a month ago due to a heart attack. He was 48. Dudhiya came down from the village to work in our bungalow as our maid. With two sets of elders to look after (her parents and her in law’s), she took up her duties sincerely. Kavita gave her a small room on our terrace to stay.

The next day, I overheard Kavita. “Dudhiya, tune kitne achi tarha se apne pati ki kami poori kar di. Hum tere kaam se bahut khush hain.” [Dudhiya, you have filled up your husband’s place so nicely. We are very happy with you.]

“Sach memsaab ? Main aap dono ke liye kuch bhi kar sakti hoon. Mere jeevan ka sahara to aap hi ho. Agar aap log nahin hote to main kahan jaati; kisse apne parivar ki bhook mitati? Memsaab, kya mujhme kuch kami hai. Agar hai, to woh main khatam karungi.”[Really madam? I can do anything for you. You both are my life support. If it weren’t for you, where could I go? Who else would have seen my family? If there is something where I should improve, Please tell me, so I will change.]

I saw my mother looking at her from a different angle. They didn’t know I was watching from the window. She roamed around her and put her hand on her shoulder. She was in an orange saree. She pulled her palloo down and exposed her blouse, and her spectacular figure. Her boobs were round and big. Her blouse tightly held on to them. Her flat stomach was a clear picture of a creamy track. Any man will be mad at seeing her deep navel.

“Ye kya kar rahe hain, memsaab?”[ What are you doing, madam?]

“ye blouse utaaro.”Kavita ordered. [ Remove your blouse.]

She timidly obeyed. Her hooks came open one after another and Kavita pulled away her blouse. She wore a white, old worn out bra. She covered herself with her arms. Kavita pulled both arms away. She lifted her hands and there was a bush of hair between her arms.

“Tum bahut khush naseeb ho. Tumhe humne apnaya. Tum abhi mere liye kuch karna chaho to main tumhe ek bahut important kaam dungi.” [You’re lucky. We adopted you. If you are keen, I want to give you a very important task.]

“Main taiyar hoon. Main chahti hoon kee aap mujhe umar bhar ke liye apnayen. Aur aapki khushi ke liye kuch bhi karungi.” [I’m ready. I want you to take care of me lifelong. And I’ll do anything to keep you happy.]
Kavita took her to another room and I could imagine what is going to follow. Dudhiya will be fucked by my Brij, my horny dad. Kavita made Dudhiya shave her private areas, and gave her some tips on how to satisfy her master, Brij.

That night, Kavita told Brij that she had a surprise for her. He looked at her lustily. “Kaunsi bra pehni hai? Koi naya color hai kya? Kya aaj mujhe gaand se ghusne degi?” [Which bra are you wearing today? Is it a new color? Or are you allowing me to have anal sex?”

Kavita clapped her hands and Dudhiya walked into the room. She was dressed in white saree. For the first time, I saw her hair neatly combed and open. For the first time, I saw her wearing my mom’s pink lipstick. And for the first time, she was wearing jasmine flowers on her hands. Her saree was tied 4 inches below her navel and her waist was covered with another line of jasmine flowers.
“Saab, aap white lungi me bahut ache dikhte ho.” She said shamelessly. [You look sexy in white lungi.]

“Main bina lungi ke bhi bahut acha lagta hoon. Dekhogi? Brij was staring at her navel. [I look sexier even without it. Want to see?]

She looked up and then to Kavita, “Memsaab, aap jante hain kie maine 4 saal se choda nahin hai. Mujhe aapkie madad chahiye.” [Madam, you know I haven’t been fucked for 4 years. I want your help.]

“Arre. Usse kya madad poochti hai? Woh to aaj bhi nayi dulhan kie tarha mere bistar par maze leti hai. Main tumhe bahut narami se chodunga. Bada maza aayega.” [Why are you asking her help? Even today, she sleeps on my bed like a virgin and enjoys. I will handle you gently and give you good fun.]

She insisted for Kavita to be there in the room while Brij would fuck her. So it was agreed.

I saw Brij removing his white juba. Dudhiya had been prepared for the night. She had a good bath, and was lying on the bed with only blouse and petticoat. Her navel was shining in pristine beauty. Kavita had removed her own pink saree and sat on the nearby sofa to watch her maid in action.

Kavita had been uncomfortable during her periods. Now, since she had a replacement for her, she was a bit relieved. She loved Brij and his lovely cock. His cock was a magic wand. It drove her mad when it was inside her tunnel of love. And he stroked her till she yelled in orgasm. And he would suck away on her boobs till morning.

I and Kavita saw the way Brij took Dudhiya to great pinnacles of orgasm. She had not worn a bra, so her nipples were very visible through the thin material of the blouse. He tore away the brand new white blouse. Her white boobs and dark brown nipples were erect in pleasure. He kept rolling his hands on both of them and kneaded.

She was enjoying. After four long years of no sex, here was a man who could be of some solace for her. She brought her right boob on top of his mouth and pressed it for him to suck. Brij kept sucking and nuzzling on them. Particularly he was staring at her underarms. They were clean shaven and sexy. After a whole lot of sucking, he made her lie down and made both her hands above her head. Then, he kissed her armpits and moved his nose all around the area that was shaved.

Dudhiya had never been explored in her armpits. She had never known about keeping them clean for such pleasures. She laughed with the tickle. She giggled to bring her arms down, but Brij held both her hands firmly above her head. He licked the area and she giggled in ticklish sensation. Although it tickled, her cunt was going wet with the sensation.

Her boobs were equally excited. He sucked at both of them with pure delight. And while all this was happening, both I and Kavita were wet down there. I was rubbing the sides of my cunt.

Soon, Brij and Dudhiya were aroused and wanted to fuck each other. Dudhiya said, “Saab, mujhe bahut maza aaya. Ab main todi der aapke laude se khelungi. Mera marad mujhe haath bhi nahin lagane deta tha.

Please saab, mujhe aapka dhoti kholne do.” [Sir, I’m feeling horny. I want to play with your cock now. My man has never allowed me to touch his cock. Please Sir; let me remove your dhoti.]

I wanted to see Kavita’s expression on her behavior. Her eyes were wide opened and her jaw dropped in shock. Dudhiya didn’t wait for an answer. She pulled away his dhoti and also his underwear.

She held the big cock in her small hands and kept pulling it. Both her hands held on to the cock like a cricket bat, yet the cock was larger. She kissed the cock and opened her mouth to taste it. She had never done it before in life. The taste of a red hot cock drove her mad. She kept yanking it while her tongue kept licking the mouth. The heat of her boobs was making Brij hotter. He also pulled away her pink panties and threw it on the corner.

He held her head while she kept enjoying the cock. His other hand squeezed her big left boob. She licked and licked as though she will never have it again. Kavita was aroused. She came from behind and banged her ass.

Dudhiya looked at her like with pleading eyes. She said, “memsaab, maine itna lamba land kabhi nahin dekha. Mujhe Saab ke upar baithke chodna hai.” [madam, I have never experienced with such a long cock. I want to take it inside me from top.]

“kyun nahin. Kavita to chahti hai ke tum mere is laude ko zore zore se thok thok ke apni naram jawani lutao. Tumhara marad na-marad tha. Tumhe aaj ek mard ka lauda khush karega. Aao mere upar. Dudiya, tere doodh ko garam karunga.” Brij encouraged her. [Why not? Kavita wants you to take my long fat cock and screw you for your youth. Your man was an impotent bastard. Today, you will be fucked by a hunk. Come on top and ride me. Dudhiya, today your milk will come out in heat.]

Kavita removed her bra and blouse and guided Brij’s cock into Dudiya’s 4 year virgin cunt. “Aaarggggh. Uieeeee. Aaaarghhh. Apppppa. Aaaaarghh.”she cried in pain as the thick long rod entered her thin passage. Kavita hugged her from behind, her nipples piercing her back. Her hands were caressing Dudiya’s round melons. “Aaaargh. Aaaaaargh… “Kavita was growing restless. She came forward and closed Dudiya’s mouth with a kiss.

Both the girls kissed in passion, while Brij’s strong cock kept stroking into Dudiya’s cunt. Once the pain eased, Dudhiya began stroking and pushed away Kavita. Dudiya’s hands were now on Brij’s shoulders and his eyes were closed.

With aggression, she yanked forward and backward, forward and backward. The warmth of her boobs was growing. She brought them down and smooched Brij for the first time. He sucked away on her thin lips and his hands balanced her round ass. He squieezed them like ripe mangoes. She sucked away on his lips and bit him hard.

If his wife Kavita wouldn’t have arranged for Dudhiya to fuck, he may been angry. He felt grateful to Kavita for the pleasure. Kavita is 37, while Dudhiya is 10 year younger. Kavita had the pleasure of a partner, while Dudhiya yearned for sex. Kavita had given him satisfaction, Dudhiya took satisfaction from him. Brij stretched out to Kavita to come forward.

She came and he gave her a loving kiss. They all caressed each other till morning, while I was stroking my cunt in lust. There is fun in sex and I witnessed it that night. On one hand, Brij wanted sex and on the other, a widow like Dudhiya was able to hold and enjoy a big cock. Four years of no sex may have been very frustrating.

And another angle is Kavita’s. She did a nice job to convince this four year old virgin about sex with her man. And also educate her about her body parts. I too keep my private parts clean for pleasure- both mine, and my man’s.

If you have enjoyed my story post your comments to Write Dudhiya as subject, so I will know. If I get a generous response, I will share how I gave my virginity. Love you for reading till the end.

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